Black Women Strike Again, Attack A Black Man And His Girlfriend Because She’s White – I Told You This Was Coming

Much respect and honours to Mansa Shyaam of Moorish Harem for bringing me up to speed on this incident. Be sure to check out his website Also be sure to check out his blogtalk radio at where he deals with a wide variety of topics including the dreaded anathema of child support.

As per usual concerning the thinking black man Mansa Shyaam is a brother who also recognises that the modern-day black woman has become a pestilence, a curse and can no longer be considered as a viable and trustworthy companion seeing as she not only hates black men but also works hand in glove with the state. Mansa has a delightful section on his site called Desirables that I believe Reggie James, Whtgrlsrawesome, Keith and Afrofurturism1 would find most interesting.

Please check out the following video:

I told you in Negro Wars that this was going to start happening. Funnily enough, during my early days on Facebook on my first Negro Wars fan page before it was removed black women laughed in my face and told me that I was delusional for even suggesting such scenarios would ever take place. Well, here we are and this is only the beginning.

The black witch as we speak is being rejected by black men en mass, she isn’t about to go down being flat-out rejected and relegated without a fight. What did I exactly mention in Negro Wars, I informed you in no uncertain terms that black women and their goon squad Negro males would roam the streets beating up and even killing interracial couples(black men and non black women is typically the main way assaults and deaths take place).

Here we have a black man with his white girlfriend in a Subway who were attacked by black women and their thug cohorts simply because they were a mixed couple. I told you these black women are an evil and nasty bunch of individuals. At this stage how can black women even be surprised that huge numbers of black men are no longer considering them as dating and marriage prospects?

Do you see how violent and brasen black women are with their evil, they are incredibly jealous and envious of white women, their deplorable, uncouth and decadent behaviour is driving tons of black men into the hands of non black women, yet black women still refuse to change their ways for the better. Couple this with the fact that most of them have severe mental health issues and you have an extremely volatile and unstable combination.

As I stated in my previous post in relation to black women and the approaching section 8/welfare/social program cuts if you have a concealed carry licence then ensure that you keep that paperwork up to date, if you live in an open carry state then do not be afraid to carry a gun as a visual deterrent for dysfunctional black women and their goons who might get some funny ideas in their heads.

As I stated before prepare yourselves because you may have to deal with these roaches personally. This modern-day black woman is nothing but a curse and a blemish on black society, many black men are beginning to recognise this though some of them are reluctantly throwing in the towel on their “queens”. They wish they could hold on and give their “sistas” a chance, however the writing on the wall cannot be misinterpreted.

Do you see how easy it is for black women to rile up and encourage dumb black men to jump into their battles, however it is usually the black man who ends up in jail, prison or in the grave while the black woman/women he was fighting for more time walk away unharmed immediately seeking another penis that they can jump upon. I keep on telling you black men, black women don’t care about you in the slightest.

As far as black women are concerned they are not prepared to give up what little power they have over black men under the system of their white father, however it is easy for black men to break free from the black female’s shackles of slavery, simply walk away from her and never look back. Once you walk away from black women ie off the plantation there is nothing they can do which is why they are going out of their way to deliberately spite and physically attack black men wherever they may find them.

The black woman’s attempts to shame black men into dating and marrying her only have utterly failed, more and more black men are recognising the fact that black women simply aren’t compatible with them. It is time to move on to greener pastures, as I continue to state over and over, black men deserve better and can do much better for themselves than dealing with black females who are nothing short of mentally damaged, bloodthirsty, barbaric, violent savages.

Black men, let these $5 whore and harlots be, their carcasses will feed the ravens, birds of prey and the beasts of the field. Always remember that these black women are cursed reprobates who are destined for hellfire, don’t join them and flush your own life down the toilet for goods that are defective beyond repair.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

34 thoughts on “Black Women Strike Again, Attack A Black Man And His Girlfriend Because She’s White – I Told You This Was Coming

  1. Preach brother Preach..I moved to Dallas about 18 months ago and found my beautiful white girlfriend. The Plano area which is a northern suburb of Dallas is an interracial haven for black men and white women that’s all you see and the black nasty beasts hate it. But if you head back south towards dallas, arlington and forth worth area then you have a lot black men hispanic women combos so the black violent whores are losing badly on both ends of dallas and I love it.

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  2. OH FOR FUCK SAKES!!! Why the hell did I watch this? The most disturbing part is that I’m not even angry, it’s what these simps and their queens do. I’m glad that white woman and her boyfriend held their own against those savages as well as they did. Black men please don’t waste your hate on black women they’re not deserving of that much emotion from you. If anything they’re pest buzzing overhead, but once you remove yourself from said pest all is right with the world again.

    I don’t mean to be harsh, but the least black women can do at this point to show any kindness to black men is just to go swirl or something. At this point I’m all for a program to relocate these people where they will be away from civilized society and all their needs taken care of. Yeah I know I’m too much of a nice guy but I just want these people the hell away from me.

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    • Oh, this is gonna keep up, and they WILL be relocated, of sorts.

      The hoods will become Mad Max style wastelands, making Detroit look like Paris in the spring time. They will also be populated by non mixed blacks, namely the majority of black women and the simps stupid enough to stay by their side. “Swirling” might be involved, as I can honestly imagine a Purge like scenario where one night a year, non-black men are allowed into this ghetto Jurassic park and allowed to screw any she beast they wish, a sort of sexual safari.

      At this point, I honestly see this coming. People realize how useless these chicks are, and say what you will about racist white dudes, they’ll see more of this and start going Massa on these witches. A fire is coming, let the hood feel the burn!!!!

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    • Exactly, anytime you seperate black men or boys away from these black violent whore beasts rather its dating, marriage or schooling we thrive. These black whores are like radation any time your exposed to them they destroy your health, safety, finances and ultimately your like. I have no loyalties or sympathies towards the overwhelming majority of black bitches

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      • All the more reason to literally just let them burn at this point. When we were slaves, whether to Arab Muslims or whites, we had them. When we were too busy chucking spears to innovate, we had them. When the family was destroyed, it was BY them. When we thrive, it’s easier to do it without them. I see no reason to keep dealing with them, it’s just a group that nature probably would have wiped out by now if not for welfare, aid and such.

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    • I agree with you and I’m a black woman. I’m not argumentative, I actually hate confrontation, many men of all races tell me I’m attractive, and I’m overall a pretty chilled person but from seeing how a lot of black men feel about black women has me thinking dating men of other races would be a solution for me.. Although I am attracted to other men, I’d never bash or disrespect a black man.


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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Yes sir and I stated the same thing in Negro Wars. These black female devils are extremely sore losers, they point blank refuse to change for the better yet at the same time they don’t want black men to leave and find happiness elsewhere.

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      • I once said how the world is getting sick and tired of black people, and the failures that these women raise us to be, but I now believe that this hatred will begin to be more targeted toward the women. Good, couldn’t happen to a nappier bunch of weaves lol.

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  4. I love it I love it these monkey beast whores are taking Ls everywhere. As i stated before many black men are making mass exodus out the country to meet women did you notice how Ebony i think it was years ago tried to put black men on blast about going to Brazil. Funny whenever black men find other options the black beast women gets upset now with social media they will not be able to stop black men. I talk to black men in other countries many state the same thing they will never talk to black women again some even say fuck it and never come back to the states. Some guys have actually called their wives and girlfriends and said we are done i am not coming back home to you after being taking care of by foreign women because they were so miserable with their black wives and girlfriends. Soon black women will have no one to turn to or help them out they will not be able to use child support as a weapon because soon no decent black man will not talk to them so how will they have kids except for the simp bitch ass goons. They are so stupid not knowing the white man are using them as pawns in the game and soon their white daddy will discard them like the trash they are, they will be taken to the landfill and burned. Another note do not let black men start going to Asia heavy it will be a super wrap for black women as i said before especially in South East Asia they absolutely love black men and the Asian way of treating men is legendary and its will deserved i have lived it why would you go back to such a aggressive, violent, vile, no class having creature such as the black women. They have treated people so evil destroyed families for their own selfish desires the day of reckoning is coming for them.

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    • They inflict violence like this so as to keep black men in line and make examples out of them. Most simps can just be indoctrinated, but the roses through concrete have to be cut down by these cruel heartless gardeners.

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      • Yep, a YouTube comment on one of Mad Bus Driver’s videos said that White supremacy is maintained through violence. In this case, his proxies are the bastard scumbag pieces of shit offspring of the big booty bimbo bitch.

        Notice the location too, Portland (I’m guessing Oregon), the place where a violent racist skinhead stabbed a brother, because he was walking down the street with his snowqueen.

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  5. If you’re in an interracial relationship – steer clear of establishments which either have a lot of hood rats, simps or rednecks. Go to more respectable places and you will be treated far better.


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    • Sadly, that means most black establishments……

      However, a thought just came to mind. Why not sell weave like these dudes deal drugs? It’s a pretty healthy demand for it, and black chicks are like drug addled zombies anyways. Let them have their crack!

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      • Not sure brothers need to risk their lives selling weave, you know weave dealing can turn violent… Weave turf wars, the queans wanting to steal your supply. Plus you don’t know whether the weave hasn’t been spliced with other ingredients

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    • 100% Agreed brothers and I also think we’re just getting started. If DJ Trump does what he says he’s going to do, a lot of these ratchet black females are toast. Their only recourse will be to have their pet simps attempt to bring brothers back onto the plantation by force.

      As for me and my Japanese wifey, I dare any group of savages to try that. I might spend a few nights in jail, but most of them will be carted off to the morgue. Self defense is a mofo!!

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  6. The storm is finally on the horizon fellas. Better stay prepared as the she beast and her minions will purposely look for us thinking black men with non-black women.

    I never forget when I recently went out to the shopping mall with a recent date. A beautiful Asian woman with a personality to match. We stopped to grab food at the food court and we sat in a position where her back was to the crowd but I can see everything behind her. I paid close attention to our surroundings. Most black men looked at us with curiosity and intrigue. But black women? The stench of jealousy and hatred could be smelled a mile away, emitting from their pores. I’ve never seen so many black women looked at us with disdain. Thankfully, nothing more volatile happened beyond that.

    It’s truly sad that from this day forward, we’re gonna have to take extra precautions to make sure our non-black wives/girlfriends don’t get caught in the crossfires and dangers of the big booty bimbo and her simps. I don’t believe in using weapons personally, but I know I’m avoiding any and all areas dominated by the big booty bimbos and simps. If it means moving into a neighborhood where I’m the only black person around, then so be it.

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    • SigmaJones,

      I wrote in Negro Wars how black men ought to be prepared wherever they are due to the fact that these black women and their Negro goon squads have cars, because of this factor nowhere is completely safe.

      However what you are saying about staying away from the areas they frequent is definitely a first step. You are indeed less likely to be attacked in an area with less of them, however please be aware that as time goes on they will branch out and begin hunting for thinking black men/non black women couples elsewhere.

      Yep, these black heifers are not about to watch you ride off into the sunset with your non black women without them making some attempts to sabotage the operation. As far as black women are concerned, you should be happy and satisfied to remain on their plantation being miserable and single.

      I can just imagine the devil eyes those black women were giving you when they saw you with an Asian woman, because the majority of Asians have more or less the same skin tone as whites, in the eyes of black women being with an Asian woman is almost as bad as being with a white woman.

      As I have stated before on the whole the modern day black woman is a pestilence and must be treated as such.

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    • That stench may have eninated from there “na na” area lol.

      But I would avoid any areas with large percentages of blacks, namely black women, if toting such a prize. When it comes to prizes, what negroes can’t have, they destroy.

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  7. This makes me so angry and yet I’m not surprised at all. The jealousy black women have toward white women has always been obvious in this new age of anything goes behavior things like this will only happen more and more.

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  9. And why are you taking DONATIONS, to stop the attacks somehow?
    Don’t white men mistreat white women who date black men?


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