Most Black Women Are Sexually Depraved Beasts

Please take a look at this Facebook post from this sexually crazed black female:

The Sexually Craved Mutant

Do you see how black women love to wallow in victimhood and sexual irresponsibility, this dumb slut actually believes that if a man cannot maintain an erection for more than 45 minutes, that this is a valid justification to cheat on him, really whore???? 45 minutes of continual sex, what creature on this planet can maintain a session of sexual intercourse for 45 minutes non stop? Do you see what feminism has done to black women, it has literally mutated them into sexual Frankensteins.

Your average sex session normally lasts anywhere from 5-6 minutes, this is the official average time therefore I understand that there are folks who slot in at either end. Each party will climax, rest and then start over again is so desired. For males the younger they are the more quickly they will be able to recover in order to initiate the next sex session. Women have it pretty easy during sex as it is the man who has to carry out most of the work. This is how things normally function.

The problem with most black women in 2016 is they no longer operate normally when it comes down to sex, because of feminism they now possess sexual libidos which are significantly higher than that of black men, this is the main reason why most black women cannot settle down with one man and the primary reason why you will find most of them constantly hopping from penis to penis even when the man they are dating/married to is treating them very well.

The fact of the matter is most black women today because of the feminist spirits that reside within them cannot be satisfied sexually, this is why they cheat, experiment with other black females, have sex with children and use vibrators and other foreign instruments in their quest to reach sexual satisfaction. As I have stated numerous times before aswell as in my book Negro Wars the mutant form of feminism that black women now practice has wired them backwards completely, they are no longer the same normal, functional, feminine individuals we once knew.

The Jezebel spirit is alive, well and flexing potently within the majority of modern-day black women, this is why they carry the highest rate of STDs amongst all groups of women bar none. Remember how I illustrated in one of my previous posts how black women love and embrace slut culture?

By the way, if any black woman expects a man to have mutant Frankenstein sex non stop for 45 minutes, it is normally because her vagina is already broken. Many black women in their spare time resort to using unusually large vibrators which not only bore out the vagina to a larger size but also desensitise the vaginal wall from the continual vibration and regular use, thus the vagina becomes accustomed to the vibrator but desensitised to a man’s penis. Sorry black woman, your defective vagina is not my problem nor my obligation to fix.

If you weren’t so busy masturbating with vibrators and other foreign objects in your quest to channel Jezebel then your vagina would be operating normally. Don’t even attempt to put your broken/out of service vagina on me, keep your 45 minute stipulations to yourself, I’m good, I’ll go elsewhere. Black men, do you see how most black women are constantly attempting to blame you in some way, shape or form for their sexual depravity and sexual hang ups? Sorry black woman, that mangled vagina of yours, YOU broke it, therefore it is YOUR problem to deal with.

This is yet another reason for black men to walk away from black women, as I have stated before most black women are defective beyond repair. Defective beyond repair means just that, they cannot be fixed. This is yet more rubbish that black women bring to the table and arrogantly and unjustifiably expect black men to organise and rectify, no sir, sorry, not me. Broken, defective black women must be left to stew and marinate in their own failures, they must never be assisted in anyway whatsoever.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

29 thoughts on “Most Black Women Are Sexually Depraved Beasts

    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      These black women abuse their privates to the point of dysfunction, then they expect black men to cater to dysfunctional vaginas by engaging in marathon type sex, lol. No thanks, not me, I’m good.

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  1. The man’s inability to maintain a 45 minute erection was a deflection and a vain attempt to justify her cheating ways . the modern low class no morals having woman will engage in a 4 minute quickie with a stranger just because she she can get away with it . the logical minded women I talk to say so that man is suppose to work 8+ hours and then come home and screw her for over 45 minutes . A man can save himself a lot of money & misery by just foregoing a relationship and visit prostitutes ..ijs

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  2. Black women complain about being sexualized by black men and the media, yet they display this type of ratchet thinking. So much for the black woman’s logic. I knew of some black women even in my college days who wouldn’t give a black man the time of day if he wasn’t packing at least 9 inches in his pants. Black women judge the value of a man by the size of his penis and his sex game, then wonder why they keep ending up pregnant with no father to help them take care of their bastard offspring.

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    • Most other groups let whores die alone. Sadly, we’ll pick them up in our 30s. We’ll be single because we were waiting for a “black queen”, which we never got because we were “lame”. Then we’ll play Captain Save a Ho in our 30s when she’s fat, and even half as fine as she was with her last dude, and got a bunch of dang kids.

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      • Sad but true. Too many black men are desperate and lonely ’cause we don’t realize all the options available to us. It’s a big world out there where black men are appreciated. More black men need to travel and experience women of other cultures.

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    • Yes!!!!! Christmas is coming, wenches! Your present? 50 licks with a hickory stick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Also, isn’t ironic that these women will call black men dogs? Apparently that’s what they want!

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      • Ghetto Gaggers is literally slavery porn, yet you see no national outrage. If black dudes were doing it to white women, half the white men would hang black men in retaliation while the other half would say that the traitors deserved it. Black men should say the latter.

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    • In the case of Ghetto Gaggers, perhaps a little anonymous sunlight tip to the mainstream media and feminist groups may be the best disinfectant. Sunlight in varying frequencies to force their hand. At least we will definitively know whether they come to the rescue of their “sisters” or show their true colors with their continued ignorance.

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      • Lol they have no loyalty to them, not that they deserve any.

        In fact, you rarely hear of feminists railing against blatant porn, but video games are criticized by them. Hmmm……

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  4. IT BEGINS HERE IN THE USA WHITE MEN SHOWING YOU SIMPS HOW THEY FEEL ABOUT YOU AND IN THE UK IT’S NO BETTER. Here is what TRUMP’S AMERICA thinks of you deluded bums, LOL WATCH AND SEE WHAT WHITE MEN THINK OF YOU. Diss/slander bw all you want white men are turning their backs on YOU, LOL!! Wm are telling their daughters NOT TO DATE YOU.
    In the UK your bastard sons are the THUGS in the UK they’re sick of you and your fatherless sons.


  5. Everyone knows if they have been raised around Black Women in metropolitian areas despite geographical location, they have a reputation of being fast. Fellacio in grade school. Gangbangs and trains in high school & college. Not to mention those one night-stands, dark escorting days, lingering ex-boyfriends & baby-fathers, and partner sharing/switching. Many have been (or open to) bi-sexual activity and have been back & forth between sexes.

    And the whoring doesn’t stop or slow down with kids or age. There are still many BW in the age demographic from 30-50 still on or Go to twitter ,instagram, or any of these social shit sites and you will witness these whores with children. Claiming to be “good mothers” and strong women. Same women are also on dating sites looking for a sucker-beta to play “Clean-Up Cuckold” and enable her idealogy and lifestyle.

    Black Men…NEVER listen to or argue with BW as they are trolls and have nothing to offer. Ignore them. Isolation and indifference works very well for those who have no real standing or power. They always talk about their shitty education. None of that matters on an individual basis when they are the biggest consumers with the highest debt & only worth 5 dollars. No Business, Entreprenuer, or Investment Acumen.

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  8. Black women young and old are all sexually deprived animals. Black female pedophilia is not discussed enough. Black women openly sexually abuse black children. Then they have the nerve to talk about white sexual proclivities. The black woman inherited the white man’s sexual deviency. They are both spiritual equals.

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