#WasteHisTime2017? Be Prepared For A Hospital Bed Or Worse Still A Bullet In The Head

Please take a look at the following feminist paraphernalia which is currently doing the rounds on Twitter and Facebook:










Some women are delusional, they honestly believe that they will be rolling into 2017 and running the same old ultra liberal feminist rubbish as they did in 2016. Well, I have news for those women who have subscribed to the doctrine of #WasteHisTime2017, be prepared for a punch in the jaw at the least and a bullet in your head at the most.

Many men are already at a breaking point, with the endless doctrine of feminism coupled with the constant man bashing and emasculation tactics men on the whole have had enough and many of them are well prepared to “teach” any woman a good lesson she will never forget. Women as a collective in the west seem to believe that they are untouchable because they have the backing and the support of the state.

However some women quickly forget that they are partakers in a kingdom that has been completely built by men from the ground up, I talked about this in Negro Wars under the chapter dealing with feminism. If women do not like dwelling in a man’s system then they are quite welcome to leave, purchase a plot of land and do their own things. The fact of the matter is we already know that women aren’t going anywhere because women are not builders, women need men not the reverse.

You have to laugh really, feminists constantly complain about everything to do with men yet everything they use, interact with or come into contact with is made by men. They use social media to spew their hatred against men, yet the very social media platforms, the computers and laptops they use are all man-made, even down to the chairs that they are sitting in while vomiting their E garbage.

These type of women are soon to find out that playing with a man’s emotions and wasting his time will have some dire consequences for many of them, expect to see an increase in women getting their heads bashed in, jaws broken and at the extreme end of the spectrum being shot or killed for engaging in such spiteful and evil activities.

Women like this must be severely punished, you are permitted to partake in a kingdom that you had no hand in building yet all of a sudden because you have a few rights thrown in your direction, you now believe that you are greater and mightier than the kingdom builders? This is one of many reasons why I do not feel sorry for these types of women when a man decides to open up a can on them.

Dysfunctional women need to be put in their places once again, if you are going to enter into a man’s world then you are going to have to obey the rules of that world. This is one of the problems with equal rights and attempting to bring women up to the same level as men, women will become drunk from the power they receive, it is guaranteed because women are NOT supposed to be equal to men nor are they meant to have power.

Of course there is always an ultra simp waiting in the wings who is ever ready to cosign any garbage feminists spew forth and is always willing to psychologically castrate himself in the hopes of landing some cooch, enter Brandon Evers:




These simps/white knights/manginas are a very serious problem, they have no self-respect, they do not hold to any standards, they allow women to walk all over them and they expect other men to follow suit. Sorry, not me, allowing women to roam the yard freely and unsupervised will not land you that coochie, thinking men have been stating this for years, however the simps refuse to listen.

Brandon Evers is your typical soft, lotionised, weak, milk toast, pandering male feminist who believes that self emasculation and self disrespect will make him more appealing to women, however nothing could be further from the truth. Here is a random tweet from this suspect fellow just to give you an idea of the kind of casualty we are dealing with here:


Clowns like this delinquent are just as bad as the feminists they support, they are a pestilence that needs to be eradicated. Women who subscribe to feminism, misandry and #WasteHisTime2017 need to be very careful how they roll into the new year as they may end up with a fat lip if they are fortunate or 6 feet under if not.

Women have no rights to play games with men and their emotions, the men that wounded these bitter harpies ought to be the targets of their revenge, not decent men who treat women well and have no ill will towards them without a cause. These #WasteHisTime2017 women in actuality are grade A cowards, they couldn’t muster up the courage to exact their revenge upon the men who treated them like garbage, so instead they have decided that innocent, well to do men will serve them better as alternative victims.

Men, watch out for these anger and bitter fuelled females. As for women who intend to implement the #WasteHisTime2017 doctrine, read the title of this post again and take that as your warning. If you believe that you are going to go through 2017 smoothly with your feminist garbage you’d better think again. There are many men lurking in the shadows who have had enough and who will take their actions to the extreme, you’d better hope that you don’t run into one of them. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

32 thoughts on “#WasteHisTime2017? Be Prepared For A Hospital Bed Or Worse Still A Bullet In The Head

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      There is only so far these simps can go, it is going to get increasingly difficult for them to defend individuals involved in a dying religion. I believe from here it is downhill for the simps, manginas and white knights.

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  2. Great post.

    These mincing, bootlicking, thirsty male feminists are strictly our enemies. There’s no room for then in our red pill world.

    They don’t even count as me Men, I bid you keep your eyes open for them around you day to day, at work or socially. Not only will they grass/snitch in you to females, they are also cock blockers.

    Unfortunately there is no cure for them but to get screwed over and friendliness by these feminists, which of course, if they put one door wrong, will eat their own.

    Waste his time is for fat, ugly, female fedora glasses, flat shoe wearing, blacklivesmatter, MTV watching, overly tattooed pink and purple hair feminists.

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    • WarMachine,

      Their time is now short, the tide is beginning to turn against them. In time they will bury themselves as they continue to self denigrate in the hopes of obtaining some cooch. They don’t seem to get it, you get women when you put them in their place and stand your ground as a man.


      • Happy New Year Brother Verbs,

        This is straight up, classic demonic possession of the some of the human race, which Christ had many times had to encounter and drive out. This is the confusion that the books Leviticus and Deuteronomy had described when man had to obey 600 plus laws and statutes. Even when Christ combined all 600 plus laws into 2 major ones, mankind still can’t manage even that.

        Why are black women especially, so hell bent on participating in the the mental and physical destruction of men, children, then themselves? Are these black the women (and black men too who are happy to run behind these foolish women thirstily) the Most High was talking about when he was talking to the serpent about in Genesis chapter 3 verses 14 & 15 “14 And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life: 15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel”.

        Satan will not go down without a fight and black women are his first target to go down with him. The formula of persuasion used by Satan worked in the Garden of Eden, so of course he is going to use it again, as he can blatantly see that it will work again, as black women only care for themselves.

        I do not know any black child or black adult who can truthfully say that they fear the Most High more than the black woman. That is because it is true. Black men and children (girl and boy) fear the black woman more than they fear the Most High, and black women know this and MILK it for all it’s worth. This is why black women can get away with all the tactics of blatant/public/open disrespect they can use to drive the Black Man to hell (black man may eventually strike the black women in anger because of her crap, and he ends up in jail, he may eventually abandon his home, again, because of her crap, h may try and take his children with him and then be accused of abduction and thrown in jail, he may only provide just enough for what his children need, and be thrown in jail by CPS because his ex-wife is unhappy that there is not enough money left over for her nails and wigs, and the list goes on) where she only belongs……………..

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      • Lilian,

        Happy new year to you aswell Lilian, its been a very long time, I hope that all is well with you. Unfortunately this is what some women are choosing to subscribe to and there are many men of the same thinking process who will support such stupidity without question simply because they hate masculinity and wish to psychologically castrate themselves in order to please women.

        The reality of the matter is most black women today worship Satan, they simply use the Most High, Christ and the bible as cover to continue their evil works unchallenged. Now that I am more active on my site I have seen a large increase in pestilent black females coming out of the woodwork to comment here, I’m sure if you go through some of my posts you will find them.

        The reality is most black women are destined for hell and destruction, they are unrepentant, they do not believe in holding themselves accountable for their actions, they wallow in lies, falsehoods and fairy tales, they are lazy, ignorant, violent, rebellious, uncooperative individuals, its no wonder that most of them are single and will remain that way until they hit the grave.

        You are right, the black woman has indoctrinated, programmed and trained black men and black children to fear her over all else including the Most High himself. As I stated in Negro Wars most black women run their households through fear, intimidation, bullying and violence. The Most High is not pleased with the modern day black woman at all, as with the former bishop Eddie Long, he has already poured out judgements which are ready to be handed out to them.

        Black women will drink down their recompense undiluted at full strength and since the overwhelming majority of them are unrepentant, there is nothing they can do to escape the wrath that is soon to land on their doorsteps. As I have stated before black women love this Babylon system, they worship the state and are quite willing to carry out its evil bidding. Destroying the lives of black men and black children is a snap for these destructive, hell bound black harridans.


  3. Apologies I need to correct a paragraph:

    “Unfortunately there is no cure for them but to get screwed over and targeted by these feminists, which of course, if they put one foot wrong, will eat their own.”

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  4. Women who usually believe in this feminism nonsense are either the unattractive, single mothers, or women who are way past their prime years. Women who are attractive and know how to keep a man, don’t believe in this mess. Ask yourself this: Why did 53% of white women still voted for Donald Trump AFTER knowing his sexual harassment on women?

    As for the simps/manginas, I would advised any rational man to keep your contacts to a minimum with them. These men are the reason why feminism still persist. These men themselves have not been successful in life, so they believe the only way to get women is to be the biggest simp/mangina in the world. Little do these men realize that it is only when you stop putting women on a pedestal and focus on your own life, that women will actually gravitate towards you. But, I guess that’s none of my business.

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  5. First of all dude is gay no real man will have the flowers around his head and talking about baking cookies late at night. Nothing against cookies but if you bake them you just bake them and move on no real man states that is therapeutic. I consider these men just like females and they will cancel each other out. Now back to this waste his time BS mantra that is why I do not give women to much attention when I meet them if I call one or twice and she states she is busy or does not answer that is it for me the contact is deleted I have no time to play games we are adults. Also same rule if we get to dating status I will not continually take a woman out and she offers nothing in return and I’m not talking about sex offer to treat me here and there. Many women will try to drain men with their money and time I am not the one.

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  6. Believe or not I had bitches like this. First one was in college where she was heavily flirting at me and even invited me to her home with other people. She knew I liked and flirted back. I was going to ask her out but I found out she has a boyfriend when a class mate talked about him coming back home. I was pretty pissed off.
    Then there was this chick that flirted at me heavily at work. For several MONTHS she came and flirted at me. Then she asked why I didn’t ask her out and I told her I don’t have her number. So the dumb cunt gives me her number and i call her a few days later. She sounds all wishy washy and nervously tells me she has to go. Then I see her later on and she avoid me like the plague. The stupid cunt after a year or so later comes back and tells me she’s pregnant and asked me if I wanted to be with her. Of course I told her no. Since I was at work i couldn’t tell her to f*** off.

    Third woman is a university stupid who heavily flirted and tried to get my attention but when i asked her to be on a date with her she got all creep out. Her friend even gave me strange looks.
    FUCK women they are a waste of time all the do is play games.

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    • MikeTO,

      Many women of the west love playing silly games, I’ve had similar things happen to me in my younger days. I see why a lot of men opt to deal with for foreign women instead, though you still have to be careful and keep your guard up, your chances of being messed about and jerked around are greatly reduced.


  7. Verbs,

    Just wanted to let you know my copy of Negro Wars arrived. Keep up the good work, Thanks for bringing this issue to the forefront i have felt like this for years and it is hard because other men are scared to express this and i get into many debates about this issue. See people keep treating women like helpless little kids and they are taking advantage of it. See like you said they want to live in a mans world but when hard issues hit them in the face they want to go back to oh i am a woman i am a victim. If you want to play in a mans world play by a mans rules.


    • Sean,

      Thank you for your kind words. I will have to admit that I too do see a lot of fear emanating from black men regarding this issue on the daily, the overwhelming majority of fear coming from black men based the US. I’ve had quite a few black men in the US thank me for being brave and having the courage to write such material, however as far as I am concerned writing about black women and their dysfunction is a walk in the park.

      Through talking to many brothers Stateside I can really see how black women have done a number on black men in general over there and have really gotten to them psychologically, just like I wrote in Negro Wars the average black woman operates her household using the techniques of fear, intimidation, bullying and in most cases violence.

      Thank you for your support in buying the book, it is greatly appreciated. I’m just doing my part to help black men break free from the chains and shackles, the trance and the spells black women have had them under for the longest time. I’m not afraid of this modern day black female and I am not finished with her by a long shot. I will continue to lash black women with the rod of correction every chance I get, they’ll receive no passes from me whatsoever.

      It makes a change, for once black women are running scared from something, Negro Wars. They know its the truth, they cannot refute any of the contents so instead they have chosen to opt for the 100 yard dash, lol.

      This is how black women react whenever the book Negro Wars is mentioned:


  8. Please tell me this sweet-booty, lolly-pop licking, loose anus boy didn’t just say he like baking cookies while wearing blue contacts & pink lip gloss…smh. This is what is accepted in modern Black Society and to a certain degree, corporate America. Men reading this Blog should take heed as this is what they want the “ideal” Black man to be currently. Soft, meek, docile, subservient to everyone, feminine, and plain out no backbone.

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    • Ryan,

      Reason 3,456,789 as to why thinking black men should stop dealing with black women. What you have stated is true, however black women only want non thugging black men like this so their state appointed leadership positions are not threatened, albeit when they are need of sex and “excitement” Tyrone and Pookey will be granted unfettered access and will always get first dibs.


    • Ryan,

      You are right corporate America wants gay soft docile black men. Many of these corporate places do not allow men to have beards what is that what the hell does a beard have to do with job performance. They do not want you to have no masculine traits at all. Real black men are constantly under attack.

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  9. What is needed is a set of 10 (black man’s) commandments, these rules should be posted in your home, your car, in plain sight for a black women to see when in your presence. Any suggestions? I have one:
    Commandment 1- sit down and shut up!
    Commandment 2- if you’re not going to pay for the date, there will be no date, Bye!
    What changes think?


      • Commandment 4 – Thou shalt not bear false witness to thy body, which MAY become one with the Black Man in Holy Union – thou shalt not bear false eyebrows, thou shalt not bear false eye lashes, thou shalt not bear false irises, thou shalt not bear false skin colour, thou shalt not bear false hair, thou shalt not bear false nails, and thou shalt not bear false birth marks. In other words, my daughters, thou shalt not bear false witness against thyself, who was initially created in perfection by The Most High – Because bearing false witness against thyself is an abomination and an act of fornication with non-human DNA that you enthusiastically and gleefully attach to and modify your body with and claim is a creation of The Most High.

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  10. Commandment 5 – Black women, thou shalt not commit infanticide. Abortion clinics are a modern disguise of human sacrificial alters. The nurses and doctors are inserted witches and warlocks carrying out Satan’s commands. Give your lives and the lives of your husbands/boyfriends, and children only to Christ & the Most High and all shall be well. The Government are the mouthpieces for the Prince of Lies (Satan), who bully black men and women into “legally” killing their children, for fear of their being unable to properly provide for them. The Most High will and does provide. Your children will not starve, or be homeless. Pass this commandment on to your daughters and sons, and be there for your future grandchildren.


  11. Commandment 6 – Black women, thou shalt not be the “contentious wife” King Solomon was telling his son to avoid in the book of Proverbs. In fact Black Men, thou shalt read out loud to the Black Woman and to your Black Sons the WHOLE book of Proverbs. This is a book for YOUNG BLACK MEN. THIS IS THE BOOK BLACK FATHERS SHOULD BE TELLING THEIR SONS ABOUT SO THAT THEY ARE NOT BLINDSIDED BY THE WHORING OF BLACK WOMEN. IT CONTAINS A PASSAGE ABOUT THE VIRTUOUS WOMAN. This is the TRUE small print about Solomon, teaching his son (with the help of other authors of proverbs within the book, as it it not just Solomon’s words but proverbs he got from people he admired) the best way to get through life with wisdom and understanding and it includes lessons about sexual morality. It is indeed keeping in mind the Law of Moses, but combine those principles with how Christ also wants you to live today………you have no excuse for degenerate way in which you live now, Black Women. Like your local bank says, READ THE SMALL PRINT………………NO EXCUSES………….


  12. Commandment 7 – Zero tolerance for violence against black men and black children at the hands of a black woman. It is an abomination. The ROD in the book of Proverbs is symbolic of the rod used to guide sheep safely and keep danger at bay. The ROD mentioned as a from of discipline is also “symbolic” of constant discipline and nurture of one’s child. The ROD, therefore is not an actual weapon to be used to beat your child and husband for punishment. As one says, “the son was beating down constantly on my neck. It does not mean the sun was actually beating down on one’s neck. The rod in the sentence used for saying that it will not kill the child if used has been understood incorrectly. Disciple means pupil. Discipline therefore means to TEACH, to GUIDE. How can the ROD in Proverbs therefore be mistaken as a real stick to beat your children or even your husband with? And also, if black women wanted to be pedantic, why then use ANYTHING you can get your hands on to inflict the most painful, flesh damaging punishments/wounds on your loved ones for even the most minor infractions? Yet expect the Most High grant you leniency for your violent, whorish sins?

    Throughout the bible (BLACK PEOPLES MORAL SMALL PRINT), the word “rod” and even the word “staff” has always been used as a form of comfort, guiding, keeping on the straight and narrow, warding away danger, a scepter of authority or title, or if used as a negative, used as an example of poor communication or unwise, wicked words……………look read the bible, black women, for yourselves.

    I will repeat this 7th Commandment – ZERO tolerance for violent behaviour of the Black woman towards children and black men. The same goes to black men who love beating innocent women. But this commandment is really/mainly for the black woman who spends more time with your children (while you are at work).


  13. Commandment 8 – Thou shalt learn home economics “The Most High’s Way”.

    For example –

    1. Thou shalt learn how to cook a nutritious, healthy, well balanced, and tasty, meal for your husband and children on even a tight budget for every day of the week.
    2. Thou shalt be charitable to your neighbours with food and clothes, when they are struggling and not be smug or snobbish when things are going well for you and your household.
    3. Thou shalt learn to budget household funds appropriately, with the money your husband/boyfriend gives you from his wages, so as you all have what you need and a roof over your heads. Thou shalt not EVER therefore spend the money on artificial modifications of one’s body.
    4. Thou shalt find ways to help your husband financially/dietary if he is made redundant or has his hours cut. Thou shalt take in washing, ironing, sewing/dress alteration, clean/cook for elderly/and pregnant women, gardening, for those who can afford your services, in order to make ends meet in your household. You may even do some things for free (without taking money) and in exchange for something else that your husband does not have to worry about purchasing.
    5. Thou shalt delegate with your able children, things that need doing around the home and even in the community, to ease the burden from your husbands shoulders.
    6. Thou shalt be an example to your children of how to stick together through thick and thin with no selfish desires. And to help and take care of on another without stabbing in each others back.

    7. Thou shalt find natural ways to take care of family ailments. With time on one’s hands, research on natural products one can make at home, from clearing out insides of ones body (detox), to hair care, diet, detergents, dental health, feminine health, child health, maternal health, mental, spiritual health (Christ & Most High). Thou shall pass this on and share/swap/teach with female neighbours/children without profit.

    8. Thou shalt try and home-school thy children, having your children hand out with like minded children of like-minded parents.

    9. Thou prayers and fasting between husband and wife should be the only form of family planning in the household. In other words, if the only way is to be temporarily abstinent to avoid pregnancy, then both man and wife should fill in that time with prayer and fasting and not use contraceptive pill and other chemicals to kill his seed before it even attaches/inserts it self into your eggs (no different from actual abortion really).

    10. When you are confident to reproduce (YOU MUST REALLY HAVE FAITH IN GOD TO LOOK AFTER YOUR HOUSEHOLD) PLEASE, no matter what, give yourself to your loving husband/boyfriend willingly and enjoy. God will take care of the rest.

    These are the things I wish my own black mother had taught me (she may not have known to but am more inclined to believe that she was taught and chose to ignore it, that’s black women for ya)…………


  14. You know what, there’s gonna end up being about 600 commandments, just for the black women alone lol, which will be going backwards and denouncing the Gospel of Christ. Christ only gave two major commandments innit. Those two should cover all that has been said and also the Lords prayer. If you love thy neighbour as thyself etc. etc. etc (you know the quotes), you will naturally do good to everyone. If you love the Lord with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind, you will love your black husband and and black children. She will love her children, she will love her fellow sisteren, she will not run behind Eddie Long, TD Jakes, Carlton Pearson, Creflo Dollar, Jamal Bryant etc. and abandon her husband and children in their favour. She will love the Most High above all.


  15. Commandment 11 – Thou shalt only use thy neck for the reception of thy husbands kiss/caress and not for the use of emphasizing disapproval.


  16. Commandment 12 –

    Black women, thou shalt not be deaf, dumb and blind, to doing right by your black man and children. Black men want strong, spiritually minded, humble, happy, loving women. Black men like everybody else do not want women with disabilities and special needs. That is not the true creation of the Most High.

    The result of your deafness is because we black women love of the loud sound of our own voices. and cannot hear the loving/assertive voice of our husbands. The husband ends up boxing the ears of his wife for her flagrant disobedience.

    The reason why black women are so blind to right and wrong, is because a black man finally gave her two black eyes for all the years of not realizing he was the right man for her but had her eye looking out for “something better” such as the white male run government.

    The reason why black women are so dumb, is because they were raised by mothers who preferred to teachings of Master Willie Lynch rather than the teachings of the Most High Himself.

    There is zero tolerance and 100% rejection of those three negative attributes. Black men are not being discriminating of those with real disabilities. But as a human being has the right to count the toes and fingers of their newborns, the black man only wants THREE THINGS TO BE RIGHT WITH BLACK WOMEN. NO DEAF, NO DUMB, NO BLINDNESS.


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