Swirling On The Decrease For Black Women – Here Are The Main Reasons Why!

Here are the main reasons why most black women have been relegated to the sidelines when it comes down to dating and marriage with any men, please take a look at the following short clips:

White men and other non black men are not looking for bloodthirsty, barbaric, violent, rebellious, masculine, lazy, sex crazed savages as wives, even non black men who have had no problems dealing with black women in the past are now beginning to think twice and in many cases they are also choosing to abandon black women in favour of non black females. Black women cannot present themselves to the world in the above manner as deplorable individuals and still expect white men to take them seriously.

I have an entire chapter in my book Negro Wars which is dedicated to dealing with black women and their extremely violent nature. Black women as a collective conduct themselves worse than wild animals in that at least animals when they do engage in battle fight for a good cause normally as part of their survival. Even when they have been stripped down naked, black women will still continue to duke it out in public feeling no shame.

This modern-day black woman has rendered herself undesirable, it is indeed true that black women are the least desired women on the planet and the buffoonish antics above simply add more fuel to the fire of evidence. What is even worse is the fact that black women who claim to be upstanding are not seen openly reprimanding those black women who are continuously bringing blemishes and spots upon black society, its reputation and image.

You’ll notice how the dishonest, disingenuous buzzard of swirling Christelyn Karazin writes no articles nor produces any videos instructing black women to walk away from this type of unbridled barbarism. The reason for this is simple, Karazin is a merchant of illusion, her job is only to “SELL black women the IDEA” that they can bag themselves a white man with ease, in reality Karazin does not care about black women at all, her only concern is with the money they bring to her pockets.

Even this ABC News article which was written in 2010 highlights what is happening on a greater scale today in 2016. The facts are in, nobody wants to date and marry black women anymore, most men(both black and non black) only engage with black women for the purposes of sex, yet with black women being the most disease ridden females on the planet, even this feat is proving itself to be extremely dangerous and risky.

Black men, black women are on the losing team, they cannot be defended on any level, there are no benefits to dating and marrying westernised black women at all, they bring absolutely nothing to the table bar their contaminated vaginas which they believe are gold and have the ability to sustain any relationship. The mental delusion concerning black women is incredible and a sight to behold. Swirling for black women is now dead and it will never be revived ever again.

For black men however the situation is completely the opposite, having more flexibility and much more clout than black women in the realm of interracial dating, black men in their droves are being to exercise their options to the fullest degree with more than pleasing results. Unlike black women the doors are wide upon for black males and I’m encouraged to see more black men taking advantage of the expanded opportunities available to them.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

76 thoughts on “Swirling On The Decrease For Black Women – Here Are The Main Reasons Why!

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  2. Ugh……is that James Brown? Lol

    Yes, indeed, stats show swirling falling for black Women. Heck, look at all these “refugees” in Europe that while people probably have every right to fear. They want white women, not African ones. They didn’t need media brainwashing to make them want them. They saw them and instantly wanted them.

    But hey, if they aren’t your taste, you can always go to bed with a Michelle Obama type. Just don’t complain if she wears a rag to bed lol.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      There is nothing desirable about this modern day black female, she chooses to embrace the worst behaviours imaginable and still expects to be looked upon as a quality woman.

      The mentally damaged and mentally unstable mindset of the black woman runs deep, non black women as a general rule will present themselves with the best image possible, they take pride in how they are looked upon by men, not this black witch however.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        That business about getting weave for men is utter rubbish, they don’t care about anybody else but themselves, the weave wearing stems from their deep rooted insecurities and mental illness. They are always attempting to put their weave wearing insanity upon black men, smh.

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      • I’m reminded of the fact that black man are the least desired. Black man are the fattest man. Black man a broken man. Black man commit the most domestic violence. Black man can’t protect themselves from the police.

        You guys are so stupid you don’t see what you’re doing anybody with a logical brain knows what you’re doing is called deflection.

        Again I think God for Mr. Trump you Coons will be getting a wake up call.

        No more hip-hop coddling no more elevatingbasketball no now it’s time for intellectualism and family values which of course none of you possess.

        How many of you are married to white women?? I’ll wait.

        And if so I’m sure you’re messing with the heads of your biracial bastards whom are now abandoning their black fathers yeah …mixed kids don’t want to be seen with a black father who can blame them?

        Go to a bank go to a college go to a upper-middle-class club and ask them what do you think about black men and black women most people will say at least black women are raising the kids that’s more than black man do how embarrassing for you all.

        PS just for shits and giggles I suggest to my white Asian and Hispanic women friends who are looking for men that date they should date black men ha ha Ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha the responses are priceless they don’t want any black man unless he makes six figures other than that you bums are out of luck.

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  3. There’s absolutely nothing desirable about those diseased black female creatures. I stopped dealing with the beasts and started dating white girls exclusively back in the 8th grade and I’ve never looked back. I’m begging black men to leave those creatures and find love and happiness with other races of women if you value your life, finances and sanity.

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      • There is many elements of where wearing weave is a problem that black women don’t grasp.

        1)The cost and maintenance
        2)The god awful look of type 2 hair which is VERY unnatural to Black Women
        3)The overall cleanliness and hygiene of the scalp and hair
        4)The odor that eminates from the scalp and hair from lack of washing

        Any woman of color that wears weaves I automatically assume is not the most hygienic nor clean.
        I’ve dated VERY attractive BW who honestly stunk because of wearing the “hair-hat” for weeks or months.
        I’ve always wondered how in the fuck can someone cannot wash their hair for weeks at a time and not
        smell that rotting molds and bacteria in their head.

        BW make the argument that other races of women wear wigs, weaves, and hair pieces. That is true. But women of other races have the common sense NOT to wear the hair everyday UNWASHED!!! That is just unhygienic and plain out gross.

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    • There is absolutely nothing I mean zero desirable about black man. Unprotective. Unloyal. Fat broke jokes. Jailbird. Abandoned by their father. Abandoned their own children. Yeah you guys are such prizes ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha Ha ha ha

      Most of the homeless people are black males what does that say to you idiots?

      How many of you pay a mortgage?

      How many of you pay property taxes.

      How many of you even have a bank account how many of you even moved out of your moms?

      again your wake up call is coming to the era of Trump will bring down really, on the head of the thick nappy skulls of you ignoramuses.

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  4. Lol you have to do an article about that belligerent black woman who was literally dragged off the plane. Hilarious!!!!

    Thus is what happens when you’re dealing with a group of people so belligerent that want to force you to like, accept, and deal with them.

    This is where we are in America because of liberalism. We’re trying to force too much stuff. We’re trying to force people who I like trannies, we’re trying to force them to like gays, we’re trying to force them to like black folks, etc., etc., and people, white america especially, is getting tired of it.

    When you have to force people to like you, it shows how unlikeablr you are.

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  5. These women are disgusting. I’m usually pretty live and let live, but at this point, you’d have to be an outright idiot to date from a group of women who fight more often and more violently than their men. Also, notice the simp saying “world star!”. These dudes are camwhores just like the women who raise them.

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  7. Swirling is what a toilet does. All this race-mixing garbage will be the death of us. Black men and women should not mix with cave beasts. They are genetic recessive albino mutants. We has a whole need to work out our own damn problems. All the black female swirlers will eventually see the error of their ways. The white man is NOT their friend. Black self-hatred is a mental disease. Christelyn Karazin is a very deranged woman. She has lost her damn mind! She is no one to follow or listen to in my opinion.

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    • Kushite Prince,

      You have to remember that unlike black women most black men would have actually preferred to deal with black females, however owing to the black woman’s deep hatred towards us coupled with the fact that she is working hand in glove with the state to keep black society broken and on its face, black men don’t really have any other choices but to explore the alternatives.

      This modern day black woman is deliberately pushing black men into the hands of white women aswell as other non black females. I’m sure you’ve come across my three part blog series What Black Women Really Think Of Black Men aswell as How Black Women Worship and Interact With Whitey Their God. The writing is on the wall, black women as a group do not like black men at all. Even the various black women that comment on your blog would switch on you in a second the minute you commence to tell black women to clean up their act.

      Check out my post Black Women Still Hate Black Men – More Evidence Laid Out, this black woman that you are fighting for supports interracial dating many times more than she does dating and marrying black men. This is why I wrote the post about most pro black men being single. The facts are in, black women aren’t checking for black men, as a collective they hate us and noting this hatred black men have begun to make alternative plans in order to secure their own futures and continue their lineage/family trees.

      You cannot expect black men to navel gaze and continuing dreaming that one day they will run into that “good sister”, we see how this dream is panning out for those blacks who are still holding out, things are not going too well at all, in fact I would go one step further and say that things have been a complete disaster for them.

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      • I honestly applaud you for being that rational and logical. At this, it’s literally child abuse having children with these women, and any man who still thinks they’re queens is an idiot to me. It’s not just a difference of opinion. It’s literally like seeing firsthand the effects of radiation on a child, and then you still send your kid to play around in freaking Chernobyl!

        Wake up!! We’re in this mess mostly because of them, as well as the fact that we ourselves keep choosing them. Stop telling me how great these queens are, the facts speak completely differently!!!

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    • Ryan,

      Clutch magazine online is a classic feminist site. Anyhow, lets just put that deadbeat dad rumour that black women continue to circulate about black men knowing its a lie to rest:

      Click to access nhsr071.pdf

      You have to always remember that the overwhelming majority of black women are masters at lying and repeating disinformation that has already been deconstructed and rubbished, this is a standard part of the feminist protocol.

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    • Once you go black you’re a single mother everybody knows that all around the world you bums have left your bastards.

      Black man are laughingstocks everybody knows they abandon their children it’s a running joke behind your nappy headed backs.

      And general black man are for loser women low self-esteem women and non black prostitute who scam them for their money since you’re so egotistical.

      And my city I laugh when I go out either the black males are grinning to their white bros because of course you all need protection because you can’t protect yourself!

      or you are dating the most trashy women.

      Or you walk around with that attitude of entitlement as though someone wants a weak male who can’t even protect his own community.

      Big noses nappy hair unloyal those are traits no sane woman wants.

      I love where I live because there are very few black males You bums can’t afford my city but you do come to rob and break into houses that’s what black men are good for:petty crime petty criminals and narcissism that’s why so many of you are in jail

      Everybody knows black man as absentee fathers you idiots are insane the word is out the whole world knows and laugh behind your back.

      Black man are the least desired even Mexican immigrant get more respect as a man because they protect the community more.

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      • You will not get much of a response from us classy BM here. I will leave you this you Cuck…Every woman (esp. WW at 92%) have a desire for us BM and our superior DNA and superior intelligencia due to our larger brains. Now run along but before you bow down to your king (closest BM).

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    • Ryan. White women DO NOT wear hair weave in considerable numbers. Black women, however, are attempting to confuse hair weave with hair extensions.

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  8. @morpheus72 I believe there are also studies showing that white chicks get more attention on black dating sites lol.

    I know that they’ve shown black chicks get almost no attention on mainstream dating sites.

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    • Who are the least respected man in America black sellouts like you. Even Mexican immigrant males get more respect than the average black male like you.

      It’s clear that you don’t get out much otherwise you seriously know what people think about black men in general violent anti-family aids carriers.

      Do you think the Trump family values will uplift black man you must be kidding white men don’t want their precious blood daughter imarrying an ignorant Negro like you with no self-worth and no sense of history.

      I came across this effeminate impotent website from a friend a white man who uses this as discussion point.

      Every major American city is infested with black loser bum males on street corners black man are the least employed man even Mexican immigrants work harder than black males.

      I’m so happy you narcissistic idiots will be getting your wake up call with Mr. Trump.

      With the rise of white supremacy and by the way they diss black man soundly for abandoning their sons and communities – you diluted fatherless Wolf will find out what you are really thought about. Obama and the Kardasians swelled your thick nappy heads.

      Black man are the least powerful man in America and the least desired.

      Man of all races talk about how black men have trashed their community and don’t raise their sons clearly you are not around those upstanding man you’re only surrounded by fatherless bums.

      And it’s a lie black man are the best lovers that’s the biggest Smith going on the planet a dildo does better that a black man.

      What can a pizza do that a black male can’t?

      Feed a family of four!

      I stay ignoring you bums I stay turning my head from you I don’t want you to look at me I don’t want you to talk to me you’re not getting my phone number and you’re not coming into my home.

      Yes thank you Mr. Trump you giving these idiots a reality check don’t nobody want you but loser women.

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  9. Now you white niggas know that no white whore emasculaitng gold digging bbc worshipping proud arrogant modern white women (cave man) wants you these days its time to move on and wipe your race out. You are a decreasing breed because of this be happy that the few of us bw want to swirl with you and still call you their masta


    • LOL. I DON’T want a black male hell no. They stay chasing me cause I have money and own property broke bum bucks are a laughingstock around the holidays begging and trying to get free drinks, loser scrubs. Nothing worse than a begging black male. No father to lead him. I welcome Prez Trump! Black males won’t be coddled anymore. They will have to clean up their communities and raise their kids instead of depending on the gov’t to do so.

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  10. These guys are lying. Come out to my city. Nobody I mean nobody wants a black man unless he’s making more than $100,000 a year otherwise you broke jokes are trolling everybody and being nuisances.

    White man continue to be the most desired man black man continue to be the least desired man especially with Trump thank you Mr. Trump for highlighting the failure of black males.

    While you mock mentally ill black women please understand most white people do not want a black male in their family unless he’s making money that they can keep for their grandchildren.

    Black man are the most unattractive males and the most violent they can’t keep their community together who standing on the corner of streets black men who is the most unemployed black man you coons are seriously mentally ill if you think you’re all that you need to wake up it’s 2017

    Who’s getting shot by the cops as target practice black males.

    Who abandoned his sons like bags of garbage black males!

    Who shamelessly sells out his race shucks and jives just to get head pats from the white man he really wants to have sex with? Black males.

    I have money and I own my own place I turn down you bum bucks every day all day.

    The only thing a black buck can do for me is tell me where the non black man are I would not date a black man if he was the last man on earth.

    Personally I don’t like Ck The so-called swirl queen but she’s got more balls than the rest of you anonymous cowards.

    And the fact is the majority of black males are undercover homosexual.

    Due to being introduced to sex early by predator jailbird bum ablack males who as an epidemic are raping young boys to turn out self haters like your idol Kanye West.

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    • You.W,

      Whenever you post the truth about black women the scum buckets are bound to come out of the woodwork and run their mouths having much to say, yet little to none of it making any sense. Let’s just deal with some of the foolishness you raised. Firstly, even if what you are saying is true about “your city”, exceptions to the rule do not buck the general trend. I have to laugh at black women, they always believe the exceptional cases they introduce into the equation somehow negates the general pattern.

      Black males are the second most desired men on the planet, this is despite the negative images that have been put out against us by you black witches in conjunction with the mainstream media arm of your white father. Black men are dating interracially at 4 times the rate of black women, apparently non black women haven’t received the memo that black men are the most unattractive and least desired men. See how you black heifers work, you believe your words can override the facts, no so woman, not so.

      What most white people will not accept is insignificant in the grand scheme of things because there are other women other than white women on this planet, haven’t you noticed? You black women have no confidence in yourselves, you are jealous of white women to the hilt, this is why you always use them as a comparator and a gold standard whenever you are scrutinised and held to account for your questionable behaviour. “White women do it too” is normally your retort.

      Black women have far surpassed black men in terms of violence, I have mountain loads of evidence on this site documenting the endless barbarism and bloodthirsty savagery that black women engage in on the daily, I have an entire chapter in my book Negro Wars that deal with black women and their tendency towards ultra violent behaviour. Unlike yourself I have done my research, black men who are raised away from scum bucket black women do just fine for themselves.

      The state has placed you black women in charge of the community to ensure that it remains broken, that’s what your government treats and benefits are for. Your job as per the instructions of the state is to ensure that the black community remains flat on its face, this is why you sabotage any efforts black men make to clean up black society and then at the same time turn around and claim that black men are not manly enough to “fix up their communities”. You black women are a bunch of vipers straight from the pit of hell and Satan is your father through and through.

      Like the typical feminist scum that you are, you black women love repeating lies that have already been deconstructed and rubbished, still trying to call black men deadbeat dads when black men are the most involved in the lives of their children:


      You can keep on stepping with that black men are deadbeat dads nonsense, the CDC has already debunked those lies. That’s all you black women have and you love to repeat lies just like your father the Devil.

      Head pats from white men??? Perhaps you black women need reminding of what you are doing to try and please your white daddy, 1000s of interracial novels on Amazon depicting yourselves as side pieces(whores) for white men, let us also not forget your deplorable actions on the Ghetto Gaggers website aswell as on Cumbang.com. Better still, here is an article I wrote recently exposing black women, their interaction and their worship of white men:


      This is the problem with most black women, they are grade A idiots, they are always quick to point to the sins of somebody else yet they without fail are guaranteed to forget their own. Openly dehumanising and degrading yourselves for your white king, disgusting and utterly repulsive. Here is yet another article exposing black women and their ultra love for white men:


      Black men simply aren’t checking for black women, despite black women having an advantage in this system over black men they still only have a median net worth of $5 vs the black man’s median net worth which is over $7000. Your place and and your money means nothing to us, you are still only worth $5 in the aggregate.

      How black women present themselves to the world is how they will be perceived and treated, since black women have decided to present themselves as whores, harlots and Jezebels, this is exactly how men view you, thus you are only seen as useful for the bedroom and nothing more. Unlike yourselves non black women in general present themselves to the world as wife material, hence why they have an easier job landing men.

      Christelyn Karazin is a decadent piece of trash just like your average black female, she has set up an entire platform to spit in the faces of black men. She will receive no praises from me whatsoever. I was waiting for the “most black men are undercover homosexuals” line, you black women are so predictable, you wallow in lies, your are so delusional to where you believe that if you repeat the same garbage, somehow it will come to pass, lol.

      You need to keep it stepping with that black men raping young boys nonsense because most abuse of black children is carried out by black women seeing as they are raising the majority of black children and have full access to them almost all of the time. Female abuse of children is 71% compared to that of males which is 29%. Do your research and come correct before coming here again, I dealt with black women and their chronic abuse of children in my book Negro Wars.

      You black women are simply not wanted, you are the least desired women on the planet(there are many studies that prove this) and you refuse to clean up your acts. Oh well, enjoy your life of relegation and solitary confinement. Perhaps you ought to head to your local pet store and pick ups some tabbies for company.

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      • Right across the street from me is a ‘tramp camp’ full of black males LOL. Yall are so low down you can’t even take care of your fellow homeless black male bums. Black males are violent, broke, broken and losers. Violent coons thinking basketball and rap makes you genius. I can also tell you are a down low dick sucker you don’t even have good things to say about WW, LOL. Outed yourself.

        You black males are simply not wanted UNLESS YOU HAVE MONEY. And you refuse to clean up your acts that’s why the police have to take out so many of you.

        Perhaps you ought to go back to jail and get some loving.
        LAUGHINGSTOCKS. LOL. Nobody wants a fat broke violent bum. 2nd most desired man? LOL

        white men
        Asian men
        Hispanic men
        Indian men
        black bums, broken, broke, absentee fathers, down low, jailbird MEN OF THE YEAR, LOL!!!!!!

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        You see how dumb and stupid these broads are, they refuse to look at the facts and stats, instead they continue to repeat lies and propaganda like the grade A feminists they are and hope that their words will somehow come to pass, what a joke.

        Asian men and black women are the least desired groups, I don’t know where this fool is going with this “black men are the least desired” nonsense. Obviously this is wishful thinking on her part.

        As I have stated before, all these black women know is death and destruction, abandonment is a fitting recompense for these black female buzzards.

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      • Those are nigga bitches!? I thought they were hick asses! They act just alike. Only thing BW are more masculine than WM. I couldn’t watch the last video bruh. I just ate dinner. The very idea of a BW twerking gives me the heebie jeebies.

        They cannot and will not accept the fact that BW are least desired and falling fast through the bottom of the cellar when it comes to dating preferences. Is it possible to attain a negative on the dating desirability totem pole?

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  11. You are SO weak. I just peeped your wack facebook page. Nobody wants a black male unless he’s making 6 figures, are you deaf dumb and blind?

    I notice you fail to highlight white men killing your violent, knucklehead butts, LOL no police on your page just mentally ill bw, LOL that shows right there you’re on the down low.

    WHITE MEN DON’T RESPECT MALES LIKE YOU get that through your nappy headed big nose skull NO RESPECT FROM WHITE MEN, PERIOD.

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  12. Look around American where black males live: SHIT HOLES. LOL.
    Some of you deserve what you get from cops.

    I’m OUT. Your page is wack you’re a loser and I’m sure you’re just a fat crispy fugly nappy headed bum.
    Good luck begging for donations to fund your self hate, NO WHITE MAN WILL EVER RESPECT YOU and that’s what you want. Toddles, bum buck!

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  13. @ Afrofuturism1 @Keith

    You’ll notice that these same black women who claim not to care about black men and who are constantly stating that we are rubbish always seem to find themselves on black men’s websites, Youtube channels and other pages attempting to bicker, argue and go back and forth with the same individuals they claim not to care for, lol.

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again, black women are on the ropes bleeding and there is nobody to throw in the towel for them, they are mightily upset that more black men are deciding to give them the boot and upping their standards realising that they do not have to tolerate the black woman’s bureaucratic garbage.

    Occasionally an influx of scum bucket, low grade black females is to be expected, I got an even bigger influx of black female scum when I first released my post on Christelyn Karazin and her crocodile tears rampage after she got told by a white man that he doesn’t swirl.

    I prefer here as opposed to Facebook because black women report and flag like crazy over there, this is why I strictly post on my site and only post the links to Facebook.

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    • She says where black makes live is trash. Hmm, who else is there with them, raising them?…..

      I’ll give Sotomayor credit, he’s right. These women come in 3D: disease, death, and destruction!

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Oh he’s dead on with that, black women are the ones raising these same black males they claim are trash. However they always seem to keep forgetting that part which is why I purposely go out of my way to remind them everytime they make that particular claim.

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      • You W. For the most part, you are confusing black men with black women. At least most black men are not walking around at 100 pounds overweight.

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  14. A 3D horror movie!

    I now honestly believe that all that crap, slavery, the whole 9, it all lead up to this. Staying with them and being obliterated in the annals of history, or deserting them to the fire, starting anew and finding success elsewhere. THIS is our crucible, thus is our twilight moment.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      This is why they hate my website, because I don’t give them any space for excuses plus I document their despicable behaviour and call it out for what it is. The evidence is already brimming over the pot, however I am going to continue documenting their stupidity, ignorance, nasty and evil behaviour.

      They wouldn’t mind so much if I simply posted up images and videos and took the middle road/on the fence type of attitude. However it’s my commentary that burns them, the fact that I refuse to give them a pass on their skullduggery, oh well, lol.

      The evidence is in bro, for a black man’s own safety, sanity, preservation and good health, he must walk away from black women immediately.

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      • Just saw some studies and videos about how testosterone filled, brutish, and masculine they are.

        Do we need more reasons to not deal with them? The rest of the world obviously sees them for what they are!

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Agreed, they are only fit for the bonfire at this point, black women must be abandoned, it’s a matter of survival. More black men need to recognise these beasts for who they truly are.

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      • @Everybody Want A Black Man The Lie, @You.W, @Tommy S,

        You dare send me this rubbish footage, what, did you miss the part where the woman assaulted him first? The typical woman’s attitude is to believe that she has an exemption from getting her backside beaten even when she lays hands upon another individual. She got what she deserved, she failed to keep her hands to herself, he dealt with her case with one blow and walked off, it wasn’t as if he pummelled her to the ground and continued breaking her down.

        She first pushed the guy in his chest, she then proceeded to slap him, what did you expect him to do? She got her clocked cleaned good, hopefully she has learned her lesson. The moral of the story, “keep your damn hands to yourself and you’ll be alright”. I don’t believe that she will be putting her hands on anybody else anytime soon. That is the only way to deal with violent women, they must be brought into line with physical aggression immediately.

        A lot of men make the mistake of attempting to diffuse a volatile situation and calm a violent female via non physically aggressive means, that is not the way to deal with them. You actually attempted to present this as if the guy had attacked her for no reason, keep it moving you dishonest, disingenuous delinquent. Yet another L straight to your chest, haven’t you had enough yet?

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      None of you are married to a white women at this blog and we know why, short tempers, broke.

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  15. lol just noticed the last video. Ok, yeah, it wasn’t bad, but it also just goes to show how nasty these women are.

    They are not even sex symbols, just sex objects. No one looks to them for relationships, just cheap sex. That just be a sad existence to have as a woman, but it’s one they bring on themselves and their sisterhood.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Yeah, I just added that one in yesterday in order to give a broader perspective, fighting and showing themselves to be Jezebels and harlots. This modern day black woman is a failure hands down.

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    • Witch, and who raises black men to be violent? There are not only far more videos online of black women being violent compared to the men, but far more videos of black women beating white Women, as well as mixed/light skinned women, and scratching “that pretty face” and pulling out “that pretty hair”. I hope you ghetto sorceresses mess with the wrong one and the white man finally retaliates. Better yet, let some shot gun toting white southern women make an example out of you and go Annie Oakley in you.

      I’m not a violent person, but trust me, if you put a hand on MY white girl/best friend, your entire family would suddenly become a rumor. You are violent and despicable, disgusting excuses for women. Least dated, least married, least wanted. But your breaking all the records when it comes to stds and illegitimacy. You go, black queens!!!

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    • According to the Rutgers University, 92% of WW desire or have dated BM in the USA. Soooo your scummy propaganda is no more than isolated cases pulled out of your nasty buttocks for shock value. Just think, your Amy might have Jamaal balls deep in that vulva right now. Or at least she is thinking of him when your albino shrimp sized wee wee is in her.

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  16. @ryan I’ve literally seen videos where mold and residue form in the weave and it has to be shaved or sheared out.

    Also, Sotomayor is on the money with how he breaks this down: white/non-black women don’t wear weaves, they wear extensions or bump its. Even when they wear wigs, the hair resembles their natural hair, they don’t pay billions of dollars while living in squalor to look like another group of women.

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  17. It goes to show – every time these so-called queans take the time to comment on this blog, they receive another big “L”. If we didn’t matter to them, as they vehemently insist, then they would ignore this blog. Actions speak louder than words, and their actions speak LOUDLY.

    Queans – avoid at ALL costs!


    Liked by 3 people

    • Thebackhandofreality,

      They are ultra cheesed off that black men finally have a voice and they cannot do anything to squelch dissenting views ie the truth. Yep, they will come through here occasionally to vent their frustrations at the fact that black men are not checking for them anymore. Tough, they should’ve changed their ways for the better a long time ago.

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  18. I can agree with u while many black girls can disagree with your point. I have unfortunately fallen to the “strong black woman” stigma. We may be considered the least attractive out of all the other races of people but having low self respect and esteem is the reason for the fall of black women. As a black lady, these behaviors disgust me and I hope that more black women would look into themselves like I did. Tommy Sotomayor was a great help.

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