Black Fathers The Most Involved In Their Children’s Lives – Don’t Believe The Deadbeat Dad Propaganda Black Women Have Been Circulating!

Recently some black women in their efforts to keep the already debunked deadbeat dad mantra propagating have begun recirculating this article which appeared in Clutch magazine online in 2015:

If we take this study at face value, what black women are trying to imply here is out-of-wedlock births equate to abandonment of the children by the fathers. Anybody with a quarter of a brain can see that this is a nonsensical conclusion, however we as thinking black men already know that most black women in their desperation to tear black men down will clutch onto anything they believe paints us in a negative light.

These same black female scoundrels however have been much less active in circulating a report that was written by the CDC which clearly shows that black fathers are the most involved in the lives of their children out of all races of men, here is the report:

Click to access nhsr071.pdf

Here are the links to a few other websites who also wrote articles on the CDC findings:

You’ll notice however that the black witch is still continuing to push this blatant lie that black men refuse to take care of their children. The feminist is a perpetual liar, I talked about this and the religion of feminism itself in the book Negro Wars. Never trust any words that comes from the mouth of your average black female, always double, triple and quadruple check and confirm anything that proceeds from her voice orifice.

So next time you hear black women running their mouths claiming that black men are deadbeat dads, please forward this article to them or the links within the article and thereafter tell them to shut up and take ten seats. BLACK MEN ARE NOT DEADBEAT DADS!


This is all black women have left, lies, myths, urban legends, old wives tales, tall stories and fables, what a joke.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

17 thoughts on “Black Fathers The Most Involved In Their Children’s Lives – Don’t Believe The Deadbeat Dad Propaganda Black Women Have Been Circulating!

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  2. They’ll perpetuate this lie, but try to be seen as a great catch. They are the least married woman, the least attractive woman, the least dated woman, the least desired woman, the brokest woman, the most std riddled woman, the most violent woman, and easily the worst mothers on earth. It’s them that raise these violent ragamuffins and scalawags who wreak havoc upon and destroy the community. They destroy everything they touch, so now that they’re being exposed for the deceitful devilish witches they are, I feel sympathy for them.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      This is indeed their recompense, one that is best served cold. As I have stated before most black women are destined for destruction and hellfire, it’s not as if they are repenting and turning from the wickedness, if anything they are doubling down and digging deeper into the evil.

      They are being rejected by men from all sides because nobody is seeing any value in them anymore, as you stated a while back nobody is looking for clunkers and defective, worn out merchandise.

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  3. I’ve always said the Black Community is worst at the 80/20 rule when it comes to women chasing the perceived top 20 percent of men. In many other ethnicities and cultures, Women are going for the top 20% of Men. Here, you have the 80% of BW sleeping with the bottom 20% of BM as well as reproducing with the lower 20%. It isn’t uncommon to see many Black men with more than one child with several women. On the flip side, you have alot of BM with no children or 1 child from a previous marriage or relationship. BW have this weird tendancy to sleep with the lower tier of 20% and have multiple children from men like this. And this also includes men of other races as well. Black people here don’t realize there is a large segment of the UK & countries in Africa where BW are a single parent to a bi-racial White, Asian, or Arabic child(ren).

    Many Black Women play this “I can change him” game with these thugs and convicts and get mad when he doesn’t evolve beyond his teenage way of life. Many of these women are looking for beta’s to pick up the slack or another meal ticket usually. What isn’t discussed is how many men are railroaded by the system who are good men. Or BW using the child as a weapon of money laundering, extortion, and exclusion when a new man comes in the picture or she wants some type of “revenge” in a sick manner.

    Also, you have many case of paternity fraud and (I would say from personal observance) about 40% who actually are sleeping with multiple partners at once and have no clue who the father is. What BW fear is being exposed and people knowing the truth. Women naturally are emotional and go into “victim-mode” to garner empathy and attention. But their truth being exposed crumbles their infallibility. It also forces them as a whole to take accountability and responsibility for their wrong-doing and faults.

    If BW wanna spew how shitty fathers BM are, please remind them of this stat. 42% of BM have no children And also 72% of BW have children out-of-wedlock. 65% percent from two or more partners (men from other races included). I really wish they did paternity fraud stats as you know BW from urban areas are ultra-hypergamous. Even Black women from the “suburbs” end up being part of the cesspool stat. If paternity fraud stats were recorded and shown, this “Black Woman is God/Mother Earth” facade would be literally shattered overnight.

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  9. Did anyone actually read that study? It’s not a research study about absentee fathers vs non-absentee fathers. In fact, absentee fathers are never even acknowledged in the study.


    • DP,

      We don’t really need the study, the evil wench who invented the deadbeat dad myth has already come out and admitted that she made up the mantra. The bottom line most black women allow themselves to get dicked down by a few irresponsible black men but then project their careless choosings upon black men across the board. 51% of black men in the US are single and childless, that’s all we need to know.


      • Who was the woman invented the myth and when did she admit it was a myth? Isn’t the CDC satanic? Their previous president was convicted of bestiality and her boyfriend was accused of sexual encounter with a minor. Look it up. What about the 70% out of wedlock rate?


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