Black Women Appreciate Nothing From Black Men!

Exhibits A and B:



You’ve just seen the words of your typical unappreciative black female buzzard. By the way, it is the job of the woman to prove herself worthy towards the man and propose, however in the feminist societies of the west many men still believe that they are the ones who must prove themselves to women aswell as propose to them.

The man by nature is the builder/creator, he is the one who is to provide for his wife and his family. In times past the parents of the woman would provide for her up until she got married. You have to laugh really, women bring nothing to the table apart from beauty(in some cases, not all) their vaginas and the ability to pop out children, yet they seem to believe that these attributes are somehow weightier than gold and out-leverage the man’s ability to build an entire kingdom from scratch.

The unappreciative nature of this black harridan above is typical of feminists and most definitely is something that many black men can relate to. Black women do not appreciate anything that comes from the hands of black men, this is why most black women will still creep around and cheat around on a black man who is treating them well.

There is no settling down with the majority of black women, they are always on the lookout for another man who has more wealth than the previous, their greedy hearts can never be satisfied with what they have, even when they currently have something good. This is the typical attitude of your average feminist, men can do nothing right by these types of women.

Most black women pride themselves upon the wickedness they do, the more evil they commit the more accomplished they tend to feel. You’ll notice that you rarely if ever see a black woman complementing her child on something good he/she did, however when it comes down to beating and abusing that son/daughter, these same black women are fully engaged and ready to meet out chastisement for days.

Black men and men in general need to steer clear of scumbags like this, they are a detriment to any society and unfortunately in black society they are pervasive throughout it. Men, you owe women like this absolutely nothing, get your passports, travel the world, experience women from different cultures, take note on how much better they treat men compared to these westernised black women.

This most definitely will be a red pill in making the decisions to abandon the westernised black female garbage. At this point apart from being under mind control, a spell or a hypnotic trance I really don’t understand why many black men still tolerate and even pursue woman like this. Here are some other tweets and retweets from this filthy animal of misandry:










This last tweet I found very interesting:


As you can clearly see all of these black female feminist scum buckets stick together, they pat each other on the backs and congratulate one another on their feminist and misandric accolades. Of course feminists do not get excited through engaging in normal activities because they are dysfunctional, miserable savages. Find them something destructive to engage in however and their attitude completely changes.

The evidence continues to mount concerning the modern-day black woman and her disjointed and dysfunctional mindset, black men do yourselves a favour and abandon these monsters. Don’t become a victim because of false racial pride ie “wanting to keep it black”. These Frankenstein black harpies will eat you up and spit you out without any regard nor concern.

#SYSBM is the only way forward for the thinking black man, abandon black women forever and never look back. At this moment in time apart from making their money and material desires known to every man who passes by, I fail to see what black women actually bring to the table that is of some worth or value.


Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

27 thoughts on “Black Women Appreciate Nothing From Black Men!

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  2. Notice how these are all black feminists, and one was snuggled up to a white man.

    As far as the complimenting children, black women wont compliment their kids on good big things, but beat them over small things.

    I literally hope these women start becoming the targets of simp rage as opposed to other simps. Black culture and the world at large would be better without black women.

    Black men, black women are a failed joke. Time to stop forcing a laugh and move on.


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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Black women only apply feminism when it comes to black men, when they deal with white men and other non black men that religion goes clean out the window because they know that the feminist buffoonery will not be tolerated by them.

      Ousting the black woman is the key to black men getting back on their feet. Again, you cannot build with a destroyer in your midst.

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      • Sadly, whenever heaps upon heaps of evidence are shown, the response is always “it’s not all!”, yet these same dudes will be on child support from chicks that claimed to be good ones. Heck, why are the “classy” ones dating dudes that just bum around their house?

        And plus, some black men are, like a lot of mgtow dudes, just nihilists that complain and think that things can’t be changed or that the grass isn’t greener somewhere else. Black simps will usually come with that white devil queen boogie man story.

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  3. I once helped fix a white girl’s tire on a car during college, the next day that girl called me up and told me she was taking me to lunch to thank me, anywhere I wanted to go. Never asked for anything, never expected anything that’s just the difference.

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  4. Verbs,

    I stated in another post how black women are always looking for better situations even when they have good situations it is never enough for them. Also, i always tell guys do not show these women to much attention if they are still talking to these devils because as you illustrated that is all they do is talk about men like a dog. Afro you are spot on some BM have all the evidence and still try to defend these devils, i simply do not understand why these cant see that BW could care less about them.

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  5. Who the hell spends thousand of dollars on a worthless diamond ring for engagement? Stupid people. These diamonds are not rare. i remember a guy on Tom Leykis show claimed that he only get $500 when selling it when he paid $5000. No woman is worth thousand of dollars. Buy a decent ring for $100 or so if you need to.
    Stupid women buy into the marketing of worthless rings.

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  6. @ Verbs 2015. I’m glad you are really coming through and posting examples of the behaviors of modern Black Women. I’m glad you are opening eyes and minds through your post. People are not understanding nor care why we, as Black Men, are rejecting today’s version of Black Women. Honestly, you should call it for what it is. They are actually psychopaths in legal terms of psychology.

    Every BM at home. Do me a favor & google “behaviors of a psychopath” or “sociopathic personality traits”.
    What do you see? Do that and come back 3 minutes later. I’ll wait….

    That’s Right…It displays all the shitty personality traits of most of today’s modern BW. They say only 1% of psychopathic/sociopathic people are in society currently. I think this problem needs to be addresses and is much higher in the black community than one once thought. Why would anyone inn their right mind want to have relations/companionship with a known psychopath/sociopath?

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