How Black Women Worship And Interact With Whitey Their God – Part 2

Just thought I would slip in a quicky before the Christmas period. The name of the Facebook group, the people involved and the conversations speak for themselves:




Do you see how eager these black women are to throw us black men under the bus for their white kings, do you see how black women have no problems trashing black men if they believe that they can advantage themselves with white men? Do you see how easily black women are willing to sacrifice themselves for their white God? Do you how black women have no sexual hang ups or limitations when it comes down to white men? And to think there are still black men chasing down these miscreants believing that black women like them and are still their friends. A closer look at Ambrosia Boss Jones:



Yes, for your information she does have a white boyfriend and a couple of mixed race children, check out her profile on Facebook and you will see for yourselves. This behaviour by black women isn’t just happening in a dark secluded corner, this is widespread and very common, the unfortunate thing is some black men either haven’t received the memo or point black refuse to read the memo concerning their queans, rather like Mr Jackson here:


Isn’t the answer obvious, black women don’t like your black side Mr Jackson, this is why they will brasenly promote white men despite that fact that you are promoting them. As I stated before in the near future many black men will reluctantly throw in the towel and abandon their queans. This isn’t the only post where I have blatantly illustrated black women degrading themselves, swooning over and prostrating themselves for whitey their God and it certainly won’t be the last.

Why are some black men still dealing with, dating, marrying and procreating with these woman again???? White men also ought to take heed and avoid black women like the plague. Just because they are more submissive towards you this doesn’t detract from the fact that the overwhelming majority of them are still mentally ill and mentally damaged individuals.

Black women are the only group of women on the planet who put other races of men above and before their own, that treacherous act will be the key to their soon coming downfall. As I have stated before at this stage #SYSBM is the only way forward for thinking, intelligent black men, stop dealing with these black female devil spawn krakens from the deep and seek love and companionship elsewhere. Black men, you can do much better for yourselves than settling for this evil trash.

Negro Wars The Book

Have a great Christmas, much appreciated to all of you for your input and continued support, I’ll catch you on the other side.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

36 thoughts on “How Black Women Worship And Interact With Whitey Their God – Part 2

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  2. Well, with this and among other things, we can declare 2016 the most damning year for the community and its benefactors. With this year alone, everything said by black male YouTubers/bloggers has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, uncomfortable questions answered, and skepticisms quashed. As 2016 winds down the community has remained steadfast in its self destruction while the state and its operative profits at the cost of everyone else of the community.

    Think of all the ridiculous actions of the community this year like that asinine riots in Charlotte and Milwaukee, a young woman getting in front of the news media and declaring to the world, “We need our weaves,” the revolting exploits of Ari Nagel and his recipients, the deliberate sabotage of Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation film, the celebration of Simone Biles and Tika Sumpter acquiring their “White Kings” and the deteriorating pro-black movement led by Saneter, Polight and gang.

    But what really toped everything was the king of simpdom himself, Angel Ramirez-Jordan leaving YouTube and shutting down all his social media accounts. And unsurprising enough hardly any black women made support videos especially the queen of swirl herself in Angels time of need. When black women and Christelyn Karazin needed defending, Angel was there for them. So it shouldn’t be too hard to ask for black women to return the favor and support Angel at his lowest. We should see hundreds if not thousands of support videos for Angel, yet there’s barely a dozen. But let some goofy white or asian guy come out with a cringe-worthy 3 to 4 minute video about “Why I love black women” saying the most inane crap and watch that video get a quarter to half a million views at weeks end. The height of hypocrisy.

    I’m so thankful for 2016. Any person who has been observant, knows the undeniable truth. It’s good to know where you stand in the overall scheme of things so that you can make the best possible decisions to save yourself. #SYSBM

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    • Whtgrlsrawesome,

      Well stated, I had no idea that Angel Ramirez Jordan shut down all of his social media accounts. And what you stated about the lack of black female support in his corner correlates with the mountain loads of evidence on this website which clearly shows that black women only care about themselves. Angel was a fool to ever form a confederacy with the black witch Karazin, so many man have been ensnared by that woman. Her and her guild of dark acolytes must never be associated or fellowshipped with under any circumstances.

      As I have stated before, black women are the only group of women on planet earth who place other men in front of and above black men, no other race of women on the planet do this. This callous move however will lead to their destruction, I will not save nor offer them a helping hand in their time of distress, tribulation and destruction. What black women did to Nate Parker’s film Birth Of A Nation is unforgivable, yet at the same time it shows us how they are opposed to black men building anything of worth and value.

      Black women in 2016 have more than shown us where their true allegiances lie, with themselves and non black men, especially their white king, lord, saviour, slave master and father. #SYSBM is the only sensible way forward for thinking black men, I will continue to hammer this point home.

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    • You can add to that shit list the defection of Angryman, the doxxing of Hardcore Tito, the near-collapse of the Black Manosphere and the persistent presence of hoteps, simps, gassers and agents.

      But I’d counter that grim list with the advancement of the ground game, in the actual real world:
      Kyrie Irving’s seminal boat party
      Lindsay Vonn’s new boyfriend
      Kali Muscle divorcing his BBB for a snowbunny
      Will Smith tapping Margot Robbie on the side
      Trick Daddy turning on his “queans”
      Polight leaving the hood, heading for the Kardashians
      Mike Colter proudly introducing his wife on TV
      Chicago Cubs championship winning players and their attractive White wives
      And most of all, the eagerly awaited Star Wars and the promotion of a brother and a white girl side by side on the big screen.

      2017 will be the year to break new ground, BM WW will be on TV even more in the US (UK already has had commercials, dramas and films with BM/WW couples) and we’ll see even big movie stars come out with their non-Black women like it’s not a big deal anymore. And all of this in the era of Trump. I cannot wait!

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      • WHat do you mean gassers and agents? And I’m assuming by the black manosphere’ collapse, you mean the continued fall from grace of the likes of Sotomayor and Nasheed?


    • @whitegirlsareawesome
      Even in the midst of my backsliding out of normalcy into pro-blackdom, I had to shut off the very first video of his I watched within a few minutes due to the levels of simpery. Quite obviously he was single and he sure as hell radiated more moisture than a thousand lawn sprinklers.

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  3. Verbs,

    Excellent job keep hitting them hard in 2017. Was talking to a friend of mine told him to check you out he is one of those black people above everything type of guys which is cool but he is missing the point about black women. He knows that black women have some major issues but he keeps waiting and holding out for a good black woman. I told him you could be waiting for the rest of your life and never find one, then he said a woman from another race or country do not know the struggle of a black man and I said you proved my point as to why you should leave black women alone. Because black women know our struggle and are still quick to throw black men under the bus put us in the system with child support, slut themselves out and be submissive to white men but give us holy hell. He does not get I am trying to save him but the young chap will not listen his fate will be decided real quick Messi g with these black women low lives.

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    • Sean,

      Most definitely, dysfunctional black women will receive absolutely no mercy from me ever. 2017 will be even worse for them under my watch. Black women have more than proven that they simply aren’t interested in the struggles of black men, they are only out for what they can gain for themselves which is why they have absolutely no problems throwing black men simultaneously under 15 buses for their own profit.

      Many of these young black fellows certainly need some working on, they mistakenly believe that there is still an abundance of good black women on the market, however nothing could be further from the truth. I had a young guy from the Caribbean who was subscribed to my blog, however he just couldn’t accept the fact that black women for the most part are defective beyond repair goods, even though he was perpetually single and witnessing the same dysfunction amongst the black women in his own country, so he unsubscribed.

      He is still holding onto this black love/black unity farce, even black men like Polight have abandoned this pro black nonsense as they are now beginning to realise that the movement is outdated and inflexible. Don’t worry, as this black woman begins to sink deeper and deeper into degeneracy at an even faster rate, there will be even larger numbers of black men who will be forced to throw in the towel on their queans as they will no longer be in a position to deny the obvious truth.

      I hear you Sean, some of these young bucks will have to learn the hard way, just from the evidence on this website alone no black man can come away thinking that black women are still our friends and have our best interests at heart, the truth is blatantly the opposite. The black woman’s crimes against the black man are beyond evil and terrible, these women are destined for destruction and hellfire, based upon that alone I don’t want to be around them.

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      • Keep up the good work, I will keep trying to advise black men to leave these black women the hell alone. I am living proof relationships with othe women from other races and countries has been much smoother and peaceful than it has been with any black woman. And I tell people when I first started dating and wanted to get married and have kids I wanted all that with a black woman but they turn their backs on you and your family just to so call advance their own ambitions. I have never seen such ungrateful people as black women.

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    • Sean,

      Your friend reminds me of two relatives of mine who are on the extreme ends of the spectrum. On one end, I have a relative who has been single for a long time. He loves black women with his whole heart and believes his “queen” will soon come. Yet he still remains single and it is now pulling him into a depressive state. I once advised him that he should expand his options and look elsewhere since true love is not limited to ethnicity. But unfortunately, that advice went into one ear and out the other. As the saying goes, you can bring the horse to water but you can’t make him drink it. So this is something he’s gonna have to figure out on his own, if he’s willing.

      On the other end, I have another relative whose life is now a living nightmare when he got involved with a black woman. Now granted, he made some life choices that are of his own doing. But his black wife didn’t make it any better. And you want to know how he attracted his black wife? It wasn’t because he was a good man and was successful in life. Nope, it was because he became a hoodlum. And once he got her pregnant, I knew from there that his life was pretty much over. Now he has a criminal record, still in trouble with the law, can’t hold down a job, can’t afford to get back into school, living with his parents, and now has an extra mouth to feed. All for what? Just to impress a black woman who now has your life worse off than before. I also tried to give him advice, but his path to destruction was already set in motion by the time he realized what he has done. Again once he got her pregnant, that was it for his life as a free man.

      So what is the solution to all of this, for the thinking black man? Just don’t deal with black women at all. From one man who is depressive because he’s doing all the right things but still doesn’t have his “queen”, to the other man who did everything wrong that you can imagine and now his life is virtually in ruins because he got involved with a black woman, these stories were reminders of why I gave up on black women a long time ago. #SYSBM is the way forward for the thinking black man.

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      • Sigma, man it is crazy that some of these brothers still do not get it they do not owe black women anything. Why keep saying I waiting for my queen and wasting your life you are essentially living on their time waiting for a black women. These brothers need to wake up black women have no heart and just try to use you up. Hopefully these guys change their tune.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      Their gravy train has arrived at its final destination. It’s all downhill for black women from now onwards. Trump is not a feminist, he is a businessman and he will make cuts wherever he sees money is being wasted. Section 8/Welfare are just some of the areas that will receive a well needed hair cut. Black women are badly shook, they’re in trouble and they know it.

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      • Exactly. He wouldn’t even put up with the Air Force one’s ridiculous fees, and these black chicks think they’ll get a free ride still? Hahahahaha!!

        I want them on the streets begging. I want them literally offering sex to anything that passes by with a pulse. I want them rumaging through the garbage cans looking for food. I want them enticing men with being their slaves just for a chance at another weave, not even a fresh one lol. These women are literally demons, let them experience hell.

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