Dr Boyce Watkins, What Kind Of Stupid Statement Is This? Haven’t You Seen Enough Damage At The Hands Of Black Women?

Please take a look at this foolish statement that was put forth by one of the grand master simps himself, Dr Boyce Watkins:


Dr Boyce Watkins just like the rest of his ilk is heading straight down to hell on a one way ticket, only a simp would make such a reckless and foolish statement. The modern-day black women has been leading black communities for the past half a century, in doing so as per her contractual obligation towards the state she has already destroyed 75% of black society and is relentlessly pushing forward to finish the job.

Of course Dr Boyce Watkins just like the overwhelming majority of the leadership within black society is a feminist who desires to see black women continue their reign of terror and thus reduce more black communities to rubble and ashes. Clown, how can you suggest that more women should be allowed to lead when women by default are followers not leaders, where do you get off?

Of course Watkins just like many of these other so called black leaders has a large part of his fan base that consists of black women, of course knowing that most black women are stupid and will throw their money in the direction of anybody who does not hold them accountable, he deliberately caters towards their emotions in order to keep that lucrative revenue flowing.

One thing that I despise is dishonesty, this man is one of the older so called “black leaders”, thus he should know better than to cater towards women at the expense of his own people. Dr Boyce Watkins is yet another merchant of black society who has no problems selling black folks down the river for 10 shekels of silver and a soggy morsel of bread. Allow more black women lead, are you serious?

I’ve said it many times before and I will say it again, black folks will not be able to successfully build anything until they completely remove black women from the equation. The black woman’s very duty as per the instructions handed down to her from the state is to ensure that black men DO NOT BUILD, gain power and thus pose a threat to her white father’s kingdom.

Again, I am still waiting for any red, black and green squad members to answer the question, how can you possibly construct anything when there is an individual within your midst who’s very purpose it is to destroy any and all efforts you embark upon to build?

Black men, stop listening to disingenuous buzzards like Dr Boyce Watkins who in the midst of the black woman having already destroyed so much of black society is still trying to convince you that this modern-day black female is your friend, SHE IS NOT. For those who may not be familiar with this mangina, here is a link to his YouTube channel:


I would challenge anybody here to sift through a portion of his 4300 plus videos and find one where he is holding black women to account for the destruction they have brought and still are bringing upon black society, I guarantee that you will find nothing of the sort. Watkins is no different to your average church beast pastor, fleecing silly, insecure, mentally damaged black women for their money which at the same time they are more than happy to hand over to him.

The black community is dead and black women were the ones who killed it, any black person(s) you hear talking about rebuilding yet fails to address the black female and her part in destroying black society aswell as the fact that she must be removed in order for successful building to take place is attempting to run a Kansas City shuffle on you, you should walk away from such individuals immediately.

The statement that I made in Negro Wars stands true and unchallenged to this day, there will be no rebuilding of black society as long as black women are still permitted to roam the yard freely and unsupervised. Many black men have attempted to build without dealing with the black woman first and have utterly failed.

Negroes can be very stubborn at times, many black men are still refusing to accept the writing on the wall, they still believe that they can form unions with enemy rebels, well, they will have to learn things the hard way and become casualties and victims of the very women they love so much. This modern-day black woman is dead weight, anybody who claims to serious about moving forward in light of her poor track record will cut her off without question.

Liberal blacks are a pain in the backside, the dishonesty that emanates from their camp is incredible and a sight to behold. I hope to see the rise of more conservative thinking black folks together with media platforms to challenge the endless garbage and propaganda being put out there by black liberal scum.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

22 thoughts on “Dr Boyce Watkins, What Kind Of Stupid Statement Is This? Haven’t You Seen Enough Damage At The Hands Of Black Women?

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  2. Dr Moist Twatkins, he and ol’ Umar just fleecing blacks for some cooch access. These are the simpnotizers, and they use big words to pimp black chicks, make black men feel guilty, and convince black America that there are no problems to be found besides “da whiet debil”. Let em all die!

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    • Afrofurturism1,

      This is why we need more black conservative media platforms dealing with the real issues within black society and not being biased when it comes down to calling out black women on their skullduggery. Obsidian Radio, Hardcore Tito, what I am doing here on the blog, yourself and other black conservatives/independents are essential to our cause in getting the black man’s side of the story heard.

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  3. This imbecile is encouraging the very beast that is hellbent on destroying the black man, to lead us further into her self manufactured damnation, no thank you I’ve had my fill, excuse me while I continue to vomit this ” I am woman, hear me roar” bullshit up

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      • He’s an academic doctor, rather than a medic.

        Not having heard of him before, and reading his brief wiki entry, I admire him for achieving academic excellence and speaking up against the racial injustices he’s faced in his career. But these statements he’s come out with are off-base. Maybe he hasn’t noticed what’s going on in 21st century society (understandable given the hurdles he faced growing up), or like Al Sharpton, he knows full well what’s going on and turns a blind eye to it, deciding to pimp out for a few dollars. We’ll find out either way, but it doesn’t look good for him.

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  4. The next time someone calls us coons for going the SYSBM route, remember this:

    “Tis better to be CALLED a coon than to BE a SIMP.”

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    • Thebackhandofreality,

      The silly name calling doesn’t even phase me, black folks who cannot deal with the facts should not be dealt with at all. It is obvious that there are serious problems with black women and that these problems are the main reason why more and more black men are deciding to cross the fence and date non black women.

      While many black men are still under the trance of standing by black women, increasing numbers of thinking black men in view of the continual hatred and hostility they receive from black females are wisely opting out.

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  5. Dude….
    I just got word of your blog. Ive been reading ALL morning. Your shit is HARSH (but truth always is)!!!

    Ive already shared this blog and will continue to share. Please keep posting.

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