Salty Black Women!

Exhibits A and B:

White WomenTweet

This black woman has it all wrong, you are not the standard of anything, in your quest to imitate white women you have now set them up as your new gold standard. Because of this black women have now given white women the right to step in, correct and reprimand them on anything anytime they see fit, this is exactly what happens when you set other people over you through imitation.

You have to really marvel at the mental illness of Rose Gold, black women have been surpassed by every other race of woman on this planet, you cannot set standards and trends if you are behind everybody else, standards, trends and fashion statements come from those who are IN FRONT. For some odd reason black women with their fake butts, fake breasts, endless tattoos, multi coloured weaves, fake eye lashes, fake eye brows, blue, green and grey contact lenses, truck loads of make up, bleached skin aswell as their incredibly masculine and insecure natures seem to believe that they are still in the running and still in competition with other races of women, I guess black women haven’t received the memo yet.

Black women were eliminated from the competition the moment they began deviating from their own natural looks and they decided that embracing a synthetic image would be better than remaining natural. In addition to this their acceptance of feminism has caused them to be relegated to back of the queue, the truth is in 2016-2017 nobody is looking at black women for anything.

Rose Gold also seems to forget that black women are not the only women on the planet, plus we also have to take into consideration the fact that over 80% of black women are obese. Obesity is not a trend to aspire to, looking at this modern-day black woman, her numerous health issues, the fact that she is the most disease ridden female on the planet, the fact that she no longer looks like a black woman with the various external appendages she commonly uses, the fact that most black women are overweight and are now attempting to push the disjointed doctrine that being a fatty is a normal and healthy thing, I really cannot see what standards black women are setting and what other females possibly could look to black women for.

Black women as a collective have lost, the way to stay ahead and remain attractive to men of any race is to embrace your default look to the fullest and amplify it via using natural means. Black women for the most part have completely abandoned this concept in favour of looking artificial, hence this is one of many reasons why black women have now become the least desired group of women on the planet.

Trick Daddy was right when he stated that black women were wasting their time and achieving absolutely nothing with breast implants, butt injections and circus clown style make up. With non black women already surpassing the modern-day black female, there is no need for them to learn how to “fry chicken”, lol. By the way, you’ll notice how non black women typically do not have a problem cooking for their men and additionally have no problems expanding past microwave dinners and takeaways.

Thanks Reggie James for sending me the screen shotted tweets.

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36 thoughts on “Salty Black Women!

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      • Exactly. Because black chicks are so masculine and hard looking. I stopped dealing with black chicks back in the 8th grade after I went from a majority black city school to a suburban majority white high school. It was culture shock to see females who actually looked acted,sounded and smelled like females. They didn’t cuss like like dudes on the street corner brawl in the hall between classes flinging weave everywhere.They where nice well behaved feminine white females.

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      • Exactly. It’s why most black dudes will fight over light skinned half breeds. Their mixed blood manifests usually in their appearance, to where even an “ok” one looks great and like a goddess compared to her more black contemporaries.

        I remember going to Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack in Nashville (freaking GREAT food btw) and seeing almost nothing but black Women there. Out of the 30-50 I saw in the hour or so that I was there, only a whopping TWO weren’t fat, and only one of those was attractive. The attractive girl was a younger girl about my age and complexion who made have mixed or could at least pass as mixed like me. She was fairly average and a plain Jane, not having necessarily large or pronounced butt or boobs, but she looked like an outright ebony princess compared to the cousins of Harambe she was surrounded by.
        Funny you’d mention smells. I’ve mentioned on this blog before how I befriended, or at least attempted to, 3 dark skin chicks in the past 2 years, and all of them STINK! Literally the smell like cat piss, fish, and corn chips. They were also of Carribean descent, and those Haitians especially are known for smelling like jerk chicken with a side of unwashed booty.

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  2. These black bitches are laughable. YES…white women want to aspire to be obese at an over 80% rate..YES.. white women want to aspire to have a 72% out of wedlock birth rate of which 62% of that are multiple babies by multiple men…YES…white want to aspire to buy black chicks hair and weave it into their head….YES..white women want to aspire to be the most masculine and least feminine group of females on the planet…YES…white want to aspire to be the most tatted up, skin beaching, drawn on eyebrows, blue, green , hazel contact lens wearing, fake breast and ass having females on the planet…YES.. white women want to aspire to the most diseased riddled group of females on the planet…YES.. white women want to aspire to be the most twerkin, street fighting violent group of females on the planet….YES…white women want to aspire to big the most whorish group of females on the planet by going into the toilets of Walmart and getting some anonymous white mans sperm up in New York so they can have mixed kids….and finally. …YES…white women want to aspire to be THE ABSOLUTE WORST MOTHERS AND STUARTS OF CHILDREN ON THE PLANET…So white women are soooo envious and jealous of black chicks because they don’t posess those traits of back females…lol..smdh

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  3. I can literally see myself using many parts of this article to debunk every single idiotic notion that BW are the so called queens they claim to be. Great job as usual Verbs2007.

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    • Frilla77,

      Go right ahead bro, I want this site to be a point of reference thinking black men can readily use to combat the lies and the propaganda that black women frequently like to spread about black men.


    • The best looking bw in the world are average in comparison to most ww who would be considered ‘above average’ on their own scale. For example Beyonce doesn’t even compare to the blonde barista I saw this morning before work.

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      • Beyoncé doesn’t compare to this middle eastern/Jewish looking woman I see working at the books a million in Chickamauga. GORGEOUS woman, and keep in mind that when someone mentioned that she should be a model, she says d she is 100 pounds too much. This woman would be hit on in an instant by any man with eyes, and notice that the chunkier ones of other races still look better and more feminine and beautiful than our skinny/in shape ones. That’s because without the obvious and over exaggerated boobs and butts, they look more like men than ever.

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      • Reggie,

        I travel all over the world, there are so many women that look better than Beyonce why she is put on such a pedestal is crazy to me. Even here in the DC area you can see a women that looks like here everyday, also you noticed how Beyonce tried to make her father look bad in the media a few years ago the man who made her career see how quickly they turn on you once they get where they needed to go. They will even sell out their own father smh.

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  4. Hahaha that Sperminator story is hilarious!!!!!

    These chicks are talking more Ls than the Spanish language (el)!

    This is your dang Queen? This….this….hahahahaha! I’d be embarrassed as all crap to even think about dating one. Jesus, I don’t even…..and those were two black Dykes!

    Oh god, mah jimmies!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      As the black woman continues to deteriorate deeper into ultra levels of degradation, many black men will be forced to throw in the towel on their “queens” in favour of dating and marrying non black women. Some black men will hold onto their “black queens” until they hit the grave, however many of them will reluctantly have to accept the writing on the wall. Many black men are already beginning to realise that their sacred cow aka the black female isn’t so sacred, pure and holy after all. The momentum is already in place, black women are the ones who will single handedly turn large numbers of black men away from them, just watch the saga unfold.

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    • Actually, we don’t have all that much access to interracial. That’s the problem.

      Here’s what we face:

      1. Black women are collectively “possessed” by vanity-worship, media images, that ol’ mentally and physically debilitating slave diet (high pork, high sugar, etc., which they also push on their children), and the near-psychotic insecurities that come with all that…
      2. The black family and black community is in shambles (largely because getting along with black women in the shadow of white paternalism is impossible)…
      3. Black men are taboo among most other groups — asian, latin and white., and…
      4. Black men are the target, the “threat”, and are thus discriminated against more heavily and more marginalized by the wider society, especially in the employment realm.

      You’re collectively ignoring #3, and that gives the false hope that there’s some simple solution. You can’t just swap out nonblack women for black women. I’m just saying, the numbers aren’t there.

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      • Actually you can. Interracial dating is known to be on the rise, and that taboo nature sure hasn’t stopped these women, whites especially. Black men have NO problem approaching these women and getting digits, let alone whatever side they wish.

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  5. Man black women are the most disgusting people on Earth. I have not dated a black woman for almost 10 years non black women are so peaceful and delightful to be around. I have 2 daughters with my black ex wife why did she get combative and argumentive with me because I found out she is living with a man around my 2 teen age daughters. She did not have the decency to tell me that and I am the father of her children, what women in their right mind would debate a father on this matter I am a active father in my kids lives. These black women are absolutely disgusting I am glad you are exposing them for what they are money hungry aggressive whores who are worth nothing.

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    • Sean,

      It has to be done sir, black women have had a 30 year plus head start besmirching and blemishing the image and the reputation of black men via the mainstream media. There is much to do and a hell of a lot to clean up, however I don’t mind doing it in order to help out the thinking black man.

      Indeed black women are like trashy children with learning difficulties, they are never wrong, you cannot tell them anything or point them in a better direction. Thus the only logical way forward is to abandon them and seek love and companionship elsewhere.

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      • Iq definitely has something to do with it, and considering that most of the hoods are full of incest, it’s more reason to raze them rid their genetic pestilence from our ranks.

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      • Verbs,

        I keep telling black men the same thing leave them alone for your own sake. Some keep saying i am going to give my sisters a chance not realizing the sisters could care less about them. These women have to be put in their place but there day is coming. Funny they really think white men want to be with them they just want to fuck them notice how they are complete sluts and submissive with white men and they are aggressive and think sexual acts with us is nasty
        . They literally make me sick to my stomach.

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      • Sean,

        As I was saying to Afrofuturism1, many black are going to be forced to throw in the towel on their so called queens down the line. You’re 100% on the mark, black women hate black men and I have proven this over and over again through various posts on this website. Many black men who are “backing their sisters” now will look at websites like this in the near future and will have no choice but to confess that Verbs aswell as others here were spot on the mark concerning these traitors.

        At this stage black women aren’t even on the radar as far as I am concerned, they have sinned far beyond measure and they can never be forgiven. The fact that they are also unrepentant for the massive death and destruction they have brought upon black men and black society says it all. Let them be submissive to the few white men who will still take them, soon that won’t even matter.

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  6. Sean,

    Beyoncé is out on such a pedestal by BLACK men. White dudes might mention that she’s got a big butt, but they don’t think she or Minaj are actually all that good looking. They have freaking Taylor Swift, and that girl from Heroes that’s now on Nashville.

    Black men, because they’re raised to accept women who look like the women they were raised by and around, have basically no standards. I mean, no offense to the two I’m about to mention that actually can act, but when you’re surrounded by Octavia Spencers, Viola Davis’, and worse, Leslie Jones, anything like Beyoncé is a vast improvement in comparison.

    That’s one reason why we need more hair breeds, to make pretty women an actual norm for us. And let’s call it what it is, typically people of any group who congregate in certain neighborhoods who are extremely ugly like that, are also pretty inbred. Let’s clear out the ranks and drain the swamp!

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  7. “We set the standard…”

    Yes, and when they saw Kylie Jenner wearing a du-rag, they collectively lost their shit.

    Shall I remind them of Trick Daddy’s words? “Y’all better shape up!”

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