Male Feminists And Their Stupidity

Feast your eyes on these horrific quotes, some men ought to keep their mouths shut and have their manhood cards immediately revoked. I will never psychologically castrate myself for any woman, I am not ashamed to be a man, I do not apologise for it. I am proud to be a man and I proudly uphold my manhood regardless of who doesn’t like it. Any women who have problems with me being a man as far as I am concerned can kick rocks until their feet bleed and break, your feelings are irrelevant to me and will never be taken into consideration, the same goes for male feminists, manginas, simps and white knights.

Men, do not allow stupid men like this aswell as women of misandry to make you feel guilty about being a man and having an advantage in this world, we as men create and build because those are our attributes by nature, women do not build or create anything, however they are benefactors and are permitted to partake in the fruits of men’s labour at the man’s discretion. Women especially feminists need to remember this whenever they talk about “the evils of patriarchy”, if you don’t like living in a man’s world then buy yourself a plot of land and build your own kingdom, let’s see how far you get.

Anyway, please check out the misandry that some men are willing to throw themselves into in their efforts to lick the boots of women, typically sub par trash women at that:


Empowering women and attempting to make them equal to men has been one of the most stupid, idiotic and dangerous journeys mankind has ever embarked upon, power is meant to be in the hands of men only, we can clearly see at least through recent history that women cannot handle power. A woman’s rights should strictly come from her husband, not from the state/government. It is not the government’s duty to bestow power upon a group of individuals who will only use that power to benefit themselves and fulfil their childish lusts for money and material possessions.

The longest chapter of my book Negro Wars deals with the decadent religion of feminism and how it has ruined families and nations worldwide especially the black family. Men ought to be working together to stamp out the fascist religion of feminism, empowering women has been a complete disaster, stop the madness.

Women in general are like children, because of their tendency to make stupid decisions, say stupid things and act upon emotion instead of applying logic, reason, intelligence and common sense, they must be monitored and controlled at all times. Allowing women to roam the yard free, unchecked, unbridled and unsupervised is a disaster just waiting to happen. History and current times prove me to be correct.

These male feminists are a serious problem because they continuously cosign the stupidity of women and thus hamper real men from putting these reckless, irresponsible female buzzards in check. This ultra liberal mindset is poisonous to everything it comes into contact with, Prince Harry and John Legend especially need to start being honest with themselves, empowering women has been an absolute failure, look around you.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

12 thoughts on “Male Feminists And Their Stupidity

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  2. Notice that besides Hemsworth (who said the tamest stuff), there were no big Lou Ferrigno or Hulk Hogan looking muscle man dudes? I’m not saying that all men have to look like that, but it is strange how most of them were either simp black guys raised by women or faggy looking jews.

    Also, most mention being raised by women. That’s why the haggard looking Stephen King mentioned that he didn’t like trump. When you remove a man, you won’t get one, penis or not.

    I don’t give a crap what anyone thinks, white, black, male, female, fruit, tranny, or anything in between: until people start lynching/beating/raping/killing blacks, homos, and women em masse, making stepping outside of their doorway a matter of survival, don’t complain to me about sexism, racism, or homo/transphobia. Transphobia, what the frick? Who are those, people who are bigoted against Autobots and Decepticons?

    Also, notice that it requires men to do this heavy lifting for women. Women are so strong and equal to men that they have to beg men into giving them power. The kitchen is calling ladies, you’re proving everyday that it’s the only thing you don’t need our help with!

    Also, any black man who calls himself a feminist needs to beat like the slave he still acts like!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Agreed, most of the guys there look like softies. Why on earth would some men go out of their way to empower a group of individuals who are supposed to be inherently weaker than ourselves? Feminism does not benefit men at all, it is only useful to the women who subscribe to it. Indeed, women need to get back to their natural functions instead of begging men to fit in more with dysfunctional positions.

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  3. When any group begs to be put into power, namely by a stronger, “oppressive” group, that shows why the group doesn’t have, need, or deserve power. This is why both women and blacks aren’t respected, nor do I think they really should be.

    Think about it, do you Asian people begging white people for stuff? You didn’t see em doing it when whites were forcing them to build railroads!!!! Yet that’s the most productive group besides whites, arguably far surpassing them. That’s also why they’re the only group that whites respect and damn near truly fear: because they didn’t beg for said respect and earned it in stride and with gusto. They respect asians and colleagues and fear them as intellectual and technological threats. They fear blow me simply as an form of brute force, and don’t respect them whatsoever.

    These asians also keep their women in line, which might explain the image of them being submissive and demure. Keep in mind that these Asian men supposedly have the least amount of testosterone, yet they have more control of their women that the highly testosteroned black men, and waaay better looking ones, too.

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    • Those feminist males are a result of being “turned out” by Hollywood – often without the use of Vaseline or any other lubricant.

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  4. Guys,

    These manginas will soon see that one false move will see them devoured by feminists. Feminists eat their own. It has all the hallmarks of a cult; these males trying to get in the good books of the feminazis will come to roost as soon as they are getting divorced, or, they make a film/write a book or make a comment which doesn’t fit their narrative.

    Social media simp game is big business for the male feminist, gaining views, likes and mentions from SJW sites like the Huff post. Let us remember that social media is female.

    The thing is who are these women they are licking the boots of?

    Overweight, dyed hair, female fedora wearing, flat shoe feminists, that’s who. We even have the shaven headed, blacklivesmatter endorsing, overweight, big glasses wearing black feminist in our midst.

    Fine women, who take their feminity seriously are almost never feminists, they may say some things to from agreement with them, but generally the silent women aren’t.

    Simps always aim for the low hanging fruit.

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