Public Dispensers Now Selling Hair Weave!

Exhibit A:

Hair Machine

Thanks to Brian S Kelly of the Facebook group M.O.R.A.L.E for bringing this to my attention. Brian also known as BIGBKEL has a YouTube channel in which he talks about many of the same issues that I cover here on my blog. Folks can check his channel here:

This is what kind of laughingstock the modern-day black woman has become, I had no idea that these machines were now selling hair. I am very familiar with these types of machines selling crisps, chocolates, sweets, drinks etc, however this right here takes the biscuit(pun intended). I would guess that this maybe an attempt to curb the rising crime of weave theft, however the people responsible for these machines have only given the thieves yet another source from which they can now steal bundles of hair.

Of course you already know that I talked about black women and their weave wearing problem in Negro Wars, I have an entire chapter in the book dedicated to detailing and outlining the rampant addiction black women have in relation to wearing weaves and wigs. This is yet another one of many reasons why I have separated myself from black women as a group, they have become a joke that I as a black man do not wish to be associated with.

I am a man of integrity and I have standards to uphold, weaves and wigs as far as I am concerned are unacceptable and so are the women who choose to wear them. You most certainly will not be walking down the street with me looking like a complete buffoon which is exactly what most black women look like wearing weaves and wigs of all different styles and colours.

Of course there is the mental illness aspect to this practice. I have always maintained that wearing weaves and wigs is a sign of mental illness and mental instability. How can a woman of Negroid descent walk down the street with hair attached to her own natural hair that comes from the heads of non black women and not feel some sort of way? Yes, black women who engage in the practice of wearing weaves and foreign hair as far as I am concerned have severe mental issues.

This is one of the main reasons why black women can never talk to black men about self-hatred, weave wearing is the quintessential example of self hate, black women have absolutely no grounds to talk about despising one’s self because at least black men are not walking the streets with white men’s wigs on their heads. Could you imagine seeing a black man walking the streets looking like this:


Unless he was attending some sort of Halloween or fancy dress party, he would be immediately laughed to scorn so hard that he would have no other choice but to beat a hasty retreat back to his house. Yet black women walk out of their houses wearing non black hair attempting to look like white woman and nobody is allowed to say anything about it?

Walk away black men, yet another example of the mental illness that the overwhelming majority of black woman suffer from and remember that black women all over the world are engaging in this same decadent, unhygienic practice. Going for months without washing your own hair, who does that? Yes, the modern-day black woman does this and feels that nobody has the right to tell her otherwise.

No problem, you dysfunctional black women can keep your mentally ill, dysfunctional, smelly, unhygienic, white woman imitating selves over there and I will keep it moving over here.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

22 thoughts on “Public Dispensers Now Selling Hair Weave!

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  2. This is literally like putting crack in a dispenser machine, and further illustrates the addiction. Well, brothers, do we need any further proof of reason to abandon them? They wanna be white chicks, let’s get the real thing! Then our daughters won’t have to grow up with that same mental insecurity and disease!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Precisely. Let us not forget the case of multitudes of black women filmed diving into a dumpster in order to pick up boxes of weave that had been dumped by a store owner who had closed his/her business permanently:

      Black women as a collective are an absolute disgrace, a complete embarrassment and have no standards. Such individuals must always be rejected.

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      • Notice how dark and fat most of them were. Black women have no class, and are only good for showing their ass. You DON’T see any other group of women dumpster diving for this crap! A damn shame, fam.


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  3. Black chicks are truly pathetic. The are obsessed with the very group of women they hate the most..”white women “. I stopped dealing with those black monsters back in the 8th grade and didn’t settle for a cheap, obsese, tatted up,weave wearing, section 8, 5 babies by 5 different dudes, belligerent, violent, loud,diseased, 5 dollar net worth knock off. I started dating the real thing a beautiful, thin, loving, her real hair, no tattoos,no kids,respectful,kind, smiling WHITE FEMALE. She is everthing that 95% of black are not.

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  4. That’s disappointing right there, simply because society would rather cater to their insatiable need to have it, rather than draw a line in the sand and say it’s unacceptable and it should be scorned in public. But hey, that would be using common sense… SMMFH.

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  5. If this happens, you’ll have more fights at these vending machines than Waffle House….LMAO…!!!
    Knowing how disgusting and loathing they are, you’ll see on YouTube two Black Water Buffalo’s in their feral state beasting over the last bundle in the machine dispenser…just wait. It’s bound to happen…lol.

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  6. BigBKel as well as Rick Scorpio are heroes to me and we owe those men so much for the truths they told. Verbs, you actually remind me alot of Rick Scorpio with your delivery. Dudes like Sarge WP unfortunately went full retard lol. You’ll go nuts trying to carter to black women.

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    • Whtgrlsrawsome,

      Its a shame what happened to Sarge WP, I hear he has now turned into towards pandering instead of holding black women to account. I like Rick Scorpio aswell, it’s a shame that he stopped making videos. BBK is the man as always.

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    • Reggie James,

      Remember, black women are mentally ill and mentally broken, feminism has turned them into totally different creatures, unrecognisable. They are dysfunctional by default, no longer operating like normal individuals.

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  7. Why do those blk Melanesia women not have this level of self hate many still spot FROs I hope that dosnt change..ways wit afro women in particular that makes em this fuked could be married to a modern day blkwn and not even see her scalp till she u die.. They keep encriching these Asian hair business and would prob fuk them at the back store for a fix like some druggie

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