Check Mate – White Woman Puts Black Women In Their Place Once Again

Exhibit A:

Emma Swan

It seems that white women are beginning to grow tired of black women, black women’s repeated attempts to imitate white women have not gone unnoticed by them and white women are now striking back pointing out the black woman’s blatant shortfalls. I have always stated that black women constantly leave themselves wide open to be criticised, mocked and ridiculed.

On the issue of black women trying to be like white women Emma Swan is spot on, many of us black men have been stating the same thing for the longest while. Black women of course have denied the accusation, however the weave wearing, the skin bleaching and the application of lightening filters to their photos on social media platforms leaves no room for the evidence to be interpreted in any other way.

Of course we already know that black women hate being black from how they treat black children as opposed to their treatment of mixed race and white children. In like manner we can draw the same conclusion based upon how black women treat black men as opposed to the treatment they show white and other non black men. Lastly we know that black women hate being black from how they attempt to distance themselves as far as possible from their natural looks.

Emma Swan talked about “Bumquisha” due to the fact that black women primarily in the US are notorious for giving their children stupid names, thus they are jinxed from birth and their children commence their lives from a position of deficit. Bumquisha is also a reference to the fact that black women are renowned for being lazy individuals.

On the issue of “baby mommas” Swan again is not wrong, black women are well-known for birthing an extremely high rate of children outside of committed relationships/marriage. Remember, black women hate children as standard, they only have them for two main reasons, to use them as a tool to get on the government payroll aswell as a weapon to use again the father when required.

In the case of “nappy hair”, it is actually black women who are the ones responsible for originating and circulating this phrase, they are the ones who commonly use the phrase “nappy hair” hating on their own black daughters and any other black women around them who decide to keep their hair natural. Black women ought to be ashamed of themselves, however we already know that black women feel no shame no matter what evil they commit.

The only area I take issue with Swan on is her last statement, of course white folks are more prone to success, we are under a white infrastructure, it has been set up for yourselves, not us. It is obvious that white folks would have much more of an advantage over other races in their own system, this isn’t rocket science to figure out, this is straight logic and common sense.

Black women enjoy imitating white women, white women are currently the standard for black females hence why black women will always use white women as a comparator whenever they are caught engaging in questionable activities. Does the saying “white women do it too” sound familiar? This type of critique is going to occur more often, since black women have now set up white women as their gold standard, white women now have the right step in and reprimand black women whenever they see fit and whatever issues they choose.

Black women do themselves no favours attempting to emulate other races of women, from a black man’s perspective if Keisha is trying her best to look like Suzy, it makes much more sense to deal with Suzy(the original)instead of Keisha(the copy). Black women have fallen, non black women have surpassed them in every way which is one of the main reasons why huge numbers of black men are choosing to abandon black women altogether.

Be sure to check out my book Negro Wars where I exclusively deal with the modern-day black women and her deeply insecure nature.

Tomi Lahren

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

69 thoughts on “Check Mate – White Woman Puts Black Women In Their Place Once Again

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  2. Dang bro, you a busy man today!
    As I write this, family members have just purchase some more weave. As I look at the old one on the dressing table it looks like a bird nest, an not in a good way…

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    • Michel,

      Lol. Black women are addicted to weave, I fully broke down their addiction in Negro Wars. Nah, this is a different white woman though they both have the same first names. This is a post I did about 2 weeks ago but because other stuff was coming up hot off the press, I pushed the release of this post back. It has to be done bro, black women have been busy defaming and blemish our character, image and reputation for the past 30 years, we have to clean house ie clear up the lies and the propaganda that they have been spreading aswell as expose their innumerable sins and iniquities.

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    • Stringy-Weave, Stringy-Weave,
      Buys so much hair, you won’t believe,
      Is she mad, listen paps,
      She’s got radioactive naps,
      Look out, here comes the Stringy-Weave

      In the chill of the hood,
      She’ll resort to crime,
      Always up to no good,
      Has to have that yaki in time.

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  3. BOOM! The Quean Titanic just took a direct hit from the torpedo and is taking on water!

    SYSBM ’till the wheels (and oars) fall off!

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  4. Black women are crazy, i remember one time i told a black women i was going to Brazil i did it to get her in her feelings. She was like all you want to do is go there to have sex with prostitutes and on and on then i said to her you have so much negative stuff to say about Brazilian women but you spend hundreds of dollars to buy Brazilian weave she shut the hell up after that. So you criticize the women but you want to look like them black women are truly mentally ill.

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    • Start dealing with women with Brazilian hair from Brazil and stop dealing with women with Brazilian hair from Compton lol.

      Let em die on their own! They feel incomplete without a weave of “good hair” anyways, let em be replaced by what they wish they actually were!

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    • @ Sean. I’ve been there before. Bahia and Sao Paulo (Jacerei) to be exact. Most AABW don’t really know shit and are ignorant. Brazil had more Black Slaves transferred there than any place in the Carribean & North America period. Also, there are a great amount of BW there. Whether they consider themselves Parda(Afro-Bi-Racial Mixed), Preta (Pure African), and Morena (A morena can have almost any physical appearance with the exception of extremely pale persons of mostly European descent or appearance and persons with blond or red hair. More than likely Tri-Racial).

      When you get there, if you get there hopefully, there are a few things you will notice. The natural beauty, the poverty, but also the natural look of how BW SHOULD LOOK IF THEY WENT NATURAL, WE’RE FEMININE, AND STOP EATING A SHIT DIET!!! Yes, there are women with weaves in Brazil but they don’t wear them often. Also, women that knew how to style there own hair. And I mean to the most chocolate complexion beauties with 4A-C Hair & those caramel cuties with 3B/C Hair.

      Most AABW are scared because a Brazilian woman (even a Afro-Brazilian Preta) is competition and WAYY more sought after for more than sex. Many men from different countries & ethnicities have married a Brazilian & even moved there from their own native country. AABW here are not sought after for marriage and relationships in the US. It’s so bad, if you see that stats of online dating, they get responded to the least from every race.

      It’s funny she mentioned you going there to buy prosititues. Lol…Most of these broke slags are one paycheck away from being on the pole, Backpage/Craiglist Whoring, or Ghetto Gagging. Why go to Brazil for escorts when most BW here are pretty much escorts with the mentality and mindest they have.

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  5. What I find odd is that South Korea pop and movie stars getting plastic surgery to look like a white woman. Just like in America women follow the rich popular women, South Korea women are doing the same thing!
    The most popular is the double eye lid surgery. Women are pretty much fucked up.

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  6. I don’t think you should be taking the side of actual racist white women to support your own vendetta against black women. You don’t put racist white women first before our black women. I know you slipping man. I have to check you on this one. Racist white women like the ones you posted here ain’t checking for your ass either. Understand this. I just had to come off facebook because of the Neo Nazi trash i keep seeing from these same white whores you seem to be praising. Looks like your alabaster queens have their own agendas and it ain’t about loving black men,some of the shit i see makes me wonder how they aren’t banned already then i realized facebook is run by a racist Jew himself so go figure.. If you think black women are demons wait till you see what a white woman does to you. You have no idea what kind of snakes you are dealing with brother. In some ways white white women are worst than white men when it comes to racism. Don’t forget that it was a white woman that got Emmit Till brutally murdered and castrated just for whistling at her. You think racism died? Hell no it’s just dormant and it’s on the rise ever since Donald Trump took the nation by storm. In these times of crisis I wonder what the fuck you brothas are doing,I just feel so ashamed in you and in my race as a whole for selling out to a race of devils whose obsession is to kill us.

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    • Here’s this crap. “Wait til them white gorls get ya” that’s the same argument black broads use. Weren’t you banned on freaking WHtgirlsareawesome’s blog?

      Put them before black Women? I’d put a pet gopher before them! Anyone who’s still loyal to them is an idiot. If a racist said these little niggly bears are causing a ruckus in the hood, the crap doesn’t suddenly become untrue! This is the illogic of black women, and this is what we need to breed out!

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        I have enough material here on the website where black women incriminate themselves without even involving other races of women. This “white boogiewoman” black woman’s nonsense simply isn’t working anymore, thinking black men know better now. I don’t understand how the guy can still pledge his loyalty to a group of women who have more than proven themselves to be treacherous, backstabbing traitors.

        Ahhhhh, he must of been the one that Whtgrlsrawesome was talking about. He is going to have to show and prove, the fact is black women are the ones who are clearly shafting black men the most, hence why I advise black men to abandon them completely and head for greener pastures. Black women automatically make the unwritten statement that white women are better than them whenever they try to imitate them, this is logic and common sense 101.

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    • Dondopa,

      You do realise before this post was created most black women were still trying to look like white women? Nothing I have posted about black women is a lie, if I was simply running my mouth, rambling random nonsense about black women then you could accuse me of having a vendetta. I simply don’t like scum, most black women today are just that, scum. They have destroyed black society, black men are suffering incredibly and as I have an understanding of this black woman and how she works, I feel that I am obligated to share the information I have in order to give black men a heads up so that they can avoid the black woman’s pitfalls.

      Your problem is you still believe that black women like black men and also you hold onto the hope that there are still some good black women out there. All the best in trying to find them. The white woman made valid points, ones that I have already covered in my book Negro Wars, what she stated was nothing new, however instead of this information coming from a black man, this time it came from a white woman.

      Unlike black women who you already know love racist white men, I as a black man am not checking for racist white women, the fact that they are not checking for me is no skin off my nose at all. Nobody is praising anybody, what I say here is that black women have thrown themselves into the toilet and as a result other races of women are outshining them. Why don’t you pro blacks ever talk to black women about improving their behaviour and changing their attitude? That is where the problem lies, not with what I am saying in a post.

      White women and other non black women are treating black men far better than black women, who is to blame for that? What agenda do white women have against black men? Black women are contracted by the state to keep black society on its face and to keep black men from building, yet why aren’t you confronting your “sistas” concerning their hand in glove relationship with government? “Those white girls are going to get you talk” isn’t working anymore bud, thinking black men have evolved past the black woman’s propaganda and foolishness.

      You know what makes me laugh, for every 1 white woman you can point to who has shafted a black man, I can point to 1000 black women who have done exactly the same and worse. Right now most black men are being turned over and shafted by black women, not by white women, yet you still want me to believe that white women are the enemy of black men? Come on bruh, what you are saying doesn’t make any sense nor is it logical.

      Black women are murdering over 56000 unborn children every month, that is open genocide right there. How much more racist can you get than murdering your own people in astronomical numbers? Show me white women murdering unborn black children at the rate of 56000 per month or at any rate. Black women are the most racist individuals on the planet, they are more against black folks than racist white men.

      This is the problem with you pro blacks, you continue to repeat the same old wives tales, urban legends, myths and fables that have been handed down to you by black women, “that white woman gonna get ya” is one of the classic myths that black women have drummed into the minds of black men. You are going to have to show and prove bruh because I can easily demonstrate the racism black women habour against their own people without even bringing white women into the equation.

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      • Yet another episode of Law and Order: Dick Police Unit…

        Attempting to stop a freight train with the ghost of Emmett Till? Again?

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      • Dondopa,

        That may be the case, however the statement within the tweet rings true, BeyoncΓ© and other black women are paying billions for hair that Tomi Lahren grows out of her own head naturally. Why aren’t you checking black women on their rampant addiction to wearing the hair of non black women? Black women graffiti, deface and blemish the image of blackness on the daily with their weave wearing nonsense, yet you refuse to reprimand them and instead choose to check thinking black men who are pointing out this and other foul habits black women practice as unacceptable. You’re trying to correct the wrong people sir.


      • The white women didn’t throw men under the bus so that they can benefit from more feminism policies, whereas the black women have. I rather deal with a racist white woman than a black woman that throws men under the bus with their sexist attitudes. Bear in mind I’m Asian but as an outsider I would bail on most black women. I said no more than 4% of women are worth dating.

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      • MikeTO,

        White women in general have much more sense than black women. Black women are the only group of women who place other races of men above and before black men. 4% sounds about accurate, this is why SYSBM is the only viable way forward for the thinking black man.


    • Black women voted for Hillary (94%) that would have be against men. Hillary was all for feminism remember? Over half the white women voted for Trump.

      “Trump did lose the female vote big amongst minority voters β€” 94 percent of black women voted for Clinton, as did 68 percent of Latino women, according to exit poll data. But nearly twice as many white women without college degrees voted for Trump than for Hillary, and of college-educated white women Hillary won by only a narrow margin β€” 51 percent supported Hillary, compared to 45 percent who supported Trump. Overall, 53 percent of white women voted for Trump, alongside 58 percent of white men who did so as well.”

      Collectively black women are the enemy against all races of men. The numbers are the proof.

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  7. When black women came up with the term “culture appropriating” while wearing store bought hair that looks nothing like their real hair , I knew it would come back to bite them in the ass

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    • Black women are the biggest thieves possible. Look at how much they’ve stolen weave recently!

      For all the simps saying “white/x women do it too!”, why are those women easier to build societies with? White men are mostly weak as hell, even the mgtow types, because these feminized societies are the result of them allowing it. The main white countries not like that, with strict gender roles and patriarchy/reference for men and fathers is Russia. They are firm strict men, and are the last thing from politically correct. Is it any wonder why Donald trump would want us to be allies with them?

      White and Asian women especially are far easier to build societies with, and that’s even with the poison of feminism. As liberal and feminist as America has become, over 53% of white Women still voted for trump, whereas over 90% of black Women voted for Clinton. If you say “they just voted for trump cuz their husbands did”, that says two things: conservative white women can still get freaking husbands, and that they know a woman’s place in terms of submission.

      People will say, “well no group is perfect”, yet claim that one group’s minute flaws are comparable to another group’s major ones. The farts of white and black women both stink and smell like goat $h1t, but white women are still a hell of a lot better for building families, communities, societies, cultures, and nations with. You KNOW these other groups are better choices, so don’t criticize me for putting them on a pedestal when you’re the one bringing up comparably petty flaws to the black woman’s deal breakers. And speaking of feminism, black men shouldn’t be afraid of that crap from white women! If they play the woman card, we could easily play the race card, and since they’re still white, our oppression gymnastics would trump theirs. And where are all these white women suing black men and pressing false rape charges at? If anything, it’s negroes getting coddled and not made out as monsters in the media after they torture, rape, and murder white women.

      As for the white woman above being racist, and? She’s still right, and I don’t give a crap if a klan member spits on most black chicks, they’re so dangerous to black existence. If she called me a niggar to my face and then said 2+2=4, I wouldn’t get mad and say that she’s wrong just cuz she’s racist. This is niggaz problem, they wanna be afraid of the blue eyed Viking spectre in the wind, that generally wants a hell of a lot less to do with blacks than blacks want to do with them, yet refuse to go even a fourth of the way to expose the threat of these black Women. A simp that’s slightly awakened is still asleep to the truth.

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  8. That last post by Tomi tho: BURN!!!

    But facts are facts: black women have set themselves up to be totally ridiculous. And if ethnic Euro gals decide to pick off brothers enmass, its GAME OVER for them. I can’t stop laughing!

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  9. Black women better be grateful white women dont come for them like that on a daily. Thankfully white women generally have a lot of class otherwise they could wreck black women in less than a week with just memes and twitter posts.

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  10. Ryan,

    I have been to Bahia, Rio, Sao Paulo, Recife, and Manaus, did a Amazon tour from Manaus. When i mentioned to the black woman i was going to Brazil that was like my seventh time going. Black Women know they cannot compete with Brazilian women at all as you stated. Brazilian women naturally look better and have better bodies like you said they do not eat this garbage like the black women here in the states. You can find plenty of 40 – 50 year old Brazilian women and their body is still intact and sexy most 40 -50 year black American women bodies are horrible. Black Women know they cannot compete that is why they always try to degrade women of other countries where black men are known to travel. Also like you said most black women are prostitutes in their own right look how they are always trying to catch the guy with most money or most assets. I know plenty of hardworking black men that have been married or had girlfriends and they had nice homes a good quality of life and these black whores left them because another man had more. Now if you are with a man who goes out and support his family, is a good father, treats you with respect, and you both have a good quality of life and yet you still leave him this shows you how fucked up black women are. The funny thing is 9 times out of ten when they leave those good situations to chase the men with more money and assets it never works because the man knew you had a boyfriend and or married because you told him all of this so why would he take you serious or have a relationship with you besides a sexual one. But that is a form of prostitution as well and to me it is worse than a regular prostitute because at least with a prostitute it is a one time business arrangement and you are done no kids no family built and destroyed no child support. Now a black woman would have a kid and fake build a family with a black man then prostitute themselves out to the state and chase a man with more money and assets while the good black man has to suffer. SMH they are a joke.

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    • Black women have the worst bodies, and the only time you can tell then apart from black men is when they have fat and disgustingly exaggerated breasts and butts. This is from eating hog maws and chitlins all day.

      Brazilian women especially make black Women look like crap, although my personally favorites are Russian women. Black men are the dumbest men on earth, cuz they enjoy sleeping with bean bag chairs lol.


    • Could’ve sworn I responded to this, but I guess not.

      Brazilian women make black women look like crap….ok, actually, black women make black women look like crap, but other women make the stink more obvious.

      I personally prefer Russian, Nordic and Celtic women, but Brazilian women have the bodies that black women claim and wish that they had. Buzzards, gangly and feccid the lot of them.


      • Afro,

        I like all types of women except black American women. You are spot on about how black women wish they had the looks and body like Brazilian women because Brazilian women have ass, hips, and breast and no stomach and are better looking and natural. You see American Black Women try to use their body as a tool and many guys fall for it but black women know they cant compete with Brazilian women that is why they try to degrade them. Like Ryan said of course some Brazilian women wear weave but not like American Black women and they are in far better shape those women love to exercise.

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  11. Actually both the “original” and the “copy” in the pics above looked jacked up. The “original” got the long nose and square chin, and kind of looks like a dude. The copy looks downright insane.

    BM like me are caught in the middle. You might find a few WW that are sweet in attitude, but they’re not looking too great. BW embrace ugliness as their aesthetic AND are foul in their ways and attitudes. What’s left is a desert for any decent, thinking BM.


    • Are you kidding me? That woman looks WAY better than the copy.

      White women on average are also far easier to deal and converse with. Hell, any group of women typically are, it’s why they’re married more and easier to build nations with.

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  12. Or maybe people could just imitate whomever they want.
    Obviously, people who imitate others have no personality of their own.
    Why complain, or keep track? Why this pointless competition?
    People are going to be themselves.
    Whomever this white woman is ought to just mind her own business.
    Black women will be who they are, even if that means some will imitate other people.
    Same goes for white men, black men, asian women, hispanic-transgenered-women, etc.

    You imitate the people you learned from, insofar as your religious views are concerned. Perhaps other religious believers should “put you in your place”, because you’re “imitating” them?

    Or perhaps these fruitless pissing contests, blogging and complaining about how people act, and who people love, should just be identified for what they are: useless.

    Why not close this website, and put up something useful? A DIY website, or a tech help website? Something like that.

    Instead of complaining about other people all the time, why don’t you actually do something useful with your life?


    • Root,

      This is the problems with folks like yourself, you attempt to speak on issues you know nothing about and then further attempt to police the thoughts and the content of other bloggers and commenters. You obviously know nothing about the black woman/white man dynamic, how do you know that there isn’t a need for this type information to be brought to light?

      You yourself admitted that you aren’t even black, all the more reason why it would be wiser of you to keep silent, observe and learn something instead of attempting to rubbish what are extremely pertinent issues within black society…….or just simply leave if you don’t like the content.

      People are supposed to raise issues and complain when there are problems at hand, the problems lies with folks like yourself who attempt to dictate what you feel others ought to be talking about and doing. You won’t be doing any of that here, you are not the thought and actions police. Keep it moving with that nonsense.

      Black men,

      Please take note on how certain white individuals react when we begin to focus in on and deal with the real issues affecting black society, notice how they without having any knowledge of the issues themselves will attempt to immediately rubbish and render what we are doing as “useless” and counter-productive.


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  14. The only post from those women that I agree with is the black man not creating jobs like other races of men. Sadly I have to agree with that everything else was BS though…..


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  16. True, black women do try to look like white women but both of these bitches have big ugly horseheads and the last one has a big ass nose. Neither one of those women is pretty. Tomi Lahren may have the long blonde hair, supposing it’s not bleached since everybody in every race wants to look like a Nordic blonde but natural blondes are quickly disappearing by marrying people that don’t carry those genes, however, there is definitely jealousy involved here. Beyonce is richer, more famous, and has a better body than either of these two. It is one thing to put black women in their place but a totally different thing to celebrate white supremacy if you yourself are NOT white. Tomi Lahren just needs to come out and admit that she’s a white supremacist; it would make her more worthy of respect. I personally can’t stand race-mixing white trash and there are plenty of white versions of Burnquisha. When the bitch put the word “burn” in the name, she was making fun of black people’s complexions as in “burnt.” Fortunately, there is not much chance that she will ever be as rich or famous as Oprah even though I do know that a lot of Oprah’s stuff was total bullshit but she did know how to play white folks like a fiddle to get where she is today. No racial group is all that, none of them.

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  17. Verbs2015,

    Why are you so obsessed with black women?

    Between your book, your articles on this site, and your comments and replies in the comment section on this site alone you have written more about black women than the author of the Harry Potter series has written I her series. Like 10 times over. That is scary bruh. Have you ever had a psychiatric evaluation? What was it that turned you against them bruh? Was it your mother? a baby mama? An exwife? All of the above???

    Seriously man, you are really contributing hard to our fucked up reputation and I wish you would stop, though I am positive you will carry on with this shit til you take your final breath. Think about how sad that is. While guys like me are drowning in pussy you are dissing females like a catty 15 year old popular in school white girl.

    Are you gay bruh? Be honest…


    • Keith,

      Drowning in women(black females), highly unlikely since you are spending a huge amount of your time obsessing over another man and his website, and you have to audacity to ask me if I’m homosexual, checkmate, smh. Your obsession with Slaying Evil is looking very suspect right now. Why are you so concerned about who other black men are dating, marrying and having sex with? Like I keep on saying thinking black men walking away from black women means that pro black squad members like yourself have more black females to choose from. You ought to be thanking men like me but instead you are sounding like a angry and bitter scorned quean right now.


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