Dr Umar Johnson Loses His Cool And Goes Full Primal – More Negro Wars!

Exhibit A:

This is the prince of Pan Africanism Dr Umar Johnson, this individual is supposed to be setting a good example in the black community for others to follow, yet here he is engaging in this primitive, low brow, degenerate behaviour. There is much frustration in the pro black community at the moment because of the fact that no progress is being made in terms of rebuilding black society.

It’s funny because I talked about this very issue in Negro Wars and stated that neither pro blacks, Hoteps and red, black and green squad members would ever be able to rebuild the black community without first dealing with the destroyer of the black community ie the black woman. The above groups are afraid of the black woman, they believed that they could circumvent having to deal with her and still build up black society, oh how wrong they were.

I told these same Negroes that they would go absolutely nowhere unless they first held black women to task, they didn’t listen and as a result they have remained in exactly the same position. The pro black movement in 2016-2017 is nothing short of a joke, even brother Polight has recently come out and declared that he is no longer part of the movement because of its outdated and inflexible doctrines.

Watch this space, there will be many more defectors in the very near future. If you are going to be pro black then at least do the job properly ie cast blame where blame is due instead of continuously giving black women a pass on their skullduggery. How is it that only one sex(the black male) is always held accountable in black society, how on earth does that work?

It seems that Dr Johnson has some sort of issue with this man who calls himself General Seti:


General Seti is yet another red, black and green squad member who much like Johnson also fails to hold black women accountable. General Seti additionally promotes the dumb doctrine of the black woman being God.

Of course as per usual this pandering has gotten him nowhere in terms of getting some vagina, General Seti in the same manner as Dr Umar Johnson is as single as a one way train ticket. You’d think both of these guys would have learned by now that licking the muddy boots of black women will profit them absolutely nothing. Black women hate bootlickers which is why fellows like Seti and Johnson remain in a constant state of maintaining blue balls.

The Pro black movement is dead, you cannot call yourself a pro black yet constantly excuse the wicked behaviour and the evil crimes of black women. I for one am sick and tired of these guys always placing the blame on black men when they know full well that it is the black woman who is responsible for the current upheaval in black society.

And to think that Dr Umar Johnson wants to personally teach your children, no thanks I’ll pass. When you are in a certain position and portray yourself in a certain manner there are certain ways in which you must conduct yourself in the public eye and certain behaviours that you must steer clear from or at least not display out in the open.

As per usual with most black men when it comes to battling against each other they can always muster up a deep fire within their chests, however whenever it comes down to checking black women all of a sudden these same warriors hastily scurry into the shadows like a vampire running from sunlight. Both of these guys are as bad as each other in that neither of them hold black women to task for the past and ongoing destruction they have wrought upon the black nation.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

28 thoughts on “Dr Umar Johnson Loses His Cool And Goes Full Primal – More Negro Wars!

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  2. “Speak your speech nigga, speak your speech nigga!” AHAHAHAHA, I’m dying over here. Honestly, I feel sorry for these guys. Everyday their movement is crumbling and they’re at each other’s throats, while the woman they put on a pedestal is laughing at them probably swirling somewhere. Even simps like Angel Ramirz-Jordan and Derrick Jaxn can’t come together.

    Oh well, I guess any of us could have turned into these guys if we didn’t accept reality for what it is. I hope men like Umar Johnson see that their love is unrequited and move on to greener pastures.

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    • Whtgrlsrawesome,

      The pro black movement is a complete and utter joke, as you said it is crumbling as I predicted it would in Negro Wars. Pro blacks honestly believe that they can rebuild black society while the black woman in their midst at the same time is destroying whatever they build, lol. What a farce!

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      • Verbs2015, Afrofuturism1,

        I want to take back what I said about Umar Johnson and his ilk. FUCK THEM! I just got one of these ass kissing enabling emasculated douches spewing his self loathing crap on the blog and I can’t take it anymore. I’m not going to let one more simp or feminist tell me how bad black men are and what black men aren’t doing.

        I’m so done with it! At least black women get something for the shit they do. Simps can’t even get a whiff of black snatch. I really hate these guys and I have no tolerance for their shit anymore.

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      • Whtgrlsrawesome,

        Yep, they are going to come out of the woodwork. Once they see that you also have a blog and that additionally you are promoting white women and the beauty thereof they will most definitely go on the attack.

        I suspect that many of these miscreants are discovering your site from visiting this one, I apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused, lol.

        Such is the nature of the main topic that I deal with here(black women) that the scum will rear their ugly heads every so often. We have to remember that black women and their advocates are desperate, they are on their last legs, the gravy train is coming to an end, however they cannot seem to realise that the old tricks they used in the past to keep black men on the plantation simply aren’t working anymore.

        More black men than every before are putting on their wisdom caps and are finally realising that they can do much better for themselves and be much happier with non black women.

        For some odd reason I tend to get more rebellious, belligerent black women coming against me on the site as opposed to the simp/white knight/mangina crews.

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  3. Hilarious yet sad. The guy sounded like any typical negro thug goon you see on the street. And wasn’t he with this chicks that got arrested by those “waycizt whiet copz”?

    These pro blacks as a joke, and show why it’s not a talented 10th, but talented .010th with blacks. Our so called uplifting “leaders” can’t/won’t build crap, for two reasons in particular. They either want things to stay dysfunctional to sell a fake solution to blacks, and/or they refuse to confront the women.

    Look at him. These are some bug dudes, but they’re punks! And they talk about light skinned dudes are soft? These negroes are simps and Momma’s boys.

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  4. I know one thing we need to stop this guy a doctor, doctor of what? Fraud? Ghettoese? I’m going to start a new movement and I’m going to call it the “O How Niggahs Only Beef Relatively Online—OH NO BRO, stop the nonsense please

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    • Seriously, these guys claim to be doctors due to having doctorate in typically easy degrees in the “White Devil’s” education system but claim to hate the white devil.

      Any negro who’s raised by or around the average black is a stone’s throw away from being a hood thug. Seriously, he looked like any other dude off the street!

      Apparently he’s also being criticized for sleeping with the mothers of the boys he’s supposed to be helping. He’s just like your typical black pastor! Then again, if the hoes gonna give it up, take it, the std ridden crap is free!

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Well, he already got caught sleeping with the stripper so these new allegations of him sleeping with other single mothers don’t surprise me at all.

        These guys cannot be taken seriously until they begin reprimanding black women, however we know that this is never going to happen. The general information Dr Umar Johnson brings to the table I don’t have a problem with at all, it’s just the fact that he along with others continues to let black women off the hook along with some of his other questionable activities.

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  5. The reason he doesn’t go off on black chicks is the same reason that people like Sotomayor mention still how they love dark skinned chicks and have nothing against them: they. want. COOCH! For some reason, these simps will jump through hoops to impress what is literally the lowest form of female life.

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  6. Inspiration and implementation live on opposite coasts, Umar Johnson has the bad habit of flying first class at the expense of silly black women

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  7. What about this site? it appears to be pro black. There are black men and women on there. I haven’t done much research on them.


  8. Verbs2015,

    I try not to hate anyone, but I really hate pro-black simps. Once again, I can understand black women and white nationalist going against black men. They have a lot to gain destroying black men, but pro-black simps have no horse in this race. Hell, black women won’t even give these dudes a handjob.

    In all honesty, I feel so apathetic about the evils of black women. Like racialist white men, black women are what they are and mean black men no good. A lot of black men are still in the Tommy Sotomayor stage, where they’re still angry, believing there is a solution in calling out the waywardness of black women while holding out hope for a “good one.” But you, MBD, Hardcore Tito, and Obsidian are helping so many see the light.

    I just hope more black men will see their worth and go for a quality woman regardless of ethnicity.

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    • I think Sotomayor still holds his tongue and goes soft, recently especially, because he’s a sex addict, and since no white woman will build a relationship with him anymore after how that Russian woman was treated, he’s relegated to the bottom of the barrel and must be nicer for access to cooch.

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    • Whtgrlsrawesome,

      You always have to remember that the pro black has exactly the same mentality as the white nationalist and the black woman, I talked about this in Negro Wars. Pro blacks, racist whites and black women are all in the same camp though the pro blacks will attempt to make it seem as if they are against white supremacy, actually they are all for it.

      Pro blacks are under intense witchcraft, spellbinding and brainwashing, it really goes to show what a number a black woman can do on a black man’s mind. Pro blacks are blind defenders of the black witch, black women reciprocate them absolutely nothing in return, this is one of many reasons why pro blacks are a major laughingstock.

      The pickings of so called “good black women” are slim to none. Sotomayor is living out the sexual experiences he should have had as a youth late, all of these black women offering him sex yet not one of them is he able to forge a relationship with which is my point about good black women being practically non existent. He and other black men who are waiting and hoping for “the one” are wasting their time, it isn’t going to happen.

      Thanks bro, its all about telling the truth no matter what. Black women are not the future for black men at all, black men must implement #SYSBM in order to prevent further disaster.

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  9. It may be bad to say but I do like Umar Johnson. The reason he didn’t succeed is because he tried to build a school for Black Children. Specifically young Black Boys. Of course it was going to fail because (1) Whites have no interest opening or helping finance a school for young Black children when the prison industrial complex is way more profitable.(2)Most Black Women (approximately 70%) don’t care about their children. Most BW do the bare minimum (if that) when it comes to attention and care that their children get.

    If BW are 70% single mothers, it would make the most sense that they would care more for their children than their own selfish needs.But they usually don’t, The black haircare market in the United States at $684 million in 2013, estimating that it could be closer to $500 billion if weaves, extensions and sales from independent beauty stores or distributors are included. All BW finances and resources. So I understand why Umar Johnson was trying to pander and cake-up to these women obviously. For financial reasons.

    I understand the message of Pan-Africanism and it should be applied & practiced naturally amongst people of color. What Umar doesn’t understand is most, if not all, BW are in bed with & an accomplice of White Supremacy. There is NO working with these women. They have become the “frenemy” of the race. Many people don’t discuss Pro-Black or Afro-Dispora traitors in our groups when it was our women. Angela Davis(who is now a feminist lesbian dating White Women), Maya De’ Angelou, Frances Beale, etc.

    Many of these women (back then & now) preach about “Blackness” but end up with White Men in the end.
    They are not the defenders, vanguard, nor will uphold/preserve the race. Pan-Africanism/Pro-Africanism is a dead concept now honestly. Things currently are too dysfunctional, irreparably damaged, and convoluted to fix. Umar should of took his time building with the Men instead of trying to cater and pander to BW. This is why other “Pro-Blacks” like Tariq Nasheed, “Dr.” Boyce Watkins, and countless others fail.

    Black Men should be planning and building with other Black Men. Honestly, we shouldn’t be doing shit with BW. Generals of wars do not discuss tactic and strategies with nurses & concubines. You put a BW in the midst of projection and progress, all she will do is fuck it up for attention or her own gain.

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    • I’m not with a lot of what the guys say on this board (too much venom, which looks just like the mindless venom BW dish out) … but your post is RIGHT ON THE MONEY.

      “Generals of wars do not discuss tactic and strategies with nurses & concubines. You put a BW in the midst of projection and progress, all she will do is fuck it up for attention or her own gain.”

      Damn. Amen!

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  10. My thing is this. This guy is in his 50s, shockingly enough. Why is he first off not found a “queen” to marry, since they’re in such abundance? Secondly, why is he acting like any thug?

    Also, why are all these so called pro blacks always “teachers” but never actually build anything? They always flap their beaks about the white man yet you still have to go beg the white Man for a job. Sad!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      The fact that he hasn’t found his “queen” yet is testimony to the same fact that what I have been stating about the overwhelming majority of black women being defective beyond repair is true. In the meantime while waiting for his “empress” he is forced to sleep with single mothers here and there in order to get his sexual needs met.

      Of course his queen isn’t coming, its a pipe dream just like the swirlers who are waiting for their literal white knights, both are never going to happen.

      Umar was channelling his inner Tyrone when he went full primal. Of course pro blacks will never be able to build anything as long as they refuse to reprimand the destroyer of black society, the black woman. I called this in Negro Wars, looks like I was and still am right.

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