Pro Black Bootlicking Negro Confronts Interracial Couple In Restaurant

I wasn’t going to deal with this issue, however because the people have spoken I have decided to put in my quick 2 pence worth. Please take a look at this short video:

The last chapter in my book Negro Wars is dedicated to talking about pro blacks, their cowardly nature and their faulty logic. First and foremost this lotionised pro black Negro deserves a slap to his face at minimum. What, white folks are prohibited from entering into black owned restaurants now, where does this guy get off? The stupidity of these pro black, red, black and green squad members is off the scale, now white folks according to him are “debatably not human”?

Well, since we see that black and white people have the ability to procreate with one another and do so, which one is it, are black “debatably not human” also or are whites human just like every other race on the planet? This is the problem with most blacks especially those of the liberal variety, they do not think things through properly?

From the sounds of things this guy sounds like he may be a homosexual, if this is the case then why on earth would he be concerned about male/female relations? Shouldn’t he be focusing more on things “his” side of the camp? Besides, what is this guy the dick police? Why is he so concerned about where another black man is putting his penis? It is none of his business who other black men choose to date, marry and procreate with.

Then this bootlicker had the cheek to pull the black woman’s “weak” argument. This illogical line of reasoning is typically touted against black men who decide that they wish to date non black women, more often than not because of the endless trouble they have experienced in the past interacting with and dating black females.

For some reason(feminism) black women seem to believe that creating friction, being hostile and extremely difficult in a relationship is a badge of honour. They believe that black men are obligated to accept such problematic behaviours and any black men who refuse to “roll with the programme” are automatically labelled as weak and lame.

A car that gives constant trouble to its owner is going to be rejected in favour of one that runs smoothly with little to no problems. This goes for the majority if not all things in life. People in general do not want drama, strife, conflict, chaos, war and turmoil in their lives, they want their lives to run as smoothly as possible. They accept that there will be ups and downs, however unlike black women they don’t go out of their way to deliberately create such conditions or walk into such negative environments if not required.

Black women through subscribing to and practising their mutant form of feminism have become totally insane. Aren’t I always telling you that black women as a collective are mentally damaged, mentally broken and mentally insane? They require, drama, war, strife, violence, turmoil, conflict etc in their relationships and they expect black men to sign onto their programme.

No sir, not me, I have self-respect, standards and integrity, I will never lower myself and volunteer to partake in such low brow, unproductive behaviour. Black women can keep those dysfunctional antics to themselves. These are probably some of the reasons why the guy in the video chose a white woman, I personally would have slapped him in his forehead if I was in that brother’s position when he called the woman “a lesser female”.

In case this bootlicker hasn’t noticed his so called “black queens” are trying their best and going out of their way to imitate white women, I have documented this many times on the website, here are just a few examples:

As I have stated many times before and in my book Negro Wars, since black women are trying to look like white women so badly, it makes logical sense to deal with the original instead of the copy.

Of course this pro black squaddie had to introduce “your mother is black” into the equation, you can tell that he was raised by a single black mother. What does my mother have to do with who I choose to date and marry, why the insinuation towards incest? Pro blacks seem to believe that you must only date and marry black women because your mother is black.

This backwards logic obviously doesn’t take into consideration the current horrible condition of black women nor does not factor in how negatively black women treat black men neither does it take into account the fact that quality black women today are very few and far between.

Black men, don’t be deterred by idiot pro blacks like this guy, pro black, red, black and green squads are the modern-day black female’s foot soldiers. They just like black women want you to remain miserable on the plantation, they don’t want you to be free and exercise your dating and marriage options to the fullest. Black women running around trying to look like white women but I’m still supposed to deal with them and not question such insane behaviour?

Perhaps Mr Pro Black was talking about the brother choosing from one of these “quality” black women below:


The bottom line is black women as a collective in 2017 are defective goods which are only fit for the scrap heap, black men, do better for yourselves and stop allowing guys like this to persuade you that you must lower your standards and settle for these sub standard black harridans.

Have you noticed how pro black men will berate other black men for dating out, yet they will say absolutely nothing to black women who choose to do the same? Hypocrisy at its finest. Had this interracial couple been reversed old lotion boy wouldn’t have uttered a word to them, why, because most black men are afraid of black women and thus they cannot bring themselves to reprimand their “queens” whenever somebody highlights their shortfalls.

Lastly, you’ll notice the black men who brag the most about how good black women are and at the same time berate you for dating and marrying a non black woman typically don’t have a black woman by their side, interesting. If black women are so great and magnificent then where is your black woman Mr Pro Black, why are you still single? A case of Dr Umar Johnson all over again. #SYSBM.

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

33 thoughts on “Pro Black Bootlicking Negro Confronts Interracial Couple In Restaurant

  1. I would’ve shot that guy point blank in the face….and I’m not joking. This was painful to watch. Black people can’t be racist my ass! Respect to the brother for keeping his cool.

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    • Jabari,

      His approach was rude and completely off, he could’ve conducted a proper interview with them after they finished eating and without the use of slick jabs and low blows.


  2. I would’ve said this to the SIMP:

    “Since you claim there are plenty of good sisters to choose from, where is YOUR woman?”

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    • Thebackhandofreality,

      This always seems to be the case for black men who blow the black woman’s trumpet loud and proud, they typically never have a black woman or any woman that they can claim as their own, pathetic.


      • >This always seems to be the case for black men who blow the black woman’s trumpet loud and proud

        Or in the case of the late Fast Eddie Long, the men who blow the moist black man’s flute loud and proud.

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  4. Lol had to look up what lotion boy meant.

    These hotep simps are the goomba grunt soldiers of black women. Notice, like you said, that these shines never have a word to say about Scandal, Simone Biles, or the Karazins of the world.

    I honestly wish that dude would’ve shot him point blank in the forehead. Someone needs to END these little jackasses, and hopefully their venomous, villainous queens wouldn’t be too far behind.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      The guy could easily conduct proper interviews with interracial couples, however he chose to behave like a typical pro black, militant, ignorant buffoon without the aggression in his voice for obvious reasons, lol. I actually got tagged into the original post he made on Facebook, however at the moment I cannot find it. I’ll be sure to post it here if it comes up again.

      Yep, you know it, black women always get a pass because in the eyes of pro black men they are the sacred cow that cannot be critiqued or scrutinised under any circumstances.

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      • Being raised by and around nothing but the lowest forms of female life has one a number on the otherwise highly testosteroned black male. These simps and batty boys (knew that term) are just as much of effeminate “yas queens” as their mothers. It’s disturbing to see big huge and swoll black men acting like 2nd rate sissies. They look like athletes on the wheaties box, but act like fruits on the sweetie box.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Lol, I haven’t used the term “batty boys” in ages, I believe it comes from the Caribbean, most probably from Jamaica. This are the degenerate products of this modern-day black woman and she is proud of her handiwork.

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      • >Yep, you know it, black women always get a pass because in the eyes of pro black men they are the sacred cow that cannot be critiqued or scrutinised under any circumstances.

        Yep, they’re COWS alright…

        Avoid those mad cow disease-ridden bovines.


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  5. 80% of black women are overweight in the medical sense. Most black women lack the minimum basics of good health. Black men cannot build with black women because most black women lack even the small requirements of life. Therefore, there is actually a shortage of quality black women. Given the lack of quality black women, the majority of black men must seek non-black women for dating and marriage.

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    • Indeed, basic level femininity is lost on black women, so who can blame black men for looking elsewhere? Many have spoken of how black women, even the celebrities, and especially the dark ones, have stank cooches. It’s embarrassing and disgusting as hell to think that grown women go around smelling like the asshole of a block of bleu cheese, and still have some simp cumming in them every other day?

      It’s just like that video I wrote an article on today. This woman looked like a damn zombie on crack, and was too dumb, high, drunk, or all of the above to remember her own age. Despite this, she was willing to give some good head, and for only $4! Wow, what a deal! Too bad that she looks like Skeletor’s hood ass side chick. Disgusting, they are!

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  6. This whole thing got me messed up, because I was at a dinner with a Becky myself and could see this as a distinct possibly in the future.

    Rant time, where to start with this soft-ass baby oil hotep muthafucka…

    First thing off, NEVER INTERRUPT A NIGGA WHEN HE’S EATING! Eating is one of the few pleasures left on Earth not regulated to death, so if I’m sharing this pleasure with a fine Becky (especially if I’m trying to lay said Becky), LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE.

    2) The filming said couple in an attempt to intimidate and shame the brother. Ignoring the fact that his phone can be traced very easily to its owner, what the fuck does he think filming them is going to add to his commentary? That he doesn’t believe BM/WW couples exist? Plus major props to the man who kept his cool and laughed him off, because any type of assault would have been recorded and his ass taken to jail. He dealt with this baby oil SIMP with the seriousness he deserved, which was zero.

    3) “you couldn’t find any good black women out there?” Well… maybe she approached him, and he said OK. That’s all it takes for a brother to date out nowadays. OH, AND MIND YOUR OWN GODDAMN BUSINESS! If you’re not family, are paying me, or fucking me, keep your wandering interest in my girl to yourself. SHE’S getting the dick, not you.

    4) This belief that White people are aliens. Well, guess what, nigga, we all are! Black men in the Americas (and Britain due to trade and migration) have been intertwined with Whites, to the point that most of us have up to 15% European genetics in our “Black blood”. No Black American is pure ANYTHING, and I’ll bet this soft-as-baby-shit hotep also has a quantity of “alien” blood trickling through his limp wrist.
    If I’m 15% European, who the fuck is anyone to tell me not to date a European woman?

    Kirikagure Jones always warns us about the “trifecta”. Well, here’s the third prong revealing themselves… a soft ass, liberal, camp as hell, snowflake, baby oil hotep nigga telling another grown man where to stick his penis…straight from the single black female playbook, which comes from the racist white male master.

    Desperate dick monitors, the fucking lot of them.

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    • Trifecta? Explain.

      And it really is weird how fruity this simp is. Maybe he wanted some dick from the dude?

      Oh, and on that video, found a duplicate, so check it out while ya can. It’s disgustingly funny but also a great microcosm of the average black Woman and why the world hates them. Disgusting ebony whores.

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      • Trifecta, as in the Japanese philosophy that if you have two opposing forces lined up against each other, there’s usually a hidden third actor, manipulating both.

        If you’re aware of two enemies (racist black females/racist white men), there’s a third lurking in the bushes.

        Wisdom straight from Mount Fuji itself

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      • Ok, I’ve seen it! Gave me the chills watching that. Reminded me of the time I was approached twice in one year by Grover- from-Sesame Street-looking ass black women for sexual favours. One of them thought getting out her breasts in broad daylight would seal the deal…

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  7. @Michel

    Yeah, I actually saw just that in a dollar general store once. Chick did it to try to “add value” for some OLD white man, and she was visibly pregnant.

    As for that third wheel, well, we all know who funded dat slave trade……..

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  8. >Pro Black Bootlicking Negro Confronts Interracial Couple In Restaurant

    I would replace the two o’s in boot for a u. That would be more accurate.


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    • It’s amazing how men like him think they have the right to tell anybody who to fuck. It’s obvious he’s not getting any, but instead of taking care of his, he’s channeling his frustration into this neo-Egyptian cult shit instead.

      He should be busy getting stuffed and leaving the rest of us the fuck alone.

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  9. I love the Panther an awesome cat, the brother should have folded up shop and took his woman on a little adventure, and stalked that faggot until he got him in the right position and beat him like stole something!

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  10. The most High DOES NOT allow interracial marriage you coon ass nigga. I once had respect for you, but your whole tone has changed. OK, some bitch left you. Get over it, nigga.


    • Marc-Lo,

      If you knew the scriptures properly then you would know that commandment is not part of the new covenant. This is the problem with many of you Negroes claiming to be Hebrews, you know nothing.

      I find it funny how most of you black men who defend the black witch despite your endless pandering are still single. You’re talking about a woman leaving me when you probably cannot even get one yourself to begin with.

      I deal with the truth here, I’m not out for brownie points. I go where the Most High leads, right now the main problem in the black community is the black woman. If you don’t like the content then move on, its that simple.

      Calling me a “coon ass nigga” is not winning you the argument either.

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    • Indicate where in the Bible that God does not allow interracial marriage. And do not tell me its the verse where it says you must be equally yoked because God was not talking about race there; he was talking about being equally yolked in faith. Anyone who calls someone a coon and a nigga and mentions God in the same sentence should not be taken seriously. You pro blacks are more racist against black people than the people you claim are keeping black people down.

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      • Jabari,

        These pro blacks are in the same boat as black women and racist white men, I talked about this in Negro Wars how the terminology and the rhetoric they use is no different to what white supremacists say.

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