Mentally Damaged Black Woman Rams Her SUV Into T Mobile Store – Typical Black Female Behaviour

Take a look at this short video:

This is the mentally unstable Leviathan that has been created by the white liberal. By sponsoring black women to sit on their backsides all day doing nothing and to use their sexual reproductive systems irresponsibly, out of the lab this black female Frankenstein monster has been brought forth. Most black women have no regards for the lives around them, they care not who is affected by their reckless decisions.

Didn’t I tell you in Negro Wars that the current favourite weapon of choice for black women is the car? This is not the only time black women have used cars as weapons, remember the incident where one black woman used her car to run over other black females who were her rivals:

Do you also remember the more recent incident where two black women decided to play bumper cars with their vehicles:

This is how dangerous the modern-day black woman has become, she is not only a menace and a pestilence to black society but she is also spilling over her dysfunctional delinquency into other communities. As I wrote in Negro Wars non black folks would also do well to read the book as you are not exempt from the black woman’s dysfunctional wrath.

As I have been stating for the longest while black women are mentally ill, mentally damaged and mentally unstable individuals. They have become a curse and a pestilence unto black society, these above examples are evidence of this. I don’t deal with mentally damaged women and I would encourage more black men to adopt the same approach. Again, note that the main female culprits acting recklessly in black society are dark skinned black women.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the closer you get to pure black typically the more problems that woman is going to bring to the table. Dark skinned black women are the worst group of black women bar none, they believe that they can do whatever they want with impunity. This is one of the main reasons why many black men typically opt for lighter skinned black females, mixed race women, white women or other non black women. Dark skinned black women as a group have extremely bad temperaments, foul attitudes, they are the most violent individuals and carry a constant chip on their shoulders.

This is the common nature of the dark skinned black female beast right here, again the loose cannon, off the cuff, violent nature of dark skinned black women is one of the prime reasons behind huge numbers of black men choosing to date and marry black women with a more mixed bloodline or opting for non black women altogether. Dark skinned black women as a collective are barbaric, bloodthirsty savages, the mountain loads of evidence bears this out.

Of course the vehicular hooligan Miss Shinobia Montoria Wright will not receive any serious punishment for her crimes, why, because she is state property and as a result she has partial immunity from the law. The state requires her to be out on the streets terrorising black men aswell as black society, thus there is no doubt that she will be released in order for her to continue fulfilling her state obligations as per her government contract.

And many of you black men are still chasing down these women, claiming them and calling them queens, smh. Black men with sense and intelligence will abandon black women and seek love and companionship elsewhere, as I will continue to state most black women are defective beyond repair, they are destined for hellfire and they cannot be saved.

Since when does a person having a bad day give them the right to destroy other people’s lives and their property? White folks had better take heed, this is what happens when you constantly interfere with the natural balance of any society by strategically placing the woman over the man. These are the fruits of feminism on display right here.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

29 thoughts on “Mentally Damaged Black Woman Rams Her SUV Into T Mobile Store – Typical Black Female Behaviour

  1. Preach!! I have said I saw the writing on the wall back in the 8th grade when I was 13 with these black beastly monsters. That’s when I started dating white girls exclusively and have never and will never go back to those Klingon Land Whales. Keep up the great work and I just ordered your book, can’t wait to read it.

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    • Keith,

      Much appreciated for your support as always sir. This is our time to shine and to get our side of the story out. I’m in the corner of thinking black men 100% of the way.

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  3. These chicks are violent as hell!

    Eff that colorism crap! We NEED more half breeds, cuz these dark skinned chicks are the dumbest creatures possible, and the sprogs they raise are even worse.

    Dark skin chicks deserve their reputation just like pit bulls deserve theirs. Both groups are made up of destructive, mean, ugly, beastly b1tches!!

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    • At least with a pit bull, you can have a loyal dog if raised the right way. You can forget about getting the same loyalty from black women lol.

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      • Both will hump anything lol, but black chicks prefer their white god. They would screw Dylann Roof is it means they could give birth to the kid on Family Matters.

        White liberals made this beast, and he’s getting tired of her, too. Let them feast on rats as far as I’m concerned. There’s only two ways to save these hoods.

        1. Enforce a strict police state on the denizens, especially if they are on welfare or have records. Curfew at 10 pm, sterilized after 2nd child on welfare, women pay child support as harshly as men, armed gunmen at schools, liquor stores, churches, parks, and weave shops, as well as moving in more succesful, predominantly white or non-black people and women to replace the population, marry some of the men to procreate with, and gentrify.

        2. Have absolutely NO police or medical supervision except for on the last weekend of the month to clean up dead bodies and protect EMT. Let those demons wipe each other out and rebuild on top of the smoldering heap they leave.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      The colourism argument is a crock of nonsense, it is typically dark skinned women who are the most unappealing because of their hyper masculine and violent natures.

      Colourism is simply an angle dark skinned black women use in their attempts to excuse their highly dysfunctional nature.

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      • It’s a guilt trip to force men to like them, so they try to “educate” them to “open their eyes” to the womens’ “beauty”.

        Only ugly women have to guilt trip men into finding them attractive. Embarrassing @$$ dark skin chicks….

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  4. Speaking of colorism, does anyone else realize that Hidden Figures is almost entirely fictional, with the contributions of the black woman being very minute? Also, the woman herself was a half breed that looked white!!!!

    Black women aint $hit!!!!!! They have to sit there and go along with these fake @$$ stories to feel good because they haven’t accomplished a fart in the wind.

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    • As a mathematician myself, I feel offended by this movie. It is obvious the movie is nothing but a BW propaganda film. It’s rare nowadays to even find a black women that actually have a STEM degree, let alone a mathematics degree. So the film is nothing but a feel-good film for black women to reminence on the past.

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  5. I believe Shinobia Montoria Wright was released on a 3,000 dollar bond. After all the damages she caused and lives she endangered, she got away with it all with not even a slap on the wrist. I’m certain she won’t do any jail time, community service, or repayment for damages done.

    These black racialist like to go on about “black love” and “the struggle” while stressing only black women can only truly understand us. But how can that be when so many cases like this black women are almost never held accountable? How can they understand our plight when their lives are so privileged in this country and all their needs provided for?

    In all the black neighborhoods I’ve lived filled with single mothers of course, everything was provided for them. Most of these women were crack addicts or alcoholics and abused the fuck out of their children, especially their black sons! Yet you could never condemn these women for their actions let alone say anything.

    I’m so sick of stories like this and we can’t do this anymore. This woman will get off and continue to ruin the lives of black children and men and all sponsored by the government. This has to stop and black men can’t procreate with women like this anymore.

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    • Whtgrlsrawesome,

      Its just as I stated, she’s government property therefore she has partial immunity from the law. I knew they wouldn’t do anything serious to her, they need her back in the community so she can continue to terrorise and destroy it aswell as produce more bastard children who will in turn do the same. I’m sure you now see why I refer to black women as a menace, a curse and a pestilence upon black society.

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    • Most of these women have some type of vice that they’re paid to watch these kids. Crack, alcohol, dick, and of course weave. These women don’t care about kids, and the ones who do are too old to be watching these rowdy ass ghetto kids by themselves yet get the kids dumped on them by the “strong independent” mothers.

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