But I Thought You Aren’t Trying To Look White???

Exhibit A:

Yet more evidence clearly illustrating the fact that black women are attempting to look like white women in the quest to try to escape from their blackness. The above woman is a US singer and television personality known by the name of K.Michelle. Not only is this woman notorious for wearing different coloured weaves on her head, she has also undergone extensive plastic surgery, my guess is in order to Europeanise her facial features. She has also undergone butt reduction surgery which would also fit in with the clear pattern illustrating that she is attempting to Europeanise herself.

More fuel for the fire of evidence, I told you in Negro Wars that black women as a collective have deep insecurities and that they hate being black. I encourage you all to search engine this woman and look at the various images that pop up, I struggled to find any pictures with her sporting her natural hair. The jig is up, black women desperately want to be white women and are doing everything in their power to mask and hide their Negro features.

This is the same point that I have raised several times before, since black women are trying to look like white women it would make more sense for a black man to go for the original ie the white woman, it makes no sense at all settling for the copy ie the black female. We can clearly see that most black women are mentally ill individuals, black women and black men in 2016-2017 are incompatible with one another, the writing is on the wall and has been there for quite some time.

A black woman attempting to look white in plain sight. You can do better for yourselves black men, don’t feel that you are obligated to settle for this bog standard, synthetic, replica garbage. Here is Lil Kim before and after her numerous trips to the surgery table:


Of course much like K.Michelle Lil Kim is also sporting a blonde weave, however Lil Kim’s face these days looks like a complete disaster:


Black men, don’t ever allow black women to bamboozle you with a multitude of excuses as to why they are undergoing plastic surgery aswell as why they sport European hair on their heads. The truth is this is where black women are going or at least the final destination they are trying to get to:

Good Looking White Womancameron-diaz

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

27 thoughts on “But I Thought You Aren’t Trying To Look White???

  1. LOL..These black whores are just a pathetic laughing stock. They know they can’t compete with white women so they to augment themselves to look like the people they call “devils”…lol…I stares dating the real white girls along time ago and I always try to persuade my nephews and friends to do the same and thank god that most of my nephews are dating white girls now which is pissing off the black females in my family but I could care less because it’s not about the females its about who you choose to spend your quality time with and 95% of black chicks aint worth SHIT as these posts illustrate.

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    • 98%

      Also, holy crap, compare that first pic to how brown the woman is on the thumbnail. And is Lil Kim literally trying to look Asian? Hahahahaha!

      Much like gays are knockoff women, and Dykes are knockoff men, these black chicks are knockoff……anybody else, but mainly white chicks.

      Dudes, if you don’t want your daughter to grow up to be an insecure, mentally ill and unstable creature of the black laCOON like this, just have a bunch of half breeds. They’ll typically grow up to be pretty even if you have em by a big fat ugly white Woman. They’ll be considered black anyways, and will automatically be deemed like the queens of black….queens lol.

      Get the woman with Russian hair who’s actually from Russia, not the woman with Russian weave from Cabrini Green lol.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        What makes me laugh is the fact that black women still don’t believe that sporting hair on your head that belongs to white woman is not normal. Yet another one for the archives. You look black women from these reality television show, the majority of them are all doing the same thing. Like I’ve been saying bro, many black men are going to be taken down the interracial road by force as their “queens” sink deeper and deeper into the abyss of dysfunction, delusion, degradation and contamination.

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      • Okay let me understand your logic…Since so many black women are trying to look white you rather just date a white woman because she is authentic??? Okay so you are using this scenario to justify your dysfunction. Why not be like the white guy who likes black women and date a black woman who is not trying to appease a black man by being light-skinned with long hair? Dig deeper and understand this deep rooted inability to accept ones blackness as beautiful Watch the documentary http://officialdarkgirlsmovie.com/


      • Oh Christ lol, a dark skinned documentary?!!! You black Women are desperate as hell for someone to like you!

        I’ve actually got my own movie coming out, a kung fu flick in which Asian store owners beat the crap out of weave fiends. It’s called Crouching Scraggle, Hidden Daggle

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    • Keith,

      Black women don’t have a chicken leg to stand on. I’m not interested in mentally ill, insecure knock offs. At this stage how can black women even be surprised that huge numbers of black men are no longer considering them as dating and marriage prospects, lol?

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      • They love claiming that other women do it too. Well, they don’t pay billions annually while supposedly being poor and downtrodden for bundles of YOUR hair and trying to look like you. No one wants to look like them, including themselves. Thus, why guilt trip us about not wanting a woman that looks like you?

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Its exactly what I stated in Negro Wars, black women are the most selfish individuals on the planet, of course they only look out for themselves, they indulge in their childish lusts for money and material possessions and they are complete numbskulls when it comes down to finances.

        Which non black women are spending exorbitant amounts of money(like you pointed out, in the billions) on hair that belongs to a different race of women much different from their own, I’ll wait? Like I stated before I don’t deal with mentally ill, synthetic replicas.

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  3. I just don’t understand how they can sit their and rag on white women and then turn around and do everything to emulate them? Of course they do it wrong because they do it out of jealousy and insecurty instead of honor and respect. If they would respect white women more and follow their lead instead of just trying to copy them maybe black women would be better off.

    Here is a white woman worth swooing over who blows out any black woman of any day of the week in terms of beauty. Her name is Lucy Pinder

    https://68.media.tumblr.com/bccfc0485bd72bbc5cb83bf847fabfa8/tumblr_of2wyxxCyP1up7bdyo1_400.gif (NSFW)

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    • Crap why did I not see the nsfw until after?!!! But still, hmmmmm!

      Once again in Books a Million, apparently the domain of attractive women, well, if they’re not black.

      On one hand, there’s a cute VERY light skinned mixed girl with only vague black features, a cute ponytail, sweet voice, and nice butt!

      Meanwhile, at the register, there’s a much darker skinned woman who doesn’t look nearly as good, and with a voice like an old man. An old man who SMOKES! She’s not even that ugly, but pales in comparison to the plucky mixed girl, and even on her own sounds like a ghetto Clint Eastwood.

      I say all this to mention, you mixed some good dosage of non-black in them, and make sure to raise them around that non black element, they
      look, sound, and act feminine. Still, maybe we need more Alicia Keys, more Zendayas, more Alexandra Shipps, more Summer Kelseys, more Kira Powells (look her up, so sexy), more Rashida Jones’, and more modern Lena Hornes. Conversely, we really need a lot less Leslie Jones, Michelle Obamas, and Serena Williams. Jesus, I bet you some thirsty negro is effing that Clint Eastwood soundin’ chick, ugh…….

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  4. K. Michelle was the same woman over a year ago who publicly swore off black men (Which “the community” was in full support of) and shortly after continued dating black men. Why? She even berated to black NFL players once who said they weren’t attracted to dark skin women. So why should K. Michelle care? She claimed not to be into black men anymore, yet you begrudge two NFL players for their preference. Hypocrisy at its finest! Kenya Moore also joined in on the public flogging of black men not too long ago because of a bad relationship. Yet these are the same women who will berate others for generalizing them over a bad experience.

    It’s not surprising that this demographic of women want to emulate the beauty of white women so much. Almost all of them do it, especially the ones who can afford skin bleaching and luxury weaves like Beyonce, Lil Kim, Azealia Banks, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, the Braxton Sisters to name a few. You can’t really blame them, white women are extremely beautiful (the most beautiful in my opinion). Although imitation is flattering, no one wants a cheap knockoff and this demographic of women isn’t doing it because they admire the beauty of white women. Most of them despise white women. No, they’re doing it to mask their insecurities and blackness and everyone knows it.

    Guys check this out: https://jeangasho.com/2016/11/29/black-womens-hair-the-controversy-of-wearing-weaves-and-going-blonde/

    Seriously, what black man with self respect would want a woman like this? Black hair is a major defining characteristic for black people and these women hold black hair in the esteem of an alcoholic in AA. Seriously if blackness is that damaging to these women then why even be with them anymore? I remember the biracial black dudes in high school. They were really cool and loved their blackness. One even helped influence me to play guitar. Black men multi ethnic or predominantly black respect blackness and champion it for the world to see.

    You can do better elsewhere as a black man, don’t perpetuate the insanity.

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    • Whtgrlsrawesome,

      K.Michelle is just another reprobate black woman destined for destruction. I came across a video where a rapper was reportedly informed by at least 5 men that K.Michelle’s vagina stinks, this doesn’t really surprise me, black women typically have smelly private parts(especially those who wear weaves) because most of them are not taught about sexual health by their mothers:

      I read that article you posted, in the same way that the woman stated that black women have the right to “wear their hair how they want”, black men also have the right to reject those same women if they view the hairstyle or hair type as inappropriate. I have no time to argue with dummy black women pertaining to weaves, let them wear their European hair, however don’t approach me and expect me to cosign such mentally ill nonsense.

      This is one of the major problems with black women today, they have no self respect and no self discipline, hence why they feel they can do what they want and nobody has the right to tell them otherwise. Like you stated, a black man with standards, self respect and integrity will simply bypass women like that.

      These black women hate their blackness, I don’t have a problem with being black, this clash is one of many reasons why I simply cannot deal with or entertain black women.

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  5. They can try to look like white women all day long. But they still have that loud, aggressive, manly ghetto, neck-rolling black woman attitude. No, I don’t want a vanilla-covered black woman. I’ll take my white women natural and home grown.

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  6. Seriously, think of hashtags like #teamnatural and all these natural hair movements online. What self respecting black man would find this flattering, especially when we already had a “black is beautiful” movement decades ago. These natural hair movements are a slap in the face to black men who fought and died long ago for them to champion their blackness. Yet these same women found it more appealing to embrace feminism, assimilate into White America, acquire corporate jobs, state benefits, and for what? When are you finally going to be validated by White America? Why does Viola Davis and Halle Berry have to cry when they get an award from white people? You ever thought just maybe feminism and Corporate America has failed you because you obviously still don’t feel validated?

    Seriously, these women say things like “Six months natural, three years natural,” like their some addict fresh out of rehab or some ex alcoholic in AA sharing his badges of sobriety. WTF! What if black men made hashtags like #employed, #didntbeatthewifetoday, #nomorejail. Seriously, would anybody be patting black men on the back for doing and being who they’re supposed to be? HELL NO!!!

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    • That is a very good point; Black men pushed on through the worst possible physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual abuse, and not once did we think our race was so shameful to ourselves that we changed it to look more White. We leveraged our own shit instead, to create a culture and style set that is copied and envied worldwide. The reward for this is non-Black women the world over fantasise about being with Black men.

      Then contrast this with the examples you’ve just seen above. Everybody can clearly see it… well almost everybody except Black women.

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      • They were given years by the white Jewish media to denigrate the black dysfunction they created and “bash” black men, to use one of their words. They were doing this on Geraldo, Oprah, and Donahue, yet get mad that some random dude on YouTube who they claim lives in his aunts basement anyways says disparaging things about them and doesn’t praise the ground they walk on. Then you have simps who pretend to be Mr tough love while always being ready to genuflect for them as long as some sex can be gained.

        Them and their simps are damaged goods.

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    • No one wants a real relationship o marriage with them, just sex. They’re only wanted as long as the threat of sex is present, and I say threat because this and other stories of their violence shows that sleeping and just interacting with them is dangerous.

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  7. I know I sound like a broken record because I keep saying it every article, but it needs to sink in: Let. Them. Die. Off.

    They hate being black, they hate black men, they hate black children. Black men, do all three parties a favor and stop dating/marrying(yeah right)/procreating with them. They’ll pass their insecurities and self hatred on to the children, as well as hold back the men. It’s literally child abuse at this point to keep procreating with them. You can not build with THAT. It almost pains me to say it because I’m obviously related to some, but at this point, it’s just not worth it.

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  8. Well, there was nothing endearing about K. Michelle in the first place. This ratchet slut was once a stripper. And if she was once a stripper, you know she must have been escorting on the side. There was one episode of her God-Awful Reality Show I watched where she was speaking with a former client. A white one at that. The smell of catfish coming from her doesn’t surprise me either as she has been known to be an industry slag.

    It’s shameful BW with all these feminine hygiene products still have a feminine odor/bacterial vaginosis problems. It’s another shameful tactic for attention and self-esteem. K. Michelle has also lighten or bleached her skin. Probably had her nose, cheeckbones, and chin done. Give her 5-10 years. She’ll be looking like Lil’ Kim trying to achieve the Mariah Carey look.

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