Women – Keep Your Hands To Yourselves If You Don’t Wish To Catch A Beatdown!

Exhibit A:

The young man in video footage is an American football player by the name of Joe Mixon, he plays for the University of Oklahoma. In July 2014 Mixon was involved in an incident whereby a brief physical altercation took place between himself and a young woman by the name of Amelia Molitor, this video footage has been released within the last day or two.

If you would like to read about more details of the case then you can do so here:


My issue here is to more deal with the fact that aggressive and violent women believe that they have a standardised and universal right to put their hands on any men they choose with complete impunity. As per usual most folks are attempting to paint this woman as some sort of victim, however as you know over here at Slaying Evil no victimhood cards are given, especially to culpable women.

It seems that most folks have failed to note the fact that she(Molitor) was the one who initiated the physical attack against Mixon, first with a shove to the chest and then with a slap. At that point Mixon was well within his rights to clean her clock which he did with one swift punch to the head, a punch this woman fully well deserved.

She failed to keep her hands to herself and as a result she received her just desserts. Hopefully Molitor has learned her lesson, “keep your hands to yourself and everything will be alright”. One thing I stressed in my book Negro Wars is the fact that men cannot deal with violent women using non aggressive methods, violent women must be dealt with swiftly via physical aggression.

Another thing I stressed about in Negro Wars was the fact that men must never ever put down their instincts to physically defend themselves just because the attacker is a woman. Many men have lost their lives because they attempted to reason with violent women and paid a heavy price for letting down their guard.

Violent women must no be tolerated under any circumstances, they must be neutralised as quickly as possible, a clout to the head or a slap in the face is normally enough to bring an end to their violent spree, however in the case of your average black women a man typically may have to deal her out a number of blows before she is finally subdued due to her having high testosterone levels than non black women.

We saw this with the case involving the famous physical altercation that took place two years ago on the New York subway train between the 8 ball jacket wearing Jorge Pena and a group of violent black female Frankenstein savage monsters:

Molitor believed that she could flex her feminazi muscles at Mixon, however she was quickly taught by Mixon that he would not be entertaining nor tolerating any forms of feminism from her whatsoever. As I have stated before, physical aggression is the appropriate and the only way to deal with violent and aggressive females, don’t allow the liberal mainstream media to persuade you otherwise.

I fully endorse Mixon and how he dealt with Molitor, she got what she deserved( a fractured jaw) and this type of recompense is going to start happening more often against women who believe that they have the right to raise their hands to men unprovoked. The only time a woman should raise her hands to a man is if she is being physically attacked herself.

I don’t believe that Molitor will be putting her hands on any other men anytime soon. Be sure to check out my book Negro Wars where I thoroughly deal with feminism and the negative effects it has had onto today’s women. Feminism is not a religion to be embraced by anybody under any circumstances.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

20 thoughts on “Women – Keep Your Hands To Yourselves If You Don’t Wish To Catch A Beatdown!

  1. See? Even becky’s are not the black man’s ally. They are just as bad as black women you like bashing Trust no bitch of any color. It’s all about character and culture.

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    • Dondopa,

      White women are no way as violent as black women. Nobody has claimed that white women are the black man’s ally, however overall they and other non black females are still a better choice for black men than westernised black women, most non black women being raised in 2 parent households means in general they have better characters than black females.

      There is no “bashing” involved when you are telling the truth about an individual or a particular group of people. Everything I post here concerning black women and their deplorable behaviour is the truth, the evidence speaks for itself.

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      • By initiating (and escalating) the conflict, Amelia Molitor was introduced to Joe Mixon’s back hand of reality.

        If women want to act like thugs, they should be treated as thugs. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

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      • So black females are not raised in households with two parents? I honestly do not believe that most african american families are broken to such a point that on average black women are incompatible as you have described. Look man just because there is a percentage of 70% single parent households in african american families does not mean that all the children in such relationships will grow up being degenerates. i know plenty of good black men and women whose circumstances did not stop them from becoming prominent people and it sure as hell didnt stop black women from being dateable and wife material since we brothas for the most part are still kicking it with our women. It is obvious that there are good black women out there worth it. Those who date outside of their race are taking a risk because a white woman,arab,hispanic or even an asian woman,you have to remember has more than likely parents who will be seriously prejudiced against you. And when i mean prejudice i mean serious racial bigotry. Why would a black man in his right mind subject himself to racism from the cave ape becky or lucy lu or Alaina’s parents? A black woman’s parents would only judge you if you didnt act like a man good enough to protect and care for their daughter,they wouldnt reject you because of your skin color! And what about culture? Language? These white broads for the most part don’t have shit in common with black men nor asian,arab or hispanic. Nobody knows the brothas more than the sistas do ,the non-black whores that stick around black men are users and abusers more so because they have this delusions about black men,this sexual fetish and they don’t look at the man for what he is regardless of his dick size and when they done they toss you aside They pimp your ass out for recognition”oh look i have a black bf” on instagram and what not but that’s about it. There is no love nothing long-term so why even bother? He would not have this problem if he had just sticked with black women. Hell the black family structure would not have been so fucked up if we black men had just stayed faithful in the first place maybe the sistas wouldnt be acting out. Every action equals an opposite reaction and everything has a cause and effect. You don’t talk about the irresponsibility and the bullshit we do to black women why she is acting like a mad woman,do you think black women were like this in the 70s or 60s? No we were closely knit and we worked as family,as a brotherhood,a sisterhood. Black unity was strong because we were separated from the white devils. Black economy existed because we had black wall street and we bought things black,shopped at black and only dealt with black. We had our pride and heritage until MLK coon cried for integration. So while oyu are hear daydreaming about these dog-smelling, lice infected cave ape edomites,talking about the daughters of your oppressors,think about what you are doing, think about yourself as a black man Think of the consequences of your actions and how you are not making things any better because you think you don’t have any responsibility of the people you fuck with.


      • Dondopa,

        Those are the facts, deal with it, this is why there are so many decent black men in the US who remain single, because the black woman not only is training, indoctrinating and raising defective daughters but also for the fact that she openly embraces single motherhood ie feminism. “I’m an independent woman, I don’t need no man” is the modern day black women renowned slogan.

        Stop trying to use exceptions to overturn the general rule, the people who you know who are successful are in the minority, most blacks are raised in household with selfish, greedy mothers and thus they are jinxed from the very start. Exceptions to the rule do not buck the general trend. Good black women are very few and far between, most black women are utter trash who choose black male trash to date and procreate with, that is the reality of the matter.

        You keep talking about black men dating out and the hostility that will be shown to them by the parents of non black women, yet look at the hostile environment of black on black relationships, they are worse which is why they typically fail. Black parents can be just as janky as non black parents, they normally have different ways of showing it.

        Black women have everything in common with black men yet they still choose to work against us and side with a system that is oppressing and holding us back. The black woman doesn’t like you, this is what my blogs are partly about, demonstrating the blatant hatred black women have for black men. Your problem is you still think that this black woman has love for you even though I have so many posts on this site showing black women giving black men the middle finger. Black women don’t like you bruh, you need to accept this.

        Again, the black woman does not belong to you, she belongs to the state, she is state property, state run, state owned and state funded, she wants nothing to do with black men, the government is now her husband and she wouldn’t have things any other way. She enjoys shafting black men in exchange for her government benefits and treats, we see this everyday, however it seems black men like yourself would prefer to ignore the writing on the wall.

        I’ve already dealt with the black woman’s betrayal of the black man and the black nation in my book Negro Wars, black women with a selfish mind and a greedy heart kicked black men to the curb because they wanted to fit in with white society and be part of their society, black women are the biggest sellouts on the planet, the only reason why they remained with us from the end of slavery up until the civil rights era is because the white man during that period hadn’t approached them with an alternative.

        Black women wanted to join team white society and they did, nobody forced them to abandon black men and black society, that is what they wanted to do. Its funny, all the edomite women and other gentile women treat black men better than these decadent contaminated Hebrew female monsters, what kind of shame is that?

        Black men receive more love from Suzy, Becky, Chun Li, Suzuki, Ahmed and Gomez than from Dequisha, Keisha and Dequanda. What a huge embarrassment on the part of black women. Sorry bruh, the modern day black woman is toast, you simply don’t want to read the memo and accept the writing on the wall. You cannot unify with scumbags and expect to build, I don’t know how you black men still believe that you can be successful and build with a woman who hates your guts.

        You need to set your mind free from the spell that the black witch has put you under, making you believe that you are obligated to stay with her and put up with her perpetual nonsense. I stopped dealing with black women years ago, its been plain sailing every since. You can experience the same freedom if you will only wake up and smell the coffee ie accept the raw truth concerning this black woman and her treacherous nature. Black women cannot be defended on any level which is why I do not waste my time attempting to do so.

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      • @dondopa: Those who date outside of their race are taking a risk because a white woman,arab,hispanic or even an asian woman,you have to remember has more than likely parents who will be seriously prejudiced against you.

        Better to pursue the high-risk, high-reward women than the low-risk, low-reward path to death and destruction as exemplified by a certain type of female which shall go nameless.


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  3. Notice the black witch defender above. Compare this story to the numerous ones involving black women and black men where black women have BEATEN the men. At least this dumb woman is a woman, as opposed to gorillas in the mist.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      The black witch simply cannot be defended on any level, anybody who attempts to do so is simply embarking upon a fool’s errand. Black women and black men are incompatible, its plain and simple. Black women don’t like us so the obvious next step is to go to women who will accept us, I don’t understand why so many black men cannot figure out this intelligent, common sense and logical step.

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  4. @dongdopa you mention that 70% are born out of wedlock yet question them being raised predominately by single mothers.

    You can disparage white women all you want with that “cave ape” crap, there’s typically no one who looks more apey than a certain other group of women.

    You then, like the woman I assume you are, use anecdotal evidence and exceptions to try to act like the problem doesn’t exist. If there were such great blacks in abundance, not only would black suburbs be the norm for blacks, but we would own more land, businesses, and infrastructure. You can’t have a class full of smart kids and they’re all making straight f’s. Hard material or not, if they’re so smart, the majority would be at least passing, not failing.

    You then question ghe loyalty other women would have for us. Of course they wouldn’t treat us exactly the same, we’re not their native men! I’ll give racist white men that, it just makes sense. What superior loyalty do black women offer us, however? You see how black men are able to be fathers as well as simply succeed in life easier without being heckled by black women. Even in this story, at least this feminists white Woman, being a white woman, is actually built like a woman. If she’d have been black, it would’ve taken the national guard to put her down, and it would literally require putting her down.

    You talk about black unity? Who broke that up for “da white debil’s” welfare? Was it black men? Now that mention it, our oppressors’ daughters have treated us much better, for the simple fact that they weren’t in such a position and didn’t do that.

    You say that black men should about themselves and thus their progeny, and that’s what dating out is. We’ve seen historically how we’re the laughing stock of the multiverse, and many would say it’s our genes. I’d rather try something new and study the results as opposed to continuing the pro black hotep ra ra ree and still be a punching bag. Who wants to be united in failure?

    No one wants to mention that during said Civil rights movement, when blacks were supposedly doing so well, we were given a degree of rights to function above slavery while still being held down. Our finest hour was when we were basically made to compete because of bullying. As much as the hoteps wanna claim some let heritage, they’re still too stupid to realize that if everyone else’s ancient victories could be recorded and remembered except ours, maybe it’s because they didn’t happen.

    I know it’s a bitter pill to swallow, but I accomplished doing so as a I child. I realized from a young age that blacks thought out history seemingly existed to either he slaves for other people or to beg other people for what they wanted. If that’s your legacy, that’s a hard thing to built prosperity upon. Like I said, I accepted this as a child, so I have a hard time waiting for adults to realize it.

    As long as the black man produces nothing but melanin platitudes and Afro centric diatribes, no true victory will be won, and no legacy worth a damn will be earned. Oh yeah, they’re earned, not given.

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    • Defending black women because of the actions of a few white women, but silent when many black women do many bad things. It’s beyond hypocrisy it’s delusional. This is why the black community is crumbling.

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      • It’s literally like saying “we all da samez!”, even when you look at the communities and see that even the poor lower class white neighborhoods aren’t as violent and dysfunctional as their black equivalents. Even the most arduent white feminists can be put in place, and there’s far less of them then in the black community, where such extreme individuals are the norm.

        Like I’ve said before, it’s why I don’t fully subscribe to that MGTOW, as it’s made me realize how cowardly some of these even conservative white dudes are. They know their women aren’t nearly as bad, hell if from no other evidence than that they still get married and that their middle and upper class gated communities are filled with conservative and submissive housewives. They know they don’t have it nearly as rough, and if they put their feet down en masse, women would be put in place. They just don’t do it because many of them talk a big game but will put up with nonsense. That’s why many of the real deal white men with conservative wives and children and a functional family structure, namely those of working class, rallied behind Trump. This was a guy who you could tell actually does hate the current status quo and establishment simply because of how much he chews it out and could care less how they think of him. His tirade a few weeks ago where he invited all sorts of media pundits simply to bend the over a barrel and ream them good, that’s what alpha males do. That’s what (most) white MGTOW dudes wish they could do. The problem is, most of them want a safe space themselves and refuse to become as brazen and emboldened as the left has become, despite the facts actually being on the right’s side.

        Our women chose to leave us for the enemy while we visibly were being oppressed and mistreated by him, and many times did they sane during the slavery when given the chance. You also look at the great civilizations white and Asian men have been able to build with their women, to even now with the modernity and technological advancement of their countries and the international renown of their cities and metropolises.

        That is not something possible to accomplish with a woman as dysfunctional as ours, though the level that some of their liberal women have sunken to is possible due to the limp twisted, skinny jean wearing, top knot sporting, bisexual nature of their own fruity milqetoast leftist men, as well as the too nice nature of even some of their right wingers.

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  5. I had a feeling some racist white men and black women would jump on this story. To them, stuff like this is a Godsend to the status quo.

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    • They’ll be dumb enough to say “see, dem Beckies gon get youz in troublez”, when nothing has happened to this dude, and it was a blonde blue eyed white woman.

      Likewise, black dudes are killed everyday by dealing with black chicks, many of whom look like them lol.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        That is true, most black men today are suffering at the hands of and being shafted by black women, not Becky, Suzy, Ming, Kawasaki or De La Cruz.

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  6. Verbs2015 there is a saying that no one is free but white men and black women. Now everything makes sense why you harbor such vitriol for black women. You are jealous of black women because you are and always will be seen as a slave to white men. You know good and damn well that there are beautiful, loving, kind, wonderful black women out there who love black men and black children. For you to focus on the lowly of black women is a testament of your association to them. To know so much about whores means you must be a whoremonger. If black women hate black men it’s because of the hatefulness black men project onto black women. In the comment section of your blog about Serena Williams, you and the other male deplorables were going on and on about how unattractive and masculine Serena is. I mean she’s never done anything to anyone of you men but because of your hatred for bw you took it out on Serena. Not only that, you want to convince yourself that somehow white women and other non black women are not as difficult as black women which is not true. You want to condition the minds of your white female audience that you don’t think of them as vile and violent as black women even though there’s plenty of evidence out there to prove otherwise. This is why black men are easily conquered because in your quest for power, you cut off your own nose to spite your face. Yes black women are Defensive toward black men but not without just cause. Look at the terror you all spewed toward Serena Williams who you don’t know and has done nothing to you. It saids a lot about your psychology and heart. Black men are notorious for terrorizing black women. Black men such as yourself are so emotional that you can’t differentiate your delusion from reality because of the hate and envy that infiltrates your hearts. Black women know that there are black men out there who don’t value them. You black men are very vocal about the hate you have for black women. Black women have every right to distrust bm. So why would any bw in her rightful sane mind take chances with you? You’ve done enough to devalue her.
    The irony of it all is bw who are with wm because they hate bm are no better than bm who are with ww because they hate bw. Might as well be on the same team since you all are serving the same purpose. It’s disgusting and pitiful what black men and women such as yourself have reduced yourselves to. Negro war is stupid. The war is what’s going on in your own narcissistic mind. The only power you have is gathering hateful people like yourself to cosign your own hatefulness while you hide behind a keyboard. Show your face like Serena does proudly so that we can judge your looks. You probably look like Serena’s dad so it makes since to not be with a black woman because your daughter may come out looking like you. Black men like you who hate black women definitely don’t want to produce female babies with bw because you know how hateful society is to bw. That’s why you procreate with non black women so that you can erase all traces of blackness and so that your black daughters won’t have to be subjected to the same terrorist behavior that you and other black men subjected bw to. You’re trying to convince your white female audience that it’s all black women’s doing and that black men are victims of black womanhood. You black men want the sympathy of white women so bad. You’re grasping for straws and ww are your last resort. You get with white women to get even with black women and white men. But white women are not stupid. They know they can not survive collectively at this stage and era without wm. Bw and ww know they can not rely on the black male collective because bm have no tangible power. The white women with self esteem go after bm with money and the rest of them who date bm are considered the white community rejects and bottom feeders by societal standards. Bw and ww are not dumb enough to bite the hand that feeds them.

    So blame your self hate and the hatred of black women for black women not believing in you. All black women don’t wear weaves but somehow you’ve allowed the hate in your heart to convince you that they do. All bw don’t hate or dislike bm but you need to believe that to justify your own hate. All black women have not joined the state to destroy black men but because of your own failures you need to believe that. Most black women love black men but a lot of you know you don’t deserve it. Fix your own pathologies. So if black women are the reason for black men running to other women because of how dreadful and terrible bw are to bm, then why are so many bm hateful to other black men. Bm are killing other bm disproportionately and in domestic relationships between bm and bw, bw are killed at higher rates than any other group at the hands of bm. Bm date and marry disproportionately higher than any other group. Notice a pattern? Notice the common denominator? Who really has issues with themselves?


    • I will give black men like yourselves credit. I give you credit for wanting to stop the vicious cycle of self hatred. Sadly the only way you black people believe it can be done is by breeding your likeliness out. Then when there’s nothing but white skinned people left in the world, all hatred will be eradicated because the black curse will be untraceable. Elevating the world of self hating black people will cure the world of wickedness. There will be no more poverty, rape, theft, disease, hate, murder, violence, greed, and every other evil deed, once we get rid of all the black people. Problem solved. And they lived happily ever after.


    • Louise Carr,

      How I am viewed in the eyes of white men doesn’t concern me, I only demand not to be disrespected where it is not warranted. The issue you have with me is the fact that I point blank refuse to give black women a pass and label them as victims. As I have stated many times before, no victimhood cards will be handed out here at Slaying Evil, the blame will always be laid down at the feet of those responsible, gender is irrelevant.

      There are very few black women remaining who love black men and black children, most black women today despise black men and black children equally. Not necessarily, we know all we need to about black women and their slutdom because this is exactly how they present themselves to the world, thus they are perceived and treated in the same manner. Black women were the ones who began the trend of twerking, have you forgotten already?

      You cannot present yourselves to the world as whores and expect to be treated like princesses and royalty. The hate black women display towards black men simply stems from their own self hatred. Most black women hate being black, they wish they could be white and black men are a constant reminder of who they truly are. This is the main reason why black women hate black men, when they look at us they see themselves which is a daily reminder of the fact that they are black and not white.

      Serena Williams is not an attractive woman at all, she does indeed look extremely masculine, this is the truth, this has nothing to do with hate. Its white society and black women who are attempting to prop Serena Williams up as some sort of sex symbol, sorry she is not and most black men recognise this. Trying to pass off unattractive women as desirable is an attempt to insult to my intelligence, that I do not appreciate at all.

      The fact of the matter is overall non black women despite their issues are much easier to get along with than black women. Not only that but non black women treat black men far better than black women do. This is the problem with most black women today, they feel that they have the right to treat black men like garbage and expect us to accept this rotten behaviour unconditionally. Not anymore, we now know better, times have changed.

      What white female audience, the majority of the folks that comment here are black men. On the contrary, you black women have sold black men down the river for 10 shekels of silver from your substitute husband aka the state and now many of you are realising the error of your ways and equally witnessing black men in their droves turning to women of other races as a result of your treachery.

      As I have stated many times before, black women must be punished for the heavy death and destruction they have brought upon black men and black society and abandonment will be the main judgement black women will rightly suffer. Again, you will receive no victimhood cards here, I have already documented the history of the black woman’s treachery in Negro Wars, you cannot fool me because I am fully aware of the historical facts surrounding your current position.

      Serena Williams is not attractive, get over it. She may be a nice person in real life(which already knowing how black women are is highly unlikely), however she simply isn’t an attractive woman. I hate scum bag black women which unfortunately represents the overwhelming majority of black women today, I have absolutely no problems with feminine, functional black women who know their place and accept their role, the problem is these types of black women are extremely few and far between.

      You black women were the ones who initiated the Negro Wars when you decided that government housing and welfare were far better options for you rather than keeping the black family unit strong and intact, don’t blame black men for the war that you black women started. I have nothing to do with anything, you black women are the ones being put on trial, not me. You cannot play the judge and the criminal at the same time.

      Your continual focus on Serena Williams at this point is simply a red herring. Unlike you black women, most black men who date out are doing so because they have no other choice given that fact that black women as a collective hate their guts. Unlike black women we black men do not date interracial out of spite, we do so as a matter of survival and preservation.

      The current mess that black society is in is all the black woman’s doing as she is the one raising the majority of black children by herself. Again, if products are coming off the assembly line defective, the fault lies with the manufacturer not with the products themselves. Black men have no tangible power, I would suggest you take a trip to Africa were black men are doing quite well for themselves.

      Remove black men from the system of matriarchy ie black women and they will thrive and produce, black women have a contractual obligation towards the state to prevent black men from building and amassing wealth, this is the main reason why black men in the west for the most part have been unsuccessful in building, black women have deliberate sabotaged any efforts black men have made to progress and move forward.

      Despite all of the negative stereotypes and negative depictions of us in the mainstream media, we still have no problems dating and marrying non black women. It seems that non black women haven’t gotten the memo that black men are a bunch of bums, or maybe it is the fact that unlike black women non black females actually value thinking, intelligent, educated black men, you know the same black men most of you black women label as lames, boring etc.

      I do not require black women to believe in me, in 2017 black women and black men are totally incompatible. I unlike most black men accept this fact and as a result I have made adjustments to my life accordingly. I no longer have a connection to black women, this is how I can write article after article about them, I accept that most black women are contaminated and thus are a lost cause.

      Attempting to translate the harsh truth concerning black women into hate is not going to work in 2017. Stop trying to play the victim because nobody sees black women as victims anymore. Again, your “hate” rhetoric is not working, you are not a victim and the truth no matter how harsh and ugly it may sound does not equate to hate, change that record.

      You most definitely are not going to push the lie that black men are killing black women at astronomical rates, I have already dealt with that propaganda here. See, this is exactly what I stated before, all black women have left to push against black men are lies, fairy tales, urban legends, rumours, old wives tales and myths.

      Tell the truth for once in your life, you might actually get somewhere. However as we already know feminists are incapable of telling the truth, hence the prolific lying we witness amongst most black women. Black woman are the only proponents of hate, you are the ones who are training black men to hate and kill each other, these black male savages are being raised by black women not by black men, remember that.


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