I Needs Me A Thug – We Told You So!

Take a look at this post:

Thuggish Type

For the longest while we black men have been highlighting the fact that black women deliberately choose to date and procreate with the lowest dregs of black male society and for the longest while black women have accused black men of hallucinating claiming that this was not the case. Well, look what we have here, here we have a black woman actually being honest about her addiction to thugs and the low life types.

Most black women are wired backwards, where the normal thing for a woman to do would be to aim for the cream of the crop males within any society, the modern-day black female instead chooses to do the complete opposite. She loves thugs, she enjoys the “excitement” they bring to the table, she relishes the fast life. However, this black woman above has not been the only one to confess her love for thugs and criminals, remember this knucklehead of a black woman:

Good black men and black women at this point are simply incompatible, decent black men who are still holding out in hopes that one day they will stumble upon their “queen” are simply wasting their own time, it is evident that you are not wanted, the writing is on the wall. If your name is not Leroy, Delroy, Jamal, Dequan, Dey Dey or Tyrone then as far as your average black woman is concerned you are not welcome to put in an application to be considered by her.

To be honest we already knew that black women prefer thugs over decent, intelligent, productive black men because black women directly emulate the men they are attracted to. Thugs gravitate towards designer clothing, black women do the same, thugs drape themselves out in gold chains, expensive watches, gold chaps, gold grills etc, black women do the same. Thugs typically cover their bodies with tattoos from head to toe, black women do the same.

Thugs typically speak as if they are fresh off the plantation, in addition to this they use some of the most vulgar language in order to get their point across, yet again black women do the same. Thugs are ready to throw down and fight at the drop of a hat, black women do the same and I would say at this stage are even worse when it comes down to violence and street brawling, are you seeing where this is going?

Non black women on the other hand as a general rule seek to emulate the best men within their societies. Black men needs to start respecting themselves and implementing higher standards, I will continue to tell you black men that you deserve better for yourselves and you are not obligated to tolerate the sub par standards that black women regularly bring to the table. Stop wasting your time with modern-day black women, at this point they are dead weight.

Facebook user Tony Logic created a meme that sums up black women perfectly:

What Black Women Are Attracted To

Be sure to pick up my book Negro Wars where I thoroughly deconstruct this modern-day black woman, her disjointed mindset aswell as her buffoonish antics.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

11 thoughts on “I Needs Me A Thug – We Told You So!

  1. She honestly said that crap on tv!!!

    Reminds me of two stories. One was I believe divorce court where the black man was a comedian I think, blind at that. Literally, the woman’s complaint was that he was too nice, said I love you too much (more than once a month), and did “stupid stuff” like cook her wholesome meals in the middle of the night when she complained of hunger.

    Another story was either Wife Swap or Trading Spouses, and at the end of the episode when the spouses discussed the ordeal, the white mother mentioned that a house should be filled with love for the child. The black woman scoffed and retorted back “Love?!!”. Keep in mind that said black woman was married to some wannabe rapper looking hood rat.

    You can not build with a woman who chooses wrenching it up over wifing it up.

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  2. This is why black American women lead the country in new HIV cases. They just can’t resist the thug who’s been in and out of prison (and another man’s asshole), so whatever diseases he’s got, she’ll get. And there will be 7-8 black women for every thug, so they get to spread diseases among them. No thanks. I’ll stay disease free and pursue only non-black women.

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  3. Make this freaking video go viral!!!

    Seriously, why do you think these women grow old as dirt, but with no freakin man?

    Most black family reunions are just a bunch of women, their kids, some scant old men and a few thugs. Most of the old men have given up the ghost, though I don’t blame them.

    As for the so called “old school” generation of “good” black women, I’ve thought and realized that none of the non-marriage cousins in my mother’s family have ever been married!!!! And this is in the South, the belt buckle of JEBUS!!!!

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