37 thoughts on ““I’m A Strong Black Woman” Gone Horribly Wrong!

  1. I love it, because this is the result of being so strong and independent and not needing a man. So since you dont need a man..you dont have one, so drown in your so called “independence”..LOL, I LOVE IT SHE LOOKS SO SAD.

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  3. 1. Notice how she’s dark skinned
    2. Notice how they’re all mixed/non-black looking
    3. Notice how they’re all cute
    4. Notice how she’s ugly
    5. Notice how they look slim
    6. Notice how she looks fat
    7. Notice how they look happy
    8. Notice how she looks mad/sad/anything but glad

    This is what they get, and as sadistic as it is, I hope to see more of this and much worse en masse. We know evil won’t die, so let them be lonely and cry.


    • I totally and completely agree with you, I went home for xmas and took my white girlfriend with me and to my delightful suprise 4 of my nephews and 2 of my uncles had w hite girlfriends. Then one of my female cousins whispered under her breath saying this was “becky central”..I was laughing and I was so proud of my nephews and uncle.

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      • lol jealousy. Older uncles? Old digs can learn new tricks, as opposed to dealing with black ones hahahahaha.

        Let em be replaced! This is the feel good story of the holidays! I thoroughly enjoy seeing things like this and sadisticly anticipate their coming destruction and extinction.


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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Spot on concerning all the points you raised. They’ve done it to themselves and I don’t feel sorry for them at all because of their pride and unrepentant nature. Black women must suffer for the misery, death and destruction that they have brought upon black society, abandonment will be their primary woe followed very closely be isolation and rejection. She looks extremely wounded in that picture, she knows that she is the odd one out and it burns her so badly, however that is the price this female must pay for being “a strong, independent black woman who doesn’t need a man”.

      I could have gone into a big long lecture on this picture because it says so much and confirms everything that we have talked about and more, however this time I decided to keep my mouth shut and let you guys dig in, lol. Its exactly what I and others have been saying for the longest while, typically the more pure the blood of the black woman ie the more black she is, the more trouble she is likely to bring to the table.

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  4. Cannot cosign enough. They have doesn’t the last five decades listening to professional male bashers like Oprah, Wendy Williams, Alice Walker, and countless others tell them that black men are the bane of society. At the same time, they’ve made millionaires out of Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry, and megachurch pastors who specialize in telling them what they want to hear.

    Well, here’s the endgame, ladies. More black men are married than the sistahood, despite being outnumbered by them and having fewer degrees. Black men marry non-black women at nearly three times the rate that the sistahood marry non-black men. Despite having our names driven into the dirt over the last 45+ years by mainstream media, it still doesn’t stop Becky, Maria, Mae Ling, Emma, and Marisol from lining up to get with blank men. And that difference is that more non-black women know how to discern good men from the riff raff. They don’t allow Pookie, Lil Skeet, and Ray-Ray to get first dibs much less procreate with them. Can the sistahood say the same?

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    • The inner Circle,

      The sisterhood is a complete and utter failure when it comes down to choosing the right men, this is one of many reasons why more black men must implement #SYSBM and save themselves from such reprobation and filth. Black men deserve better and can do much better for themselves. Non black women are definitely the way forward for thinking black men.

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    • These are literally the death throws of a wounded, angry, hurting beast. Notice how when they were saying all that crap about the men that THEY raised on Oprah, Geraldo, and Donahue, it was gravy, but now that black men are saying the truth about the chicks they were simply stuck with on the internet, it’s a cardinal sin.

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    • I have 10 cousins about 8 of them are of dating age, out of those eight there are 6 of them dating all 6 of them are dating outside their race now this includes 2 black women but still the point stands.

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  5. lol I’ve just realized something: even in the realms of music, black chicks are being replaced by white ones. Who needs a black chick who can maybe kinda sing if the situation direly needs it when they can have a white one that actually can. Meghan Trainor and Jess Glynne are way better “black woman” singers than most black women, and even Alicia Keys is a half breed that could pass as something else. That’s why the not very talented and glorified booty model named BeyoncĂ© claims to be so mixed, as well as why half these black chicks just rap like the men now.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I’ve noticed that change taking place aswell. It’s not surprising that white women are replacing black women, most black women have too much testosterone running through their veins so as a result they are losing their vocal talents.

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      • Exactly, it’s why it’s so easy for them to just start rapping and sound like any thug dude you know. Part of being a popular singer as a young woman is being pretty, and well……

        It’s why I can almost understand why the dudes will deal with these big ol black chicks. The non-mixed darker ones look VERG masculine, and without those (exaggerated) secondary sexual features if big butts and boobs, there’s absolutely nothing feminine about them. It’s way dudes will take a skinny and flat chested Asian chick waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before they even think about touching a skinny dark skinned black one: the Asian girls, despite not having “body” like that, are hyper feminine and cute, with cute, youthful, and feminine faces, whereas the black chicks just look like the black dude from The Wire lol.

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  6. I love that photo someone posted it in one of the travel groups I am on in Facebook there were many comments most stated that serves black women right my heart was warm. Of course you had some imbeciles talking my black queen BS but at the same time these dudes stay traveling to DR, Brazil, Colombia, or Costa Rica to meet women. It’s so funny how these guys are scared to tell the truth about black women and act like they owe them something that is absolutely amazing to me.

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  7. #SYSBM! Happy holidays!

    This is what the BM/WW aircraft carrier looks like. It’s enemies can only stop and wonder where and when the rest of the fleet is coming…

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  8. Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s seen this dumb black b1tch named Chrissie? She, like most dark skinned court jesters, wants to STOP COLORISM, and is mad that black men, light skin women, and non-black men (si basically everyone else on earth, lol) don’t promote or embrace how beautiful they are. Maybe, just maybe, if literally every other group isn’t a fan of your looks, you aren’t that good looking. I know it’s not an easy reality to accept, but grow up and deal with it. I HATE dark skinned women, because they DO try to force you to like them or call them beautiful. Only an ugly ass, ape faced, insecure, poor excuse for a homo Sapien black chick would waste their time doing this as some moral crusade. Black men, please, do not even spit on a dark skin chick. Let’s just breed these morons out of existence by making more half breeds that don’t have to deal with the reality of being the most unattractive women on the planet.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Myself and a good friend were discussing the fact that the darker skinned black women tend to have the most mental and insecurity issues. I’ve heard about this Chrissie woman through Obsidian Radio, however I have yet to listen to some of her material.

      The fact of the matter is the darker skinned black women are the most masculine and the most violent, this has to be one of the main reasons why they should be avoided at all costs.

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      • I noticed that she also has a espousing that “Its always mediocre light skin/mixed women”. A crappy mixed or non-black chick is a goddess compared to a dark skinned one, she and others prove it.

        I really can not stress how much easier it is not dealing with these chicks. You’re dealing with a group that is basically known more and more everyday as the most masculine, most unattractive, most insecure, most unmarried, and most unstable group of women, and you think that won’t add extra drama just on principle? You really think these things are undeserved stigmas?

        The majority of them are literally a virus, and really do depend on us to continue into the next gen because we pretty much are the only ones stupid enough to knock em up. Well, let’s stop feeding this virus, and maybe we won’t have to deal with the symptoms.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        I got through about a minute and a half of that video before I had to switch it off. These dark skinned black women are ultra stupid, a black man is simply not allowed to have any preferences that exclude them. As you have already stated dark skinned black women are typically more masculine, more brutish and more violent, they are the ones who embrace feminism the most.

        Darker skinned black women have the worst traits amongst all varieties of black women, everytime you see videos of black women involved in fights or them fighting or beating up their boyfriends, guess what skin tone the woman is? Nuff said. Overall darker skinned woman are the least feminine, this claim of colourism is complete nonsense, yet another excuse dark skinned black women are trying to use in order to make black men feel guilty about excluding them.

        I don’t feel sorry for them because they are unrepentant and wish to hold onto the victimhood status instead of changing their ways for the better. Ok then, they can hold onto the victimhood status and remain single, that is not my problem nor my concern.

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    • @AfroFuturism1 – There are alot of the Pro-Black or Black Feminist slags on YouTube. I can’t stand Chrissie. The dark-skinned whore advocate. But there are a few which are worst or just as annoying. Cynthia G, Soncerae Smith, Brueklen Blue, Izidora Storm, etc. just to name a few. Black Women cannot get it through their heads no one has to like you, your look, or your features. And to make matters worst, trying to guilt BM into liking them despite their abhorrent behavior.

      The worst offender is Soncerae Smith. The whore who used to be a former “urban model”, who uses “urban models” in her own publication, Block Eleven. The same slut who had a child out of wedlock @ 18/19. They same slut who is (or was) a “Bi-sexual Unicorn” and unapologetic swinger. The same whore who BM bashes but yet give BW a pass on their shitty behavior. The same whore who has to make click-bait videos because she’s a miserable attention whore with low views. The same whore who participates in orgies and gangbangs while raising a teenage daughter. She is the epitome of hypocrisy and delusional.

      She lives in the “Greater-Metro Atlanta Area”. I’ve seen her in person at a gas station. To say the least, I was unimpressed. Cynthia G is a former “Sugar-Baby” and bed-wench. The vibe and aura she gives off gives me that particular feeling. Especially a video made by another YouTuber exposing her and phrases she has stated in the past. “I’ve received gifts and money from White Men before.” But she is speaking on or against White Supremacy. Right…*Skewed Eye Roll*

      She has questionable pictures on her FB page (which she now has hidden) and also had the gall to forward her followers to her former bed-wench sister. It seems Black Women like to absolve themselves from their own fuck-ups and questionable past.

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  9. @Keith

    Yeah, this is the incest I talk about. They have the kids young and walk around in they panties with they titties hanging out around the teenage boys and their friends, and you wonder how these boys’ ding a lings end up somewhere inside these women?

    They’re so bored and obsessed with sex that they will sleep with anyone. Literally, I’ve seen several stories of RETARDED negroes in the hood getting a chance to break the bed with someone and ending up parents.

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  10. @Verbs

    Not only are the girl fights almosts always dark skinned chicks, they fight more than the men. And the results are a bunch of weave and nails on the ground, and maybe a few ripped versions of those bags they wear.

    Whenever a light skinned woman is involved, she’s getting beat up by these brutes. I HATE these beasts, and the sooner their simps turn on them and go rogue, the better.

    Speaking of bags, why do these chicks go around in public wearing those jiffy pop bags on their head? I noticed that first began a few years back. Trying to get attention….

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