They Continue To Tell On Themselves!

Exhibit A:


That is until she has been run through by the dregs and the lowest scum of black male society and has 6 children by 5 different men, it is at this point that the harsh realities of single parenting begin to kick and now the “good guy” who was considered boring and lame many years ago is now seen as quality stock and a prize investment.

Don’t save them black men, don’t save them at all, stupid black women like the one above once they find themselves in the position of single motherhood must be left to stew and marinate in their own failure. Black women are the only woman on the planet who refuse to take heed to wise counsel and set high standards from the beginning in order to ensure that they will have a more successful and smooth life.

Black men, always remember when black woman say that good guys are lame and boring, the fault does not lie with you, it lies with them. They are the ones who are dysfunctional, mentally ill, mentally damaged and mentally unstable individuals, thus do not be surprised when these statements proceed from their mouths, such stupidity is to be expected from a group of psychologically broken women.

You have to laugh really, black women reject the decent guys in favour of the scum bags, the scum predictably will treat them like scum because that is what dregs and scum do by nature, behave like scum. It is from their experiences with the scum that black women will then deem all black men as trash fit for the dumpster.

Black women are free to choose whom they wish to choose, I don’t particular think it is wise to opt for the lowest denominators of black male society to date and procreate with, however if that is the choice of most black women then so be it. There is nothing I can do about it, I can only take action in my life and make adjustments accordingly.

The problem I have is when these same black women who finally realise the error their ways then attempt to venture in the good guy’s direction, expect him to take up the slack and further expect him to be the clean up guy and set himself up as a sacrificial goat for their innumerable transgressions. I wouldn’t have a problem if these black women upon realising they messed up simply accepted their lot and threw themselves upon the trash heap of failure.

However, as we already know there will always be a simp lurking in the shadows who will be more than willing to throw himself upon the altar of no standards and self disrespect in order to try to land himself some nookie. Black men, stop saving these run through and broken down black women, it is not your job to try to fix them, they are used goods that ought to be discarded of.

It is certainly not your job to step in as a step father to a black woman’s fatherless children, remember, you are not the clean up man nor are you obligated to take that role onboard. Let these reckless harpies clean up their own mess, after all they were the ones who created such destruction within their own lives to begin with.

Don’t be like the foolish infamous simp master below Ebrahim Aseem who decided to play the role clean up man to the woman and her son in the photo. Sorry, I don’t deal with single mothers, I am going to be starting my own legacy and family tree from scratch.

Simp Master Ebrahim Aseem

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

23 thoughts on “They Continue To Tell On Themselves!

  1. It sounds like a joke, but I’ve seen/met/encountered and an even related to some black chicks that wanna run the dang streets and are almost 60!

    Several of these women will have kids despite being strippers, twerkers, wannabe Instagram models, or literally just outright whores. I can’t tell you the number of old @$$ women I’ve seen near downtown Chattanooga getting caught up with the law because they’re offering everyone and their dog some cheap head.

    Of course, the sentences, if any, are light, because the government needs these witches out and about to spread further death, disease, and destruction into their communities. May their deaths come soon!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      The degradation that black women have sunk to is unbelievable and to think that they haven’t even reached the bottom yet, there is still worse to come. If they kept the degeneracy to themselves then that would be one thing, however they through the assistance of the state are going out of their way to spread the contamination to others.

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  2. Yep dude, Ada Mma will be another Christelyn Karazin, Chrissie, Simone56 or MsArchduchess once she’s been throughly ran through spewing the “Black men ain’t shit” line of reasoning because of her bitterness and unwillingness to accept her bad choices.

    Ebrahim finally decided to give in and be the clean up man, eh? It’s typical, Hotep dudes like him are really despised by black women even more so than so called black “lames.” I guess this is how you “rebuild the nation” by having no self worth, no self respect and championing women who should be in a landfill somewhere.

    I’ll take my chances with Becky who according to men like Ebrahim and his “God Queen” are giving out trumped up sexual assault charges to black men like candy. For every one of those, you have a hundred cases of some poor black sap being put on child support or catching a bogus domestic abuse charge by the queens because she didn’t like how dude looked at her that day lol.

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    • Lol they aren’t doing that crap to black men, cuz our “oppression fu” outruns theirs. White men mainly have to deal with that crap, which they allowed in their women anyways. Most black men are in jail or in hell because of a black woman.

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    • Whtgrlsrawesome,

      I find it incredible that black women and their simp advocates can still float the “white women are out to get you” nonsense yet when you actually crunch the data it is clearly black women who are shafting black men many hundreds of thousands of times more than white women. As I have been stating, SYSBM is the only viable way forward for the thinking black man. Black men who expand on their dating options don’t have to tolerate this nonsense. Ebrahim Aseem sold himself really short, I however will not be doing the same.

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  3. Ebrahim Aseem, a light-skinned SIMP – telling black men that they should be looking for quean of their dreams. Ain’t that a kick in the head!!!

    Brothers, leave the queans to the SIMPs. Avoid the bullshit! SYSBM! You won’t regret it – that’s a stone cold guarantee!

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  4. I’d like that nut in the picture with the single mom, to Instagram us in 18 months with the truth of his experience….he’ll probably appear shaved and bald headed as sign of mourning….he’s in for a cruel wake up call!

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    • Yeah, it’s ridiculous to see a man sit their and philosophically castrate himself unnecessarily. His logic, if applied elsewhere, could literally be “fellas, don’t pass up the beat up hooptie with 3 slashed tires, a janky carborator, and only gets three miles to the gallon. You might be letting your DREAM CAR get away.”

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      • He also has to deal with the child’s father popping out of the bushes, as a reminder of his girlfriend’s past.

        He must like the image of some other dude in between her girlfriend’s legs…

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  5. There is no romance left in the black woman.

    You ever wonder why a black Disney princess (Tiana doesn’t count, she was a frog half the time) won’t work? It’s because the concept of being in love and having romance does not exist in the black woman. Black women approach relationships like a boxer approaching his opponent. Everything is conducted in aggression and scorn.

    Also, on the same page, black women lack any form of grace. Their idea of dancing with a partner isn’t beautiful or romantic – but ghetto booty shaking. There is literally no other group of women who do this.

    You want to see the only time a black woman shows some form of submission? Put the white man’s camera on her. She’ll either be gushing away like a negro bed wench or behaving like a minstrel clown.

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  6. Take a look at this due the BLM cops are no longer protecting Chicago citizens that the murder rate has skyrocket and they blame the so called corrupt white cops. The black community is finish if no cops are patrolling the street. Don’t worry sooner or later those black single mothers will be gone and will be killed the very same men they themselves have created.

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  7. @thebackhandofreality

    At that point, why bother? The women will be dead, and with no potential f**king to occupy their time, the simps will finish each other off in no time. After that, I say raze the former hood and build a f**king mall and skating rink!


  8. These blk women have no socialskills to carryout a normal convoy that’s why thugs appeal to them..low IQ and all…its bout time we start calling them for wat they are inept women with poor interaction skills

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  9. Hey guys whats up i am on vacation in Thailand but you know i am still checking Verbs and the rest of you slaying this evil out here. The funny thing is they black single mothers even if they do get a clean up man if they get in a argument and the man states i am helping you with kids that is not mine the black devil witch will say that is your responsibility and they do not appreciate the clean up man for helping them. This is something the clean up man does not realize that even when they put themselves out there the black witch does not appreciate it walk away black men.

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    • Sean,

      Black women appreciate nothing from black men, as far as they are concerned we are supposed to assist them without reciprocation. You’ll notice when you give black women gifts, they’ll thank you but you can feel that they are simply going through a motion, in reality they simply couldn’t care less.

      Black men need to walk away from these unappreciative women and especially steer clear of baby mothers, the trouble just isn’t worth it. Stay safe on your travels Sean, hope you are having a relaxed time over there. I know the weather must be nice and hot.

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      • Verbs,

        Thanks, Yes the weather is nice and i am relaxing to the fullest. I am going to cry when i get back to America it is cold in DC. But keep up the good work.


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