Donald Trump vs Black Liberals


No disrespect towards black folks living in the US, however as a black man living in the United Kingdom observing from the outside in, it is painfully obvious that the 40 year plus dedication black folks have given the Democratic party has been horribly detrimental to black society as a whole rather than beneficial. I’m not the first one to point this out and I won’t be the last, Democrats have done nothing for black people and the sad part of this is today most black liberals have gotten so used to having nothing done for them, they honestly believe that this is now a normal part of politics.

I cannot understand for the life of me why a group of individuals would continue to vote for a political party that simply uses them as cannon fodder and poverty pimps them whenever the opportunity presents itself(which is all day everyday). I also find it even more puzzling how many black liberals cannot put their feeling to the side and work with conservatives whenever the offer to help improve black areas and black society as a whole is put forward.

Donald J Trump on October 31st 2016 posted an article on his website entitled Donald J.Trump’s New Deal For Black America. Here is the link to the article:

Notice that he didn’t say “minorities”, he said BLACK AMERICA which means that for once black folks will actually be able to fully benefit from the listed proposals without any interference from others. We have all seen the “minority” racket many times over, money is put into a pot for “minorities” and their causes, the problem everytime has been the fact that so many random individuals have stepped forward claiming that they are part of a minority group. They then would all dip their hands into the pot and take their share, however once the pot finally got round to black people, there would be no money left.

Trump is the first President to actually outline a plan to help BLACK PEOPLE get back on their feet, you’ll notice that Obama did nothing for black folks as a collective, neither did he draft up any plans to help bring much-needed reparations to black society. I stated from the beginning of Obama’s Presidency that he was an empty suit and he had no problems proving me right.

However, when it comes down to Donald Trump, many black liberals are extremely reluctant to even allow him to put his foot in the door in order to at least prove himself. Several black individuals who have recently gone to meet with Trump have been demonized and carted through the mud by black liberals from every corner, black liberals have been acting as if these blacks have been meeting with Satan himself.

I am struggling to understand why many black liberals are so adamant on blocking Trump rather than standing aside and giving him the floor to either make or break on his pledges.


What are they so afraid of, why the heavy resistance? Let’s talk about one such black Congressman above by the name John Lewis, Lewis has recently come out of the woodwork spouting the mainstream media fuelled rhetoric about Trump not being a legitimate president because of “alleged” Russian involvement in the elections(even though nobody has produced any proof to substantiate such a claim ie its bogus).

Lewis alongside many other black Democratic politicians has stated that he will not be attending Trump’s inauguration and that he will find it very difficult to work with Trump in the future. Allow me to give you the correct interpretation of what these black Democrats are saying and the true message that they are sending to Donald Trump and black society:

“We make a healthy quantity of money from blacks being poor and black society remaining destitute and on its face, things have been this way for a very long time. We are living quite comfortably from the spoils of black poverty and we intend to keep things this way for as long as is possible as per the instructions of our white liberal masters. We do not wish to work and cooperate with Donald Trump because if he comes in and actually delivers on his pledges to Black Americans, our gravy train of luxury will come to an end, because of the improvements he will bring into black society we will not be able to claim the same or more money from the federal government each year. This automatically means that the cut that we would normally remove from the federal funding package and put into our pockets will decrease(“a cut” is interpreted as nearly all of the money available). As a result we black congressmen and congresswomen would also lose our relevance to our white liberal masters who in turn would discard of us. It simply is not in OUR best interests to allow black society to thrive and prosper, black people must be kept in a poor state on the Democratic plantation forever and we will do our utmost to ensure that this philosophy is enforced at every turn”.

This is the position of most if not all black congressmen and congresswomen who are members of the Democratic party. Black leadership for the most part also subscribes to the above philosophy. Many folks seem to believe that John Lewis is above scrutiny and examination simply because he was a civil right leader in the 1960s, so what, as many other people have correctly pointed out what has Lewis done for his constituents recently, not 50 years ago?

Black folks in the US need to watch out for and be weary of suspicious characters such as John Lewis, if real change can be brought into black society and as a result improve it, why would anybody with a sound mind stand in the way of that? That is unless the individuals blocking the improvements stand to lose substantially if they are implemented, remember that.

John Lewis and other black democratic party members are no different to Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, black pastors and other so called black leadership, they remain rich when black folks on the whole remain poor.

However, I am pleased to see black folks are finally waking up to the poverty pimp racket. I saw a video the other day where black people actually confronted Al Sharpton as he arrived at a church to “preach”:

The same way that groups of black Americans are finally starting to hold individuals like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson accountable is the same way that they must deal with individuals like John Lewis. Let people like him know in no uncertain terms that if they stand in the way of black progression they will be chased out of their own houses.

Trump at the least deserves a chance to prove himself, if he offers to help out blacks, you stand in his way and as a result your neighbourhoods remain the same or deteriorate further, guess who would be at fault, YOU. I recommend that black liberals do not act foolishly in blocking an individual who has actually pledged to help them.

Common sense, logic and wisdom says allow Trump to have the floor to work, stupidity and ignorance say hinder and block Trump before he has even gotten out of the gate. Trump drafts up a ten point plan specifically to help BLACK AMERICANS but according to most black liberals Trump is supposed to be racist??? I’ll just leave that one right there.

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35 thoughts on “Donald Trump vs Black Liberals

  1. Check this out. This is the same Democratic Party that founded the KKK, was pro-slavery, anti-Civil Rights, segregationists, Pro-Jim Crow, everything against the black American unit but they (black American Democratic voters) just don’t want to see it.

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    • Those are the reasons why I’m proud to say I’m not a democrat. You’ll also notice that more thinking black men are either becoming republicans or independents. But leave it to black American society and its monolithic thinking, all blacks should be democrats because they freed MLK and gave us civil rights. Smh, black society is literally in a blue-pill state.

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      • It’s sad to see people like Lewis and the elders we’re supposed to respect being revealed as the main ones keeping us where we are.

        Whether trump succeeds or fails in actively bringing anything of positive substance to blacks, the one thing that can not be denied is that it seems that he, more than any democrat, republican, or anything in between, is actually trying to reach out to people, black in particular, who have been disillusioned and negatively affected by liberal policies, especially in the realm of jobs.

        It’s better to try something completely new with trump than the same old same old and wonder why nothing changes.

        Black liberals are despicable as hell. They are hell bent on talking about how bad the white man is and how he owes them handouts, yet will fight tooth and nail for the “right” to live with, eat with, get awards with, golf with, and generally rub shoulders with that same white “devil”.

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      • I very much agree, black people in the US are doomed under a liberal state.

        They are too emotional,brainwashed and staying at the navels.

        We as thinking black men really now need to seperate from this brainwashed underclass; in my opinion these people will disown you at the drop of a hat if you disagree.

        Black people are living under a mental dictatorship and they “ain’t even know it,”

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  3. As a Brit also looking in, I’ve see nothing but high-level whining from celebrities, politicians, and the media mafia over Trump’s election win. There’s also been a level of disrespect towards the new Office of the President that would never have been tolerated had it been Clinton, Bush or even Obama. Whatever you think of what Trump will (or will not bring), undermining the Head of State is just not done in a so-called democracy.

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      • Oh yeah, satire afflicts all presidents, that’s a given.
        I guess I meant the systematic delegitimizing of Trump as orchestrated by the media, nationwide protests and this Rep. Uncle John. Obama got off lighty before he was inaugurated: a couple of racist cartoons and the “HE’S A MUSLIM!!!!!” episodes, but not this nationwide shit-stirring.

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      • Michel,

        Agreed, the MSM really went to town on Trump, to a level that I have never seen before in my entire life. The demonisation of Trump has been off the chain, however I love the fact that Trump is hitting them back, especially when he called out CNN as fake news(which is 100% true).

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  4. I agree with every one of Trump’s bullet points except #9. If anything, the church beast infrastructure must be razed! Never to be resurrected again!


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    • Thebackhandofreality,

      Fully agree with you there sir, I was thinking the same thing when I read his plan for blacks. However, if he removes the funding from black women then they won’t be able to prop up these swindling pastors anyway and so these churches will automatically collapse one by one.

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      • He probably had to say that for appearances sake. There’s no way he would’ve won without galvanizing the evangelical vote and at least sounding “Christian”.

        @Gregory Chandler
        Only That many black women voted against feminism, yet 53% of white women voted for Trump. And the hoteps still try to convince you that white women will stab us in the back too and engaged in the same destruction. Bull$h1t!

        And yet, notice all these loud mouth black women trying to get 2.33333 seconds of Fox News fame by bandwagoning on trump. Ie that diamond and silk pair that used to be with obama, the Kiki Greene woman that Sotomayor humiliated online, as well that disgusting loud mouth Brunnel. I can’t stand her, she makes me sick. Look her up, I’m sure you’ll vomit.

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  5. According to the experts, 13% of black men voted for Trump. Only about 4% of black women voted for Trump. Therefore, black men were 4x (four times) more likely to vote for Trump than black women. Many black men, however, are still tied to the views of their mothers. Nonetheless, black men showed some progress in voting for Trump. Black women, however, are still on the Democratic party plantation.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Black women being the brain damaged miscreants that they are will forever remain on the plantation until they hit the grave. This is one of many reasons why thinking black men need to make alternative plans in terms of seeking love and companionship. Unfortunately black women and their advocates have been spreading the “Trump is the boogieman” urban legend and it has worked to a degree, however as you said black men are slowly making progress.

      These black celebrities and entertainers have been the worst when it comes down to their attempts at discouraging black folks from giving Trump a chance to at least see whether he will come through on his pledges for Black America or not. As I have stated before logic and common sense says give Trump a chance first before passing judgement, however most black liberals cannot seem to grasp this concept.

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  6. As President, Obama also did not do anything to improve race relations in the U.S. Whenever given the opportunity to do so, he instead justified the actions of these BLM and SJW sons of bitches. He also encouraged single motherhood and production of more of those bastards. Don’t believe me? Look at his home city, Shitcago! I became a conservative in 2012 when I realized Obama was nothing but a failure to the black community. Obama did way more for gays than he did for blacks, imagine that! 90% of blacks claim to love the lord and claim to be followers of Christ. What puzzles me the most is the fact that so many blacks claim to be Christians yet support a political party whose values and platform is diametrically opposed to their faith! I can never get past this. To quote the popular Youtuber David Caroll, “The negro is politically cursed” and that’s a fact!

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    • Yeah obama said black women are the backbones of the community. Keep in mind that he wasn’t raised in said community, nor by black women. It could also be argued that he’s not even married to a black “woman”, and there’s also the belief that those somewhat mixed looking kids are adopted. Wouldn’t doubt it, Barack is known to frequent gay establishments (hence the gay support), and there are almost NO pictures of those girls (the oldest of which is honestly quite sexy) in the hospital with “Michelle” as babies.

      At least with Melania, I can believe Trump came up in that. I would, too!!! Don, tag me in! Lol jk

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    • > Whenever given the opportunity to do so, he instead justified the actions of these BLM and SJW sons of bitches. He also encouraged single motherhood and production of more of those bastards.

      Obama amounted to nothing but a SIMP-In-Chief.

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    • Kameron Brown,

      Yep, they are obviously afraid of the positive changes Trump will bring to American society. I haven’t seen anything like this before either.


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  8. All of your comments were made at the beginning of Trump’s term before he began to show his true racism. Give Trump a chance, for what? He was a racist in the past and he is a racist now. He will never do anything to elevate the black/brown skin of America. His objective is to divide and conquer, and because he is part of the white privilege he will get away with it. It is up to not just the Democrats but people in his own party to stop his madness on destroying America for his own benefit.


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