Why Do You Write So Many Articles On Black Women?


Its simple, because black women are currently the main problem within black society, black women with the assistance of government have been the ones who have systematically destroyed black men and black society as a whole. The reason why I do not focus upon defective black men is because they are merely an end result/a product, the black woman is the manufacturer of that product hence why she is the one who must be held to account.

As I have mentioned many times before, if a product is coming off the assembly line defective, it isn’t the product’s fault, the manufacturer is to blame. Black men aren’t being born evil and problematic, they are deliberately being trained, programmed, indoctrinated and groomed through their youth to be that way by black women. This is why I have to laugh at black women whenever I lay out their innumerable transgressions on the table and they immediately begin to deflect by listing numerous problems with black men.

Black women quickly forget that they are the ones who are raising the overwhelming majority of black boys and girls by themselves, a path of single motherhood that they deliberately choose. Yes, I can say that because we already have the report from the CDC which clearly shows that black men are the most involved in the lives of their children, the deadbeat dad myth is just that, a myth and propaganda concocted by diabolic black women in their quest to fulfil their contractual obligations towards the state by keeping black men flat on their faces, thus as long as we continue to associate with, interact, date and procreate with this modern-day black witch, we as black men will be unable to progress and build.

The other issue here is in relation to the 30 plus year head start black women have had using the media arm of their white father to denigrate, blemish, graffiti, mark and smudge the image and the reputation of black men. Not only do we black men have the task of cleaning up the many lies and the endless propaganda black women have been spreading relentlessly, we also must expose their many sins in order to clearly illustrate just how far from purity and holiness these dark harridans actually are.

As I have stated in my book Negro Wars, the modern-day black female has become a curse and a pestilence upon black men and black society, thinking black folks would do wise to separate themselves from these women in order to preserve their own lives. Black men with sense and intelligence would do well to abandon black women as a group and seek love and companionship elsewhere.

I have shown you through article upon article that black men and black women at this stage are totally incompatible. Not only that but I have also demonstrated beyond any doubt the fact that black women as a whole hold a deep hatred towards black men.

Let it be known that this isn’t what black men originally desired, we didn’t want to be at odds with black women, however because of their cult deep dedication to feminism coupled with their traitorous actions in accepting fatherless home welfare policies from the state over keeping the black family strong and healthy, many black men have been forced to seek genuine love and companionship through non black women.

There are a large number of black men who are still refusing to accept the writing on the wall, they are continuing to force through relationships with black women only to have them collapse a short time after. You cannot form a confederacy with a group of women who not only hate your guts but who are also hell-bent on your destruction. Those black men who refuse to take heed will inevitably become victims and casualties of those same black females.

The war continues, this is a new era, you cannot have a situation where only one gender of the black race is ever held accountable and responsible for their crimes, this makes absolutely no sense and creates a severe imbalance. Any society which operates in such a manner cannot function properly, fallen black society is a classic example of the results from one sided accountability.

The reason why black women hate my book Negro Wars is because they cannot refute any of its contents, if they could they would have done so already. Black women hate being the focus of scrutiny and examination and that is exactly what Negro Wars does, it holds a spotlight directly in the black woman’s face, one that ought to have been shone many years ago.

The black woman’s gravy express has reached its final destination, there will be no more playing the victim and running over black men, not on my watch. “All change please, this train terminates here. Be sure to take all your personal belongings with you when leaving the train”. As I stated in Negro Wars, the pre heated grill of accountability is ready for its first service and black women are the first slabs and joints to be placed upon it for a thorough roasting.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

21 thoughts on “Why Do You Write So Many Articles On Black Women?

  1. Very well put Verbs2007. I never considered the fact that no BW or simp has stepped forward and refuted anything in Negro Wars. I haven’t shown anybody the book for a while, but this book should be considered a manual for BM in the Westernized countries. A toast to you and Happy New Year.

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    • Frilla77,

      Most definitely, more black men need to accept the blatant writing on the wall, black women as a collective simply don’t like us, we are totally incompatible with one another at this point. SYSBM is the only way forward for the thinking black man. Negro Wars is vital to fully understanding the modern day black witch, more black men would benefit greatly from reading the book. Happy new year to you too sir.

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  2. Speaking the truth, you have to wake people up. People are always saying gotta stay woke well the wokeness is that white, latina and asian women are the way forward for the new black community it’s as simple as that!

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  3. Pingback: Preach, brother!! Excellent observations and response as always. And as he mentioned, he himself did not want to come to this conclusion for the longest time. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but most life saving medicine is.Why Do You Write So Many A

  4. As you mentioned, even YOU did not want to come to this conclusion for the longest. Sadly, it is what it is.

    And in terms of the lack of diversity of topics (like that’s a legitimate complaint), they don’t complain that the mostly white ESPN only talks about sports and doesn’t cover art galleries.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      The three main topics of my focus are black women, feminism and the church, with black women taking center stage at the moment due to the great damage that they have brought upon black society and especially black men.

      Exactly, people choose the topics they want to talk about, if the topic is not to a person’s liking then they should leave, not try to force the individual to start talking about a subject of their personal liking.

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      • It’s an effeminate mindset, flowing through not only women, but the children of single mothers and black people almost everywhere.

        If I watch a certain channel, and most of the shows are to my liking, get a few are either not good or do not hold my interest, it is not my fault nor the creators’ fault. I simply have no interest, and can change the channel and turn it to a subject I am interested in. Any logical individual would realize this!

        I also hope that black women realize that this furthers their bad image, wagging their fingers in anger that someone covers their dysfunction. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m sick of them. I refuse to do the limp wristed “I don’t hate black women, I LOVE black women and am trying to help em!. Eff em, my mission is to let others know how bad they are, not trying to convince them to waste their time looking for a remnant or get heart broken by one they think is a “good one”.

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  5. You hit the nail on the head Verbs, i never went into this with a objective of hating black women but after time they showed me their true colors they are by far the most selfish people on the planet. They do not care about preserving the black family at all as long as they get money and state assistance. The same black men who fight for them see what would happen if they got in a relationship or marriage with them and have kids and assets and they break up they will go to the state faster than Usain Bolt. They have no loyalty at all so we as black men are just suppose to keep taking and dating black women because they are black that is crazy you are suppose to be with people who really love you and have your back not people who are chasing money from a hellish system with no regard of the destruction they are carrying out.

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  6. It is distressing that at this point in time, I as a black man, find black women to be both mentally and physically repulsive.

    Black women are undeniably the most masculine females out there. Their facial features are rough and manly, and their bodies brutish and uncouth. Compare two women who are professionals in the same playing field – Serena Williams and Anna Kournikova. Williams basically not only looks like a man in a wig, but a deeply masculine one too. Kournikova still has a feminine appearance.

    Then there’s the aggression level. I’m not saying that other races of women do not engage in brawls, but have you seen the difference between black women fighting and other races fighting? White girls, Asians, Indians, etc, still fight like – for lack of a better term – women. A couple of men could easily restrain them. Black women, on the other hand, are full out brutal street fighters. If possibly they would fight to the death, and not even a group of large black men could hold them back.

    Ok fine, let’s give them the benefit of doubt. So they are physically repellant and aggressive in nature. Maybe their personalities could save them? Unfortunately no – when’s the last time you saw a black woman interested in anything other materialism and fighting? You’d be hard pressed to find a black woman who is into reading or art or even film.

    Lastly, we know that it is a racial slur towards black people to be called apes or chimpanzees. However, I was at the zoo the other day, and the chimps were in a state of anger and fighting each other. I swear to you the noise and commotion reminded me exactly of how black women fight. Almost indistinguishable. So when I hear folks comment about how black woman are behaving like apes, I don’t appreciate it necessarily but I can understand.


    • BlackWriter,

      We here at Slaying Evil share your sentiments concerning black women. The modern day black woman has turned into a barbaric, bloodthirsty, violent, masculine, rebellious savage and the worst thing is she enjoys revelling in such negativity. This is one of many reasons why I advise black men to seek love and companionship elsewhere. It may not be their first choice however in light of the devil this black female has become, it is the wiser choice.

      I personally am not going to attempt to force through a relationship with a woman who doesn’t like me, this makes absolutely no sense. Black women and black men at this stage are simply incompatible and I am bringing forward more evidence everyday that clearly illustrates this. There is nothing desirable about black women at this point, nothing.


  7. Wow. Truer words have never been spoken! I’m not sure when it happened, but BW have become white supremacy’s most effective tool! At some point our community has to deal with this….


    • C.J

      If you haven’t done so already you ought to pick up a copy of Negro Wars where I go though the history of the black woman’s treachery and how she has gotten to this point. Indeed, the black woman has become so efficient at enforcing white supremacy within black society that white folks have now downed their tools and gone out to lunch.


  8. I’m just gonna throw in my two cents. Growing, I was vastly interested in black women. Maybe it was because I came from a two-parent household and my mother was a well-respected black woman. So I thought I could find a black woman that had the same traits as my mother.

    Then came grade school and high school (both within the urban environment) and my years being involved in those areas forever changed my perception on the modern-day black woman. My parents had raised me to be courteous, respectful, and well-mannered towards my peers, especially towards my fellow black women. And what did that do for me? Be called a coon, lame, goody boy, you ain’t black enough, sellout, I’m too much of a nice guy, stop acting white, Pookie got more swag than you, etc. The list goes on, not to mention being rejected for the thugs and pretty boys. For me, the turning point was all the worthless mental games I had to go through. I wasn’t worth it. From that point on, I just automatically ruled myself out from being with black women at that time, because they sure didn’t want me.

    Then come college. And that’s when my whole perception changed forever. Why? Because I was treated better by non-black women, especially asian women. They saw my potential in life and treated me like the man I am to be. And I didn’t have to beg them for it, they willfully saw the good in me and treated me as such. That’s when I knew, from that point onward, I would never go back to black women.

    What most of these black women need to understand is, you can only belittle and reject good black men for so long. Even a dog that’s been abused by his master has enough sense to run away when given a chance. Do you really believe a self-respecting black man, who has worked hard all his life to finally be successful and even save himself for marriage, would then turn around and try to build a future with a woman who has multiple kids from multiple fathers, can never connect emotionally because she had so many men run through her, and only want you for your money? No thanks.


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    • True, the more you’re around them and other women, the more you realize that there is no comparison. Even the flaws of other women become minuscule compare to the destruction of black Women.

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  9. Sigma,

    I stated in another post if black men took that long flight to Asia they would not come back after being treated like royalty by these Asian women. Many black men are going to Latin America to meet women in large numbers they also treat you good but black women better be lucky Asia is far especially for us guys on the East Coast it it would have been completely over for BW awhile ago.

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