Black Female Scumbags And Their Negro Goon Squad Attack A Special Needs Trump Supporter And Videotape The Event

Please take a look at this video, there is no need to watch the whole thing if not desired, a few seconds is all that is required to get the overall idea:

I said it before and I will say it again, I absolutely detest black scum. Once upon a time most of black society held to the same view as myself, that is until black women were strategically forced upon black communities as the leaders, from there everything changed for the worst. I have been stating for the longest while that us progressive, intelligent, forward thinking black folks must increase the rate at which we separate ourselves from these reprobate scum buckets above.

This is the typical devil spawn that the modern-day black female produces and she has been able to do this through the assistance of the state. You already know the saying, “the devil makes work for idle hands”. When you are throwing money at a bunch of degenerate women to sit on their backsides all day and to use their reproductive systems irresponsibly, what exactly do you expect?

This is why there is a part of me that does not feel sorry for white folks when these Negro savages set themselves upon them. Because of white people, their insecurities and their desire to see black society remain broken on its face, the above specimens are an inevitable outcome. Many whites are quick to state that black people are lazy, live in section 8 housing and collect welfare checks all day, however they forget to mention that they are the ones who have bred that mindset into these modern-day Negroes of the inner cities.

White liberals in collaboration with the modern-day black female have created a modern-day black society made in hell. Black women have been coddled for the longest while, they have been permitted to roam the yard freely, they have been allowed to exercise irresponsibility, unaccountability and dishonesty to the fullest degree using state funds to do so.

Black youth in 2017 typically are terroristic because they have been raised in a household where their mothers ruled by terror, intimidation, bullying and fear. I talked about the black woman and how little she interacts with her children until it is time to abuse them in my book Negro Wars. Most black children today are ultra mean, cruel wicked and evil because they were never shown any love, affection and attention by their mothers, they only received physical abuse by her.

Black mothers on the whole are emotionless savages, they do not form an emotional connection/bond to their offspring, hence why they have no problems beating their children for minutes on end and not feeling a sliver of remorse or sorrow. Growing up in a typical single mother household is worse than going through 4 rounds of boot camp training back to back.

The single black mother is a ticking time bomb, she can go off at any moment, you literally have to walk on eggshells around her just to avoid getting your backside handed to you on a plate fully roasted. As the mother goes so go the children and they in turn grow up to terrorise the communities around them aswell as take part in barbaric practices like what you see in the video above.

White people, when you see dysfunctional Negroes attacking your fellow-men and women and thereafter you look at black folks with disdain and in disgust, remember to look in the mirror first. You and this black woman have created these monsters. Now I already know that you white conservative/Alt Right squad members are going to place the blame squarely upon white liberals, well you now have the floor, your boy Trump is about to sworn in as president, we will see if you actually begin to rectify the bad decisions of your liberal brethren.

It is quite simple really, if you wish to see less degenerate, savage, low brow, violent black folks roaming the streets and wreaking havoc upon those around them then stop sponsoring the black witch. Of course you have a decision to make because in taking such action you would actually be giving black people a proper opportunity to clean up their communities and restore a much-needed order to black society.

We already know as black folks that many white people have a major problem with blacks as a collective amassing wealth and power, thus in light of this you are stuck between two points, however time will reveal your hearts and your true intentions. A republican is now in the White House, we will see if you conservatives are better than your liberal brethren.

By the way, white people in general would do well to also ready my book Negro Wars, since you claim you are going to be cutting the black witch’s funding, it would be wise of you to get a heads up as to what type of monster you are and will be dealing with in the near future because black women will become more reckless and dangerous as their gravy train grinds to a halt. Just like thinking, intelligent black folks you will also need to be prepared to deal with this black woman and her goon squad of degenerates should they venture in your direction.

We thinking blacks have been trying to warn you whites about this black woman, her devil seed and how dangerous both have become under your sponsorship, just look at the lack of compassion they had for this mentally challenged victim. At the same time it is fitting and only right that you should also begin to suffer from the same curse that you yourselves have brought upon black society, bottoms up:

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

35 thoughts on “Black Female Scumbags And Their Negro Goon Squad Attack A Special Needs Trump Supporter And Videotape The Event

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  2. Whites are going to respond with extreme prejudice after this. All the more reason to SEPARATE from this trash! That means the black woman.

    Black society at large and worldwide WOULD have been great if we were not held back by these women, because look at the success we can gather when separated from them.

    If white men are so racist, don’t look to them to solve the problem. While he created this beast, the beast can only reproduce with us, it is not desired by other groups. Leave them to die! While they may creep out of the hoods, removing yourself from the ghetto is a good step. Make a new society with other groups of women, and, once we start amassing wealth, instead of complaining about that mean whitey, we need to relocate to a country of our own.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      They collaborated with the black witch to help destroy black society out of the fear that black folks one day would amass power and wealth and exact their revenge, however this isn’t the only case I have seen where black goons are attacking whites, the problem from what I understand is rife and is getting worse.

      Whites only have themselves to blame for this, they should have never conspired with black women. As for this black woman, this is yet another reason amongst millions why black men should walk away from such degenerate savages. You’ll notice also that these black harridans never have any problems recruiting stupid black males to carry out their dirty work.

      They get to walk away and jump unto the next penis while the black males involved get arrested and sent to prison, I’m surprised that more black men haven’t clocked on to this pattern yet.

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      • They joined up with white feminism, tempted by white men’s treats. Keep in mind, they never questioned why the white farmers wife didn’t have to give up her man for benefits

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  3. We all suffer as black people in the end. Whites are itching to kill us with more memberships in the KKK and ALT right nazi groups each time incidents like these happen. What next is an uprising then comes laws,then comes denial of rights,intermittent camps,executions. But I don’t have anything to fear as i live outside the US. America has always been a hateful nation regardless of black women’s involvement. It wouldnt take this incident alone to fuel white racism this is why I am urging you black men of this site,the readers to be cautious and awake. White people don’t give a fuck about good blacks vs bad blacks the same way Hitler didn’t care about good Jews vs bad Jews. in their minds the only good Jew is a dead Jew and right now,in the minds of a growing number of whites,the only good blacks are dead blacks. Children of Israel,Africans,Moors whatever you want to call yourselves wake the fuck up! Marrying or having sex with white men and women won’t change shit about how they feel about you. Very soon you will wake up to a white society that will legalize the killing of black men and women and children the very spouses and lovers that you share your bed with will turn on you and kill you! You will see a repeat of history right before your eyes from the KKK to the Nazis. White people want you dead even the ones you think that are harmless!!!! This is why you must stop fighting with each other and unite. You pick a very wrong time to be traitors.

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    • Dondopa,

      Separating ourselves from scum bag black folks is not for the purpose of appealing to whites, it is simply a matter of self preservation. As I have stated before I don’t like black scum, for a brief period here in the UK I had the unfortunate experience of hanging around black scum when I was much younger and it was an experience that I will never forget.

      There is no appealing to whites here, I am holding them to account for the goons that they have created in partnership with the black woman. I honestly don’t understand the mentality that separating one’s self from the bad of your own people is automatically trying to befriend and beg for white acceptance, who is feeding you all of these crazy conclusions?

      I fully understand that white people as a collective do not like me, however that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t separate myself from black people who are no good. Its the same over here in the UK, the black population here is only about 2 million which is around 3% of the total population, UK blacks know all about white hostility and racism just aswell as blacks in the US.

      Sorry bruh, no society has prospered when the scum have been either uplifted or allowed to intermingle with the decent portion of society. You have to put down this crazy notion that separation from no good blacks equates to affiliating with whites. One thing I can say is that white people have given me far less trouble over the course of my life than black folks. You keep trying to push this white boogie man is going to get you doctrine, however black folks treat their own many times worse than whites mistreat blacks, those are the facts.

      Remember this guy, he tried to help his own black folks and look where that got him. I told you, scum bag blacks don’t appreciate anything, they are contaminated filth who cannot be saved, they must be abandoned:

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      • It’s sad how because we are raised by these women, we are so violent, but only against other blacks, namely men. The white Man who hates us and we hate sure escapes most thugs’ wrath


  4. @dondopa

    If they hated us that much, these niggaz wouldn’t have made trial.

    Why would you be offended at how they feel about these thugs? If you aren’t thugs, don’t feel bad. Y’all are reasoning like feminists and black women. Just like the si called good black women shouldn’t get offended at hoes being called hoes, same here.

    Until whites or anyone else starts to everyday indiscriminately lynching and shooting black people who are just licking lollipops on their way to church, I won’t fear whites and give them god like reverence like y’all do.

    And don’t bring up Dylann roof, because 1. There’s a hell of a lot more black on white violence and you know it’s a statistical fact, and 2. White people all vilified roof immediately. Hell, white nationalists don’t like him, I kid you the frick not.

    White nationalists think about blacks a hell of a lot less than blacks do them. Most just want their own $hit, and would leave us alone if we had our own $hit. I ain’t saying I support them, but maybe we should have our own damn land and get away from him. The reason we don’t, and I know it’s hard to accept, but most negroes have NO interest in building. If I was stuck with black women, I wouldn’t either. You can not build with a defective ass unit that has never helped you build anything lasting.

    To further show how YOU and most negroes like you worship white people, you act like white Women are the only non black Women. It’s the same boogie man $hit that black Women use to scare black men.

    Until negroes that were curing cancer and feeding the homeless every Tuesday start getting shot down everyday, I refuse to fear white men like people like you do. Maybe the white man is god, he sure put fear in your ass.

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  5. Dondopa,

    Most black women are working for the devils you are mentioning they do not care about building black families and destroying black culture. Most BW in the states do not care about anything as long as the state keeps providing for them. We are not saying just have relationships with white women you can have a relationship with Asian women, Spanish Women, whatever but American BW do not support BM point blank. They are running amok in the States they look masculine, dirty they are loud, rude, who would want to be around that type of mess not me. The BW are pushing BM away you cannot keep dealing with crazy people just because they are black believe me they could care less about anything but themselves. That is not a good mindset to try to build with people who do not want to build with you that is crazy, me personally i want happiness with todays modern black women it is hard to achieve that you would be walking on eggshells 24 hours a day because they will turn they back on you at some point. We are woke up that is why we are not dealing with these devils the black women. Enough is enough this has gotten out of hand over here in the States man so many good brothers are being taken through child support it is unreal.

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    • Sean,

      That is why I specifically stressed in Negro Wars that this is an international problem, it is more or less the same situation over here in the UK, most black women are contaminated and defective beyond repair. In the same manner as black women from the US black women here also work against black men through the state and they have no interest in building with us. This is why the interracial dating rate amongst black men in the UK is so high at over 53%, black men over here clocked onto this black woman’s foolishness a long time ago and took appropriate action.

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      • Michel,

        Black men in the UK are not playing around, lol. I also believe this high interracial dating number also has something to do with the fact that our population here is extremely small compared to that of the US where blacks make up just over 12% of the total population.


  6. Okay you brothas need to stop and reassess somethings. Do you really think a bunch of Negro males just randomly kidnap a white handicap person just for him to say ,”Fuck Trump”? What has happened to you brothas? Alot of you brothas who has accepted the truth as Israelites has quickly went back to the wisdom of this society. It is plain obvious the devil tv media is playing psychological warfare(witchcraft) on the people to stir up racial tension. First of all if the man is handicap, where is this man’s caretaker? Most people who are unable to take care of themselves 9 times out of 10 will have a caretaker by their side. Two what business does black folks have in kidnapping white folks? Aside from that, most black folks are not even around white folks or even have that thought to attack them instead they attack each other. And while I have read some post from your article Verbs, you have some reprobate minded men flooding up your comment sections, which will not be a good thing in the eye sight of the LORD. This was your worst post to date bruh. Really see things spiritually instead of what is in your face.

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    • This is what kills me about you pseudo intellectuals. Anytime someone disagrees with you, they were “brainwashed by the media”. This is the problem with pseudo intellectuals. They think everyone besides themselves is dumb as a rock and brainwashed whenever they don’t agree, and that they’re the only ones smart enough to look past the “brainwashing”.

      Another thing, I’ve seen several higher functioning mentally handicapped people going out and about by themselves, just facial feature wise he did not look to have been a lower level handicapped person. On top of that, kids have care takers, we all know it’s not out of the question for them to get kidnapped.

      And just like a black woman, you’ll bring up God to hopefully bolster your argument. Seeing things “spiritually” didn’t save us from that slavery you types always bring up, or the white man you still deify. By the way, if the white man is just around the corner ready to lynch us, how in the hell are we “not interacting or seeing them”?


      • Ahhh yes.. the reprobate minded man who I actually was thinking of. Number one you messed up on
        was accusing me of being a Black woman. I am a Hebrew Israelite Man, talk to Verbs. I posted here awhile back, and he knows I am a man. So your overemotional rant of accusing me as one of these wicked woman is laughable at best. Number two, the word being used by a reprobate like you “pseudo intellectual” is the same argument that whites run around with. For example, words like pseudo history, pseudo science are the same exact talking points alot of insecure blinded whites like to use on black youtube channels. Number three, why is that whenever blacks commits a crime, everybody is quick to call them savages, evil, worst people on the planet, when statistics prove otherwise. (Take a look at table 43).Number four, the person you are following has considered himself a Hebrew Israelite why are you not trashing him?
        Than you said this.

        ” you’ll bring up God to hopefully bolster your argument. Seeing things “spiritually” didn’t save us from that slavery you types always bring up, or the white man you still deify.”

        I did not even bring up slavery, so it seems to me you are not even a black man you claim you are. But if you want to talk about slavery, it was prophesied that it will happen( Deuteronomy 28:68,Acts 7:48) so don’t even go to a talking point that you heavily lose. Just admit it man, you are not a black man, you hate black woman,etc and go on with your day.

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    • Genlaya Ben Israel,

      I feel that you are not properly grasping just how deep the reprobate mindset of the modern day black female and the devil spawn offspring she is producing goes. Negroes engage in stupid and dangerous practices for fun, this is standard procedure for most poor inner city young black men and women. I saw this in my younger days and I am seeing the same things today but on a grander scale. Here are some examples of Negroes taking part in dumb activities for fun and games:

      See, sometimes there is no need to talk, the evidence will automatically do the talking for me. As I stated before and have proven with the above videos, Negroes will engage themselves in destructive behaviours for fun and because they can. Sorry, there is no devil media here at work here because we also have plenty of other cases where degenerate Negroes have live recorded themselves doing things they ought not to be doing. Remember, the mainstream media is simply reporting on a video that these Negroes uploaded themselves.

      You talked about the disabled guy and how he never had a caretaker with him, again it all depends on how severe the disability is. A caretaker is not always a requirement for somebody who is disabled, I hope you realise this. What business do black folks have kidnapping white folks, exactly as illustrated above, taking part in reckless activities for leisure and because they can.

      You talked about blacks not coming into much contact with whites however this is no longer the case. I talked about this very issue in Negro Wars, how Obama has been quietly moving black scum out of the cities and into the suburbs. Areas that were once peaceful have now turned into nothing short of wild animal parks.

      My job is not to suppress the individual’s words and thoughts, that is why the Most High created everybody different and is exactly why I always say “stay individual” at the end of my posts. I most certainly am not an ultra liberal who is gunning for monolithic thought and the eradication of individual personalities, that is Orwellian and is extremely dangerous.

      The actions by these blacks above simply cannot be defended on any level and I’m sure that the Most High isn’t happy with your attempts to give them some sort of pass on this type of barbaric behaviour. Remember, the Most High doesn’t like black scum either and has shown black folks on numerous occasions in biblical history that he doesn’t have any problems purging them out.

      I focus upon the people who are destroying black society, the modern day black witch and her goon squad of dysfunctional Negro acolytes. When non blacks begin destroying what remains of black society en mass then I will begin to turn my focus to them, however until then I will continue to deal with the immediate threat to black society, the scum and the lower dregs of it.


      • Now, now verbs you must know I get on these wicked witches in a heartbeat. I be one of the first brothas to tell Black American Men to find Black woman from different countries to keep their inheritance and race intact. Now the videos you posted? I am fully aware of the dumb acts that Black folks do. And? We have the television set to notify us when Black folks mess up every single day on that one sided story you have called Fox News. And when Black folks mess up, what happens vast majority of the time? They are either A.) Killed. B.) Locked up. Atleast we do the time or pay for the crimes.

        You talked about blacks not coming into much contact with whites however this is no longer the case. I talked about this very issue in Negro Wars, how Obama has been quietly moving black scum out of the cities and into the suburbs. Areas that were once peaceful have now turned into nothing short of wild animal parks.

        If your about to start discussing that false ass white flight bs think again. There was never know damn “peaceful” white community. White communities are flooded with crimes, murders, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, armed robberies, arsonist, way before blacks even moved in and still there is not alot of black folks in the suburbs. This is where majority of the crimes in the US are taking place. However, the media has constantly deceived you into thinking it is all sunshine and roses. As a matter of fact, Obama has nothing to do with moving Black folks into the suburbs. White folks are moving into black communities. It is called “Gentrification” man. Most black folks want to stick around their own, not be desperate to live around white folks. I told you brothas you are being deceived by that satanic television. Scriptures says do not be deceived(Galatians 6:7)<———-

        "that is why the Most High created everybody different and is exactly why I always say “stay individual” at the end of my posts"

        Um.. did you forget about this?

        John 4:23 But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. What is truth? (Psalms 119:142) Okay you brothas need to stop and reassess somethings. Do you really think a bunch of Negro males just randomly kidnap a white handicap person just for him to say ,”Fuck Trump”? What has happened to you brothas?

        Where do you get defending from? All I said is do you believe that Fox are saying that Black folks just randomly kidnap a handicap white person for the hell of it? However, you do what I expected you would do just like these woman. DEFLECT and than attack my character and play semantics with my words. As a matter of fact something similar of this crime happened almost two years ago, where was your outrage for this?

        Yet, fox news gave it little coverage and quickly took it down. Than you have white folks clearly do the things your doing….find ways to make it like black folks caused it.

        Now for THE MOST HIGH topic, I judge righteously (John 7:24), and guess what happened t these boys and girls? Yep.. arrested. THE MOST HIGH always punishes his children no need to add more afflictions to it. I teach mercy and repentance to our Nation just like how our savior came. What do you do that is good for our nation? Can you show me your faith?

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      • Genlaya Ben Israel,

        Well, not exactly, now we have Worldstar Hiphop, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat and many other self media outlets that let us know daily that black folks are messing up, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, BBC, ITN etc are all now irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. The video I have on my post about UK black women wasn’t sourced from any mainstream media outlets, it came from Facebook. I’ve got some other videos that I will be posting up shortly where black folks are up to no good, again they have been sourced from Facebook, not fox News.

        Nobody mentioned white flight nor did I state that white communities were perfect, I stated that there were certain white communities that were PEACEFUL until the government decided to move section 8/welfare recipients into those same communities, now they are a complete mess. Your going to have give me some examples of white neighbourhoods that are “flooded with crimes, murders, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, armed robberies, arsonists”etc excluding the presence of poor blacks.

        I understand the gentrification process, however one of the main reason why whites are able to do this is because black women are the ones leading the community and leading it into hell. Black women don’t build anything, all they do is destroy. Black folks cannot live together successfully in big groups because of the dissention and heavy discord black women have injected into black society. Middle class blacks know this which is why they typically don’t live around many other black people.

        What does John 4:23 and Psalms 119:142 have to do with a person’s individual personality and their right to retain it? You are going to have to explain that one more clearly.

        Yes I do believe that those Negroes kidnapped and tortured that guy because I have posted the video that was yet again sourced from Facebook itself, also because as I proved before poor inner cities Negroes engage in stupid, reckless and dangerous activities and we don’t need the mainstream media for the purposes of verification. Right now I can talk to blacks who are living amongst these savages and have to deal with their violent terrorism everyday. Again, you are attempting to give these harpies and their hoodlums a pass on the sneak for what they did to that white guy, that is not honourable behaviour.

        The huge difference between white folks and black folks is when a white criminal is brought to light, white people won’t attempt to make up excuses for his/her behaviour, they typically will distance themselves from the guilty culprit. White people overall condemned the actions of those football players, they didn’t get to work seeing what angles they could use to excuse their behaviour, unlike some blacks who will purposely look for routes and paths they can use to excuse the gross misconduct of the lowest dregs of black society.

        Christ has already instructed us that most go the way of destruction and few walk the straight and narrow path(Matthew 7-13:14). The scum of black society are already destined for hell, it is quite obvious to anybody who is willing to be honest that they are akin to the Scribes and the Pharisees in that they love doing evil works and as a result they cannot repent. I do not stretch my hand out to try and save unrepentant evil scum because they don’t appreciate good gestures and they most certainly will bite your hand. Here is proof of this yet again:


    • >Really see things spiritually instead of what is in your face.

      Translation: Focus on the illusion instead of the reality. Which is exactly how the so-called “community” morphed in to the destructive, ambient state that it’s in today.

      But by all means Genyala, continue to uplift the community, and let us know how it works out for you. I’ve taken the SYSBM path many years ago, and if it doesn’t make me “black”, then so be it.

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  7. It aint about tryin to impress white or even Asian men, it’s about impressing ourselves and building and competing like men. Our race has heretofore been unable to do that to the degree of others, regardless of whether or not the white man was there. Look at most of Africa, look at Jamaica, look at Haiti.

    Even if we moved to where we never saw a white Man again, if we’re stuck trying to build with a group of women who we consistently thrive when remove from and struggle when around, we will NEVER build anything en masse. No, not just a few, not a couple of “I know a good one” one off exceptions, but where the majority are stable, peaceable, and able to sustain a modern society. That doesn’t require that everyone be a lawyer or rocket scientist, but it does require that enough give a damn to actually build something on their own instead of begging for it to be built for them, and then keeping it up instead of relying on others to do that and then wondering why they might hold us in contempt.

    The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over again. Black Women are a failed experiment. Time to move on to the next assignment. Doesn’t matter if you get a Martian woman, just get some other flavor.

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  8. I’ll share something with you: on the subreddit r/blackladies, which is known to be a highly-toxic community of black women and their apologists, do you know there wasn’t a single mention of the attack? Oh they knew black women were involved in the torture, but since it didn’t fit their narrative, nothing was mentioned.

    Another problem which I’m sure you know about single black mothers is their sheer indifference to their children. The black woman is highly materialistic; any money she gets is spent on ridiculous weaves and fashion accessories. Any free time is spent at ‘da club’ with other hoodrats, leaving their children either alone at home or with grandma.

    Also as their daughters reach their teen years, the black mother actually gets resentful and jealous. She will treat that daughter as a rival. What kind of mother does this?

    And speaking of white people supporting the black mother’s disgusting behavior, do you recall a photo of a black mother publicly beating her teenage son because he was out rioting? The media were celebrating her parenting ‘skills’, but nobody mentioned how normal it is to for black women to beat their children silly. Surely a good talking to and public shaming would have taught the boy a lesson, but nope – black women are natural born street fighters.

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  9. @ genlaya

    Ok, I hate Black women, then. You got me!!! But what does that change? That’s liberal logic.

    You and others insinuate that whites do the same dumb acts at the same level. Now logic shows how that’s literally impossible because their neighborhoods would look like ours, but let’s deal with the Israelite aspect. If we are God’s chosen people, what happened to that city on a hill thing? If we are the Israelites and they’re devils, why are we, especially the women out doing dumb violent acts for no reason and broadcasting it ourselves, and then comparing ourselves to “devils” when called out on it.

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    • “You and others insinuate that whites do the same dumb acts at the same level.” Actually dumbass white’s do better yet, way more dumbshit than black folks.

      Exhibit A

      Exhibit B

      “If we are God’s chosen people, what happened to that city on a hill thing? If we are the Israelites and they’re devils, why are we, especially the women out doing dumb violent acts for no reason and broadcasting it ourselves, and then comparing ourselves to “devils” when called out on it”.

      See it is soo funny that you Men are doing the exact same thing these bitches do. DEFLECT instead of dealing with the subject on hand. So because you want to deflect lets continue with this sillyness we have. Why are they dumb acts? Simple.

      Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

      Isaiah 60:2 For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.

      Lamentations 2:1 How hath the Lord covered the daughter of Zion with a cloud in his anger, and cast down from heaven unto the earth the beauty of Israel, and remembered not his footstool in the day of his anger!

      Simple The Most High put a spirit of darkness and slumber on these woman. That is why they do the things they do. They are lost, and there is no light(spirit,wisdom) in them.

      Now anything else? I can too also post endless videos of white folks doing dumb shit but of course with your carnal mindset, you will find ways to justify it.


      • And who justifies sports riots? I’ll wait.

        Hell, they vilified Miley Cyrus when she was twerking.

        You know for a fact that walking in a white tourist area at night and a black community at night are two different things. It’s negroes like you that are the reason for the black community. You’ll point out the farts of another group, when your own has wet runny $hit running down its leg.

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  10. @Afro Futurism NO.NO.NO. People like me it’s not the reason the community is in the shambles it is in. The community is in shambles due to being cursed of disobedience, added afflictions from other nations, lack of resources and money, feminism and welfare. I said I do not nor condone the sins our people partake in. That is why Revelations 18:4 says get out of her O my people, be not partaker of her sins. But see here is the kicker with stupid ass carnal minded Negroes like you. When someone who is a Negro who loves his people, you call him all types of things and accuse him with stupid ass remarks. For example, HOTEP (which is Egyptian even though we are not Hamites), and Pro-Black(which actually THE MOST HIGH IS). You weak spirited Negro males are literally like dumb ass black female swirlers who cannot get it through there thick skull. So now we are in 2017, and it is now considered bad and taboo for someone to just say, I love Negro Black people. We have literally reached that point where now the oppressed are the villains of the world. Bro, I hope that heathen pussy is worth it if your that damn desperate for validation from females because everything you type or comes out of your mouth you will have to take account with the Messiah (Matthews 12:36)<——–


  11. @Verbs weird that I could not respond to your comment. We already agreed about the lower dregs of our community. However, 2/3rds of our people are getting cut off anyway. The problem I was bringing up was the so-called kidnapping that so-called took place. It was said in the video by one of the girls that she knew the suspect and that he did something to them. What was it? We don’t know. However, one can conclude that they are arrested and paying the time in prison. The #BLM video? We should all already know BLM is a farce and a funded movement by a fake Jew George Soros to further push homosexuality with the help of the LGBT community, and garner female empowerment attention.

    “The huge difference between white folks and black folks is when a white criminal is brought to light, white people won’t attempt to make up excuses for his/her behaviour, they typically will distance themselves from the guilty culprit”.

    UM hello? Serial killers and mass school shootings. White folks has constantly repeated themselves the same ol tired rhetoric, “Oh this person obviously is mentally off, he should get the treatment he needs”. As a matter of fact, hollyweird constantly makes homage films to these infamous events that took place.

    “unlike some blacks who will purposely look for routes and paths they can use to excuse the gross misconduct of the lowest dregs of black society”.

    Reread my previous paragraph.

    “I understand the gentrification process, however one of the main reason why whites are able to do this is because black women are the ones leading the community and leading it into hell”.

    You are completely off. BW running amok in our so-called community has nothing to do with gentrification. Gentrification happens because higher elites love seeing our people with nothing to ourselves. Everytime we start to bring in some income to our people, that is when they start sending these fake COINTELPRO Realtors to sell your house and tricking black folks to go move somewhere that is more affordable. Only to raise up the property value when they do move. Bro, please do not tell me you forgot how gentrification works. I told you earlier why we our living in the conditions and they were 1.) Curses. 2.) Added afflictions from other nations. 3.) Welfare and Feminism. Those are some of the top issues affecting us. But lets list some more issues that really affected us.

    1.) Crack cocaine epidemic of the 80’s after the fall of the industrial complex that forced Black Men to become sorcerers and PIMPS to our people.

    2.) Christian churches with their false satanic teaches in which I think you did covering your first book.

    3.) Lack of resources and money. Blacks don’t have no money nor state funding to get the same education than whites. Blacks are only taught—-> Slavery, MLK, European history and that is it.

    4.) Lack of identity. The average Negro wherever they dwell do not know their real heritage or identity. They have only been taught what has been told to them. Ask the average Negro who are by products of cargo slave ships and tell them before slavery happens, where in Africa did your ancestors come from. Guarantee vast majority will say, I DON’T KNOW.

    5.) Societal pressures of the world. Both Black Men and woman are raised in toxic environments not only from their mothers, but the world as in whole. Blacks are raised to think they are stupid, primitive, violent, cannot amount to anything. So what does the average human being do? They later succumb to that mindset. Deuteronomy 28:28 tells you we will be stricken with madness. No matter how hard our people tried, it’s not good enough but when we mess up the whole world is ready to ridicule. But like I said, 2/3rds of our wicked people have to go. But hey you want to keep thinking these evil heffas were the sole reason we are living in shambles, be my guess.


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