WARNING – Black Women In The UK Are Just As Mentally Ill, Problematic And Dangerous As Those In The US

Please take a look at this short video clip:

Negro Wars the book is vindicated once again. While floating through the realm of Fascist Book(Facebook) I came across the above video which was featured on the following page:


Didn’t I specifically state in Negro Wars that problematic black women are an international problem? What, you didn’t believe that black women here in the UK were any better did you? As you can see and hear for yourselves black women in the UK are just as rough, masculine and thuggish as those in the US. We black men here in the UK are dealing with the same nonsense as our brothers Stateside.

Let’s start with the dark skinned harpy, notice immediately how aggressive she was. We already know for a fact that the darker the skin of the black woman, typically the more problematic and violent she will be. Of course she had to be wearing the most common appendage of self-hatred, a weave. This seems to be standard with most dark skinned black females, in fact I haven’t come across a dark skinned black woman wearing her natural hair in years.

Don’t watch her disjointed talk about good guys not carrying themselves with authority, the problem is black women like her are dysfunctional to begin with. As many black men have been stating for the longest while feminism along with the constant abuse most black girls suffer in the home at the hands of their mothers has wired them backwards, thus the type of men black women ought to be embracing they reject in favour of the dregs and the low down scum of black male society.

This is nothing new, we know this already from years of observation, Tyrone, Jamal, Dey Dey, Leroy and Delroy will always be able to gain easy access to these types of black women, Simon, Paul, Gerald and Solomon however will be flat-out rejected and even made fun of. Make no mistake about it, these dysfunctional black women above make up the overwhelming majority in the United Kingdom, remember this problem is international.

Note how the dark skinned woman went on to talk about wanting a man who would be able to put her in her place, however we already know that black women don’t like or respect black men, therefore this dark harpy at being told to “shut up” is much more likely step up in a black man’s face, challenge his authority and if push comes to shove throw a few punches.

When was the last time you saw a dark skinned black woman being told to be silent and she actually obeyed the instruction without resistance, I’ll wait? Don’t allow this black harridan to fool you, black women rise to the challenge of black men attempting to put them in their place, this is why most of them remain single with houses full of fatherless children and pets.

Black men here in the UK simply don’t want the trouble, this is why the interracial dating rate here amongst us is so high, over 50%. It’s the same pattern as in the US, she forces your hand by being overly aggressive and violent, yet as soon as you defend yourself she is immediately on the phone calling the enforcement arm of her white father.

Moving on to the brown-skinned black woman who is just as stupid as the first, notice the rubbish that she rattled off about wanting a man who is respected in society, however since when are bad boys ie scum bags respected in society? Do you see the mental illness on display right there? The man who is respected in society is the good man not the bad man, and you wonder why I stopped dealing with these black women years ago, behold the folly that proceeds from their mouths.

Notice the faulty assumption here, that the good guys are somehow incapable of defending themselves and their women, these black women seem to believe that only individuals who show continuous outward aggression can defend them. They don’t seem to understand that the good guy only demonstrates aggression when it is absolutely necessary, the bad guy on the other hand must constantly demonstrate aggression in order to cover up the fact that he typically is a coward. It is NOT normal for a man to walk around in a perpetually aggressive state 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

These black women are deep level stupid, they equate confidence to aggression, again, more mental illness and mental damage on display. Notice how the second woman talked about walking hand in hand down the street with her man, excuse me, since when have black women become affectionate towards black men? When was the last time you saw a black woman walking down the street hand in hand with a black man, I’ll wait?

Black women are emotionless creatures when it comes down to relationships with black men, they typically do not hug, cuddle, they rarely kiss and they most certainly do not show affection. Sex for them is simply a mechanical operation, there is no emotion involved. They do not form a bond with their man in the same manner that they do not form emotional bonds with their children.

Of course these black harpies are screaming about wanting a “bad man” now, however we already know how the story ends. 2-3 children down the line is when reality will kick in for these black harridans, it is at that point when they will desire a “good man” to come in, save them and clean up their mess. Sorry, I don’t deal with single mothers, as far as I am concerned single mothers must be left to stew and marinate in their own failures. Most black women live for single motherhood, it is an ingrained creed for them.

Notice how non black women typically have their priorities in order, they don’t pop out truck loads of bastard children, they go through education and acquire the qualifications and the degrees that they need, they may mess about for a short period in their younger years however they will quickly knock that behaviour on the head and get married when they start to approach their mid 20s.

Any country where there is a welfare state you will find the same problems amongst the black women there, laziness, slobbery, irresponsibility, unaccountability, dishonesty and decadence. As I have stated before you black men who still wish to look for a black woman outside of western society had better be very, very careful. Most certainly don’t look toward the United Kingdom and expect to find good black women here, they are just as bad as those in the US.

There you have it, the same problematic black women but this time from a UK perspective, the same mental derangement only this time from a different location. Black men, do yourselves a favour and seek love and companionship elsewhere, these black women just aren’t worth the trouble. Since when do you hear non black women standing in front of a camera bragging about how they love the scum and the lowest dregs of non black male society?

We already know that black women live for drama, chaos, violence and the spilling of blood especially when it comes to unborn children, I am repulsed by such activities which is why I don’t deal with black women and haven’t done so in a very long time. Other black men ought to do the same, the grass is greener on the other side, stay away from these crazy black females for your own safety, security and preservation of life.


Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

44 thoughts on “WARNING – Black Women In The UK Are Just As Mentally Ill, Problematic And Dangerous As Those In The US

    • Paul,

      Exactly why I made it clear in Negro Wars that this problem amongst black women is on an international scale. I’ve seen videos of Jamaican women fighting aswell as black women in Brazil. Its just like I stated in the book, the black woman of the US is the head mascot of destruction that many of these black woman from different part of the world are following!

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    • I’ve stated this on a previous post. Many BM will be sadly disappointed when they find out relations in many other countries with BW are the same. The same men they lay with are the dregs and bottom feeders of society usually. I’ve always stated BW are seeking these “Psuedo-Alpha Males” when they control or own nothing. As well, BW to their primal core, have not changed in terms of attraction, growth, evolution, or development throughout their lifetimes.

      Many are stuck in that teenage, High school mindset. No matter what stage of life. Things that matter to BW don’t matter in the Real World when it comes dating, marriage, and relationships. “Swag”, dick-size, “Game”, and all these other non-factors/non-tangibles don’t come into play when it comes to a career/business, family structure, legacy, & parenting. The only reason UKBW are not usually advertised for their fuckery is because of the high IR-dating stats for Black people in the UK.

      Many are dating, marrying, and having Bi-racial children as well. However, numbers on the single-motherhood there for them is just as dismal with their White Partners as well. I’ve been on dating sites looking at women from the UK. If I could put up links, pictures, and memes, I would. I would imagine dating in the UK is just as visceral as the US. Looking at the profiles were no different than what we see here on Plenty-of-Fish on a good day.

      @Paul. I would say Jamaican culture mirrors this more so than Brazils. There are alot of hardcore feminist, ghetto,skin-bleaching, weave-wearing, bed-wenching non-sense that happens there more than Brazil. As a 1st generation born American with a Jamaican background, I find Jamaicans (the women and culture as a whole) to be rather repulsive. The women are loud, arrogant, conscending, quarrelsome, and vindictive. I’ve never seen a Jamaican woman who could refuse “Thugs” Dick or any White Man, despite looks or status.

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      • I have to agree with you 1000%. As a Jamaican, you are right on the dot with your assessment.A great many of the men are just as bad. The culture is repulsive generally speaking, the women are wickedly vindictive and what you said about thugs and white man, is on spot. It is so sad that our own women would prefer a white man any day if they could over their own black men. No other race does that. so sad…!!!!!

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      • I’ve seen several black Women in their 50s still selling ass, dating thugs, and trying to be a street b17ch.

        Also, I thought Jamaicans were supposed to be so family oriented and conservative? That’s why they act all arrogant around black Americans. Or maybe I’m thinking about Haitians.

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  1. Your preaching to the choir here, I’m 23 and I stop dealing with the diseased,whorish, violent, obese black female beasts back in the 8th..it’s been white girls only ever since.

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  2. The USA black woman, and her bad conduct, is sent around the world via television and movies. Black women in Africa are running fast towards hair weave.

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  3. Hey, I’m fine with them wanting the Pseudo-Alpha Males/thugs over upstanding men. But then they don’t want to accept the ramifications for choosing such men, and when reality finally hits, they want to use the “Black men ain’t s***” line of reasoning and blame the “lame,” the same men they were never into or gave the time of day for their bad decisions in life. Typical…

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  4. I went on a date with a black woman from the UK once, it wasn’t really a date, date but I was keeping up appearances so to speak. She seemed classy and refined at first so I figured the conversation would at least be nice. WRONG! She was exceedingly rude to our waitress — a white woman I might add — and then when my sister called me because she had gotten locked out of her apartment this woman had the nerve to grab my phone and tell my sister that it was her fault for getting locked out and that she couldn’t depend on me to help her then hung up and told me I shouldn’t let my sister walk all over me.

    by the way my sister has told me on multiple occasions to avoid dating black women so after I cut the date short and took the rude woman home I got my sister into her apartment and she told me as I walked her in ‘told you to stay away from black girls.’ This is my sister, a black woman, even she knows.

    Why would you even date a black woman in the UK with all the taboo noir parties and the overflow of gorgeous white models like Lucy Pinder, Sammy Braddy, Michelle Marsh, Stacey Poole, Alice Goodwin, Sophie Reade, Emma Frain, Emma Glover, Beth Lily, should I go on? Why go to Europe and date a non-white woman? It doesn’t make any sense.

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  6. Verbs,

    After BW wind up with many kids and are single it is so funny that they then want a good man to save them as you stated. The Good Man will be well established by then and why would they want a run down black women who still has a bad attitude, still getting tattoos in her 40s and 50s, body completely out of whack, and for some strange reason claiming she is a boss bitch. These type of black women will be circled by vultures because the end is coming for them they are dead women walking and at that age even if they sale ass not many will indulge because they are long over the hill.

    Paul and Ryan,

    Also be careful about Dominican women as well to me out of all the Spanish speaking countries i have visited they act the most similar to American Black women. They can be aggressive, loud, rude, seen plenty of fights with them in the middle of the streets and do not let me get started on the ones in the Barrios. I know plenty of guys that brought them back to the States big mistake as soon as they got their papers they were out of there. This is what they do they say the guy abused them to try to get a case on him the same thing American BW do if they have kids they will go get child support and also they will start talking reckless to their man umm sounds like someone to you fellas. They are coached by other Dominican women already in the States as to what to do when you get over here, also many Dominican women do not consider themselves to have a hint of African descent which is crazy because with some Dominican women they look just like American BW. Also they are very ungrateful a man brings you to this country out of poverty and you treat him like a animal and lie on him put cases on him when you get your papers and let me tell you some of these barrios have no hot water, barely any electric, no AC, no running water similar to the favelas in Brazil and you treat the person who got you out of the environment like a piece of trash. Be careful out there fellas.

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    • @Sean. I’m well aware of the fuckery, racial hierarchies, and racism in these countries. I’m also very aware of the psychology and dynamic of Afro-Latina/Caribbean women. I would not advise any BM with sound mind and judgement to seek companionship from these places(Honestly, the Caribbean as a whole). Dominicans (as well as some Brazilians, Filipinos,& Thailand Women) are known to be not gold-diggers usually but green card seekers. Dominican women(as well as the entire Caribbean as a whole to me) are the worst that the Caribbean has to offer in terms of relationships and companionship.

      I’ve never heard anything more (other than looks) that they are really known or good for. They are the biggest self-hating pieces of shit I’ve ever run across. Not much in their culture really is endearing or draws me to them. I advise BM (if they are seriously traveling) look for places that are sustainable & you don’t have to sacrifice your standard of living. New Zealand, Australia, The UK,The Neatherlands, Panama, & a few others are a good place of reference if one wants places to travel, find good (or descent) women, and plan for a possible relocation.

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  7. @ afrofuturism. Jamaicans (to a degree) are conservative if you do find one that comes from a stable family structure and a practicing Seventh-Day Adventist. But the reality is that type conservatism & docility is only reserved for men of other ethnicities. I tell men don’t be fooled by the “free-flowing” attitude that seems to be a farce in its own right. You are correct about Haitians but even they are following the indoctrination of Black Woman Failurehood if you bring them to any Westernized Countries.

    The funny thing about Jamaican Women (in particular) is they talk so much shit about other races & cultures of people like their shit doesn’t stink. But the fact remains they are just as dysfunctional, if not more, than other women. Is it no wonder many Jamaican men (including myself) date and marry Interracially at a higher degree than Afro-American Men. We (Jamaican men and BM in general) are sought after and have a better reputation (even though we are seen as criminals and pot-heads) than Jamaican BW. No-one is checking for Jamaican BW like that.

    @ Reggie James. I could not imagine myself dating a BW in the UK as there are much more options than the US. Even the White Women in the UK I’ve run across are much more pleasant to be around than the Peach-colored Beach Whales we have in the States. I’m surprised you lowered your standards to be with such a beast when other option are available there. Interracial dating in the US is much more constrained and taboo than the UK.

    @Paul – There is the same in Brazil to a degree but not as hyper-aggressive as here in the States or Jamaica. The problem with Afro-Brazilian or Afro-Mixed Brazilian women is a culture meant to serve Whites and encourage race-mixing via branquamento. Alot of the Black Women there I’ve met are very feminine and cordial.Many (not all) are quite the opposite you find in the States & UK. and Even when they don’t like you, they are actually “nice” about it. But when you understand the culture, interracial dating is normal and race-mixing is encouraged. It’s not a surprise to see a hot black/mixed black chick there with a raggedy white (or perceived to be White) guy.

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    • Trust me it’s a mistake I’ve learned from that won’t happen again. Dating here in the US can be tough there still is stigma attached to dating outside of your color. Heck even if you are a dark skinned man and date a light skinned woman you can be considered bad for doing so. I primarily date white women now, sometimes Latina and Asian.

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    • >Is it no wonder many Jamaican men (including myself) date and marry Interracially at a higher degree than Afro-American Men. We (Jamaican men and BM in general) are sought after and have a better reputation (even though we are seen as criminals and pot-heads) than Jamaican BW.

      As a Jamaican man married to a Becky myself, I wholeheartedly concur!

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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    • I’ve seen that sda connection is more with Haitians.

      And yeah, I know a Haitian chick from Florida, and she had no problem talking about how she loved taking Latin dick from all positions!


  8. Ryan,

    I actually have been to Thailand, The Philippines, China, Malaysia, and Japan. The Asian women are real cool yes in Thailand and The Philippines you have a very small population of women influenced by the hip hop culture and some who want to be black but it is a small percentage and even they are easier to deal with than the modern day black woman. The quality of life in Thailand is good I would never relocate to the Philippines though the infrastructure is messed up there. But really I would advise against bringing any foreign woman back to the States they might get caught up with this Westernized BS and do a complete 360 on you.

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  9. Reading comments from the brothers, it’s now sinking in that this really is a global issue. Brothers worldwide really do need to save themselves. #SYSBM fo life!!

    In my case I married a Japanese woman, and ten years on, life is super chill. I dated one black female from the Islands, but I’ve never dated a black American female as I wrote them off looong ago. Be free and free the minds of your brothers!!

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  10. The quean on the homepage (for this topic) looks like an alien is about to burst out of her skin and devour anything in her path. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!


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  11. If you’re wondering why the author of Negro Wars is from the UK, and can write with such accuracy about the dysfunctional black woman, is because it is a Westernised problem. The fact that American brothers find such resonance with the book is that we see what you see, and its the same bullshit.
    Brothers in the UK saw the dysfunction up close as children with family members. They also had relatively easy access to White families to compare and contrast, and it was there and then that brothers made the decision to scoop up White girls en masse.
    Like Hardcore Tito says, dating is a buyers market: if there is a sea full of attractive, pleasant white women of all nationalities in England (plus more on the continent), why the fuck would anybody limit their choices, just because she looks like you?

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    • Michel,

      The shame of it all many brothers still have that belief they need to be with a black woman. And some have been burnt by black women many times over but they feel this obligation to still be with black women that absolutely makes no sense to me.

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  12. Since we’re talking about black women from different nationalities here, I’ll throw in some words about Nigerian women. Perhaps this appeals to some sad brothas, but there is a certain primal bestiality in these black women. There is no grace or femininity. Even when they dance at ‘da club’, it’s just vigorous ass shaking. And don’t get me started on the fighting – if the police or black men don’t intervene, these harpies would definitely kill each other. They are – and although this may sound racist – not too far flung away from primates.

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    • BlackWriter,

      Nigerian women for the most part are completely westernised, they are women from Africa who must be scratched off the list of the miniscule amount of decent black women left. The modern day black woman is cursed, this yet another reason why I advise black men to start dealing with non black women, just from looking at black women you can see with your own eyes that something just isn’t right about most of them.


    • Most Nigerian woman, as well as other African women, have caught the hair weave disease. The USA media shows Nigerian women, and other African women, what USA black women are doing. Now black woman, throughout the world, are copying what USA black women do.

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