Black Women Exalt And Worship White Men As Gods – Thus Black Women Will Require No Standards From Them!

Serena Williams Alexis Ohanian

I see that the swirling camp are running up and down the streets cheering in celebration at the fact that the tennis champion Serena Williams has recently gotten engaged to the co-founder of Reddit Alexis Ohanian. However I personally cannot see where there is a victory for them. For starters Serena Williams has a much higher net worth than Ohanian. According to this Forbes article Williams has a net worth of $150 million.

However according to the Mirror online Alexis Ohanian has a net worth of only $4.5 million. Is anybody else seeing a huge disparity here? Serena Williams has actually downgraded, the swirling community are a bunch of deluded morons to believe that Williams has gained something in this union. Of course black women have the lowest confidence levels and the highest self-esteem issues of all groups of women, therefore in their desperation to validate themselves and to believe that they are wanted by the non black men of the world, black women will grasp onto any and everything black women/white men.

The fact of the matter is that Ohanian is the equivalent of a bum when compared to Williams in terms of finances, wealth and net worth. Sure, he has money however when compared to the wealth of Williams, his wealth is a drop in the bucket. So what is going on with such a union? To the average onlooker the union makes no sense, it makes no sense until you begin to examine the situation from the psychological perspective of the black female and how she views white men.

As I stated in Negro Wars most black women view and worship white men as Gods, a black woman will require no standards from a man when dealing with her white lord, saviour, master and father. However when it comes down to black men the same black women will expect us to align perfectly with an extremely rigid, inflexible criteria, any shortfalls or standards not met in her eyes will lead to immediate disqualification.

Not the white man however, in the eyes of black women whitey their god is given a free pass and he is never held to any standards. Do you see how pathetic and hypocritical most black women are? Apparently the swirling crews are saying that black men are up in arms over this engagement, not this black guy over here, I couldn’t give a rat’s testicle what Williams is doing with her dating and love life.

Here is something else that needs to be pointed out, black men unlike black women do not fuss over who is dating who, black men have better things to do with their time than to bicker and fuss with black women over swirling/interracial relationships. It is black women who are the ones that feel they must make a big song and dance whenever a white man gets together with a black woman. They are the ones who worship white men not us.

This hasn’t been the first time that a celebrity black woman has gotten together with a white man of lesser status, remember the Django star Daniele Watts who was engaging in lewd acts in a car with her white “god” boyfriend Brian James Lucas, remember her, the same one who kicked up an unnecessary scene when the police arrived and tried to claim racism:


Not only do black women love racist white men, they also love bummy ones to. As far as I am concerned this is yet another reason why black men ought to abandon black women and seek love and companionship elsewhere, women who will implement standards for only one group of men are obviously mentally unstable, mentally ill and mentally damaged, these women cannot be taken seriously on any level.

A white man can present himself in any status whether it be a vagabond, a tramp, a vagrant, an illegal immigrant or a refugee and the overwhelming majority of black women will accept him without question or hesitation. No, we black men are not concerned with the dating status of Serena Williams, however I thought that it would be wise to give others blacks men aswell as non black folks an explanation in relation to why Serena Williams has gotten engaged to Alexis Ohanian because to many the union makes absolutely no sense from a wealth and financial standpoint.

Serena Williams is no different to your average black female, she worships white men and no doubt jumped at the opportunity of engagement to Ohanian when he popped the question. Ohanian is the smart one here, he is the one who has upgraded(though obviously not in terms of physical features as Serena Williams looks extremely masculine) in terms of wealth and status, this is a clear case of Hypogamy which is the opposite of Hypergamy.

The swirling community have this all wrong, Ohanian is the clear victor here not Williams. No hypergamy has taken place, hypogamy is what has occurred here. However as you already know logic, common sense, reasoning and your average black woman don’t mix.

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32 thoughts on “Black Women Exalt And Worship White Men As Gods – Thus Black Women Will Require No Standards From Them!

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  2. God, a sane human man with a working penis got engaged to THAT?!!!

    Let em, they’ll kill off their black genes and when they’re white god is done with them, they’ll b as alone as the world knows them to be.

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  3. Man she is only 35 and looks old like that and she looks more like a dude than a woman. I would be shocked if their marriage lasts if they make it that far.

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  4. I’ve seen this online and Black Women of different backgrounds were championing this. I think more power to her. Serena has always had this thing for “safer. docile” beta sensitive men via Common & Drake. It would still be a come up even if both those other entertainers would have been engaged to her. Honestly, this would have been the best union for her. Me, personally, I always thought Serena was “Manly” looking. Her body type, muscular tone, and facial features are of that of a man.

    Venus has always looked the feminine of the two. Although both are bed-wenches. I hope you guys understand the psychology and reasoning behind this union.Power dynamic.Serena, as you know, usually has dated softer men with the exception of KeyShawn Johnson. Knowing her as a Black Feminist, her first concern is herself, “control”, and assimilation.She’s trying to play chess and hold all the cards in the relationship via status and resources dynamic. Yes, the guy is a CEO of an online company, Reddit.

    But he can ruin her finances via divorce. If this company does reach multi-million (which I presume it will) she can leech of his finances. Another is assimilation. I seriously doubt someone like Serena would marry an person of African diaspora. Especially she’s a given Black Feminist. I think she think marrying “White” is marrying upward. She has a legacy she can pass and her finances & resources (she thinks) are safe with him.

    Guys, this is no big lost. If a man of color would have married her, I can only imagine the hell that would go on in that relationship. Especially with her androgynous, tranny, high-testosterone, masculine appearance.

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    • Black dudes would sit there and get beat on by this dude. The white guy, though probably a cuck, will probably set his foot down and shock even her.

      Let em dilute their blood. They’re ugly anyways!

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      • She looks like the type of female that’s “Bi” and does “Dyking” part-time.
        I wouldn’t be surprised of she wore a strap-on for general purposes in her spare time.
        Congrads to him though. He going to have a “handsome” bride…lol

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  5. @Ryan

    I can see the wedding now.

    Preacher: you may unveil your bride

    “Bride is getting unveiled”

    Preacher: Deadly beloved, we are gathered here toda- woah, what the **** is that?

    Groom: She’s… she’s my…..

    Preacher (in shock): you peta freak animal lovers make me SICK!!!

    “As the preacher rushes off, you see the bride’s family, which include Caesar from Planet of the Apes lol”

    Caesar: So, after party at my place?

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  6. Serena Williams may not be the most attractive woman in the world to put it nicely, but she is a great success. Serena didn’t just date down, she took on a man that isn’t even in the same orbit as she. Serena is the greatest female tennis player in the world and a four time Olympian with a net worth that exceeds 150 million while Ohanian is barely worth 4 million. Alexis Ohanian is probably a nice guy but compared to Serena’s success, Ohanian is less than trash.

    The queen of swirl and her ilk love to talk about protection, providing, and producing. So let’s be honest, can Ohanian do any of that for Serena? No, he can’t. Ohanian isn’t some natural gas or oil mogul. He isn’t some CIA or FBI director. He’s not a five star general or some highly decorated Rambo-esque marine, nor is he a professional fighter, so who can Ohanian protect? What resources or infrastructure can he produce? I seriously doubt Ohanian could even handle himself in a basic street fight.

    It’s all BS, the stringent list of demands black women claim to want in a man only applies to black men. A white guy could be homeless and black women will still see him as a catch. No, the “Black man ain’t shit” narrative along with their list of grievances and demands is a deception to hide the fact that in their hearts, they can never truly desire, respect or even love a black man. This is the hard truth and black men need to learn to accept it.

    What Serena settled for in a finance is downright sad and black women shouldn’t be celebrating, but marveling at the sheer lack of self respect Serena has for herself for choosing a man that should be asking for her autograph in actuality. But the desperation and self hate can’t help but shine through black women in times like this. They truly are sad and if they weren’t so morally debased they would be deserving of pity.

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  7. You don’t have to guess who is the husband and who is the wife in that relationship.

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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    • Hell no!

      Black chicks will see these dudes as Carlton, yet date tj Miller as long as they get his sperm.

      You don’t see black dudes dating nerdy female versions of screech from saved by the bell yet refusing to date black versions.

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    • Jeffrey,

      I very much doubt it. Black women like her hate being reminded of who they are, this is one of the main reasons why they chase after non black men. Even if she did get together with a black tech nerd because of the strong self hatred that exists within the overwhelming majority of black women, I doubt such a relationship/marriage would last.

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  8. Let’s see: Someone with a net worth of $150 million marrying someone with a net worth of $3 million. Guess who made out like a bandit in the deal?


      • Thebackhandofreality,

        This is my point, Ohanian is the one who is the champion in this union, not Williams. I have no idea why these swirlers are jumping up and down in their cages with excitement, hypogamy is the word of the day here not hypergamy.

        Besides, how does this union translate to your average black woman. Answer, it doesn’t, however as I stated before delusional black women will grasp onto anything black women/white men in order to keep their dreams of swirling alive.

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  9. Maybe they’re just dating because they like each other.
    Maybe it’s no one else’s business.
    Maybe this long article analyzing the situation serves no legitimate purpose.

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  11. In everyday terms, think of a junior female business executive making 150 thousand dollars per year. She hooks up with a guitar player who makes 4 thousand dollars a year. The male gets the better half of the situation.

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