Tariq Nasheed Believes All Dark Skin Black Men Are Crispy, Not Just Sotomayor – Don’t Be Fooled!

Tariq Nasheed

That’s right. With the recent events that took place between Tariq Nasheed and Tommy Sotomayor at Vlad studios in Los Angeles, California, I’m seeing a lot of dark skinned black men who despise Tommy Sotomayor jumping onboard Tariq Nasheed’s tug boat and rolling along for the ride. In fact I have seen the same pattern repeatedly unfold everytime Nasheed has gone after Sotomayor in some way, shape or form.

Tariq Nasheed is the man responsible for the Hidden Colours documentary films, overall the films are good, however it has been noted by many including myself that there are some key parts of black history that for whatever reason Nasheed has deliberately omitted from his productions. One of the major omissions is the fact that the real Jews are actually Negroid in descent and not Caucasoid.

In fact, it was this very issue which was raised by Sotomayor responding to a caller during one of his radio shows that initiated the current feud between the two personalities. To date Nasheed has yet to address the black Jew issue and give an explanation as to why he has refused to cover such an important part of black history in any of his documentaries.

Instead as part of Nasheed’s ongoing agenda of revenge he has embarked upon a jihad of disparagement, humiliation and denigration, taking shots at Sotomayor whenever the opportunity presents itself, referring to him as “crispy” as a diss against Sotomayor’s dark complexion. He has even introduced a puppet by the name of Crispy and ran a mini series involving that puppet which debuted under the same title:

crispy puppet

Nashed has attempted to explain away his use of the word “crispy” by stating that he uses the word in reference to Sotomayor’s dry skin, however we already know that this is a pile of industrial garbage due to the fact that black women namely single black mothers commonly use the same disparaging term against their darker skinned children aswell as other family members and friends.

They also use terms such as smoke, night, soot, charcoal, coal, blackula, darkie, black as hell etc. I have even heard Tariq Nasheed refer to Sotomayor as a black turd, yet again disparaging the man’s dark complexion. This kind of behaviour from Nasheed doesn’t surprise me at all, after all he admits to being raised by a single mother, thus insults and shaming tactics are to be expected from the man in place of logic and intelligence.

To be honest I have various issues with both men, however in Sotomayor’s defence I have never heard him insult nor denigrate a person using their dark skin as a reference point. It seems that Tariq Nasheed is cool with black men unless you are a dark skinned black male. Tariq Nasheed’s group Melanoid Nation applies to all black men except to those of a darker persuasion.

I honestly am scratching my head everytime Nasheed refers to Sotomayor as “crispy” and I see dark skinned black males who dislike Sotomayor cheering Nasheed on with happiness and glee. What, you don’t believe that he is talking about you aswell bruh? Tariq Nasheed is not selective with the word “crispy”, the only reason why a lot of you darker skinned black men believe that the word only applies to Sotomayor is because you haven’t personally fallen out with Nasheed nor has he come after you personally for something you may have said or done to make him butthurt.

However, you better believe that if you were a dark skinned black male on the receiving end of his wrath, he would throw the full bucket at you and make sure at the end of it that you knew you were dark skinned and in his eyes inferior. Don’t be fooled for a second, he didn’t choose a mixed race woman to be his wife for nothing:

Tariq And His Wife

Nasheed is the not the friend of the dark skinned black male, you dark skinned black men cheering Tariq on simply because you don’t like Tommy Sotomayor are looking like grade A muppets, another thing I can give Sotomayor credit for is at least he makes himself more accessible to the people who support him and he doesn’t discriminate through skin complexion.

I stated it before, Nasheed is one in a long line of black merchants who pimp and merchandise ignorant members of black society, when you listen to Tariq Nasheed’s earlier material, he sounds no different to Sotomayor, he recognised that certain demographics of black women were causing a huge problem in the black community, he also recognised that the darker the skin of the black female, typically the more trouble she is likely to bring to the table, hence his move to marry a mixed race woman himself.

He also recognised that black men were revolting against black women and their sub par nonsense, he told the truth and kept it real all up until he decided to put on the mantle of a race baiter. Now the same black witches who have destroyed black society this same fellow gives them a clean pass, he refuses call them out and disingenuously labels anybody that does a coon/black woman hater.

I despise dishonesty and Tariq Nasheed is the personification of distrust. People who support Nasheed ought to be examining him thoroughly instead of giving him a pass on suspect behaviour, don’t ever forget it, whenever Nasheed labels Sotomayor as “crispy”, he is talking to other dark skinned black men aswell. Anyway, check out the video that is currently doing the rounds and causing the stir:

Negro Wars The Book

P.S I’ve noticed that the dishonest and disingenuous black witch Christelyn Karazin has attempted to put her two pence worth into the conversation talking about how through this contention two black men have squandered an opportunity to build something. Exactly what has this woman built of value to the black community and black society, I’ll wait?

This is also taking into consideration the fact that Karazin is another black merchant who enjoys deceiving black women for a fee into believing that they can scoop themselves a white man. Be sure to check out my previous post where I show the main reason why swirling rates overall have gone down for black women. Karazin needs to learn to keep her mouth shut, last time I checked black women don’t build or create anything but they sure know how to tear down and destroy.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

19 thoughts on “Tariq Nasheed Believes All Dark Skin Black Men Are Crispy, Not Just Sotomayor – Don’t Be Fooled!

  1. This was pretty shameful! This was childish in my opinion! It’s no secret I’m no fan of Tommy’s. But Tariq looked like a damn fool. He was acting like a 10 year old child. Even though I liked Hidden Colors 1 and 2,I still know this guy is a fake ass bitch. He is just pimping the black conscious community for cash. He doesn’t give adman about black people. Yeah I have my issues with Tommy but this was a bad look for Tariq. If he’s supposed to be conscious why is he calling a black man “crispy”? And you’re right,there’s a reason he has a half-breed wife. Tariq is the reason brothers like me get called phony and fake Hotep hustlers. He makes those of us who really love our people and are truly about black consciousness look bad. I thought Tariq was supposed to be above petty shit like this. Has much as people hate Tommy…but Tariq came off looking like a bitch ass n*gger!!!
    Also Verbs,isnt DJ Vlad a Russian Jew? I don’t trust that Jewish bitch! Lately he has interviewed Umar Johnson,Tariq Nasheed and Brother Polight. He could be working for the government(CIA) and collecting intel on the black conscious movement. They love to cause division between black people. they been doing it since the 60’s with Cointelpro. I don’t thin much has changed. What do you think? I think he may have set up Tommy. It was either staged or a set up. I’m not sure which. But the whole scene is a bad look.

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    • Tariq is Boule, he mostly gets with mulatto women which is his choice. But what was sus about Tariq is when his son was born, Tariq called his newborn a little latino. Add he is con artist and felon he ain’t changed just changed platform.

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      • Tariq is a damn clown. I always thought he might be Boule. Although he claims that TVOne reporter Roland Martin is a part of the Boule so I’m not sure. But I really can’t take Tariq seriously after this dumb ass move. This really was WWE. Just pathetic!

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    • Kushite Prince,

      This was not a good look for Nasheed at all. I too have my bones of contentions with both of these men, however Tariq really showed his colours with this move.

      I’ve seen and heard about DJ Vlad here and there, I had no idea he was Jewish. I do see him interviewing a lot of black folks from different walks of life. I personally believe that Sotomayor was set up by Vlad in order for Nasheed to ambush him, that was a dastardly move.

      Nasheed is blatantly pimping blacks through and through, his fans continue to remain in a deep stupor, they honestly believe that he can do nothing wrong, however nothing could be further from the truth.

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      • Bad look for Tariq! He’s going around saying he punked Tommy. Why didn’t he punch him then? Just have a real fight if that’s what he wanted. Both of them are ALL talk though. This is all hype!

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    • Kushite Prince……you couldn’t have said it any better……this was VERY shameful. Is this what should be promoted to young brothers?? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! This immature behavior came from a PHYSICALLY grown man but I couldn’t tell he was grown no other way….yes…..this was either staged or a set up. SHAMEFUL! SHAMEFUL! SHAMEFUL!

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  3. Just sad. Why were they even together when they had such a feud in the past? Unless they mutually agreed to bury the hatchet beforehand, I would not have agreed to this if I was Sotomayor or Nasheed.

    One reason I refuse to get with the “conscious” crowd is because no matter how strong they want you to think black people are, it always comes down to the white man or the jew keeping them down, and they refuse to either move the heck away from either group, or stick around, build something, and actually put up a fight.

    Nasheed is a grade a race baiting hustler, and I’m honestly surprised that the fool would show his face after being thrashed on tv by Tucker Carlson and embarrassed in front of those “evil white conservatives”. Sotomayor has also softened up, becoming extremely schizophrenic and worrying about google images that posting offensive pictures of black women.

    These two combat those that aid them and defend their greatest enemies. They are solid proof of the mental disorders ravaging the black community, and in the case of Nasheed especially, has not done CRAP when it comes to giving blacks independence from the whites they claim are so racist.

    I kind of believe that’s why Sotomayor is trying to gain new fans by appearing on white internet shows now. It doesn’t feel organic at all, and honestly reeks of a waning fanbase. I wouldn’t wish it on him, but I wouldn’t mourn him at this point either.

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  4. So one question? Why does Sotomayor waste his time giving black women a platform to “explain themselves” on his 1 on 1 videos? If they’re the enemy and have used any platform given to bash black men for years, why give them another one?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Because basically he is a simp for black women, he addicted to black vagina, he cannot give it up even though the best part of his life was when he was dating that Russian woman.

      He feels like many black men that he can still find “the one” even though he has been single now for the longest while now, all he can do is fulfil his sexual needs with these black women, I don’t see any women of relationship/marriage quality visiting his house.

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  5. This crap may have bed but staged for the drama of it, I wouldn’t doubt it. These sons of single mothers are a schizophrenic trip, I tell you. I remember about a month or so ago that Sotomayor was on some other black guy’s show, a black guy who he had made all kinds of remarks concerning his intellect or lack thereof. Now, if the guy’s and idiot, he’s an idiot, and apparently he must be to have brought him on his show and not addressed it. When called out on it, though, Sotomayor said that it was an act of comedy when he was criticizing that guy and Adviseshow, which in my opinion ruins credibility.

    Same thing with Nasheed: this guy always talks about the evil white Man yet has numerous movies now produced by all kinds of “bagels and noses”, if you get my drift. While being Mr. Melanoid nation or whatever, he seemingly purposefully married a lighter skinned woman and constantly disparages Sotomayor over his dark skin. Now, I’m not even saying that he can’t criticize Sotomayor as well as make jabs at his skin tone while doing so, but it is a pretty bad optic if he’s supposed to be Mr. melanoid nation.

    These guys profit off of black failure, and pretend especially to call out the root source, the women, while at the same time simping for them and rewarding their stupidity. Thus, it keeps the cycle flowing, ensuring their continued revenue. Now, I have no problem with them profiting off of blacks, in fact I salute them. It just looks bad if they’re supposed to be pro black and tough love, while really being neither. Heck, seems the only people these negroes go after hard isn’t white racists or black women, but each other!!!

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  6. Yea looks like a set up, Tommy is crazy for thinking he’s going to find that special black woman. Personally I do not want to have sex with them as stated have not been with a black woman for a long time. Now back to the Jews dividing the black community, this is their very reason I do not like Jay Z him and Dame built they own thing and he let Lehor Cohen the Jew separate them Dame used to go hard on those Jews. Jay Z sold him out notice how Dame had just fell off and is resorted to doing reality TV now. So with all his knowledge of the music industry and business savvy you mean to tell me he’s just going to fall off like that. He did not sell out to the Jew like Jay Z these fools are funny.

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  7. Whoever wrote this hates black women. Called one a black witch yet is talking about Tariq. Said black women tore thrown their neighbors and have done nothing
    . Wtf is this self hating, black womepan hating negro?


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