Detroit Church Riot – Its About Time These Filthy Rich Black Pastors Were Held To Task!

Exhibit A:

This has been a long time in coming, the impoverished folks of the black community are finally started to understand that the pastor is supposed to put back into the community that sponsors him, not take the money and run to a mansion out in the suburbs living high on the hog while the community he fleeces struggles from day-to-day. This event occurred at Great Faith Ministries in Detroit which is run by the swindling black bishop know as Wayne T Jackson.

I warned you about these swindling church beast pastors in my first book The Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure which like my second book Negro Wars is also available on Amazon and all other leading book stores. These pastors are nothing but grade A pimps, scammers and merchants who have been fleecing the black community for forever and a day. In my first book I broke down the most popular methods and techniques these pastors use in order to get folks to hand over their hard-earned cash.

Most of The Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure book deals with the many lies that the church has been teaching for years aswell as some of the many scams that most pastors use in order to fleece the flock(the tithe being one of them). The gentleman of New Era in the video is 100% spot on, how can the pastor be living better than the community he is supposed to be serving?

As I stated in The Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure the Most High is pulling down these constructions of failure aka “places of worship” one by one, he is now working through the individual, the nobody, the person of no reputation. The Most High simply isn’t interested in those who have set themselves up as so-called “spiritual leaders” over the people, he has watched and is still watching these “leaders” deliberately abuse their positions of power.

You’ll notice that these black pastors and their congregation members conveniently use certain scriptures and have a list of excuses as to why the leaders ought to be living the high life. Congregation members often get too caught up in the personality of the pastor to realise that he/she is taking them for a long, drawn out ride.

Remember you typical congregation member has his/her thinking and reasoning done for them by the pastor, this is why they will without hesitation jump to the defence of their leaders without first critically thinking over the matter. As per usual these pastors will always bring forward a few members of the congregation that they have helped in the past as if that has anything to do with the majority who are still suffering.

Of course the majority members of the church are black women. I talked in both of my books about how black women strikes deal with their pastors/preachers/bishops, in exchange for preaching sermons that make them feel good and that don’t hold them accountable or responsible for anything, black women have agreed to endlessly fund the lavish lifestyles of these so-called “leaders”.

In the same manner that black women have a contractual obligation towards the state to keep black men on their faces aswell as black society broken, black women also have a contractual obligation towards pastors, bishops and preachers to hand them their easy earned cash in exchange for fluffy, feel good, non accountable ramblings.

This is why it would be useless talking to the congregation members on the reputation of the pastor, black women aren’t about to reveal the filthy secret deals that they have forged under the table with the clergy. Church attending black women are just as corrupt and dastardly as the clerics themselves. As far as I am concerned these churches ought to be burned down as they serve little to no purpose that is beneficial to the communities they are situated in.

Folks especially black folks need to wake up and shake loose from these swindling Negro pastors and their crumbling cathedrals, a church building is not a requirement in order to have connection and a relationship with the Most High. Christ himself stated that those who worship the Most High must do so in spirit and in truth(John 4:24), church buildings, pastors, bishops, reverends, fancy cars, money etc are not a necessity.

These modern-day black pastors are not fulfilling their duties which one of many reasons why the Most High is going to destroy them, they are all about the money and they use the name and title of the Most High and Christ aswell as the bible to serve their own greedy causes, they effectively treat the things of God like a product to be sold at the local market.

The Most High will hold congregation members accountable also as they have no excuses when it comes down to openly handing their money over to thieves and crooks. Those who do so aswell as those who defend such actions will pay a heavy price. I hope that more churches get hit with these kinds of protests, pastors living like kings and queens while their parishioners live the lives of tramps, vagabonds and vagrants and as per usual these modern-day black women are the main jackals facilitating such dishonest, decadent and corrupt operations.



The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

36 thoughts on “Detroit Church Riot – Its About Time These Filthy Rich Black Pastors Were Held To Task!

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  2. While I definitely agree with the sentiment behind it, it’s sad that blacks will turn to such methods as a first resort. I guarantee that was little done in way of bringing these things to the pastor’s attention or simply leaving the church. We learned the wrong things from the civil rights movement, as well as romanticized it and forgotten all the legal and paperwork employed before protests were chosen as a last resort. I say with almost all causes, **** protesting, because you’re admitting/saying that you have no other options. They had options, namely to stop attending the dude’s church and let him bleed as dry and poor as they were. But, they couldn’t have been that logical to have dealt with him that long anyways….

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      These black women are the sponsors of these churches, they are locked in with the pastors and are fully involved in the racket. That’s one of the reason I glad that Trump was elected, the money they are putting into these pastors pockets need to be shut off at the source. Once black women no longer have their government assistance and other benefits to rely upon, these crumbling cathedrals will indeed die out.

      These church beast pastors are in serious trouble whether they realise it or not, the cosy relationship they have with the black witch is about to come to an end.

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      • I used to be so broke, as in no disposal cash AT ALL (all essential bills paid with nothing left at all. I was a student and working only part-time), that I lied/was deceptive in church. What I mean by that is when the collection basket used to get to me, I would clench my fist as though I had money in it, and lower my hand into the basket and un-clench my empty fist into the basket as though I have lowered the cash into it, and then pull my hand away. No one would realize I had no money (and no not worry, I never stole from the basket, every thing I have said so far is bad enough). I did all that because the a few weeks before, I was threatened not be be allowed back in the church, because I was seen simply passing the collection basket to the next person, making it obvious that I had not contributed. The pastor and his wife said that I was robbing God openly and that if I could not dedicate anything at all to him, I did not deserve his love, mercy, or salvation, and also that paying my rent first is mocking God and the miracles he can perform in my life. My decision to come back to church the following week and commit that act of deception was monumentally stupid and naive and no different from the evil that came out of the mouths of the pastor and his wife. I would never do such a thing again and never ever encourage anyone to do what I did either. This true story of mine was just to demonstrate the bullying, emotional, and spiritual blackmail pastors are prepared to let their congregation endure just to get money out of them. I am not sure if any of you experienced that those in their late teens, and early 20s students, were major targets for this form of attack, as they knew we were already vulnerable, negotiating the world without the guide of our parents for the first time for various reasons…………

        I thought I might add, now that I can recall, that pastors back in the day, loved to prey on and control the lives of students and teenagers (16-30) unable to remain at home because of abuse/neglect at the hands of their parents. It was mainly mind/religious control. The pastors and their wives would take you into their homes and tell you to give up college/uni, and give up your part-time/full-time job (to free up time for mid-week church meetings). Your whole life now lies in the hands of the pastor and his wife. You have NO home and NO money (at least you had both prior to giving up room/part-time job even if you had nothing left after paying bills). You are not allowed to see your friends, you can only go to church, and within two weeks you are kicked onto the streets following being accused of something you have never done or even dreamed of doing. They do this because they know that no one would ever believe a word coming out of a jobless, not-going-to-college/uni young person’s mouth and so the pastor will say and do whatever they want to whomever they want. This sounds like a plot for one of those documentaries about cults and sects. No this story is about a few, though not many I hope, African and West Indian Churches in London.

        This story was rife back in the mid 1990’s and late 1980s. It is truly a tragedy,

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    • If you investigate the bible you will see that people were stoned for offenses against the integrity of tbe community. False doctrine was one such offense. Granted, we are more modern now but God said he does not change and the wages of sin are what they are. Paul aka saul a pharisee was persecuting Jews and had it not been for tbe protection of tbd Romans he would’ve been stoned too. Our pastors hide behind our govt system and persecute the community in the same manner. People forget Jesus was flipping over tables in the synagogue.

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      • Indeed. They use their congregation basically like a form of welfare, while telling the few men there that THEY need to get a real job. Pathetic. These pastors are also known in the early days of the civil rights movement to be sent by whites to infiltrate and disrupt black society, rewlly it’s probably since slavery.

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  3. If I am asleep, unaware of the abuse being perpetuated upon me, when I finally wake up and all of my money is gone because I handed it over to trickster while sleepwalking, I’m kicking ass, in the church, in the parking lot, in the vestibule of that sucker’s mansion, simply on principle, and until black people stop falling that Christian fairytale, pastor chicken bone will continue to dip into their pockets….shame

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    • Pastor Chickenbone, hehehe.

      Seriously, I feel no pity for these dudes. They’ll get mad and try to micromanage what their congregations listens to and watches yet have nothing to say about big issues. They’ll sit there and blatantly be behind and back what these liberals want blacks to embrace, yet love claiming to not be about politics. I honestly hate them all, and if they woke tomorrow broke, in a ditch, and not a thing to their name, the world would be better for it.

      The more that I’ve thought over it, the less that I can see how any thinking individual not from the Middle East can deal with abrahamic religions. Whites and blacks sure as hell shouldn’t, because it was forced on BOTH of their ancestors through violent means.

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      • You’re right we’ve been I need this country too long and suffered too long obeying the dictates of that slave religion to still at this stage in the game to be under it’s spell

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  4. The black Church is a joke some of these places ask for your W-2 now if that is not about money what is and black people still go all in with these churches what a joke. Verbs like you said black women are the main followers they will listen to their pastor more than their husband and boyfriend. The pastors be having sex with many women in the congregation as well even before i completely stop dealing with black women i would not seriously date a black women in the black church because i would question her intelligence or lack there of for following these scammers.

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    • Wow, you’ve gotta be kidding over that w-2 thing!

      One popular phrase of today is the “it’s not a religion, it’s a relationship” thing. Well if it’s not a religion, than you shouldn’t stay tax exempt now should you, peaches?

      “Pastors sweat buckets and tighten buttholes”

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Yep, I talked about that specific phrase in my Institutional Church Beast book. You simply cannot have a personal relationship with the Most High while attending one of these constructions of degeneracy.

        You do not have a personal relationship with God in church, your relationship is actually with the pastor, the congregation members and the church building. A genuine personal relationship with the Most High can only occur outside of the institutional church beast system.

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    • Sean,

      I had to look up that W-2 thing, wow, it seems that things are going from bad to worse with these churches. Once the state begins cutting the benefits and welfare then these churches will most definitely go the way of the dinosaurs.

      Indeed, I wrote about the gross sexual misconduct which is currently taking place in these churches in both Negro Wars and The Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure. Male and female pastors both are involved and are just as bad as each other.

      Church black women are some of the biggest whores out there, we have to remember that black woman as a group are actually Satanists, they simply use Christ and the bible as cover to continue with their evil deeds unhindered.

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      • Verbs,

        Many black women come straight from the club to church I literally do not take black women seriously they are a walking abomination.

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  5. These churches do nothing for their parishioners. They don’t get to know them, and thus their plight. You never hear of these jackasses taking up funds for a congregant that’s suck, or having surgery, or something of the sort in terms of emergencies. I remember how little that church my mom pays all that money to did for her when she had surgery, and how even less was done when my father died. That church that she paid all that money to didn’t lift a finger or give a dime when she needed money to save her house.

    Before ANY sort of missions are done in other cities and/or countries, the local community should be helped, and before it, the congregation that’s already there. They tend to ONLY send/spend time and money to foreign causes because those can be walked away from and not seen every week, nor does anyone really and honestly look at those causes as anything more than virtue signaling and glorified lost causes. Sad but true, I’d hate to admit it.

    They use the story of the widow with the flour and oil to guilt trip you into giving your last dime, saying that you’ll only be blessed when you give til you basically have nothing. This creates a paradox for The parishioners and an influx for the pastor: he keeps getting money because he holds them to that set amount of 10%, and they’re continually broke, which he tells them they won’t be if they give their last dollar. It’s a lie of course, so he keeps getting rich off of telling them to give to him so as to not be broke, and they keep being broke.



    • Afrofuturism1,

      I talked about all of the points you mentioned in my first book The Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure. I explained in the book how most church members cannot turn to the church in their times of need because they know full well that they will not be given any help. I also explained how church money only travels in one direction, from the church member to the pastor and there are no returns on the “investment”. Once that money has left your pocket you will never see it again.

      Many of these swindling pastors attach themselves to foreign causes simply as a way to generate more revenue, this is something else that I talked about in the book, often there is no link between the pastor and the cause other than his name and the supposed cause being on the same flyer. There are plenty of cases where folks have investigated claims of pastors helping out folks in foreign countries only to find out that the people concerned have never even heard of the pastor nor have they received any funds from his church.

      You’re right, the overwhelming majority of these church leaders neglect the needs of the local people, they simply roll into town, collect their money and roll out again. Just like the rest of the pimps and merchants within black society pastors do not care about black people at all, their only concern is with the money that the people bring them.

      If we look at the example of Christ he proved himself first before people ever gave him anything, whether it be a roof over his head, food, assistance etc. The modern day church however is the complete opposite, they want you to first give in faith that actions will follow, yet another scam that I broke down in the book. I dealt with the scam called the tithe and how is not is not part of the new covenant. As I stated in the church beast book, if you want to increase your finances then stop handing your money over to greedy, swindling, no good pastors.

      Just like I told black men to walk away from black women in Negro Wars, the same must be done in terms of black men and the church, abandon ship. We already know that black women are locked in and have special arrangements with the pastors, they will ride or die until the wheels fall off. However their time is now short seeing as their free money is about to be cut, these pastors will suffer and I will be sitting down with some popcorn and a fresh glass of juice watching. In the same manner as the black woman these pastors/church leaders must also be broken and smashed.

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      • I honestly now kinda hope they knocked down that pastor’s church. As much as I’d hate for black to fall in with the stereotype of violence, as well as looking to radical protest as a first resort, here, its kind of deserved.

        I love how pastors will constantly quote scriptures about men having jobs and taking care of their kids. This @$$hole doesn’t have a “real” job, because he’s not held accountable. Any other field is held to a standard, and if it continually is not met, you’re out of a job(s). Business: if you can’t supply a worthy of purchase product, you’re shuttered. This extends to things like music, movies, and art, because they’re selling a product that is judged by consumers as worthy of purchasing/implementing. People in real jobs have to get things done. Clergy is no different from most politicians who get nothing done, but at least we don’t have Stockholm syndrome with them and we actually criticize them.

        These pastors only say that to make themselves look more attractive to eff all the single mothers in the church. Every time I think about these hucksters, I get physically ill.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Black women are the key to the pastor’s lifestyle and survival, remove them from the equation and your average pastor will be up the creek without a chicken bone to paddle with. Bring on the section 8/welfare/social program cuts, the pastor’s gravy train is soon coming to an end.

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    • If you are short of food and you ask the pastor and his wife for money buy it, they humiliate you by giving you a long lecture about learning how to budget or to get a second job. When you go to work for years with no pay-rise but rent, mortgage, food, utility bills, travel (to work), clothes (luxury) all going up steadily, you eventually start to struggle, as the list provided is essential, clothes being a luxury. You find that taking last night’s dinner for lunch will mean nothing to eat when you get home and eventually you find yourself lucky to have one meal a day and that is usually when you get home, missing out on breakfast and lunch.

      The worst I have had from the church treasurers, is that I cannot be worshiping God for being so poor……….this was back in the late 1980s early to mid-1990s when Morris Cerullo, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Hagin etc. were considered the the bees knees.

      I was more depressed as a so-called born-again Christian then, than I am now that I have broken free from all that bondage. I still believe in Christ and the, but not in that demonic, pagan, new world, hippie way we were taught as children and teenagers. I have also noticed that those brought up in that environment and rebelled against it, made far worse mistakes in their lives than those who never had anything to do with that foolishness. This is because we were rebelling a rebellious cult, not knowing that Satan was in two places at once…………

      Church has NEVER EVER been a safe haven for me and it is sad and embarrassing that the church I went to as a teenager and is still exactly the same format (I have since had a sneaky peek online to get my facts straight).

      God help us……………….

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  6. Yeah, going today to my mother’s church, the female co pastor stated that parishioners shouldn’t question where their money is going. If you can not even question how your dollars are used for a certain cause, why even give to that cause?


    • Afrofuturism1,

      What kind of a reprobate statement is that? It’s typical that such a comment would come from the mouth of a woman. The bottom line is they are misappropriating funds at that church, both pastors are living fat and high on the hog. The reason why they don’t want you or anybody else questioning where the money is going is because they wouldn’t have any reasonable explanations as to why so much of the money is going towards the pastors leisurely, carnal, material and secular lifestyles.

      This is why the Most High is taking down these monuments of failure, they are not what he set up under Christ, he certainly is not pleased with the direction most of these swindling pastors have taken and and he has already lined up heavy judgements for these scamming merchants. Everything they have thought, said and done has been seen, noted and recorded, nothing has been missed.

      In my institutional church beast book I also talked about the deep disdain your typical pastor has for his/her congregation members. In the same manner that black women hate black men, the pastor hates the parishioners, this is why they typically live away from the same people they are supposed to be serving.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Its all lies and fairytales, God has nothing to do with them and of course we already know that black women love to wallow in lies and falsehoods.

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      • This is why women should never, ever be pastors. They are no different form those New Age, witches like Iyanla Vanzants, Rhonda Byrne, Paula Whites, Shirley Caesar, Juanita Bynams, Victoria Osteens, Laura Lentz etc. They have no business in our spiritual journey. It makes me cringe. I always get a vibe that they are closet lesbians. I should not bear false witness on anybody, and if I have got it wrong then I am sincerely sorry but not sorry about the fact that they should not be pastors or leaders of anyone. I still cannot shake off the lesbian spirit theory. I get cold just thinking about it.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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  7. haha. PULPIT PIMPS. :^)

    No wonder Don “Magic” Juan (Snoop’s friend — the most famous american pimp of all) is now a “PASTOR”. Google it.

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  8. Notice that besides probably Islam, Christianity (at least mainstream) tells you that your eternity is set once you accept Christ, but then apparently doesn’t believe it because they worry about the eternal more than anyone as an excuse to get nothin done on earth.

    These people and their institutions are a joke and useless. As Verbs stated recently, most of the sinners that these people call out on the daily are better people, and I’ve noticed in white and black circles how conservatism/family values is developing and defended more by atheists, agnostics, European pagans, African pagans, and other non Christians. A damn shame.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      This is exactly what I talked about in my church beast book, the fact that you can form better relationships with folks outside of the church than you can with those within it. The black church is a empty shell of its former self and we already know the culprits responsible for its demise, that’s right, black women.

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