Black Men Are Not The Second Cause Of Death Amongst Black Women – More Lies And Propaganda From Idiotic Black Females

Recently I came across this interview on the Breakfast Club which featured two black women by the names of Jamilah Lemieux and Amber Phillips. One of these black female numbskulls(lo and behold the dark skinned woman) during the interview proceeded to state that black men were the second cause of death amongst black women. Immediately I began thinking “what about heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease” etc?

Upon my suspicions I conducted my own research and lo and behold it didn’t take me long to discover that these two black women were sloppy liars and crafty deceivers at the least. Let us see what the CDC had to say about the leading causes of death amongst black women of all ages:


Here is the link for you all to check out for yourselves:

Notice how when you look under the age ranges of 15-19 and 20-24 homicide is indeed the second cause of death amongst those two groups only, however that is not the case overall(as shown in the above screenshot) as those two spineless buzzards attempted to make out, plus the fact that the perpetrators behind the homicide were not identified in the study. You’ll notice however how most black women have no problems in concluding that black men are the sole individuals responsible without any proof.

And some of you black men still believe that black women as a group like you, lol. Sorry, black women have other major issues to worry about other than black men, most of them are obese(80%)and seriously unhealthy, however instead of focusing upon the improvement of their own health, the take down of the black man is of far more importance to them, after all they must comply with their state contractual obligations.

Yet another masterpiece for the archives, black women ought to be worried about their overall health which is in the toilet. Yet more feminist propaganda that has easily been deconstructed and rubbished. Black women will always attempt to hold onto that worthless victimhood card at all costs, don’t ever allow them to play the victim black men. Here are yet more facts that black women are forced to take a seat on:

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

8 thoughts on “Black Men Are Not The Second Cause Of Death Amongst Black Women – More Lies And Propaganda From Idiotic Black Females

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  2. These witches, dark ones especially, will throw us under the bus for a happy meal, shiny coin and a chance at a half breed baby. They make me sick, but apparently all of those hog maws and chitlins are making them sick, hahaha!!!

    When thugs won’t turn the hatred they harbor for each other against the devils in the flesh that raised them to do it, you can always count on good ol soul food to do the job!

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  3. The majority of these queans are apparently “educated”, yet are too lazy to conduct the proper research to defend that which cannot be defended.

    SYSBM until the wheels fall off!

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    • They claim to be so educated, yet their children are the least educated.

      They love talking about how intelligent they are, yet are the most illogical of beings on earth, making normal illogical women look like Einstein.

      They talk about how they’re great mothers and the backbone of the community, yet abortion is the NUMBER ONE killer of black people. And yet they’ll still claim to be so dang Christian. The biggest problem in the black neighborhoods is that they AREN’T dying like the men.

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    • Most women are educated to perform their job like mindless drones. The ability for women to for themselves, think critical or do research is beyond that abilities.

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