Penis Envy On Steroids – Black Women Now Taking Off Tops To Fight!


This is the modern-day black female in a nutshell, a bloodthirsty, disjointed, violent savage who is ready to throw down at the drop of a hat. I already informed you in my book Negro Wars that black women as a group have become the most violent individuals on the planet, they have surpassed black men in violent activity by miles. I also told you in Negro Wars that black women will not pass up any opportunity to get involved in street fights and public brawls.

This is the black woman’s favourite pastime, slug festing and street brawling, she enjoys fighting much more than looking after and caring for her children. In fact she will literally throw her children to the side in order to get involved in a good old scrap, remember the woman who threw her child into the arms of a fellow passenger on a bus in order to engage in violence?:

Black women constantly crave violence and the need to shed blood, going even for short periods of time without getting involved in some sort of physical altercation for them is the equivalent of a crack addict going through withdrawal symptoms once his fix has worn off. The modern-day black woman is a junkie for violence, she must get her recommended daily allowance in order to get through each day successfully.

As I stated in Negro Wars, I don’t understand why more black women simply don’t join the UFC, they would still receive a salary in the same manner as they are receiving one now from the state to wreak havoc in black society by bringing endless death and destruction to it. However at least their violence would be aimed at another individual only ie their opponent instead of a whole community.

Remember that post I wrote on 12 good reasons why black men should walk away from black women, what was the very first reason I talked about, that’s right, the fact that black women as a collective have become too masculine and too violent. Take a look for yourselves:

Black women have no shame and no respect for themselves at all and in turn they feel that they have the right to pass on that lack of respect to other people around them especially black men. Aswell as hating black men black women are extremely jealous of black males, one of the main reasons being that unlike them we black men are very comfortable with ourselves, despite the hardships in the world we enjoy being black, we aren’t running around trying to look like white men and in turn enriching Asian families.

Most black women truly believe that they are black men, now things have dropped down another level to where they are taking off top clothing just like men to fight, incredible. However remember what I continue to state over and over, this is not the lowest that the black woman will stoop to, there is still lower to come so watch this space as the bottom hasn’t dropped out yet. Going topless to duke it out, incredible.

Finally look at the mental aspect of all of this, don’t I continue to repeat the same statement time and time again, that black women are mentally broken, mentally damaged and mentally ill individuals? How much more of a degenerate mindset can you get than what you’ve just witnessed in the above video? Again, I lay out the evidence in front of you, that way nobody can say that I am making these things up.

I don’t like scum of any race yet alone black scum, trash black women like these must be shunned and rejected at every turn. Reason 18,456,789 as to why black men ought to walk away from black women and find love and companionship elsewhere. Remember, your professional, corporate America/City Of London black woman typically behaves in exactly the same manner, however she attempts to hide her thirst for blood and violence behind her education, degrees and qualifications. Walk away black men, walk away.

Remember black men, these are the same violent scoundrels who will turn around and tell you “your mother’s black” in order to guilt trip you into accepting them, don’t do it, you deserve much better than trash like this. This right here is the image of the modern-day black woman, sorry, I am not associated with nor do I want anything to do with women who have this kind of image and reputation preceding them.

The reason why I continue to highlight black women is because there are very serious problems with them that need to be addressed. However, since most black women are choosing to embrace their dysfunctional behaviour instead of shunning and rejecting it, I instead have turned towards thinking black men in the hopes that I can show more of them the light and the vast options available to them.

Thanks to Booz Celestin for sending me this clip.

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

28 thoughts on “Penis Envy On Steroids – Black Women Now Taking Off Tops To Fight!

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  2. I wouldn’t have believed this crap if someone told me, and I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

    Taking off shirts like men, don’t those orangutans realize that they have breasts?

    This is easily the best evidence to show how disgusting and masculine these women are. We have the worst motherf**kers on the planet to choose from, I don’t care what you tell me!

    These b1tches look horrible, they sound horrible, they act horrible, and they need to just go extinct. I honestly wish a damn freight train would’ve come off the tracks and randomly taken all of those hoes out. Nasty whores.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Typically you’ll notice the glee and enjoyment in the faces of black women whenever they are about to engage in violence. This is NOT normal behaviour. Exactly what I talked about in Negro Wars, black women love all forms of fighting but they especially get their enjoyment from fist fights.

      Let’s see how long it takes before somebody will come here and tell me that I am making black women look bad, yet you’ll notice that those same individuals will always refuse to check the people responsible for the horrible image and reputation of black women, black women themselves.

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      • Notice how calm they seemed, like it was just another day at the rodeo. And notice the huge crowd. Black beasties are disgusting!!! Black Women need to be laid out on the street!

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  3. The Exorcist horror film runtime is around 122 minutes. This street brawl was under 4 minutes and I’m questioning my mental faculties. I can now fully comprehend the meaning behind “In these skreets.”

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    • Whtgrlsrawsome,

      And to think that there are black men who seeing this will still want to hook up with these types of women, incredible. We always have to remember that most black women are mentally damaged, however they manifest their mental illness to varying degrees and in different forms.

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  4. I could not overlook the statement by asshole who was filming that circus, when he told the driver of the silver car driving through to “hurry up and get his old ass out of the way ” imagine if he had gotten out and tried to break up the fight, those animals would have probably killed him, and entire generation has been lost because it has been raised by that black government female agent. Sorry not agents you have to have a brain to be an agent…my bad

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  5. Black women, after being educated, still maintain the low class attitude. I recall Craig Robinson, brother of Michelle Obama, as acting like a decent guy. Michelle Obama, however, still has lots of ghetto attitude. It is hard to believe that they come from the same family. That is a difference, that I see, between black men and black women. Black women never fully give up low class attitude. Black men can leave a lower rung existence and move up in attitude and conduct.

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  6. I really am sick of these black women. Any idiot who’s still stupid enough to think these women can be reformed, let them be the only ones retarded enough to have sex with them. Simps and SIMPstresses should be made extinct.

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  7. Notice that these women are wearing some kind of head wrap because they don’t have their weaves on. They are so ashamed of their natural hair that they need to have it covered. Tommy Sotomayor came up with a great name for black women – Hair Hatted Hooligans. There has to be some kind of link between weaves and the violent behavior of black women.

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    • Blackwriter,

      Black women simply hate being black, if they could click their fingers and turn into white women, I reckon 90-95% of the black female population would instantly disappear.

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  9. Hi, I’m one of the producers at MTV’s Ridiculousness (hosted by pro skater Rob Dyrdek). We would love to feature this video upcoming episode. Do you happen to know who filmed this? Please email me at or call 818-480-4817 and I’ll give you details. Thanks


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