The Type Of Men Most Black Women Love

Exhibits A and B:

Yep, these individuals are who most black women gravitate towards, thug Negroes swinging guns in the air and spirit guzzling Negroes brandishing rocket launchers, after all we have been told by black women themselves that they personally find these types of men “exciting”. It is a shame that black women are not being shot down in the streets like black men because if that were the case they would immediately shut down their love for thugs, criminals and gangsters.

The hooligans above are also the offspring of these dark harridans and black women are most proud of the devil spawn that they produce and unleash into black communities. You’ll notice how black women in the US love to brag about being the most educated, yet their children are dropping out of high school at ridiculously high rates. If education is so important then why aren’t black women passing down this conviction to their children?

We already know the answer to that, black women as a collective don’t care about children to begin with, they only have them in order to obtain money from the state aswell as to use them as a weapon against the father. The above are who black women decide to deal with in their prime years, yet once they are ran through, used up with 4 children en tow by 4 different fathers, they then expect the fellow below to accept them and play the role of the clean up man:


It is obvious that any group of women who would opt for the men in the video over the man in the photo must be suffering from severe mental impediments, you cannot form any type of union with such individuals. Reason 2,999,487 as to why black men should save themselves and walk away from black women altogether.

The bottom line is black women as a group do not like nor appreciate good black men, therefore with this position clearly being established it makes absolutely no sense for thinking black men to continue pursuing a group of females who simply aren’t interested in them, this is logic and common sense 101. Black females are no longer quality women, they don’t know how to relate to black men which is why black women are such failures at black on black relationships.

What makes me laugh is even when black women decide to take the lesbian route, the same problems still persist. They are constantly involved in arguments and physical altercations with their female partners, the black woman who is playing the feminine role is still attempting to assert her authority over her partner who is playing the masculine role. It is a fact that lesbian relationships suffer from the most domestic violence.

It simply doesn’t work for the black woman no matter what road she chooses to embark upon, why, because already being defective and stubbornly refusing to address her many personal issues and faults, she will always remain the common denominator of failure in the equation, nobody else. #SYSBM.


Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

40 thoughts on “The Type Of Men Most Black Women Love

  1. I’ve been in complete agreement with your blog. Nobody wants to talk about women. They do say, if you want to know who’s in control, find out those who can’t criticise.

    I’m backing the empowerment of black men – we must build and network without them and create the cornerstones of decency a “community” should have, (Community is an awful word to describe black people). We have let the black women control our community – and look at the results. Its a disaster.

    I’m from the UK and I can see in increase in this behaviour and unlike some it is global.

    I’ll be sharing thoughts.

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    • WarMachine,

      Your input is most welcome. Most black folks are deliberately avoiding talking about black women and the destruction they have brought upon black society, however there are a few good black men here and there who are brave enough to cover the topic consistently, Obsidian Radio being one such fellow.

      Black society in the UK is a complete and utter mess, I regularly talk with a young brother in his early 20’s and he is going through the same rubbish with black women today that I was experiencing 20 years ago but worse. Black women have to be cut off, they are a dead weight to any building and progressive efforts.

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      • I still can’t believe that black women in the U.K are that bad. Isn’t it mostly carribean and African blacks there? How did they become so ratchet like the American black chicks in such a short amount of time.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Its what I talked about in Negro Wars, the government here implemented the same fatherless home welfare policies and black women in the UK followed suit just like their US sisterhood. The black woman’s universal curse I also believe helped turn black man towards non black women.

        The fact that we didn’t have a civil rights movement where both gender somewhat fought side by side may have been another reason behind their quick derailment coupled with UK black women wanting to mimic US black women so badly.

        Also don’t forget that a lot of the countries of the Caribbean and Africa back in the day were already starting to westernise in terms of the culture.

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      • Good afternoon brother Verbs and everyone else,

        On the flip side, have you seen the black women actually married to black men and are absolute whores and treat their husbands like second class citizens in their own homes. I am talking about those whatless, rich ex-hookers, strippers, mummy playing the head of the church, type of black women who may indeed have their own businesses etc. but have no intention of sharing their financial wealth with their husbands or children, but still having the attitude of what’s his is “ours”. They force their husbands to sign prenuptial agreements that say things like, everything she has worked for he cannot have a share, he has to be out of the home within 30 days of divorce, he is not entitled to something in order for him to get another home of his own. He can only have supervised visitation rights with his children etc. etc. you will also find that these rich black women have typically been abandoned by their own fathers and some have been rejected by even by their mothers, which is no excuse in any shape or form, but simply to point out the products of these households.

        These rich black women, do not cook, do not clean, they hire nannies and assistants to look after the children, they do not wash their own hair, they have fertility issues because of being focused on earning money. They usually always have children prior to current marriage from when they originally slept with a “thug”. They destroy the dignity of a decent black man who has tried to set up a business or hold down a job to provide for his family and when he is short of money, he is considered to be scum of the earth. Most black relationships which contain so called rich women have always ended with the husband committing adultery, as there is nothing for him to go home to, quite literally. Adultery is indeed wrong and a major sin, but this is why it happens.

        A poor and humble woman who truly loves her man, will still go out of her way to make something out of nothing (without selling herself or anything else immoral or illegal) in order that her man and children can eat. She does not degrade her husband because he has not got a fat bank account. This is why a lot of black guys lack confidence and direction. They are hit for six with the insults and put-downs by their own black mothers and black girlfriends, and they cannot do right from doing wrong. The men/boys become “dizzy” with all the low blows and curses women declare and bear down on their heads. Black are punished for loving their own children, they are punished for working hard, they are punished for wondering why there is no food on the table, they are punished for simply breathing. They are constantly undermined about everything. There are many black guys who cannot read or write but are amazing builders and inventors.

        The “thugs” that black women go for is because they are easier to dispose of (onto the streets, into prison, asylums etc). That way, the woman can get her money from the government because “thugs” are guaranteed never being in the home because of their non-stop criminal activities.

        Most “thugs” were raised by female matriarchs, who have blatant multiple personality disorders because of their insistence of playing the role of the mother and the father in the house. A dual male-female demonic spirit has entered the souls of black women who entice and ensnare innocent black men into their lair.

        Black men should denounce the curses declared on their heads by their wicked mothers and spouses. They should ask The Most High for deliverance. Because this behavior goes deep and spiritual and black men are having of portion of curses that should only belong to Satan. Black women love sin over righteousness. They always have from the beginning of time.

        Look, NO human is sinless. But black women refuse to stop and allow the Most High into their lives. They do not seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all righteousness, they seek ye the kingdom of Hollywood/Harlem and all its UNRIGHTEOUSNESS…………………….


  2. There’s a reason why the majority of us date out here in the UK. It’s not the lack of black women.

    One thing worth considering: Avoid any white girl who’s black friends have attitude, they can be as bad as black girls in extreme cases, due to mixing there are alot of white girls into exclusively black men and they are not at all the land whales black women think they are.

    Never listen to what these pro-black, Babylon, red, black and green “queans” say about mixed race relationships.

    We need that solidarity, unification and professionalism between us as we attempt to build, no judgement, just advancement.

    Don’t waste your time arguing with them, just state you facts and walk away.

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    • This is such a good point, a white woman with too many black female close friends is a red flag, these women can sometimes be just as bad. The more white women at a party the more tranquil and enjoyable the party is.

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    • War Machine,

      Exactly do not date non black women that grew up around or have black women friends they will act ratchet. One of my friends daughter mother is Indian but she grew up around black people he let me hear her on voice mail one day I thought she was black how rude and foul mouthed she was on the message. I thought my friend was lying that she was Infian until he showed me photos of her and him back in the day with his daughter when his daughter was younger. I would have never thought she was Indian.

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  3. Exactly. For enlightened men like us, due diligence is required.

    As for the party vibes, yes absolutely right.

    I’m a lover of deep and soulful house and attended many many great nights in London. The atmosphere was perfect, very few black women, but the ones that we there were chill and attractive with their mixed crowd. Plenty of French/Estonian/Spanish women

    Then…It started to become popular amongst black people…Within a year the old peaceful clubs had doubled their security, vibes became dark and I stopped going.

    Now, there were plenty of groups of black guys there previously, but lack of black women.

    The obvious cause is the influx of black women and bringing their dope-boy negroes. Sad but true

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    • Black women ruin anything. Notice if it’s cute anyone else (white men and their women, asians, latinos, Indians) along with black men, even the somewhat hood black men know how to call on their better angels, remain civil, and honest to god assimilate. You throw black Women in the mix, they will call demons forth from black men.

      It’s the same thing with neighborhoods. Black men move in with non black (usually white) wives, and there’s no chaos in the community. White men might not like it, but the hood isn’t brought to the suburbs. You let black Women do that crap, come thanksgiving, expect pookie, ray ray, man man, Doracell, Durante, laqueisha, Nashika, Lamichae’la, Jamarqus, and Shittavius to show up and wanna rut like pigs.

      Notice that even the white chicks who hang out with them know when to turn that wigger crap off. You don’t see them even half as much doing the fighting, twerking, weave snatching, etc. and they still have enough white girl in them to tame some of these knuckleheads.

      Men build, women cultivate
      Black men can build, black Women just destroy

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  4. 2017 is the year Black Women in the US will get a stark reality check that their presence and services are no longer needed or wanted. The chaos and strife they have cause is now catching up to them. The “benefits” and BM they have used & taken advantage of will no longer be available as a “safety net” when the criminals, white reprobates, & dykes are through with them. You should see them here shaking in absolute terror at the thoughts of who Trump is going to put in cabinet.

    Already online (through my intelligible thot resources), the Negress whores are running a muck because Backpage (their other “stable” source of income besides child support, government assistance, and a mid-level management job at best) has censored the “Escort & Companionship” Sections. It read as follows depending on where you live:

    The government has unconstitutionally censored this content. What happened? Find out
    Protect internet free speech. Visit Center for Democracy and Technology, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Cato Institute.
    Use your social media to support #FREESPEECH.
    Donate to Children of the Night, an organization dedicated to rescuing children from prostitution.

    Soon, Trump will “budget” low-income government assistance. And now, the courts are speaking of “readjusting” the family and child custody court statutes. Even the “Thugs” are catching up. They are now starting to prefer white or latina women for actual relationships. BW of the 21st century will be nothing more than a lowly, desperate sex slave or used as “Buck-House Breeding” for the Thugs i.e. getting trains ran on them.

    Don’t be surprised when you see more “Racist Cos-Play” and desperation amongst these sociopaths as their value has sunk in the negatives.

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  5. Well, it makes sense. Black women are loud, vulgar, aggressive, and destructive. It would suit them to find a man that matches these traits. Also these relationships lack any form of affection or attachment – it is merely a sexual thing or just a side peace to go to ‘da club’ with. Sadly because black women are impulsive and lack responsibility, children are borne from this ‘relationship’, and the Afro-simp negro who sired them couldn’t be bothered to be there. And the cycle continues.

    It is simply inconceivable for me to even think of dating a black woman at this point. Say, we went to a nice restaurant for our first date. What would we even be talking about? How would she behave in public? We would have absolutely nothing in common. As I’ve mentioned before, black woman have zero interest in anything besides materialism and fighting.

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  6. Fellow brothers,

    From growing up, I always heard mumbles of “Why does a black man as soon as he’s famous get a black woman,”

    To think being brought up single parent I took on that narrative, not knowing any better.

    The reason is, once black men move in circles of other non-black feminine women, they realise;

    *They are made to feel like men
    *The women mostly submit to their role once a relationship is established
    *Their behavioural flexibility.

    This is pattern very obvious in the UK, high value black men rarely go for black women, it tends to be white, mixed or other.

    Your typical black footballer for instance isn’t going for black women.

    These are all tell tale signs and truthfully, for decades this has been the same.

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    • WarMachine,

      Indeed, the overwhelming majority of black footballers here in the UK deal with white and other non black women. This has been the standard procedure for years yet black women in their typical fashion have cried the victim citing various reasons as to why most black footballers, celebrities, sportsmen, entertainers etc opt for non black women over them, all other reasons except the obvious one, that black women as a group are impossible to get along with.

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    • It should be quite obvious why they are chosen dead last. And the reason they go insane when they finally get someone from another race. They know they aren’t as attractive, loyal, feminine, or nurturing like their non-black counterparts. Nothing about dealing with the common Black Woman is endearing. Men (especially Black Men) with financial means and assets avoid these women. The main reason is liability. We all know despite BW saying they are the most educated, the salaries and numbers aren’t adding up.

      Also, what man in their right mind would want to get with a person with a net worth of 5 dollars. Most Black Women have only sex to bring to the table. And it’s even not that good considering how lazy, selfish, and smelly (bacterial vaginosis) they are. On top of that, they aren’t good partners. They aren’t good mothers as they think they know it all but don’t know shit. Most SBW raise their young to be feral, primal creatures with bad judgement and decision making skills.

      Black women are the biggest deflectors and in denial about their situation. Who would want to date someone in a group who is:

      -70% is over weight and obese
      -has the net worth of $5
      -has multiple kids with different men
      -obviously has a mental disorder which hasn’t been diagnosed
      -spends most of their resources & finances on beauty products
      -High STD rates
      -unabashed feminism & misandry
      -“Overly educated” & under qualified
      -financially irresponsible
      -The main producers of fodder for the industrial prison complex

      Until BW can have a moment of “self-realization” or epiphany about self and their behavior. Nothing will change.

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      • Exactly. Even if some straightened up, they’re still just such an inferior group on the whole. Much of it is biology: higher testosterone, fatter, manly facial features and build, deep @$$ voice, exaggerated bodies, lower intellect, and just a bad sight to look at. When you look at the looks AND actions that many of the non mixed, dark skinned ones biologically are made to bring to the table, why would any man want to choose a mate from such a group?

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  7. Verbs2015,

    What I find interesting about all of this is complete opposition and non-admittance of their bad choices. The continually choose deadbeats to mate with, who will walk out and leave, yet we are to blame for the state of the “community” (again, I despise that word).

    These thug-loving black women aren’t restricted to the “Hood”/Council estates. I put it to you that whether she is earning £10,000 or £80,000 these women are STILL the same. Weave, attitude and outlook.

    They still go for thugs and have their children; fuelled by the RnB/Hip-hop tunes in which thugs are glorified, which is only entertainment, but they are dumb enough and naive enough to re-enact it. I question their overall intelligence and I don’t want to hear about whether they are better educated or whatever.

    It’s irrelevant. Because their actions and mentality of wanting the thug is playground business. Equals unintelligent and childish.

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    • So called classy, 5 star black chicks will still have a kid by a dude whose only job is selling demo tapes at the local flea market.

      I literally know one who works for child protective services yet had TWO kids by a nigga she met walking to his halfway house and who has several times been in the local asylum…..err, “mental institution”. This fat ass dude is also supposedly a vegetarian and forces the children to be, this why they’re at least four-five yet look and act like toddlers due to malnourishment.

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  8. Verbs,

    Just an additonal point regarding footballer here in the UK. Now your average black woman would think that these high value multi millionaire footballers go for non-black women because of some nonsense about being brainwashed in England etc etc. But when they see that the African born and raised players have non-black girlfriends are ignored.

    ~The writing has been all the wall. Even they know not to deal with their nonsense.

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  9. Hi Verbs, I wanted to share this link with you but didn’t know how to get in touch – so here it is:

    A black woman poisoned her husband’s dog after breaking up with him. There is a video online of the poor dog suffering (NSFW), and the husband sobbing over it. The dog didn’t make it.

    This really breaks my heart. Black woman are known to destroy a black man’s property when she is dumped, but to kill another living creature he loves? This is irrefutable proof that black women are simply pure evil. I wish I could say more but I am simply aghast – even when a black man realizes what hellbeasts black women are and want to leave them, he faces danger.

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    • BlackWriter,

      Thanks for sending me this, it’s exactly what I have been saying, the overwhelming majority of black women are devils in the flesh, nothing good comes from them, they run to evil with open arms and embrace it.

      Modern day black women are only destroyers, the do not build nor do they join together with those that do. Black women love to be spiteful, I seen spite and evil works from black women similar to this nature with my own two eyes.

      Here is that video by the way:


  10. I even overheard two negro females talking about their love for wicked ass niggas and one of the dragons stated that even if she did find a good man, she would cheat on him. You can’t make this stuff up.

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    • Guldar Heel,

      This is the dysfunctional nature of the overwhelming majority of black women and they believe that type of behaviour is normal, this is exactly why I describe black women as a collective as being contaminated. I’ve talked about this very issue before and also in Negro Wars, how a black woman will have a good black man who looks after and treats her well, yet she can still be found hopping on other penises. Black women as a group no longer have a moral compass, they have become the worse group of women on the planet to deal with. As Bill Smith always says, avoid black women at all costs.


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