Bureaucratic Black Women And Their Endless Red Tape

Please take a look at this bureaucratic tweet:


Feel free to wander over to this black woman’s twitter and peruse the endless rubbish that she posts, this is the problem with social media being placed into the hands of black women as a group, through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat etc, most black women now all of a sudden feel that they are great people of importance and that they are relevant to every person’s life, what a joke:


Most black women are bureaucrats and they almost always approach dating and relationships from a bureaucratic standpoint. What is a bureaucrat, a bureaucrat officially is an individual who works for government, however the bureaucrat seeks to give the government more power over the individual by introducing endless laws, rules and regulations that make the individual’s life more difficult and complicated, thus the individual has less power and control over his/her own day-to-day runnings.

I’m sure you are all familiar with the term red tape, red tape refers to excessive rules and regulations which are normally viewed as outdated and redundant and guess who is responsible for producing that red tape, that right, the bureaucrats. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let us now take a look at, examine and scrutinise the above tweet from this bureaucratic black female.

The tweet I believe is actually a message that she send to some unfortunate individual, no doubt a black male as black women typically do not enforce endless rules, regulations, terms and conditions upon non black men, only black men(good, upstanding black men) are expected to jump through 10,000 hoops in order to satisfy a black woman’s unrealistic expectations.

She talked about not mentioning sex, how when she is ready she will introduce the topic and how the more it is talked about by the other individual the less interested she is in it, utter rubbish. Do not believe these black women for a second when it comes down to sex, the reason why she appears to be relaxed concerning sex is because she is already getting dicked down by either “1 of the 4” or a separate individual who is not part of the interest group.

If you haven’t done so already, you need to read my post on how most black women are actually sexually depraved beasts. Black women as a group have much higher libidos than black men, this is why they are extremely promiscuous individuals.

Remember, Tyrone, Dey Dey, Dequan, Leroy and Delroy have unlimited and unrestricted access to the black woman above, at the click of their fingers she will open her legs to them without any qualms or hesitation. Don’t believe these black women when they attempt to give off the impression that they have standards when it comes down to black men across the board, they only apply their “standards” where good black men are involved.

She goes on to take about not forcing a connection and how if there is one then both parties will know about it. This is yet more rubbish as most black women are completely emotionless when involved in relationships, they typically don’t hug, kiss, cuddle, caress or show any affection to the man they are involved with. If a man attempts to kiss or cuddle her she will more likely push him away and ask him what he thinks he is doing.

Black couples will typically sit at opposite ends of the sofa either watching television or playing with their phones, the only conversations that will ever take place will be either gossip, something related to the television or an argument. Even sex is disconnected with black women, they typically are not emotionally involved in sexual intercourse either which is why they can hop from one penis to the next and not feel guilty.

Then she goes on to talk about her emotions, how they are always valid, how she controls them and how if you see them it is because she has reached a breaking point. There are very few black women who can control their emotions, the endless tweets this woman posts is a clear indication that she cannot keep her emotions in check.

Looking through more of her tweets I found this:


Ahhh, so now we know that we are dealing with a feminist, this makes perfect sense and I now understand why she is constantly posting up the conversations she is having with various men. Note the lack of decorum and how little she is concerned about her private matters remaining private, stay away from satellite women like this, they will broadcast everything.

“Let things be whatever they are going to be”, yes, no standards, no path, no order, no planning, this is your typical black female in 2016. Lastly she goes on to talk about how the man doesn’t have her, how he should fight for her and how he isn’t the only one seeking her attention as she has 3 other dudes on her case.

Fellas, don’t ever feel that you have to conform to the mindless clutter and vain expectations that most black women lay out, he has to be at least 6 feet tall, drive his own car, own his own home, not have any children, be earning at least 6 figures, he must be able to pay her bills, give her money to get her weave and nails done etc, this is some of the bureaucratic nonsense that black women expect black men to cater to and what this mentally unstable black women has posted above is no different.

Black men, stop chasing after black women, they are professional bureaucrats by nature and will make your life a living hell with the endless rules, regulations, terms, conditions, contracts and red tape they would continuously introduce into the relationship. To be honest this can also be applied to western women in general, this is one of the main reasons why many of them cannot find or keep men, bureaucracy and endless red tape.

Any woman who tells you that you must fight for or chase after her simply isn’t interested in you period, you shouldn’t have to chase or fight for any woman. The feelings should be mutual from the start, if she is having you put in all the work from the beginning then she is showing you that she will not be willing to put in any effort into the relationship down the line. Do not chase, abandon such women immediately.

I do not deal with bureaucrats, I hate them with a passion because I see the many tricks they use in order to remove power from the individual and place more power into the hands of the state. Black women are exactly the same way, they enter into relationships with black men seeking to diminish their power in order to increase their own as per the state instructions, don’t fall for this Kansas City shuffle black men, you deserve better and can do better for yourselves. Stop dealing with bureaucrats, lunatics and mad hatters. #SYSBM.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

13 thoughts on “Bureaucratic Black Women And Their Endless Red Tape

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  2. Exactly. Why do these women even bring up sex if it’s such a taboo?

    You mention the emotionless ness of these black relationships. Notice how there’s literally no love in them, including many of the marriages. Negroes do not know romance.

    In non black western women, they will either wisen up young and get married young, like several of the (white) women I went to high school with (and no, they weren’t shot gun weddings), or at least later in life, when they are unhappy because they tried to Chad a position that was meant for a man, they realize their mistake and adjust accordingly. This is why white women still have families, and why 53% didn’t vote for Hillary. They at least have an idea of how to treat a man. Most of the anti liberal, anti Muslim, pro Europe, pro white, arguably white supremacist groups now being born in Europe have several white women in them, and that’s the west!

    These women understand what family is, and when lus comes to shove will actually fight for it. They also have far more of their men who are willing to tell them what’s what, and refuse to put up with nonsense and fragile feminine feelings. That’s why the more liberal ones are so deathly offended of Donald Trump.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Black women are losing on all fronts, approaching relationships from a bureaucratic perspective while at the same time being emotionless when it comes to love and romance, that is a combination that is guaranteed to lead to failure. Black men only need to take a step back and watch as black women destroy themselves.

      Non black women are definitely the way forward, the evidence is too overwhelming to draw any other conclusion. You’re right, black women do not care about family, it is all about themselves and nobody else. They don’t know how to treat black men properly and with respect which is one of many reasons why more more black men are walking from black women in record numbers.

      The best non westernised black women at the moment in my opinion are in the east of Africa, Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea, west African women for the most part are a no no, Ghana still has some decent black women left but a man has to be careful, Nigeria is a complete write off, black women in the country have been completely westernised to the hilt.

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  3. Black women like this lack the ability to use basic logic. She completely contradicts herself when she says not to force a connection and to let things be whatever they’re going to be, but she also wants him to fight for her? How is fighting for her not forcing a connection? And what makes her worthy of fighting for when she’s got 3 other dicks on deck?

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    • Alia Moore,

      I haven’t been single in over 7 years, nice try though. It wouldn’t surprise me if you’re a single angry and bitter black harridan yourself.


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