Doesn’t This Look Familiar? The Violent Destructive Black Female Strikes Again


This is the common black female Frankenstein beast that has been produced within the catacombs of the Democratic plantation laboratory and thereafter unleashed into black society to wreak havoc and bring about as much damage and destruction as possible upon her own people. In turn as per her contractual obligations towards the government she produces her devil spawn legacy who in turn follow her highly irresponsible, state sponsored example and carry out the same evil works. You already know the saying: The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands.

Black women seem to believe that they have the right to smash-up and destroy other people’s property with impunity, this is a common theme amongst them. Not so long ago I saw a video of a black woman setting her baby father’s truck alight simply because he had not paid the current month’s child support. Before that I saw two black women dancing on the bonnet of a man’s car while listening to some old school blues/jazz music that sounded like it came from the 1950s.

This is the nonsense that black men have to put up with and go through whenever they choose to deal with the modern-day black female, if they ever choose to have children by one of these mad dogs then the problems are usually amplified many times over. Dealing with dysfunctional women is not part of my job description, I will not tolerate this sort of degenerate behaviour under any circumstances.

This is one of many reasons why I stopped dealing with black women many years ago, I interpreted their ingrained hostility towards me as a sign that they hated me and didn’t want me as a black male, so I simply took myself over to other women who didn’t hate me, who would appreciate me and who wouldn’t be vindictive, nasty and evil towards me on a permanent basis.

As I have stated many times before and in my book Negro Wars, this mutant form of feminism that the overwhelming majority of black women subscribe to and practice has turned them completely insane, the behaviour displayed by this loco female above is a classic example of this. Apparently she is going full primal over some “suspicious” text messages that she found on her boyfriend’s mobile phone.

Why can’t she simply break up with him without any of the drama and the theatrics and move on if she has discovered that he is up to no good? You’ll notice that most black women typically lack the ability to communicate and express their thoughts through conversation, the only way that they can get their point across is through violence, hence why most of the black males they raise by themselves act the same way.

However remember that she was the one who picked this kind of man to begin with, what else did she expect? This is the problem with black women as a whole, they deliberately pick black men of appalling character and they believe that somehow these miscreants will change for the better just because they are now in relationships with them……….err, wrong, dead wrong.

Black women like this will push your average man to levels of angry he never knew existed, I personally would have landed a ball pin hammer straight in the middle of this woman’s skull on a bad day, on a good one she would have at least received a thorough beating for her recklessness. I don’t know how the guy just stood there allowing his car to be smashed up while recording it on camera. The better option still is to stay away from black women as a whole altogether, that way episodes like this horror show can easily be avoided.

Through the election of Donald Trump patriarchy has once again returned with a vengeance, it was already on the comeback before he was sworn into office but now his presidency has set in stone the establishment of men once again being in charge, ruling and dealing with matters properly without having to worry about liberal women constantly whining, moaning and complaining over anything and everything.

This is the mental illness, the mental instability and the mentally damaged mindset that I frequently talk about on this website, most black women if diagnosed correctly would at the very least be locked up in high security mental asylums. Black men, you are not obligated under any circumstances to deal with mentally ill black females neither is it your job to rehabilitate them from their state of madness.

We are constantly being told by the pro black squads that there are good black women out there, however it seems that most black men continue to run into the defective beyond repair individuals only. As I have stated before the pickings of good black women in 2017 are extremely slim to none, this is why most pro black men find themselves perpetually single yet at the same time they refuse to be honest concerning the horrible state of the modern-day black female, smh.


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Most High Bless

17 thoughts on “Doesn’t This Look Familiar? The Violent Destructive Black Female Strikes Again

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  2. These beasts are violent and savage as hell. I’m telling you, I know in my spirit that as they realize more and more that they don’t have to put up with this crap, black men are going to enact the same violence on black Women that they usually reserve for each other. I feel it in my bones.

    You have to have the bluest balls on earth to deal with these disgusting creatures, and even then, if you have internet, ghetto gaggers is free anyways lol.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      The black woman’s wrath and recompense is fast approaching. Black women have deliberately bred these soft weak black males into existence because they knew that at some point they would need somebody to fall back on.

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  3. And you can bet your bottom dollar she will not do any jail time, looking at how this dude is responding to the destruction of his property he’ll help her stay out of trouble….ain’t no pussy that good

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    • Blackragecoming,

      Absolutely no jail time whatsoever, she is a government asset, they need her back in black society bringing even more death and destruction into it. Its sad the way the guy responded, if that was me how I would’ve reacted would have most definitely put me in jail. This type of destructive behaviour is totally unacceptable.

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  4. Hey Verbs,

    Have you heard the story this past weekend of a black woman who stabbed her boyfriend, 9 times, in the back, while he was asleep? And you want to know why she did it? Because he wouldn’t commit to her.


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    • SigmaJones,

      This is why I continue to talk about the mental insanity of most black females. It’s simply too dangerous to deal with them at this point, they are a bunch of unpredictable loose cannons. I want to be in a relaxed state around the woman I am with, I don’t want to have to walk on eggshells 24 hours a day and be constantly watching my back. This is what it is like dealing with the overwhelming majority of black women in 2017.

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    • Just sad. Black Women are the worst women on earth. There’s literallly nothing they bring to the table except fat, diabetes, bastard kids, stds, death, destruction, a baby daddy, and crappy friends and family members. Oh, but she got a phat @$$!!!

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  5. I’m seeing more and more stories of black females using period blood as a weapon, like inserting it into takeaway food and attacking police officers with tampons.
    Verbs, can you shed light on this disgusting trend?

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    • Michel,

      Aswell as this being a type of bio warfare the use of blood as a weapon is also a form of witchcraft, sorcery and a branch of Satanic rituals. Black women will normally cast spells and curses over the blood before using it against their victims. You have to understand that there are many black women who are deeply into the occult, black magic and witchcraft, I do not label them as black witches for nothing. This is why I have stated in the past that most black women are in fact Satanists who use Christ and the bible as cover to carry out their evil works unchallenged. This is yet another reason why black men should walk away from these women, they are too dangerous in more ways than one. Always remember that feminism is a branch on the tree of witchcraft.


      • So it’s even worse than just hygiene… I thought you calling them witches was just figurative, but seeing what Azaelia Banks gets up to on weekends with her makeshift KFC factory, it’s ethereal and spiritual warfare.

        Luckily the spell is fading with the rise of SYSBM and Trump. I hope these sick black witches will get their change back, hopefully in hell. Truly vile, disgusting behaviour.

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      • Michel,

        Most of them are destined for hell, that is guaranteed. Their spells are indeed fading, they should have gone to their white father to revise their spell book, however even the state is now beginning to push them to the side in rejection.


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