They Still Hate You Black Men – Yet More Proof!

Exhibits A and B:


The screenshots speak for themselves, black women not only enjoy effeminating black men but it seems that many of them would much prefer to have sex with lesbians as opposed to straight black men. I’ve told you before, the modern-day black woman’s mindset is exactly the same as the mindset of racist white men, in the minds of both heterosexual, intelligent, thinking black men are the number one enemy. Many black women are actually undercover lesbians or at least they have the tendencies to easily swing in that direction when given the right amount of nudges.

Didn’t I write about this in Negro Wars? I specifically informed you that black women will go out of their way to emasculate and effeminise black males from a very young age. That way those same black boys will grow up disjointed, dysfunctional and thus will not pose a threat to the leadership position the black woman has been given over black society by her white lord and saviour.

As per her contractual obligations towards the state she must keep black men on her proverbial plantation by any means necessary, that is the only way black women will remain relevant to the white man and his system. Outside of that most white men simply aren’t interested in black women and of those that do decide to dabble in the chocolate, most simply indulge for the sexual experience only, nothing more.

Those of you who haven’t done so yet should pick up a copy of Negro Wars which is available on Amazon, CreateSpace aswell as in all other leading book stores. Black women love to spite black men anyway they can, this is why I label the overwhelming majority of black women as devil spawn in the flesh, they live for the destruction of the lives of black men, they relish, enjoy, take delight and pleasure in executing all manner of evil against black males, the above is a clear example of this.

Black men, keep your distance from these hate filled vermin, now with the election of Donald Trump things are going to improve for you in terms of black women not being able to exercise the same power over you as before, however at the same time things are going to get worse in terms of the black woman’s attitude and behaviour towards you, as I have stated before prepare yourselves because the black witch is about to get really nasty and go full primal.

Just like the devil she already knows that she is on a direct trajectory towards solitary confinement and hellfire and she is determined to not spend eternity there alone, therefore in her last moments she is out to destroy as many black men as she can before her day of judgement. She knows that her time is short, I purposely put out these articles in the hope that more casualties and deaths at her hands can be prevented.

You can lead the horse to the water but you cannot make him drink, black men I am simply laying the evidence out in front of you, what you decide to do with it if anything at all is entirely up to you. However I will always encourage you to take the #SYSBM route and save yourselves from these bloodthirsty, deep-sea leviathans called black women. Non black men should also take note of the evil deeds black women are willing to partake in and should also steer clear of these monsters.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

11 thoughts on “They Still Hate You Black Men – Yet More Proof!

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  2. Black Women are the most disgusting creatures on earth!

    They hate life and love death. Well, once again, let them die! If black dudes completely separated from them, they would die with the quickness. No one else wants them or really screws them, so no more welfare because no more bastard kids.

    If they wanna cannibalize each other and lick clit, let em.

    Anyone stupid enough to Kat with one of these beasts is an idiot indeed.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      They pride themselves in the evil they do, the more wicked the acts the more accomplished and satisfied black women feel. They continue to tell on themselves. At this stages I really don’t understand why any black men would still want to deal with black women on any level. #Abandon2017AndBeyond

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      • They’ve actually get more turned on and sexually aroused the meaner you are to them. You can’t compliment them and they respond like women, you have to treat them like whites for them to respond

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  3. It actually took me a minute to realize those 3 “ladies” were not men. The line between male and female gets blurred way too often amongst black women. I need some metaphorical cleanser for my eyes if you do too look at this gif of a fun and feminine woman (NSFW)

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