They Have No Respect For Themselves!






You’ll notice that both of the individuals above typically have problems getting into relationships, the black woman presents herself to the world as a whore who is obviously only good for one thing, she believes that sex is the be all and end all of a relationship however nothing could be further from the truth. From the multitude of tattoos on her body this is an obvious sign of a lack of self-respect, tattooing one’s body all over can often times be an indication that you are in the presence of an individual with a mentally unstable mindset.

Then you have the simp/white knight/mangina self loathing male feminist underneath claiming to be a pro black and at the same time championing the dysfunctional and decadent lifestyles of homosexuality and transsexualism, this is exactly how most black women operate within black society. This type of lotionised male softy believes that self denigration, self disrespect and psychological castration is the key to obtaining women, however as we thinking men already know and see with our own eyes, women typically despise men who bend over backwards for them and who refuse to put them in their place.

Women don’t respect simps, manginas, white knights and male feminists, men don’t respect whores, sluts, Jezebels and they most certainly do not like feminists. You would think both sides would learn from each other by now however it seems that each is having a difficult time accepting the fact that their methods of attack simply aren’t satisfactory. Both of the above are products of feminism and most likely both of these individuals were raised by single mothers. They clearly have no respect for themselves, therefore do not expect them to show any kind of respect towards you. Your thoughts.

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Most High Bless

24 thoughts on “They Have No Respect For Themselves!

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  2. As for the chicks, full THOTtle. Black chicks are a tranny, dyke, and punks’ best friend. There’s no group of creature more disgusting than black chicks, and I hope every last one of these black feminists dies alone and with some horrible std from being a useless crusty slut.

    Then you got these faggots with this flower headband. I’d noticed this recently and even saw a “suggested video” on YouTube of a black man going off on these fruits for it. Black men are the biggest faggots and punks on earth, they have to be deal with these she beasts! When you look at most black Women, you’re literally getting a fat ass black man.

    These tattoo thots and the simps they raise are further proof that black women are a failed joke with no punchline that has been repeated WAAAAY too damn much. Let the joke die, and these jezebels of hell with it.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Men using these social media flower filters and now we have a dude actually putting flowers in his hair, SMH. Black women have really done a number on the minds of most black men, they have completely lost their masculine line of thought, everything they do is patterned after that of black women, this is why I don’t debate them at all.

      I stated in Negro Wars that because of the feminist upbringing black women force up young black boys, they are the easiest group to nudge over into transsexual and homosexual lifestyles. As I have stated before this modern day black woman is a cursed individual who any smart, thinking black man should avoid at all costs.

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  3. I had to laugh at this male feminist homo bottom-boy in one picture. It was bad enough with this flower halo shit but with the afro-puffs and flowers….LMAO!!! This is what happens when a failed matriarchy is the head of the household for decades. Black Women are complaining about these undercover thugs and down-low niggas. YOU ARE RAISING THESE BOTTOM BOYS AND DOWN LOW NIGGAS!!! They are so dense to think that single motherhood is the norm and men should subscribe to feminism. And this is what happens. The production of convicts, dykes, cross-dressers, transexuals, sexually-confused individuals, and mangina/simps.

    This is your dating options ladies. This is the generation you have built with the “We Need No Man” mantra. Notice the individual who are like this cross-over homosexual have absolutely NO strong male figures in his family or circle. I can bet you my entire bank account he was raised around nothing but women with the “Black Woman is God” and “Strong Black Bitch” nonsense. Maybe he doesn’t get the “M.O.” or that feminism is the utter destruction of manhood,relationships, and family structure.

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      • @ afrofuturism1. Exactly…It’s like they have the same behaviors as a woman. Well, it should make sense since they are both raised from the failed Single-Mother Sisterhood of Feminism circa 1960. I keep telling women (Especially Black Women) you cannot raise boys with a feminine/feminist mindset & behavior. Then think they will come out normal. This will never be the case. There is a reason why masculine roles and models exist. It creates balance and purpose.

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  4. @Ryan

    Yeah, pretty much none of the dudes on my mom’s side of the family have any damn goal, purpose, or gumption about anything but probably going to jail. The one that actually is succesful, as well as married (sadly to a black chick), I believe was close to the grandfather before he got old and started losing his mental faculties for lack of a softer term. The others are all bums, usually with kids they don’t take care of who are the raised by the same black chicks that failed to raise them, and the one who is neither is the gay one mentioned above.

    Most male feminists also mention being raised by single moms, who stayed single and saw nothing wrong with raising children on their own.

    Even though my girlfriend’s mom was a single mom for most of her childhood, she at least had sense enough to be feminine and get a freakin man and get remarried. This is probably why my girlfriend (pray for her, sick with cancer and brain damage) is so prudish and conservative. She didn’t get her first kiss (me!) until she was 20, and of course that’s all we’ve done. As I explained all the feminist and black chick attitude crap my mom gave my late dad, my girlfriend made it clear that I did not have to go to such lengths with her and even felt bad sometimes when I spoiled her. She had hung around me so much that she even starting complaining about the “liberalism” in her art classes, lol.

    This is what good women raise. That $h1t above is what tramps raise, and most black chicks are stuck on that kids by default.

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  5. Ryan,

    Your first mistake is you know you cannot tell black women anything they think they know everything lol. These flower band faggots are absolutely disgusting how could you claim to be straight wearing a flower band. These dudes need to be put in a Volcano pit and shut the hell up. Almost every black woman I see now has a multitude of tattoos, Funny thing is some black women are still getting tattoos in their 40s and 50s. Have you guys ever noticed how some BW who dress like absolute sluts get mad when a man tries to speak to them if you dress like that what the hell you think was going to happen. BW are crazy how can you dress like a slut but want someone to respect you like you are sophisticated smh.

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    • I’ve seen old black chicks in their late 50s (who look 70, even though “black don’t crack” or whatever) who not only still get tattoos on a regular, but have ridiculous long ass nails, long flowing rapunzel weave, and, of course, a whole slew of recent and indecent photos on Facebook turned around to show you that they’ve got a nice ass.

      #sysom (save yourselves OLD men)

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    • @ Sean – “Almost every black woman I see now has a multitude of tattoos, Funny thing is some black women are still getting tattoos in their 40s and 50s.” I thought I was going nuts. I’ve noticed this disturbing trend as of lately. Including retired hoes around the same age coming out of retirement doing “e-whoring”. It seems that BW don’t understand they have “prime years” to do non-sense and should be able to evolve beyond the age and mindset of a teenager. BW are not trendsetters. They are followers sadly. The funny part is they think “all women” (including White Women) are emulating their fashion and style. Nothing is further from the truth.


      • Ryan,

        Yea man the long nails excessive make up and weave I just smh at older BW. You would think they would adopt a more subtle look when they are older but nope. When would want a out of her prime BW who looks like this.


    • Some black women like that are demonically possessed, bipolar, schizophrenic, violent, putrid, cesspit miscreants of the earth. They definitely enjoy the attention they get from men when dressed up like a third leg in a pair of tights. They want the attention to be on them and not on the Most High.

      These same women are also the most unhygienic, smelliest, human rats in the world. They spend so much time on their looks that they cannot be bothered to wash themselves properly, their breath stinks, their stools smell worse than stools, as their diets are poor and erratic, they do not cook.

      Her inner body is the best habitat for the likes of Oscar the Grouch and his wife Grundgetta and her outer body is exactly where it should be, and where she likes to hang out anyway, and that is the street corner or on the edge of a curb, where you see public bins (which is the best way to describe some black women) placed in the high street everywhere. Yes, that’s it, some of them are like public bins lol!

      Boys, therefore, put on your black bin bags (condoms) before you go anywhere near these women. And like most bin bags, they will split when too full. Ensure that this does not happen to you black men. Some black women are like trash cans and fill themselves up with an assortment of rubbish (promiscuous behavior), and as she gets full, all the smelly contents spill out (her bad attitude, another mans child she claims is yours etc). If your bin bag splits black man, you run the risk of filing her up with your seed and producing offspring you will never get to see, but be assured you will see more of the Family Court Judge than you would your own child…………………………………

      Think again young black man. You are better off going “back home” and getting a nice village girl where the only thing you have to contend with is to convince her that Christ is the way and not Allah……………………


  6. I’ll speak about the ‘no respect for themselves’ from another angle.

    Have you noticed that the moment the white man’s camera is on a black woman, she completely transforms? Not to something good of course – but a straight up tap-dancing minstrel show of coonery. News reports are the most evident of this. If they have to interview a black woman, she will put on an act that would put Amos and Andy to shame.

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    • Oh yes, that Sweet Brown woman ruined them, now they’ll be as uncouth and retarded as possible. Just look at the “not toDAY!” Woman. They’re all trying to get their fifteen milliseconds of fame, and white men are willing to give it to them for a cheap laugh. That’s why they go after black Women and fruity flaming gay men. Fags and hags keep afloat liberal rags.

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      • Fashion/hair industry headed by homos, music industry headed by homos/paedos, Family Courts headed by lesbians/paedos. All of these things cater mainly for black women, as they are the main consumers of these services…………………….

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    • Oh, yes, and some black women are shape-shifters or chameleons. They blend in very well with the white community with their blonde weaves, red weaves, multicolored weaves, bright red lipstick on a blue black canvass of a face, fake nails, fake eyelashes, blue eyeshadow, you name it she’s got it.

      Watching some black women is like looking at an episode of Rainbow with characters like Zippy, George and Bungle, with Rod, Jane, and Freddie singing their praises……………….

      Only those born in the UK will get this joke!


  7. Yes sir, the black community terrorist and her gay sidekicks seem to bring upping the ante lately, I was at a local mall a few months ago and it’s downright scary, damn near naked bodies, looked like 1 out of every 3 couples that passed by were gay, Sodom and Gomorrah, Verb2015, I’m reading Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure, excellent book , can totally relate, keep up the good work

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    • Blackragecoming,

      Much appreciated for the support sir, every little helps. Yep, these black women love them a homosexual friend, they will always embrace all manner of decadence which is one of many reasons why they need to be cut off.

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      • I remember a woman saying that she preferred to hang out with homosexual men, in order that her husband stop beating her. Her husband was a jealous man and would beat her if he thought she was sleeping with another man or if she was seen speaking with another man innocently.

        This poor woman had shouted from the rooftops that gay men had saved her life????????????????? I had to urge her to pray for her husband and ask GOD to save her life and not a gay man………….


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