How Black Women Worship And Interact With Whitey Their God – Part 3







How much more evidence do you black men require? I keep on telling you that black women worship white men especially racist white men as gods. The name Shanika is a dead giveaway to be honest, what, did we expect anything logical and sensible to come from her mouth? Black women as a group do not deal with nice guys because feminism has wired them backwards and rendered them mentally ill and psychologically defunct, thus the men they ought to be shunning and rejecting they instead run to with open arms and embrace.

I have to laugh whenever black women attempt to blame good black men for the reason why they reject them. Indeed, attraction has much to do with everything, an attraction towards thugs, bums, low life scum and filth. These groups outside of racist white men are who dysfunctional black women are turned on by.

She talked about men crying concerning women not dating them, however that is not the problem at all. The problem as I have stated before is when women like herself with 300000 miles on her vaginal clock aswell as 6 children en tow, years down the road now look towards the nice guy as a viable option and expect him to swoop in and perform the role of a sacrificial goat cleaning up her mess.

Black women realising that the good black man should have been the better choice only once they have destroyed their own lives is not our problem. You made those putrid beds by yourselves, now you have to lay in them alone, don’t invite me or any other good brother to be contaminated by your innumerable transgressions both past and present. I’m not interested, I would much prefer to stay clean thank you very much.

Again, as I mentioned before black women do not hold white men to the same standards as they do black men. Black women will accept a white man no matter what his social or economic status, from a wealthy white businessman to a tramp living on the street corner it matters not, all white male applications are accepted without question. More black men simply need to accept the writing on the wall, the modern-day black woman is a slimy, dodgy, back stabbing sleazy scoundrel who is not your friend.

Notice how cosy Shanika Jones is with a white nationalist. Most of you who read this blog regularly shouldn’t really be surprised at this as I have written previous post exposing black women and their love for racist white men, here are just a few of them:

I haven’t been the only one to point out the fact that black women hate good black men, plenty of other black male YouTubers and bloggers have been telling black men the same thing for years. In light of the black woman’s traitorous and treacherous record I honestly have to scratch my head profusely whenever I hear black men stating that they still love black women as a group.

Had black women apologised for their betrayal and turned over a good leaf then I could understand such a statement, however this modern-day black female is observably still in league with government, still hanging black men out to dry for state treats and benefits, still selling them down the river for 10 shekels of silver and a morsel of soggy bread and there are black men who are still confessing their love for such individuals????

It simply goes to show you how many black men are suffering from Stockholm syndrome, they replicate the battered victim of physical abuse continually returning to the abuser. Black women have done a serious number on the minds of many black men, many of them short-circuit and shutdown whenever the sins and the shortfalls of their queans are brought to light.

In Negro Wars I talked about the deep trance and the complex spell most black men have been placed under by black women, this why I refer to black women as witches. The evidence speaks for itself, look at the horrible treatment black women dish out to black men on the daily and look at how so many black men crawl back to them, grovel at their feet and even throw on a cape to defend them in exchange for Scooby snacks and a pat on the head.

Read the text again, this black harridan said that she couldn’t care less for black men when the white nationalist stated that the Negro man is his natural enemy. How many times have I mentioned before the fact that black women do not care about black men? Reason 5,678,989 as to why black men should simply walk away from black women. You cannot form a union with a group of women that hate their own people.

The black woman’s love for white in contrast to her hatred for black men is an incredible sight to behold. She has more love for her enemies than the men who are supposed to be her allies. Black men wake up, #SYSBM.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

30 thoughts on “How Black Women Worship And Interact With Whitey Their God – Part 3

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  2. These chicks would allow a klan member to lynch every black person in her hood, be they black men, other she-beasts, or even elderly people and babies. As long as the klan member dicks her down after doing it, she’s good!

    I can not stress enough how we NEED to let these women die off. The world at large needs it. Black people are the way they are and seen the way they’re seen because of these trifling women. Eliminate them!!


    • Afrofuturism1,

      The evidence at this point is indisputable, black women as a group have become a pestilence upon black society. The extermination of them is coming, I remember writing a post some years ago concerning the horrid future that is in soon in store for them.

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      • Tito really is a giant. Despite his criminal history (which I couldn’t care less about) and his detractors seizing on the moment in order to ruin him, he’s only come back even stronger. I have so much respect for Tito.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Whtgrlsrawsome,

        I saw how they tried to derail him by exposing his criminal history, however that doesn’t change the fact that what he is saying is the truth. I can never understand such a move, somebody is delivering truth that you don’t want to hear so you expose part of his/her personal life as if that changes anything that has been said, lol.

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    • Hardcore Tito, MBD, Verbs, and David Carroll are my main source of news and intellect nowadays. These men have been nothing but consistent in their messages. Also Verbs thanks for the Negro Wars ebook. Can hardly put the book down because it is very enlightening. Thanks again.

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  3. Verbs and Hardcore Tito got me doing a fist pump keep going at these disgusting BW scum fellas. I am glad brothers are waking up there are more who agree with us but are scared to say it but I tell my family and friends why I do not deal with BW I catch heat from both sides but I do not care I will not be quiet or deal with demons just because they are the same race as me. I have no love for BW at all and like you always state Verbs they do not like us so why deal with them. The day of reckoning is coming soon for BW and when they try to crawl back in BM good graces I am going to be one of the first to lmao and say get the hell out of my face. I do not like BW the filth of the Earth.

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    • The ground game is getting strong. The old hat simp line of “I’m not doing this cuz I hate Black women. I LOVE black women” is going out of the window. More and more people, namely men, namely black ones, see this witches for the sorceressses they are. Don’t get caught in their voodoo brothers, you may become their zombie!!

      It’s also good to see more brothers stepping in to fill the void/vacuum left now that pro-black hotep jokes like Sa Neter have been exposed for the frauds they are, as well as the feud between Nasheed and Sotomayor really delegitimizing both parties more than ever before. Time to throw my hat in the ring soon, but make sure to support the dudes already on the front lines, and me too once I get there. Share on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, email, deviantart, 4chan, forums, etc. we need to get the word out there, and buy showing other black men that more black men are admitting these truths by the day, they’ll be brace enough to do it themselves as well as maybe make a side hustle or job out of it lol. Profiting off the downfall of the black woman is like sex to my wallet lol.

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      • Lollyv,

        You don’t run anything here witch, these screenshots are from public postings and will remain posted in the public interest, so all the best on that. I await the relevant correspondence from your lawyer.


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  5. I learn a new name for that poisonous self-degrading female of females, instead of bed-wenches we should start calling them, bed-stenches. If you don’t know, they have normalized the title bed-wench… they say we are bed-wenches for benefits, so I choose to call them stenches

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  6. If they wanna, they can push to normalize the name bed-stenches if they wanna because most of them I assumed, do have an unpleasant smell, dumb idiots!

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  9. The only problem I have with black women is their little terrorist thugspawn and dysfunctional BS being brought to my doorstep. I’ve spoken repeatedly on how “da communitah” was brought to my doorstep when once my neighbourhood was a predominantly white neighbourhood. It was a white trash neighbourhood but there were no guns, no gangs, no Ritilin candidate bastard kids running about past midnight, no groups of no-IQ losers standing or sitting around staring down the hardworking guy bringing in his groceries, no loud music at any time and everyone was in bed by 10pm even during the summer. Just a bunch of beer drinking guys fixing cars, playing with their dogs and kids and a lot of them were married. The only single parent I remember was a father of a white girl. Both of whom were very nice people (escept their dog which got on my nerves).
    Then the niggas came.
    It’s been a warzone ever since with 3 young people being murdered very close to my house within the past decade alone.
    Other than that I have no issue with black women and white men joining up. I can’t imagine a more fitting couple. I was never attracted to black women in the slightest. I can’t even force myself to find them attractive. I take it as an insult when they show interest. It means there is something wrong with me as a person. “You are what you attract”. I’d rather castrate myself with a pair of hedge clippers than ever date a black woman.

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