Black Women Steadfast, Unrepentant, Locked In And Doubling Down On Their Feminism!

Exhibits A and B:



Here is just one example of the pestilence, the contamination and the filth that decent, moral grounded black folks are having to face within black society almost everyday, dirty black harridans such as this contaminated specimen above who see nothing wrong with embracing and celebrating decadent lifestyles and malevolent cultures that are detrimental to any society yet alone our own.

I already informed you through Negro Wars that black women enjoy wallowing in their own filth, the things that they ought to shun and reject they instead run to, love and embrace. Remember, the feminism that black women are subscribed to is several layers deeper than the feminism that was given to them in the 1960s by white women, this neo feminism that black women adhere to is a mutant form of misandry.

I have to laugh when black women talk that “most black men are on the down low” talk because black women are the biggest supporters and pushers of homosexuals, homosexuality and all other forms of perversion within black society. Black women especially enjoy emasculating and effeminising black boys, that way in the future as grown men they will pose no threat to the dysfunctional positions of leadership black women have been given over black society by their white father.

Black men, here is yet another reason to walk away from black women. How can you even begin to form a union with a group of women who are not only morally bankrupt but who also enjoy swimming in filth and reprobation? These are the same black Jezebels channelling slutdom jumping from penis to penis in their attempts to satisfy their insatiable appetites for sex.

This filthy black female above is no doubt one of these same individuals, believing that throwing off all moral boundaries and restrictions will somehow bring her more liberation and freedom, however nothing could be further from the truth. Herein lies the stupidity of the modern day black female right here, she believes that embracing evil, wicked and immoral doctrines and philosophies somehow makes her a better person. No, what it makes you is a slave to that type of lifestyle, many a times slavery that one cannot escape from.

This is the ultra liberal mindset on display right here, anything and everything goes, nothing is left off the table, the man/woman is free to indulge in whatever he/she pleases. Of course folks with common sense already know that this type of mentality is typically pervasive within a broken society. No society has ever prospered uplifting scum or promoting decadent, immoral lifestyles. As per your typical black woman this witch loves wearing non black hair on her head and construction site loads of make up according to her own words.

This is why I have no hesitation is stating that black men with sense and intelligence must walk away from black women, after all is this the kind of black female that you would want to form any sort relationship with? You’ll notice thesedays how most black women are proud to be scumbags, they really couldn’t care less what anybody else thinks and as far as they are concerned the people who hold to a moral standard are the ones with the problems and deficiencies.

Yep, as per usual a black woman’s best friend is typically a homosexual, yet black women will call a black man a homosexual if he disagrees with anything she says. Black women as I explained before love homosexuals because they do not pose a threat to their white father’s kingdom. The modern day black woman is the gatekeeper of white supremacy, she enjoys stamping on the heads of black men at the behest of her substitute husband the state. In exchange for services rendered she is permitted to indulge and feast upon the many government benefits, treats and welfare schemes available.

This is your typical black female above, she enjoys seeing black men compromised, emasculated and destroyed, shortly I will be showcasing some other black women who openly confess to effeminising black men and say that they enjoy every moment of it. You simply cannot win with modern day black women, they are literal devils walking in the flesh, when I see black women these days most of the time I cross to the opposite side of the street because of the bad vibes that seem to follow them.

I keep on telling you black men that this black woman is not your friend, while you still have the chance you should walk away from such contaminated filth. And to think that these are the same women who claim to be Christians. Christ states that whores aswell as other evil doers shall burn in hellfire, yet this black woman somehow believes that she is exempt from such a judgement? I suppose that this warped mentality could be the strong delusion the Most high stated he would send upon morally compromised individuals in the last days.

SYSBM is the only way forward for the thinking black man, those black men who still wish to hold onto their queens in the long run will most definitely be sorry, you cannot walk with a contaminated individual without eventually being infected yourself.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

28 thoughts on “Black Women Steadfast, Unrepentant, Locked In And Doubling Down On Their Feminism!

  1. The more and more you delve into so much of the black female agenda is to turn black men gay. Look at the media black men on shows controlled by black women or black male feminists are either gay, transsexual or if they are straight they are totally barbaric or so whipped by their woman they no longer have any traits of masculinity. Our boys are raised with this mindset and begin to idolize these lifestyles. I believe in gay rights and trans rights, but I find it awfully suspicious that it seems to be such a high ratio in the black community. Some would call that homophobia, I call it bringing to attention mass social engineering that has further disrupted a community. You don’t hear about these issues in the Latino or Asian community. You don’t hear about these issues in low income/working class white America. So what’s going on in the black community?

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    • Reggie James,

      One of the many reasons why I personally do not support the homosexual lifestyle is because is brings absolutely no profit to any society or community. Historically homosexuality and other decadent practices are always introduced just as a society heads into its final collapse. I have asked homosexuals on many occasions to show me the positive benefits to introducing homosexuality as a norm into society, I have yet to receive an answer.

      Homosexuality is a selfish lifestyle, only homosexuals benefit from the progressions made within their movement, however homosexuals have no problems jumping onto the bandwagons of other movements and syphoning benefits from them, this is why through the help of black women there was a period where homosexuals were comparing their lifestyle and struggles to being black.

      We have to face the facts, communities including ours were much better off when homosexuality, transsexualism and other similar lifestyles were rejected by societies as a whole and were looked upon with disdain and disgust. The problem with homosexuals is the fact that they aren’t satisfied with rights alone, the want to force their lifestyle into everybody else’s face, especially those who do not support or approve of homosexuality.

      Over here in the UK they are now teaching homosexuality to 5 years olds:

      You cannot play with fire and not get burned, reprobate lifestyles and those that practice them should never be given a free roam of the yard as they will be sure to contaminate everything they touch. What on earth do 5 year olds have to do with homosexuality and sex education? As far as I am concerned giving homosexuals rights is one of the biggest mistakes the west has made.

      As bad as Africa is they certainly have it spot on and correct in maintaining homosexuality as an illegal practice. Give people rights based upon them being human beings yes but never based upon their own personal lifestyle choices.

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  3. I believe in no rights for unnatural freaks.

    What she doesn’t notice is that gays and trannies love black Women because that’s literally who they’re trying to imitate. Look at all the gay mannerisms an colloquialisms, it’s the same stuff black Women do. Black men, is this what you want, a fat, loud mouthed tranny? No wonder we’re such a joke.

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    • Afrofuturism,

      Agreed, giving rights to folks who practice reprobate, destructive lifestyles is a recipe for disaster, this is one of the main reasons why western countries are in a mess, they allow non productive and detrimental behaviours and those that practice them to roam the yard freely.

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      • If we force fed the stats on homosexuality like we do smoking, NO ONE would do it. God knows there’s all manner of psychooogical evidence to show how trannies are the craziest sobs possible. Trannies are also selfish as hell, because they want to force everyone else to see them as they see themselves. It’d be like me forcing the bank to see me as a billionaire and I have $5 in my account.

        I think black chicks hang with trannies because they look so similar but the have extra attractive points by being actual women.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Homosexuals are much like feminists(two sides of the same coin), whenever the truth about the lifestyle is exposed they go into full primal mode relentlessly attacking the person/people/organisation responsible for bringing the information forward.

        I remember an article that came out a number of years back based upon a study that showed homosexuals as a collective having an average lifespan that is half that of heterosexuals, homosexuals and their advocates lost the plot and went after the group that conducted the study big time.

        Just like the feminists they are a dishonest bunch of individuals.

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  4. Verbs great job you have done it again. Man where should i start, black women are gone most black women today do not have any problem having multiple gay men around their sons and when they get called out on it they get upset and say you are a homophob. These fools know that these men sexually assault little boys on the regular and yet the demon black women still will bring them around these women are the devil. Also it is so funny how American society tries to make you agree with homosexuality and when you do not they say you are a homophob no i just have my own opinion nitwits. I do not wish ill will on anyone but BW and Homos will be judged accordingly. Afro, i saw a special on how gays are treated in Russia they do not mess around also they have like street Militia groups that target gays they are not having it over there.

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    • Sean,

      Russia has the right idea when it comes down to dealing with homosexuality because they have seen the incredible damage that it has caused in the west. The Russians are not stupid, they fully understand that accepting and allowing degenerate cultures to spread will lead to the collapse of communities and society itself. I’ve seen the way that the Russian militias deal with homosexuals and pedophiles, their techniques aren’t pretty however they are necessary in order to keep the contamination from spreading.

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      • Kameron Brown,

        They simply don’t promote it anywhere on any level in the country. Of course you have some more radical individuals who will go around and beat homosexuals up, however the main consensus of the country is that type of behaviour is unacceptable.

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  5. Yeah why in the hell do we normalize something that seems to halfen life spans, namely due to violent diseases, yet talk about how bad cigarettes are?

    Black Women are the women’s lib movement, feminism, and true self hate all wrapped up in one, and they are the number one group of blacks who will side with gays when they try to commandeer black peoples’ struggle.


  6. Of course, the liberals will say dumb crap like “well, being straight doesn’t make you a good person!”. It also doesn’t heavily increase you potential to get aids!

    Same thing with “our friend”. Just saw a video of his telling black men to not say that black Women aren’t crap when the main one who aren’t crap are you”. This niggar is simping! That sounds like the title of any Karazin video!

    It’s the same tactic with defenders of homos, feminists, and these simp niggas.


      • Afrofuturism1,

        Sotomayor as we have discussed before is addicted to black vagina. Now that he has so many black women wanting to sleep with him, the conviction he once had in his earlier days for holding black women accountable and responsible for their skullduggery has now disappeared, in essence he has been compromised. He will slowly begin to fall back and drop out as one the leading black men running with the torch of accountability against black women, Sotomayor will not be finishing this race. Its a shame really because he was one of the main forerunners in calling out black women on their evil and dysfunction.

        You’ll notice that guys like Obsidian Radio, Hardcore Tito, GW3 Extreme, Reluctant Nabi, Oshay Duke Jackson, Brian Solange and other smaller black YouTubers have now begun to take over the spotlight in terms of calling out black women on their deplorable behaviour. Sotomayor often accuses other black YouTubers of copying him, however he simply isn’t performing in the same manner that he was in the beginning, therefore he must now be pushed to the side in order to allow others to step forward, take over and do the job properly.

        Now you see yet again why I refer to black women as black witches, they will hypnotise and spellbind a man in many ways, sex being one of their favourite techniques of persuasion. Compare his earlier material from 2012, 2013, 2014 to the material that he is releasing today. This is yet another reason why I began to go in heavy on the blogging, in 2017 there are very few black men out there who are standing up for and representing thinking and intelligent black men solidly without compromise.

        This is the problem with many of these guys, as soon as they become “superstars” they begin compromising their positions, simping and pandering to black women. Tariq Nasheed is the same, another one who used to hold black women accountable however has now resorted to licking their muddy boots instead. We already know the score with Dr Umar Johnson, Dr Boyce Watkins and the rest of these “mega church” black male YouTubers, its always the same old story.

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  7. @Verbs was wondering about that Oshay guy, as I saw a couple of his videos as suggested videos.

    Sad. He got where he is by going in on them, but now he’s giving up?! But as you and I have said, after that Russian woman left him, he was basically to just having black chicks, namely prostitutes, to choose from. Thus, he has to ensure a steady supply of cooch because dudes like him don’t get married.

    On the topic of how black womens’ feminism is related to this, these dudes raised by these black women, even the seemingly logical ones, are schizophrenic as hell. It’s sad how even the seeming roses through concrete are unreliable and can easily become the pawns of black witchcraft.


    • Afrofuturism1,

      Oshay tends to cover a wider variety of topics, to be honest I believe the person who is now the most predominant YouTuber in calling out black female dysfunction consistently in my opinion is Obsidian Radio.

      Indeed it is a big shame, after his relationship with the Russian woman ended he was never the same man again. Now all he has to choose from are prostitutes, so called female “friends” who he flies out to his mansion and Instagram models.

      Indeed, it is a sad ending, however the war continues. When one soldier is down another must take his place. Sotomayor is a broken individual, he is exactly like the dysfunctional black women he harps on about. When he states that his life ought to be viewed as a cautionary tale, he is 100% right.

      This is the typical ending of those black men who still believe that they can find their “queen”.

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      • Indeed. Cautionary, but not for the reasons he thinks. He is very much a successful individual, with his many trials coming through his dealings with black chicks. He downplays his own success, as well as now downplaying the threat of black chicks.

        I see from one of Obsidians videos that Karazin had a feud with advise show? Pathetic, and I’m no fan of his either.

        This is also why I have no problem saying eff the hood. These dudes in the ghetto aren’t needed, as they’re many times tainted by the women. Raze the hood and build on its ashes.

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  8. After seeing the black chick egg on and record the negroes torturing the special neeeds boy, I fully say that most of these hoods need to wiped off the face of the planet and that black chicks be branded and treated like lepers.

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  9. Another great topic. See Black Women understand that feminism and being a feminist subscribes to the ideal of a Female version of White Supremacy. It’s such a fallacy because they only gets them material gains (the crumbs on the floor usually) at best but nothing for long term benefits. Feminist (in general) do support homosexuality because it supports their agenda of eugenics, population control, effemination of men & men’s rights, and female domination.

    This is why you see that today’s “Black Feminist” that have bi-sexual/dyke tendacies. Raise there boys to see women as victims with over inflated worth. Woman worshippers and female power. All these Black women support this non-sense because they want to uplifted and emulated. Funny this is their emulating something they can never be…lol.

    Black Women are actually dense because the feminist movement that they so proudly defend doesn’t protect them. It doesn’t even benefit them. When Black Women issues are on the forefront, those White Feminist are silent. So much so, you could hear the crickets chirping in the background. White Women are the biggest benefactors that receive affirmative action & welfare. Also,they are actually the biggest group that are getting educated (and getting degrees) besides Asians.

    Black women love to throw this stat that they are the most educated group but its a farce. They are actually the most enrolled. Their drop-out rate is high and many take basic or shit majors. They often end up going back every 5-10 years changing careers. Thus, being the academic “snob”. The wealth gap between most BW and everyone else is huge and uncomparable. On the topic of Tommy Sotomayor, his downfall came in various ways.

    Tommy Sotomayor fell off because he is a fraud with no direction & conviction. He is a hypocrite in many ways. Tommy took so many L’s that people forget. Tommy Sotomayor (1) Scammed people out of money for a movie,(2) lived with and had a relationship with a Black Women during his start. But then started the relationship with the Russian,(3) Got kicked out on some Tonya T.K.O shit and was being a vagabond in late 2013 to 2014,(4) Lost the Russian and kept getting exposed,(5)Nail in the coffin-He has a second (bastard) child from another Black Woman. And I think this kids is 6 or 7 years old. You do the math.(6)Being punked like a bitch on an interview by a former Drug Dealer/Pimp.

    @ Verbs 2015,You should discuss the hypocritical “Pro-Black” women YouTube as well. Some are just as worst as the male counterparts you stated in your comment.

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    • >Tommy Sotomayor fell off because he is a fraud with no direction & conviction.

      The correct spelling of his last name is SIMPmayor.

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  10. Ryan,

    That’s the thing i have stated so many times that BW are pawns in the game as soon as the white msn gets everything he wants from them they will be thrown in the trash because they are trash. And white women cant stand BW that is one thing I noticed about going to court doing my divorce I had a whites female lawyer who fought hard for me and I actually got a good deal as opposed to what me black. It h ex wife tried to get from me. I have also heard similar stories of BM having white female lawyers.

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