Bishop Eddie Long Dead At 63 – God Is Not Mocked Under Any Circumstances!


When I saw recent pictures of Eddie Long I immediately suspected that he was sick without even inquiring as to the nature of his health. This is what can happen to those who believe that they can mock the Most High and get away with it. The gospel music recording artist Byron Cage has this to say via Twitter:


Sorry to break it to you Byron but there will be no rapture, thus Bishop Eddie Long will not be caught up into anything. Bishop Eddie long right now is stewing and marinating in hell as his due recompense for the innumerable transgressions he committed on earth aswell as his failure to make right what he did wrong.

Anybody who believes that Bishop Eddie long was taken to heaven immediately needs their head examined twice, unlike Eddie Long the Most High is not a liberal entity, he doesn’t allow slack, decadent and immoral behaviour to go unpunished. As soon as Eddie Long closed his physical eyes permanently and woke up on the other side, there was a devil standing there ready to hand him his express ticket down to the bottomless pit.

In 2014 Eddie Long was embroiled in a scandal involving allegations of homosexual activity with 4 male teenage members of his church, in the end he chose to settle out of court with his accusers. Even years beforehand the rumours had been viciously circulating that Eddie Long was a homosexual, however nothing concrete could be founded until the 2014 scandal emerged.

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church which Long was a senior pastor of are maintaining that he died of an aggressive form of cancer, however many others including myself believe that his death was brought about by some other illness or virus. Seeing as he was a closet homosexual I’m sure many of you can guess what that particular virus is.

The bible categorically states that homosexuality is an abomination, the bible also states that homosexuals will not enter into heaven neither will they partake in the coming kingdom of God. Homosexuals attending churches around the world believing that they can remain homosexual and the Most High will accept them have a rude awakening that awaits them as soon as their lives expire.

The bible states that “thou shalt not take God’s name in vain”, which is exactly what Eddie Long did. Taking the Most High name in vain does not mean using “Jesus Christ” or “God” as a curse word or an expression of disappointment, the correct interpretation is that you are using the names/titles of the Most High, Christ aswell as the bible for your own greedy financial gain. Eddie Long alongside the rest of these mega church beast pastors was a pimp who marketed and pushed Christ like a product being sold at the market.

All of these mega church pastors do the same thing and eventually they will all meet the same fate as Long. As the title states, God will not be mocked under any circumstances. Eddie Long is now finding this out the hard way, I hope he likes it hot. I talked about the institutional church beast infrastructure in my book entitled the same and also broke down the many lies and falsehoods that the church beast is current teaching to its parishioners.

More of these pastors are going to go the same route, as I stated in my church beast book the Most High is empowering and working through the individual, the nobody, the person of no reputation. He simply isn’t interested in these mega church pastors and the rest of their ilk because they have proven themselves to be untrustworthy, slimy crooks and disingenuous buzzards who only care for the money they receive from their congregation members.

Church beast pastors and other church leadership do not care about their church members, this is something else that I had to illustrate and break down in my church beast book. This is why church leaders typically do not live anywhere near their parishioners and this is also the reason why the neighbourhoods in which these churches reside usually resemble war zones and abandoned shanty towns.

Church leadership is supposed to put back into the community and help out the local people, unfortunately in 2017 we have a situation where members of clergy are helping themselves to the financial resources of the local communities and using the booty to satisfy their own childish lusts for money, materials aswell as living high on the hog lifestyles.

Don’t talk to me about not judging him, according to his actions there are already judgements in place that have been written in accordance. Eddie Long sealed his own fate, such a man of filth should never have carried the title of bishop, he had brought nothing short of mockery and shame upon the title. A homosexual in the pulpit who attempted to mock God and failed miserably. TD Jakes, Creflo(Create A Flow)Dollar, Joel Osteen, Messy Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jamal Bryant and the rest of these swindling church pirates would do well to take heed lest any of them also suffer a similar fate.

I don’t feel sorry when a church beast pastor passes away, the Most High is dealing with these individuals one by one even though they seem to believe that they can somehow circumvent the cups of judgement he has already poured out for them, all the best on that endeavour. Eddie Long is now finding out that once God is angered and has you in his sights, there is absolutely no escape from his wrath. Bishop Eddie Long was a mockery and a disgrace and is now receiving his due recompense in the afterlife.

Lastly, you black women who relentlessly support reprobate scoundrels such as this fellow will also meet the same fate as you are co-conspirators in the pastor’s immorality and degeneracy. Hell is filling up daily with the souls of black women and there is plenty more space available. Don’t believe for a second that you are fooling the Most High with your double lifestyles, he isn’t stupid and mentally damaged like yourselves.



The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

40 thoughts on “Bishop Eddie Long Dead At 63 – God Is Not Mocked Under Any Circumstances!

  1. Again Verbs thanks for the book ICBI, my wife told me pimp eddie had died and I just looked at her….and… what….these black women talk about these miscreants like they know them, like it was a family member that died….poor these, you really opened my eyes with that book man, I now have personal and individual walk with the Most High, rap to you later

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    • Blackragecoming,

      Its all good bro. Black women are in dark league with these church beast leaders, they are just as much to blame because they are willingly sponsoring these reprobates.

      That’s what it is all about, a true personal relationship with the Most High without clergy interference.

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      • Spiritual husbandry, has caused this crap to go on in church buildings today. This time it is not the cultivation of crops as the word husbandry suggests, it is the culminations of monetary funds produced by black women to give to these disgusting paedophiles to use to entice young men and very young women into fornicatory and abominable sexual activities.

        I bet that when these beast pastors get ill, it is those funds from these brothel running mothers that they use for medical bills.


  2. Thank God he’s dead! I hope more of them start dropping like fleas and their congregations run away in panic and fear. People need deliverance from these $hithole churches, and every time I hear about them failing or folding, I get sadistic glee.

    These black Women give these @$$holes power because they’ll throw their last dollar at them like they’re a chippendale stripper. They don’t question where the money goes at the community remains in shambles. Let them die, too!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Agreed, these churches as I stated in my book are nothing short of banks, however the transactions only travel in one direction, from the parishioner to the pastor. there is no return on your investment, once the money is gone it is gone.

      Agreed, black women as a collective are incredibly irresponsible when it comes down to finances. Funding decadent pastors just so they can say what they want, wear what they want and do what they want is devilish and reckless. The Most High sees what black women are doing, they are co-conspirators in the degradation and most of them will suffer the same horrible fate as Long.

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      • Also, black churches are no different from those international lottery scams. You pay your life savings, and the only prize you get is AIDS & CANCER and God knows what else.

        Black people should stop and read the small print (Bible) carefully and realise that Christ does not require tithes and offerings. He only wants you to have faith that when you give your life to HIM, he will restore you to your original design inside and out. It is HIS kingdom and righteousness that you should seek, not the private jets, and monetary wealth that the pastors and his assistants are promising.


  3. Not to sound cold hearted but I’ll be shedding no tears. I’m not perfect and I know the Most High will judge us all. But this man was no saint. The reality is Eddie was a fake ass preacher,low life degenerate and homosexual pedophile. Some say he had AIDS,others say it was cancer. All I know is this man deserves NO sympathy.

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    • Kushite Prince,

      Agreed, most so called Christians will dance around his reprobate lifestyle and make excuses for him, there will be none of that here. You’re right, he was a fraud just like the rest of them, he got exposed as a homosexual, from then he should’ve step down, however he decided to use a Jewish pastor to revamp his career and salvage his reputation. I’m sure you remember this mess aka his comeback:

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      • Oh yeah how could I forget that When they picked him up in that chair was I done! LOL!!! This was a classic. He’s a king…a king of what? King of pedophiles?? King of frauds?? This was really pathetic. And these church people were eating it up!! I just don’t get it. They would give a known pedophile and forgive him so quickly! It just blows my mind.

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      • This is embarrassing. If one tried this crap in the entertainment industry, your career will forever be over. And everyone knows that the entertainment industry is the one of the most demonic, debauched part of life that only one can imagine. You will be murdered In fact, and to add insult to injury, they will simply clone you just for the finances, as your demonic contract had not yet been fulfilled. This video is Illuminati all over.

        Has any one ever seen that film the Devil’s Advocate with Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino? Listen to everything that is said and done in that film. In today’s churches, we have pastors, not lawyers heading them. So look at the film from the perspective of a pastor rather than a lawyer and you will know why I mentioned it. I have a habit of going on and on then losing my point somewhere and getting back to it again.

        The film will explain what I am saying here.


  4. Unfortunately, another bishop will rise to take his place. They’re like roaches (not unlike their congregations).

    Brothers, avoid AT ALL COSTS!


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    • I thought the bible said that no one shall title themselves Bishop’s, Deacons etc, as they have to be totally blameless??????????????????? I am sure I saw that in there somewhere. I need to check the small print again. I am crap at pointing out specifics in the bible. Some people truly have that gift. Please let me know if you find out before I do. These men should NEVER be called bishop this and that as a matter of opinion, just as black women should never been called queens, as none of them are anything like the Sarah’s, Ruth’s, Esthers, Naomie’s Hannah’s, Mary’s, Elizabeths (Mary’s cousin), and so on, you know, the great women of biblical times…………..

      Compare them to the black women of today and compare the so-called black leaders, pastors, etc, of today with the ancient men of old in biblical times? What a major downgrade, downfall, down, to hell kind of people we have become nowadays. And that’s just the black people……………..SMH


  5. They need to tell the truth. The man died of AIDS. Why be so secretive if it was really cancer? Because they know that’s not what killed him. And there’s plenty of evidence to prove it otherwise. Those recent pics of him looking so skinny, he looked frail and weak.

    This is one of the reasons why the black church is dead. When you allow homosexuality and other sexual activities to run rampant in the sanctuary, don’t think God Himself will let it go unnoticed. Why else would he destroy Sodom and Gomorrah? But yet these so called black Christians think God has respect for them.

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    • Exactly. These pastors will sleep with anything in the church, including the ancient old women on the organ. That’s one of several reasons why the black community is rampant with all manner of std.

      The only way to help clean these communities is to allow these churches and the women and pastors who populate them to burn to a cinder.

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      • That did not work even when God flooded the earth. The spirits of these people will still be lingering like a vegetarian fart.

        Christ will come soon nevertheless and that is when the eternity of our outcome will be determined. Until then, God has provided us with a light and his staff (rod of guidance) to be able to spot this nastiness and to move right away from them. Thank the Most High for people like you guys on this blog. As Solomon had painstakingly tried to guide his son through life in the Book of Proverbs, there should be the equivalent for women to teach their daughters. The whole bible is for the guidance of the whole of mankind but black women can be really lazy and so we need something a little less in the way of volume but still has enough power to show them that they are the major cause of the destruction of the black community and that it should stop NOW.

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    • SigmaJones,

      I’m not buying into that cancer nonsense either, his weight loss and his skinny drawn out look was consistent with somebody who is taking medication for HIV/AIDS. That is the effect the medication has on an individual, they lose incredible amounts of weight and they look practically dead.

      Black women are setting the standards and the rules as to what goes on in these churches with their purses, this is one of the main reasons why the church dead and is filled with all manner of immorality and debauchery.

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      • Keep in mind that the black chicks even married will look to their pastors before their husbands.

        Most of these pastors will tell the women that since their husband/boyfriend isn’t saved, they should get rid of them. This is when the pulpit pimp goes in for the kill and tried to sleep with her, maybe even her kids. These women may even offer their daughters up just to keep him happy and maintain access to the goodies he has. Black Women are the worst creatures in the multiverse, and the darkest ones are a fright indeed.

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      • Yep, going to church these days is no different than paying to go to Amsterdam’s red light district or London’s Soho, or America’s Sin City. In this case, the building has stained glass and a steeple. Go figure!

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      • Will it have made any difference if it kicked in sooner rather than later? The whole purpose of this disease and his sin combined was that he would suffer painfully for a long period of time before dying. This man, and many others, might I add, caused damage only God Himself can repair. The reason why I also said that it would not have made a difference is that when one goes, another will rise. Just like scum. You skim it off the surface and more is produced from the same dirty liquid.

        All members of the congregation should boycott these gatherings permanently and have an individual walk with the Most High and decontaminate/deconstruct themselves from the church beast infrastructure, like Brother Verbs had advised in his blogs and his books.

        We should not keep the same water boiling, scum will always be produced from it no matter how many times you skim it off. You need to get rid of the entire contents and get to scrubbing, rinsing and draining and probably even destroy the container itself. That is what the church best infrastructure needs………………..

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      • Lilian,

        The Most High is going to force folks out of these failed churches, they are too infatuated with the pastors and the church buildings. As I stated in my church beast book the Most High is now working through the individual, the nobody, the person of no reputation, he is paying these mega church pastors and their crumbling cathedrals no mind whatsoever.


  6. Yeah you’d think that if he was battling cancer, he would have done chemo like most and shriveled up from that. His lack of baldness shows otherwise, though.

    Also, why aren’t these faith healers able to call down and heal themselves?

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    • The thing is, pastors are usually caught out right in the middle of their sins and never repent of them. Those that assist him, however, are too embarrassed to call him out on his nasty behaviour because the pastor is their boss, not God. The problem is, in every church today, God is not central in the prayers, thoughts, or hearts of the congregation. The minds of the pastors are actually on Satan’s ideals and not God’s. There is no such thing as faith healers. They are Satan’s assistants who pretend to be. The are just magicians who let the congregation believe that there healing power is from God, when it is in fact from Satan himself. Listen, it is no different than inviting someone like David Blaine to church and asking him to quote a couple of bible versus, wear a suit, carry a bible, and then when the time is right, do some magic that looks like a miracle and there you have it, the congregation has been fooled and taken in by it. They will be happy to pay TOP DOLLAR (so-called tithes) for another such performance and not care that the person is not a child/follower of God.

      Think about the whole concept of Satan tempting Christ on the mountain top. Satan knows the scriptures like the back of his hand and will quote them to twist the minds of the people he wants to snare. Bring that into modern day churches and see the carbon copy of events………………..

      Pastors have taken on the role of Satan in the same context.

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  7. Epidemic (AIDS-related) Kaposi sarcoma

    The most common type of KS in the United States is epidemic or AIDS-related KS. This type of KS develops in people who are infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

    A person infected with HIV (that is, who is HIV-positive) does not necessarily have AIDS. The virus can be present in the body for a long time, often many years, before causing major illness. The disease known as AIDS begins when the virus has seriously damaged the immune system, which results in certain types of infections or other medical complications, including KS. When HIV damages the immune system, people who also are infected with a certain virus (the Kaposi sarcoma associated herpesvirus or KSHV) are more likely to develop KS.

    KS is considered an “AIDS defining” illness. This means that when KS occurs in someone infected with HIV, that person officially has AIDS (and is not just HIV-positive).

    In the United States, treating HIV infection with highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) has resulted in fewer cases of epidemic KS. Still, some patients develop symptoms of KS in the first few months of HAART treatment.

    For most patients with HIV, HAART can often keep advanced KS from developing. Still, KS can still occur in people whose HIV is well controlled with HAART. Once KS develops it is still important to continue HAART.

    In areas of the world where HAART is not easy to obtain, KS in AIDS patients can advance quickly.

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  8. How in the heck do these people rationalize following and supporting these preachers who are accused of all this stuff? Now, I know they’ll use the “noone’s perfect” excuse, which is of course never viable when said preacher is judging THEIR sins. The congregation may not be perfect, but are they constantly accused of rape, adultery, molestation, and such?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      You have to remember that most of the followers of these degenerate black preachers are black women. Coupling this with the fact that black women as a collective are suffering from severe mental illness and also the fact that they have little to no moral compass, things begin to make sense and slot into place.

      You also must take into consideration the fact that black women are funding these pastors and preachers who in return give them the free reign of the church. An unholy alliance indeed, this is why I stated that black women are just as accountable and guilty as the church leaders themselves.

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      • Indeed brother Verbs,

        I lived in a household where we went hungry for days because MUM was spending house money on pastors. Eevery week, they would go to different locations, following one particular pastor wherever he went. Yet ask your mum/wife to cook you a meal do something nice, they will breath fire and brimstone on their own household in favour of a pastor. African mothers are especially the worst. They jump from giving money to witch doctors/fetish priests in the bush to giving it to those witch doctors/fetish priests now disguised in snazzy suits and travelling by airplanes/cars in, preaching in large auditoriums, where the pastor is guaranteed to get at least a fiver from the 100 people that have turned up. Not to mention how much money they will make on insisting on having multiple church gatherings during the week (prayer meetings, deliverance meetings, counselling for couples, youth conventions, choir practice). These so-called Christian gatherings are a ploy to get people to come in and provide a PAYE salary for the “visiting” pastor. They call this money giving tithes and offerings.

        You usually find that these disgusting pastors have lurky pasts, such as witchcraft, immigration issues (marrying women only to get papers), domestic violence and so on. Yes, we are ALL sinners, but a lot of these pastors hardly ever mention their past (maybe because they are still practicing on the side).

        How dumb are these women? If their pastor is afflicted with an illness probably brought on by sin, the mother would dedicate 3 1/4 of her prayers to the pastor and spend the last 1/4 of her prayers condemning her husband and children to hell because they did not want to go with her to church that morning and would rather watch cartoons and formula 1 or wrestling. Black women and church are shameful. They worship the pastor more than God himself. They disrespect their husbands in favour of the pastor. The way black women will cook and clean when they know their pastor is visiting the home, but would treat her husband like dirt if he even so much as asks what’s for dinner love………………..SMH.

        Eddie Long and people like him will go to hell if they are dishonest and perverted blatantly without fear of the Most High.

        This is why I never go to a church building to worship with others. They are not there for God, they are there to hear the words of a pastor who promises them earthly riches and wealth. Pastors TODAY are modern day closet Satanists, who treat their congregation as Satan did with Christ who was on a mountain fasting………………..SMH again.

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      • Lilian,

        I cannot argue with anything you’ve said here. As you already know I talked about the same issues in my Institutional church beast book. The overwhelming majority of these pastors are hell-bound and the stupid black women who continue to sponsor their lifestyles of hedonism are heading in the very same direction. The Most High sees it all, nothing has been missed, everything has been recorded, in the long run nobody will be getting away with anything.


      • Yeees brother Verbs,

        Of course. If you had a formula/format of an event/project/experiment that worked many times previously, would you not use it again and again for all it’s worth? Black women have not learnt the lesson of the fall of Eve at the beginning of time. If anything, Black women have become far worse every since. The Devil knew that if it worked with the first black woman of the earth, will he not use it again and again until he is destroyed?

        Mothers have abandoned teaching their children morals. They have replaced God/Christ with the modern day Willie Lynches.

        Look, as a result of Eve’s blatant disobedience of God’s instructions, she was cursed to be under the command of her husband and not what she was originally designed to be in his life. Therefore women have since rebelled to a point that they do not even need a human man to procreate with, all they need is a syringe and a pay cheque from the government. The devil, knowing there is no man to shoo him away, will slip in and do his ting, and here we have his seed in today’s black women causing havoc and confusion.

        In order that we understand today’s calamities, we do not have to go past a couple of pages in Genesis to know the true danger we are in as a result of the hatred and disrespect of the black women of today who gets in to bed with SATAN and produces the offspring we see today.

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      • This is the form of adultery that God was talking about in the 10 commandments. Women have replaced their heavenly father and earthly husbands with some slick dick pastor or male gospel singer. If they do not physically sleep with these men, they are definitely on their minds when they lay down with their real husbands.

        Like those people who worship idols and give them sacrifices etc. This is what black women do with pastors.

        They have this thing in West Africa concerning “spiritual husbands”. I am sure that these things exist (please don’t laugh, this is serious, lol). Women who willingly yield themselves to every whim of their pastors and any man outside of the home (boss, children’s so-called maths tutor etc, pool cleaner), are in danger of bringing into themselves an evil spiritual husband (Satan), who causes havoc in the household in every possible way. Black women should give their lives entirely to the Most High and become excellent wives and mothers for their husbands and children. Black women seriously need deliverance.

        Black women are so shameful. It’s always pastor so and so said this, and pastor so and so said that and pastor so and so and so and so.

        Can you imagine if her husband came home saying Sister so and so said this and sister so and so said that and sister so and so and so and so. The house will resemble hell before hell has been constructed by God himself. The wife would not have any of that, to have her husband mention the name of another woman in the house that is not his mum or sister? But then she gets away with blatant adultery and fornication in front of God, her husband, and her children?

        The result of these women’s treachery is that these pastors are sexually targeting their sons and young daughters. Gone are the days when there was a ripple of disapproval when two young (young and young woman) people are caught behind the church building kissing and/or smoking, nowadays, its two young men, the pastor and a young man, the pastors wife and the deacons wife, the pastor and the deacon, the farmer and his wife, transgender unions, same sex marriage. All funded and facilitated by the Black Woman and her chop money.


  9. Well, the one thing we certainly can’t accuse Fast Eddie Long of being was a cockblocker, unless his tonsils and his anus were doing the cockblocking.

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  10. BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN! I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. In a nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don’t know how to cook or clean, don’t want to have children, etc. Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women? American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least. This blog is my attempt to explain why I feel American women are inferior to foreign women (non-American women), and why American men should boycott American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women.


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