Skin Bleaching – The Black Woman’s Desperate Attempt To Reach Whiteness!

Skin bleaching amongst black women internationally is now at epidemic proportions. Walking the streets of London I used to find it strange that I would see so many black women with blotchy, unusually lighter skin with dark hands, however having done my research I now know exactly what is going on. Going about my daily business I see black women particularly of African descent walking up and down the streets with skin beaching cream on their faces.

This is how desperate many black women are to become white, even walking past hair salons whether they be run by African or Caribbean women, the results are the same, black women getting their weaves fixed and at the same time many of them are applying skin bleaching creams and lotions to their faces. Admittedly I understand that there are some black men who have bleached their skin, the music artist Vybez Cartel comes to mind aswell as the former Dominican baseball player Sammy Sosa.

These skin bleachers don’t seem to realise that upon lightening their skin their facial features look odd and no longer mesh because of the artificial complexion. Just take a look at some of these freaks for yourselves:





Of course there are times when skin bleaching can go horribly wrong:




Though there are a few black men involved in this disjointed, mentally ill, dangerous and unhealthy practice, as per usual it is black women who are at the forefront of such dysfunction and setting the trend of their attempts to channel Becky. Black women don’t seem to understand, no matter how much weave you place in your hair and no matter much you bleach or use creams to lighten your skin you will never reach this point:


It seems that black women in Africa are the worst culprits for this dangerous foolishness, in my home country of Nigeria according to the World Health Organisation 77% of the women there use skin lighting products:

Click to access mercury_flyer.pdf

Come to London and you will see exactly what I am talking about, African woman walking the streets with skin lightening creams smeared on their faces, not even rubbed into the skin properly. Now, remember the African proverb which states that a nation can raise no higher than the moral position of its women, as they go so goes the race because the women are the first transmitters of culture.

Are anymore of you black men beginning to see why I can no longer recommend black women as a collective for companionship and marriage? The culture that black women are passing down to the next generation is one of denigrating and blemishing the image of blackness and instead promotion of the European look and complexion as the standard of beauty.

This is the motherland, the place where black folks are supposed to be ultra proud of their African heritage, well apparently not a large number of the black women there. As I mentioned in one of my previous articles if black women could transform into white women at the click of their fingers, overnight the black female population would be reduced by at least 85-90% in my reckoning. As I have stated many times before aswell as in Negro Wars black women despise being black, they so wish that they could become a Suzy or a Vicky.

Here is an article and a video from the BBC written in 2013 that covers the growing dysfunctional trend of skin bleaching in Africa:

Huge numbers of delusional black women and a few black men sprinkled in believe that lightening their skin will enable them to be accepted by white society, however nothing could be further from the truth. Light skinned blacks are still seen as blacks by whites, though they aren’t persecuted nearly as much as those with darker skin, at the end of the day white folks still recognise the fact that lighter skinned Negroes still carry black blood.

Why choose a black woman who is wearing a weave and bleaching her skin in her attempts to look like and channel a white women when you can simply choose the original and just pick up a white woman from the very beginning? Of course many black women reading this will immediately tell black men that they are not concerned about who black men date and that if they want a Becky they should go and pick up a Becky.

However, do not be fooled, these are the same black women who upon seeing a black man in the streets with a non black woman will give him the dirtiest, most evil looks imaginable and if given the opportunity will attempt to instigate a beef with him in order to give themselves the excuse to attack his non black lady. The jealousy that black women have for non black women is very real and the white woman is at the head of that jealousy streak.

Skin bleaching/lightening and wig/weave wearing are some of the most prime examples of mental illness and real self-hatred, of course most black women love accusing black men of self-hatred whenever we call out black women on their shortfalls. Indeed, this is completely retarded and is one of many reasons why I do not converse with most black women, they don’t know the proper meanings of certain words and phrases and they typically will rattle off anything in order to defend their already crumbling egos.

Skin bleaching is an extremely big problem amongst large groups of sub Saharan African women, black men who are still determined to pick themselves up a black female from the Motherland had better be very careful and tread cautiously as the European standard of beauty brainwashing is beginning to take hold of many black women down there.

As far as I am concerned this is yet another reason why black men should simply walk away and find love and companionship elsewhere. Remember this is not even bringing into the equation the fact that large numbers of black women in Africa just like their western counterparts already love and worship white men.

Any woman who is willing to promote the beauty of another race of people above the beauty of her own nation cannot be trusted and must be abandoned immediately. I have no time for self hating traitors, I refuse to deal with them.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

27 thoughts on “Skin Bleaching – The Black Woman’s Desperate Attempt To Reach Whiteness!

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  2. And is from the MOTHERLAND, no less. What will the pro blacks say about this? What will the red black and green, Israelite types say?

    Like I said, they wanna be so non-black, just make more half breeds and eventually octoroons that won’t have to deal with that mental disorder.

    I honestly have no clue why any man would want to propagate himself with a member of such a group. And notice they’ll do all this to look non black but get mad when you want a half breed or a white girl.


    • Afrofuturism1,

      It simply makes no sense to form a union with a black woman who is trying her best to be non black. This is mental illness, mental insanity and a mentally damaged mind all rolled into one. As I stated in Negro Wars mentally disjointed black women are an international problem.

      Many black men are still forcing through unions with such individuals and down the line are coming away confused and disappointed when the relationship trundles downhill and falls apart. The collapse of such a relationship is obvious and inevitable when you are dealing with a group of women who openly engage in genuine acts of self hatred.

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      • This isn’t self hatred, it’s a protective hair style or fashion statement. But when a black dude marries a non black Woman, it’s self hate, even though he’s not a black Woman. Smdh

        Liked by 1 person

  3. After looking at the photos of the lightened queans, I have just one thing to say:

    AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Welcome to Creature Feature!

    Avoid at all costs!

    SYSBM until the wheels fall off!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Afrofuturism1,

      Yep, Azelia Banks is into a lot of witchcraft, and some black men still think it is a joke when I refer to most black women as witches. I’m dead serious about the word witch when I use it to describe your average black woman.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I DESPISE them. Notice that she was one of several black chicks who tried to disingenuously jump on the Trump train. Same as that Green chick that got on black chicks for being ratchet hoes yet got mad and ghetto when Sotomayor questioned her just recently having a kid out of wedlock. She even tried to sic her simp on him!

        Same as that Diamond and Silk duo, just looking for a damn camera. Attention whores.

        These witches are evil, and engage in all kinds of unsavory activity in the dark, because it’s their domain.

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    • Sacrificing live chickens, in a closet, for three straight years. If that don’t make a black man think twice before getting with these type of women, then he is truly a lost soul.

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  4. Look at how out of place their features are when lightened. There’s no way you can compare this to asians, because their features don’t look nearly as out of place when bleached. Disgusting!

    The women especially are a JOKE!!!

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  6. As long as it’s authentic hydroquinone cream and effective. There are eCommerce weave/wig stores every where, no one harasses those merchants. I sell skin bleach, and it has helped women remove skin flaws {scars, scratches, bruises, blemish from bad acne, melasma, etc} and gain new confidence and higher self esteem. And if someone wants to bleach themselves “white”, so what. That’s their own business, and other “adults” need to mind their own business and stop harassing these people. Just because you don’t agree with skin bleaching doesn’t give you license to bully & harass people.


    • Isis.Gold,

      Spoken like a true pimp, promote your self hating garbage somewhere else. Women could just as easily remove scars, blemishes, bruises using natural products and altering their diets. Black women being the lazy slobs that they are want quick and easy fixes which require little to no effort. Of course you highly profit from the insecurities and the low self esteem of these women.

      Bleaching one’s skin is dysfunctional and that is not how life works. Normally when somebody does something that is not right other people are affected in some way, shape or form. I already know what your stake in all of this is, you are merchandising black women and people like myself are calling out such dysfunctional practices which is putting a dent in your profits.


      • “Self-Hating”? Spoken like true natural-born-bully, black bitch with “Parrotism” and a vocabulary that consists of only 33 words lmao! Whore you don’t know how I or any of my customers feel about ourselves. I know one thing, no one would spend hundreds of dollars and daily attention to themselves, to maintain their flawless beautiful skin…..If they “hated” themselves, idiot. And I refuse to read that entire grammatically incorrect block of bullshit hate text your raggedy bullying black ass took the time to blurt.
        KNOW THIS: My customers, and I, are a part of the “BodyMod Community”. And like any other “community” we don’t deserve to be bullied or harassed by you or anyone else [the bodymod community includes tattoo/cosmetic surgery/piercing enthusiasts] You have a lot of nerves judging ANYONE when I’ll bet $100 you have a head full of corpse hair in your head lol There are hundreds of businesses selling weave , wigs, cosmetic surgery services, illegal drugs, and makeup. And you would dare talk this same lame shit to any of those merchants. Being that you are a frequent buyer hahaha. I don’t agree with the KKK and their ideology but you don’t see me harassing them, or picking their businesses & social accounts. It’s called “Freedom of Speech” here in America, even if you don’t like the speech. My products have helped many women remove spots, acne scars, scratches, uneven skintone, and hyperpigmentation from injury. And has helped them gain beautiful smooth flawless skin [whether they’ve chosen to bleach themselves “white” or not] You Sir, need to mind your own damn business and find something better to do with your time. The universe is far too small for you {or anyone else} to be worried about what another ADULT does to THEIR skin #fuckoff #keepmynameoutyamouth #fuckoff


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  8. These insecurities did not result from within
    THey are products of society
    Black women experience the worst discrimination simply for being dark
    They are victims
    Their self hate should be pitied not ridiculed


    • Nyanza,

      What on earth are you talking about, its black men who are discriminated against the most, black women themselves are the culprits behind most of it and on top of this they are state assets. Black men face even more pressures from society than black women and we still aren’t walking around bleaching our skin. No, its simple, black women hate being black. This is a mental health problem, not a societal one.


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