The Violent Black Beast Strikes Again

Exhibit A:

Do you know why I am constantly referring to my book Negro Wars, it is because I have already dealt with this particular issue in-depth within the book. Black women have surpassed black men and any other group in violence and violent behaviour by a long shot, black women have become the most violent and blood thirsty, barbaric individuals to ever walk planet earth.

I don’t deliberately go out of my way to find videos like this, video footage of black women behaving in a violent manner is all over the web, these videos and stories are literally falling into my lap. You cannot go through two pages without coming across videos involving black women getting into some sort of altercation or simply raw duking it out in the streets.

Black women have no respect for anybody else, they don’t even respect themselves. This younger black woman threw this elderly black woman down to the floor, she then picked her up by her clothes and threw her head first into the shop’s rubbish bin. Do you see how cold, ruthless and heartless most black women are? How on earth can I still recommend these women to black men, answer I can’t and I won’t as that would be irresponsible and totally dishonest on my part.

In 2016 it is literally suicide and a death wish to deal with black women, when dealing with them you have to walk on egg shells, you are not permitted to speak your mind for fear of upsetting the witch to the point where she could possibly do something very stupid, there is no emotion involved in the relationship, she retains her cold, heartless nature, she expects you to conform to her religion of feminism, she feels that she has an unlimited right to attack you emotionally, verbally and physically and that you must accept whatever she gives you without question, I could go on and on.

Could you imagine living with that young woman in the video? This is why I stay away from the majority of black women, because they are guaranteed to provoke you and push you to depths of angry far beyond the limits you believed you had. These black women are extremely dangerous, I told you that they have become a pestilence and a curse upon black men and black society.

Black men, walk away from these barbaric, destructive monsters, so-called educated, professional black women are no different, they also have no problems carrying out the Jekyll and Hyde transformation and going full primal when required. I keep on telling you black men that you are under no obligation to tolerate the rubbish that black women bring to the table, you deserve better and can do much better for yourselves.

You cannot deal with violent individuals, black men who are still holding out and awaiting that “good sister” are simply wasting their time, at this stage that would be the equivalent of searching for a steak in the desert. Those of you who haven’t done so already you really need to check out Negro Wars where I thoroughly deconstruct and break down this modern-day black female and her ultra dysfunctional mindset.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

57 thoughts on “The Violent Black Beast Strikes Again

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    • OUR WOMEN??? Not likely. I’ve been with Beckys since grade school. Those “queans” are not on my radar, nor they will ever be.


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      • Same here, been dating white girls since since 8th grade and have never…and will never ever ever even consider dating a black chick.

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      • But come on! You gotz to build da nation! Save da commoonitee!!!! Deez queenz needs dey kangz! Errbody podda hep!!

        Haven’t you listened to Tommy, sarge wp, and so many other GREATS?!!!

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      • Get this straight dude. They aren’t “our women”, they never were. They have been selling black men down the river since slavery. Even in Africa they threw themselves at white slave traders.

        What you also have to understand is that no woman is “your woman” unless she wants to be, no matter what race.

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      • You simps are so wounded, “dating” LOL cause in the era of DONALD TRUMP you wusses need to make significant bank to date WW. The day of you lames being used as ‘dumb dildoes’ are OVER. The mud you throw about BW, idiots, reflects on YOU …those feral fatherless sons reflect on YOU.

        Or are you so deluded and blinded to your crispy reflection you haven’t noticed that black males are now unpopular? They are. Mixed dudes have replaced you, blinded by hating your mother you fail to recognize changing times, politics. Look around at social media, I dare you. The few black males who are lauded are, gasp, FAMILY MEN/MARRIED. Which NONE of you lonely out of shape losers are. And, they’re LIGHT SKIN except as sports monkeys.

        Nobody wants a black male in 2017, they’re liabilities, drama kings, can’t protect themselves.


  2. @Keith @Afrofuturism1 @Frilla77

    These black women over here in the UK are no better, when they decide to take a sip of the loco juice they can be just as wild though I will say that the primal behaviour is not to the level of the black women in the US.

    The black female of the US is the mascot of destruction to which many black women from different parts of the world now gravitate towards, this is why it is becoming increasingly more risky trying to find decent black women in other countries.

    Just to give you an idea of what the black female savage can do over here, this happened in October 2015 literally just up the street from where I live, two black girls from 2 different local colleges shutdown the whole block fighting over a dude:

    You’ll notice the same pattern as the black women in the US, what starts out as a one on one fight quickly escalates into a free for all street brawl.


    • I totally understand, just check youtube and that’s you’ll see is black females who look like men fighting like wild animals, and they wonder why they are the least dated and married group of females on the planet. They’re just disgusting.

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      • Keith,

        And we haven’t even reached the bottom yet, we still have to go through the stage where black women and their supporters in their jealousy and rage will be roaming the streets attacking any black men they see with non black women, oh that saga is coming. Black men need to start preparing for that from now.

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      • Kelvin Hunter,

        I’m not entirely sure sir, its quite possible though highly unlikely. I believe that we are just dealing with secular black women here. Muslim women over here don’t tend to have that violent streak in them, they are definitely more chased and respectful in general.


    • Afrofuturism1,

      That stage is guaranteed, remember we are dealing with insane individuals who believe that they have the right to inflict damage upon others and their property with impunity.

      Also look at how jealous black women are of white women, it is inevitable that this jealousy will one day manifest itself into violence, however black women won’t get very far with that endeavour.

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      • I agree, anytime they see a black man with a white woman they become unhinged and immediately start insulting and degrading both the black man and white woman. I’m so glad Inlearn at an early age to leave black females I’m 23 and Ive only dated white females and I know for a fact my life is better because of it. I see these 140lb black guys walking around with these 300lb black chicks looking totally miserable as she continually berates and argues with him. But he’s weak because he can’t leave or criticize the water buffalo because you know “his mama back”…lol

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      • I believe you on that. When myself and Japanese Mrs go out in public, I get mean-mugging stares from low class black females on a regular basis. This and other reasons is why I always carry concealed when I’m out and about with the fam.

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      • Kirigarkure Jones,

        That is the way to do it, these reprobate black women need to stay in their lane and not interfere with other people, if they step out of line then by all means they must be put back in line by force if necessary.

        I can just imagine the foul looks that these low class black women give you and your Mrs, they hate to see a black man happy outside of their control/reach. Black women always want black men within their vicinity and control so that if they choose to for whatever reason, they can pull the plug on his joy and happiness, this is how these witches work.

        Any black men they see dating or married to non black women they are angry at because they see them as those that slipped through the net, thus they can no longer ruin those black men’s lives.

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  3. I dont like black men because its easy to get one. Especially if your a blonde white girl. You have to work hard and be somebody in order to get a white man and thats a maybe women like me respect that. I like men who work hard. Black women have it way harder so they make it harder for other people. Black men are dirty and they make black women mad and thats what makes us love the white man. And the white man doesnt want you dating his women. And you dont deserve a woman because you are a criminal woman beater or drug abuser. You arent by nature but something made it you that way. Black women also dont like white women because they opress white men emasculate men and they date out and cheat on white men and we love white men because black man is a baf man. So what problem do you have in finding a date white women pride themselves in loving black men and want the world dto know its fun being a bbc slut


    • Yep, you’re an average black woman. And you make me sick!!!!

      You say “something” made black men this way? Yeah, being raised by the likes of you!!

      No one has to work hard for a good black Woman, they literally give tail to dudes named Timo, Junebug, Rashik, Man-Man, and Pookie.

      Maybe the white man doesn’t like us with his woman, and I honestly don’t blame any group of men for wanting that comraderie and union with his woman, even white nationalists. The problem is, OUR women are impossible to unite and build with.

      Go on with your bad self Ms. Queen Sugar/Scandal. We know you won’t become more than a white man’s bed ornament, cuz bed wenches never do. Just don’t leave your weave in to long, I hear it causes scarring!

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      • Why did you even waste your time and bandwidth on that diseased black whore or jealous punk ass white boy it can be either one since both of the clowns are the opposite side of the same coin. These black whores have 72% out of wedlock birth rates of which 62% of that is multiple babies by multiple men. Are #1 in HIV, AIDS, herpes, syphilis and most other STD’s… but black men are easy…lol..Reason #1298 to steer clear of the black whores and find happiness with other races of women. And if its a punk ass white boy..I know he’s scared angry and jealous because black men are taking his women, but I want him to keep being angry because it’s not stopping it’s growing exponentially larger so he needs to get used to it and go find a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers and jack off.

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      • Keith,

        Sometimes you have to crack the whip of correction. Occasionally I will respond knowing that other black men will visit the site and read the comments, at least they will be able to see that these black women are full of industrial garbage. I don’t respond for these black witches at all, I simply do it for black men who will be visiting my site in the future.

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    • Black males are bottom barrel trash period. Everybody is scared of their short tempers watch how people act when black males walk near them. All they have are blogs ran by white men and you tube ran by white men, LOL to bash BW to score points with white men. DONALD TRUMP doesn’t coddle demons too dumb to wear condoms.
      Black men make me sick. Can’t use condoms, aids infectors.


    • You’re such a big man on your blog ran by a white man that’s why you’re too cowardly to talk on facebook the white man would shut you down, coward. Nobody likes black males except as monkeys in sports and music.


  4. Verbs2015, Afrofuturism1, Keith, Reggie James

    I don’t see how you guys do it. Be it white nationalists, the pro-black/black economic empowerment cult, or the “most educated” group in America, I just can’t deal with these people anymore. I feel like if I just listen to five minutes of their crap, I could end up in a nuthouse or have a nervous breakdown. You guys are better men than me. I just don’t have the tolerance for it anymore.


  5. Here is what TRUMP’S AMERICA thinks of you deluded bums, LOL WATCH AND SEE WHAT WHITE MEN THINK OF YOU. Diss/slander bw all you want white men are turning their backs on YOU, LOL!!
    In the UK your bastard sons are the THUGS in the UK they’re sick of you and your fatherless sons.


      • Who’s the FATHER of those VIOLENT UNWANTED FERAL BASTARD SONS? The semen of demons too dumb to use condoms.


    • Awwwww..look at the little keyboard warrior white boy hunt pecking away in moms double wide while cooking his meth. I guess that fuck session with your sister gave you the courage to come on here and fling your feces. All of those videos of black men fucking white girls that you jack off to everday just drives your crazy don’t it Cooter? I feel sorry for white insecure trash like you and your partner in crime the black female because both of you know the exponentially large amounts of bm/ww couples can’t be stopped and it aint a damn thing that either one of you pathetically insecure and jealous clowns can do about it, so go get a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers and look reeeeeeal hard for that dick of yours and go find an interracial fuck site and jack away…ok Cooter.

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      • Laughingstock of the world the cowardly violent broke wanna be white, black trash man who doesn’t even raise his own sons. I got 4 words for you, Jerome: DONALD TRUMP and POLICE SHOOTINGS. Aww. BW are leaving you and WM tell their daughters not to mess with you so YOU HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY.


      • That’s all you got WHITE BOY or what ever the fuck you are..You’re shaking in your panties seeing all of these black guys dating and dicking down white girls its makes you feel just like the inadequate little boy you are. But don’t dispair, because once we take a sizable amount of your women and make them ours we’ll off load all of the fat, whorish, diseased, weave wearing, tatted up black chicks on you pathetic white boys since you 2 clowns are the opposite side of the same coin any way. …LOL. thank you for exposing just how pathetic, insecure and frightened you are at the interracial dating/marrying between bm and ww….go job Cooter

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  6. I had written off black women way back in high school. But as soon as I went to college and met so many Becky’s and Chun-Li’s, that marked the last time I’ve ever dealt with black women again. You’d have to be out of your mind if you ever go back to them.

    Oh and Verbs, you’re already starting to see a few instances of assaults on black men with non-black women. Just earlier this year, some white guy was charged with assault and hate crime for attacking a black guy, all because he saw him with a white girl. These racist white guys don’t realize that these insecurities will cost them more white women to be with us black men. Once black women start getting involved in these assaults, expect more black men/non-black women relations to skyrocket.

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    • My experience is on par with yours I stopped dealing with black females back in the 8th grade. I went from a city school where there black female whore population is very dense.. to a suburban school where the white girls actually looked,sounded and acted like feminine females, from that day forward I never even considered dating a black female

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    • SigmaJones,

      Yes sir, you are spot on, the actions of both racist white men and black women are only driving more white women into the hands of black men. I wish I’d of cut black women off when I was in high school, I left it till much later believing that I was the problem and the reason why they were so nasty and vindictive towards me, obviously now I know much better.

      #SYSBM is rolling forward at full steam and there is nothing that either hostile parties can do about it. These insecure racist white men are really beginning to show their yellow bellies, that is not the way to discourage white women from dating black men. To be honest they shouldn’t really even be fussed anyway because most white women date and marry white men.

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      • Tell that to my beautiful brunette wife of 15 years. But feel free to continue spewing your nonsense. It’s probably the only gratification you’re capable of having.

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      • You shouldn’t waste your time or bandwidth on Cooter or Shaniqua, because it’s either a micro dick jealous inadequate white boy or a jealous, envious insecure butthurt water buffalo black whore… either way both are the opposite side of the same coin and both of the clowns are absolutely terrified at all of the black men and white women they see dating and marrying each other.


  7. Aaaaaand watching Nightwatch, which group of woman pulled a knife on a woman of the same group and stabbed her? Lol yep you guessed it!

    Then you had this lame simp, a grown man, walking around with so much of his draws showing, they may have been meant as a corset lol. These sagging simps and the women they’re usually with are numero uno in the category of individuals who shouldn’t be reproducing. Keep in mind that all of these people were dark skinned. Hmmmm……..

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    • Still, white men don’t and never will respect you. Your better days are behind you: DONALD TRUMP.


      • How Trump is you black chicks’ “trump” card? 90% of you voted for Cankles! I know math is hard, but you’re just going to have to figure it out.

        Cracking down on immigration and government entitlements helps black men and hurts black women.

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  8. As a BM that has dealt with BW for 36 years, I say it’s best for BM & BW to part ways. I learned that from South America to the US, from Africa to Europe, they are no different. Many BM will be disappointed looking for this imaginary “Unicorn” that doesn’t exist. I’ve learned that no matter how much money you make, how well together you are, your status, education, family background, or looks does not secure you a steady, secure mate in BW. Many BW are playing this game of feminism, misandry, and hyper-gamy against BM that will backfire against them. But this is what they want.

    I tell BM once your race of woman wears their oppressors hair, practice their religion, follows their holidays, work in their corporations, and follows the doctrine of “white feminism” (which is a farce), you officially lost your women to miscegenation and assimilation. This was the final tool to exterminate the natives of the Americas and Aboriginal peoples.We are in a full overt, highly sophisticated race war that is in it’s final tenure. I tell Black Men don’t argue with BW. They are the type that believe in the illusion of Swirling and Inter-Racialism.

    Truth many women like Christelyn Karazin and her ilk will not tell you is many men in general are not dating and marrying worldwide period. This is happening here in the United States, China, Japan, the United Kingdom, and several other countries. White Men (in general) are not coming in droves for American Black Women.Neither are many other ethnic or racial groups. Especially with this MGTOW and “Red Pill” movement. Many are not coming to the self-righteous,”all-knowing”, overly educated, overly feminist, difficult attitude many American women have to offer.

    BW think these men will marry them when truth is today’s millennials are saying no to traditional marriage in record numbers. Many men are choosing to marry later BUT many men are opting not to marry (due to strained family court laws, alimony, and child support) or not date altogether. Many men are realizing that losing their assets, careers, and families are not worth it in the aftermath of divorce. Whatever skewed reality/delusion BW are dealing with that there is some “White Knight” waiting for them on the other side of the lawn will be surely disappointed or disillusioned.

    Only a handful will experience this type of reality. And even then, it comes with a cost, huge sacrifice, and heavy scrutiny. I wish BW well in their journeys. It’s sad but this future generation of BW are not good girlfriends, wives, or mothers to the future offspring of any man. When your race produces a 72% out-of-wedlock rate, the dissimination of a race and culture has collapsed due to a lack of community and family structure..

    My question to BW is if you come from a background of poverty or dysfunction. How well of a mother, care-giver, and wife will you be to the next generation and there on after? Just my thoughts. Good Stuff Verbs 2015. You have all my support.

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    • Ryan,

      You pretty much covered it all, black women and black men are incompatible, there is no other way to say it. You simply cannot form a confederacy with a group of women who support and subscribe to misandry and feminism hands down. This is the main reason why black on black relationships for the most part don’t work. All this and more I talked about in my book Negro Wars, a book which black women have yet to refute the contents of.

      Most black women stay delusional and will remain in such a state until they hit the grave. Your support is greatly appreciated sir.


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