The Sperminator And Black Women!

Ari Negal

Please meet Ari Nagel, Mr Nagel is a Jewish professor of maths and computer science who lives in New York. Ari Nagel who has been given the title of The Sperminator is causing quite a stir because of his prolific free sperm donation programme. So far to date the Sperminator has sired around 22 children with around 18 women over a period of around 9-10 years.

He donates his sperm for free to single women and lesbian couples. Would you like to take a wild guess at what group of women are his number one clients:
SperminatorAri NagelAri Nagel And Clients!Sperminator

Yep, black women are his number one clientele. Those of you who have read my book Negro Wars shouldn’t really be surprised at this because under the chapter of Black Women And Children I informed you in no uncertain terms that black women hate black children, however the will show the up most love to, fawn over, fall head over heels for and worship light-skinned, mixed race and white children.

I will continue to remind you that black women hate anything that comes from their loins that reminds them of what they truly look like, remember black women through wearing multi colour weaves, blue, green, hazel, grey contact lenses, bleaching their skin and using other external appendages are attempting to run away from their blackness. Never forget that most black women hate being black, they despise their black skin which is why they are putting in so much effort in their attempts to escape from it.

If they had the power to click their fingers and turn white, the overwhelming majority of black females would do just that without any hesitation whatsoever. Black women are devoted lovers to anything white, they love and worship their white father, however since most of them will never be given the opportunity to swirl, they are quite prepared to settle for the next best thing, mixed race/light-skinned children.

Black women will project their love of all things white into light-skinned, mixed race and white children, the light-skinned and mixed children black women will praise all day for their “good hair”, however dealing with a black child these same black female miscreants will be very quick to label the child’s hair as “nappy”. Nappy hair/head is a term that was first originated by black women.

Ari Nagel is prove positive that black women hate black children and instead desire to have mixed race and light-skinned children. Don’t take my word for it, look for yourselves, observe how black women will treat white, mixed race and light-skinned children in comparison to the way they treat black children, it’s utterly disgusting.

Ari Nagel will donate his sperm in practically any location, it has now gotten to a point where black women around the world are dying to get a sample of The Sperminator’s seed literally, not just in the US. His normal donation points are public toilets whether they be on the streets or in shops and stores(though he does occasionally use clinics), he will enter into a cubicle, ejaculate into a designated container, hand it over to the recipient(which 9 times out of 10 will be a black woman), she will then take the donation to her own cubicle where she will then proceed to artificially inseminate herself with it.

I have to say at this point that black women are worse than filthy animals, they have no self-respect, no morality and Ari Nagel aka the Sperminator yet again proves the fact that black women deliberately choose single motherhood over creating healthy black families. This modern-day black female is nothing short of a decadent reprobate who is destined for death, destruction and hellfire and I am not prepared to join her.

You’ll notice that the usual suspect black females on YouTube have nothing to say concerning black women lining up around the block for Ari Nagel’s sperm, where is the black witch Christelyn Karazin, Simone 56, Aysha Bee, Breukelen Bleu, Lashid4U, Ms Arch Dutchess, Cynthia G, For Harriet’s Kimberly Foster, Chrissie and the rest of these pestilent feminist rodents, why haven’t they talked about this? You can guarantee that these black harridans already know about Nagel for sure, so why the silence?

What about the numerous feminist publications and websites that have purposely been set up for black women in order for them to continue spreading their lies and propaganda concerning black men, Madame Noire, Jet Magazine, Clutch, Ebony, Essence, Bossip, Media Takeout, Lipstick Alley, Black Girl Long Hair etc, why have they also been extremely silent on the Sperminator and his black female clientele?

The answer is simple, black women love anything and everything that emanates from white men, at the same time they hate black men however they do not want the word to get out for fear that black men will walk away from them in even bigger numbers than they are doing so already, so black women instead attempt to keep these and many other dirty and dark secrets on the hush.

I keep on showing you black men more and more evidence which clearly illustrates the deep-seated hatred black women have for you, another reason why all of the above reprobates have nothing to say concerning The Sperminator is because they endorse and fully approve of black women collecting sperm from Ari Nagel in order to make light-skinned and mixed race children.

Black women are the biggest promoters of colourism to date, they constantly harp on about black men and their preferences in terms of women, however nobody is more colour struck than the modern-day black female. White men and mixed race children is the ultimate aim for the black woman, Nagel has more than proven the case.

Many others covered the story of The Sperminator when it first broke around 6 months ago, I am also now deciding to add this to my archive of evidence against the black witch. Here are some news articles and videos concerning Ari Nagel that you can peruse at your own leisure:

Black men, I will continue to tell you that you deserve better and can do much better for yourselves, you do not have to chase these filthy, no standard, disease ridden, no moral compass, violent, masculine, feminist, rebellious, $5 black females, you would be much more successful in your quest for love and companionship if you started looking elsewhere for it.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

14 thoughts on “The Sperminator And Black Women!

  1. I’m sooo glad I decided at an early age to leave these pathetic black whores alone. I don’t feel sorry for black dudes anymore when their lives is nothing but drama with abhorrent black beast. Leave the black insecure whores alone and date other races of women if you value your life, finances, health,safety and sanity.

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    • Keith,

      You are 100% spot on, if this guy threw his sperm into a dumpster these black harridans would immediately engage in a no holds barred battle royal to retrieve it. This modern day black woman is utterly disgraceful and disgusting.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Funny you’d say that, as they’ve done just that for weave, once again in an effort to look non-black.

        Also notice that many of these are Dykes, most are dark skinned, and every last one of them is pretty dang ugly. This is the breed of women we have to deal with, and you’re having a hard time letting them go?!!

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  3. How in the hell can any other race of people onthis planet respect black folk in general when these black female idiots, willingly place themselves below the level of a beast, feral animals don’t go around lusting for the sperm of their enemy, when was the last time you’ve seen a lioness running after a baboon to fuck, sorry baboons I apologize for mentioning you in discussion with black women, you deserve better

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    • Hahahahaha lol!

      Seriously, every other race of people has to be laughing they @$$ off at us, cuz look at who we have to choose from to sleep with!

      Let these things die the frick off! Maybe we do need more Alicia Keys’, more Steph Currys, and more Zendayas. The dark skinneds hate being black anyways, why curse them to that existence!

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      • They won’t be laughing much, they’ll be looking over their shoulder hoping the interracial train doesn’t arrive at their stop.
        The ground game continues…

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  4. This incident alone is damning enough but coupled with the Birth of a Nation fiasco our questions have finally been answered. When I got into this genre almost three years ago, I had a lot fears and hangups about the black community. I hoped men like Tommy Sotomayor, BigBkel, Rick Scorpio, and Sarge WP could ease those fears and snap me out of my cynicism.

    But now at the end of 2016 those fears have been completely realized. There is no community and the race is all but done. You cannot expect men to play both gender roles. In the black community it’s exactly that way. The women expect the men to be emasculated house servants in one breath and battle ready alpha males providing all your needs in the next.

    Although white feminist can be deplorable and lowdown as a used car salesmen, most white women still voted for Donald Trump showing you that most white and non black women have not bought into feminism even in the west. Most non black women don’t want to be validated by useless degrees and careers with no man and worst yet raising children alone.

    Lindsey Vonn and Margot Robbie proved non black women aren’t gold diggers and will look at a man’s character above everything else. Lindsey and Margot are in the prime of their careers, yet they chose men who not only they out earn but they have more success than. That should be impossible, right? You need infrastructure and resources for women like that to even look in your direction, right? Apparently not lol.

    It maybe over for the black community, but it isn’t over for black men and you can see that fact everyday.

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    • Well stated. Even in the west, white women are still useful when it comes to building society. Hell, like I’ve said, a lot of mgtow dudes just refuse to put their feet down, when they at least have women that would listen.

      You don’t see their neighborhoods rattled by drive bys and stds like ours, not even in the liberal communities or trailer parks. Single moms suck as a norm, but at least the children of white single moms aren’t shooting each other over wearing the wrong colors, at schools no less.

      Also, Margot Robbie is fine as hell!

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  5. @Michel

    “Leslie jones shows up at George Clooney’s house in nothing but shoulder feathers/lei”.

    Jones: Hell-ooo big boy! I been waiting for you all day! Now how bout you bend me like Gumby and give yo bebehs. I want dat light skinded bebeh wif da gif hayer!

    Clooney: ……….Fuuuuuuuuuuuu-

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  6. How in the heck will the dumpster divers even explain their kids’ paternity to them or anyone else?

    These women are gross, and it’s quite obvious why they have to resort to this for impregnation. Conversely, we all know why they do this. Besides just the mixed fixation, they want to be pregnant for the attention to convince people that someone was with them. Disgusting attention whorish behavior. Breed em out and let them do the dodo bird!

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