Proud To Be Dysfunctional



This is the standard disjointed mentality of the black woman in 2017, she is proud to wallow in dysfunction ie single motherhood. As I stated in Negro Wars black women as a collective choose to be single mothers, they deliberately opt to procreate with men whom they know full well do not wish to be fathers and who will not take care of their children.

Large numbers of children within marriage or a committed relationship are not the problem, the problem is when women are having one child after the next by many different men. Look at the above photo, it is my reckoning that we are dealing with 3 baby fathers at minimum. There is nothing to be proud of in the photo, this mother in reality is simply a 42 years old slut who couldn’t keep her legs closed and who is now attempting to pass off her whorish behaviour as normal and acceptable.

It is almost guaranteed that most if not all of her children will grow up to be gangsters, gang bangers, criminals, sluts and whores. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if some of her children have already embarked upon those roads of destruction, you can clearly see in the photo one of her daughters is already throwing gang signs. These are the types of irresponsible black females who keep black neighbourhoods in terror as they produce fatherless child after fatherless child and at the same time indoctrinate, programme and trains their children to be the devil spawn of the community.

This woman is nothing short of an incredibly irresponsible slut who also happens to be a single mother. Black men need to take heed, black women as a collective have become an extremely toxic, mentally disjoined set of individuals, to them up is down, left is right and normal is viewed as dysfunctional. Always remember that single motherhood and feminism are one and the same as both attack the family structure at its root.

Black women have no desires to build with anyone, they simply wish to continue in their dysfunction unchallenged. The problem is their dysfunctional behaviour is affecting other people around them. Black communities have been witnessing the effects of the black single mother’s reckless choices for years on end and she still continues to wreak havoc upon black society today using her devil spawn children as one of her main weapons of choice.

Single motherhood is nothing to be proud of, it is a status that ought to be worn with shame. Single mothers like the woman above ought to hang their heads in disgrace, refusing to keep her legs closed and now she wishes to be praised??? Black men, stay away from mentally damaged, scum, bottom of the barrel, trash black women like this, they are highly toxic and desire to contaminate everybody else around them with their filth.

Be sure to check out my book Negro Wars where I talk extensively about black women, feminism and single motherhood. Yet another reason why more black men are opting for non black women, at least with non black women there is a higher chance of finding one who doesn’t already have children. I am not about to play the role of step father, as a black man with no children I refuse to do it as I have standards, self-respect, dignity and integrity.

Black men, you can do better for yourselves, you are not obligated to look after another man’s seed if you do not have any children of your own, that is NOT normal. Lastly, a woman cannot play the role of a father, she can only play her role as a mother. Where do black women get off claiming that they can and do play the role of both parents?? This is yet more insanity on display right there, black women are the only group of women who consistently make such a stupid and ridiculous claim.

Lastly, be on the look out for other black women who will attempt to defend this woman by claiming that the full facts and circumstances surrounding why she has 8 children and no father in the picture are not known. As I stated before the bottom line is she is an irresponsible whore who didn’t want to keep her legs shut. Do not accept any derelict excuses from single mothers or their sympathisers, sympathisers are just as bad if not worse that single mothers themselves. Single mothers especially of the black garden variety are not to be given any accolades under any circumstances. #SYSBM


Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

21 thoughts on “Proud To Be Dysfunctional

  1. 1st observation brother is that she is profiting off of her degradation by receiving support checks (make up,nails,hair,etc)She’s in pretty good shape for 42 with 8 kids, that takes money. The black harlot with her twisted ideas about what constitutes a family is in for a rude awakening, because men who have come into the knowledge of the true machinations of this beast have begun to spiritually fume at the fact of being betrayed in such a diabolical fashion, look for an increase relationship violence between the black man and this race traitor, any man worth his salt would be a fool to have mercy on this hateful hyena, as things stand at the present moment

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  2. The problem with women like this one is that they are not nurtures by nature. I believe their natural chemistry to have that feeling of being loving and nurturing mothers had been altered by the unnatural perversions of our western society such as feminism, the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 70s, etc… Qualifying women who’re fit to be wives and mothers are simply overlooked for woman seen above as hypersexual, masculine and so forth. #SYSBM.

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  3. These type of women should be ashamed and are failures. There is a difference between being married to ONE partner and have multiple kids. And then, there is this. See women like this, it’s very easy to see why and where they fucked up. The bad thing about this level of dysfunction to them is they think this is normal. Or they can’t admit they messed up. I guarantee you this “mother” had her 1st child in her mid-late teens. Also, she looks like the type that is a grandmother in her late 30s. The typical sisterhood of poverty and failure that has been passed from generation to generation.

    Please take note of the kids ages. All of them aren’t to far apart. So that means she has been popping them out consistently every 1-3 years. This also means short overlay between relationships and possible fraternity error. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was sleeping with more than one partner at once. It wouldn’t surprise me that she’s fast. Thing about this negress Octo-mom is that she gets benefits and support from family courts and the government to support this fuckery.

    Also, manginas and simps that will still impregnate and take on this useless burden of this succubus. They will still put this woman on a pedestal and see no faults in her ways. These simps and low lives have no self-esteem, worth, or value picking up low hanging fruit. Also, this is what type of children she is raising. The next generation of sluts, aggressive homos, and BM with no backbone. Women like this think they can play mother and father. Honestly, this way of thinking is flawed.

    Masculinity and Feminism does not balance nor can raise a man to me a “Man”. Men and women have different roles and dynamics. We are built differently but are each others equivalent in many ways. But women CANNOT RAISE “MEN” under a Feminism doctrine. It is an utter failure and castrates the role of what a Man is supposed to be and true masculinity.

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  4. 42 and EIGHT offspring??? With who-knows-how-many different baby daddies???

    Canada geese produce upwards of 8-9 offspring, with the SAME breeding pair who usually stay together for life.

    Even the geese have more damn sense than these queans!

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  5. Aaaaaand I literally just saw a pic of a black chick twerking on her dead baby daddy’s grave, while sister commented on the post and was sad cuz she said she used to screw the guy too.


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  6. A woman who gets married and has two kids…then gets divorced becomes a single mother. I know some single mothers like that who are just trying to get by after a divorce. We all know relationships can fall apart. It’s a part of life. But having eight children and most likely by different fathers is nothing to brag about. This woman doesn’t have her priorities in check. She seems quite delusional.

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    • Kushite Prince,

      I agree with you, the problem today is the overwhelming majority of black women who have children fit into the latter part of your commentary rather than the former.

      Most black women deliberately make reckless choices when it comes down to who they choose to procreate with and nobody can tell them anything otherwise.

      Worst of all, most of them are not married when they starting having children.

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  7. One must give thought on, what is her life experience that has produced such toxic views of motherhood. She is a victim, that has probably seen some horrific times. Rape may be one them, someone turned on her sexuality before her maturity was developed. Her education is more likely lacking. Every picture has a story, what is hers.


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