How Black Women Worship And Interact With Whitey Their God!

Continuing with the theme of black women, their worship of white men and how far black women are willing to go to please their white master:

Reverse Oreobow down to whites onlycaged-black-womandumb negro womani-love-white-boysI love white penisesim-our-niggerBlack WhoreMixed WomanBlack Slut In TrainingNegro Women For White Menyour-white-master-01-12-2016-17-40-35Your White Masteryour-white-master-01-12-2016-18-04-44your-white-master-01-12-2016-18-27-25

At this stage the black woman is a complete and utter disgrace, she is a mockery and a blemish upon the image of blackness and the black nation period. As I have stated many times before the majority of black women at this point are only fit for the fire, with deplorable behaviour such as this they are not even worthy to stand in the same vicinity as myself.

What I find extremely comical is the fact that black women are continually accusing black men of self-hatred and cooning while at the same time they are openly engaging in the most self hating, self loathing, dehumanising practices known to man. Black men, don’t ever allow any black women to accuse you of self-hatred ever again, if they do simply show them this post.

And to think that there are still huge numbers of black men chasing down black women like this as if they are of quality and value. Remember what I stated in my book Negro Wars, the modern-day black woman would much prefer to be the white man’s whore rather than be the black man’s wife. This post is just to give you an idea of how large portions of the relationships between white men and black women work.

Rest assured, if black women could bring back slavery tomorrow they would do it, they enjoy being under the heel of their white god and they wouldn’t have things any other way. I keep telling you black men, this black woman is not your friend at all. How much more evidence do you need before you’ll snap out of your stupor? Get it through your skull, black women love white supremacy, this is the reason why they are so willing to enforce it within black society.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

59 thoughts on “How Black Women Worship And Interact With Whitey Their God!

  1. The cage picture says it all and then some…..

    Black men, at this point, if you look at this and still breed with it, you have to be an EVIL individual your damn self. You’re literally procreating with poison itself and yet are shocked when your future children are toxic.

    Someone send me a camera! I may just use youtube’s Skype like feature. Someone needs to make a video of this and make it go viral. Heck, post this page on facebook and twitter every freakin day til New Years, I don’t care, do something.

    What more proof do you need?!!!

    Notice most if not all of these women are pretty ugly. THAT’s what these hoteps and pro-blacks are fighting for the dignity of. I just…..I…there’s a lot I could say that would be totally mean, totally accurate, and totally deserved. I….come on, y’all, stol having sex with them!!!!!

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  3. Wow, wasn’t expecting to see and read that, remember black man, the current system is soon to be destroyed, we will rise again, never forget the black woman’s behavior toward us!

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    • Where do you think we get the image of the mammy (which auto spelled as manly, lol)? A belligerent black woman who beat her black children and emasculated black men for the approval of white men. Sound familiar?

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      • I saw a video on how they made the black woman dominate over the black man , those old step-n-fetchit and fat mammy in the kitchen movies were popular as hell at one time . when someone wants to control you they choose the head of your home

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    • Hell no, it wasn’t always rape. There was a black female artist a few years back who painted a picture of a black woman slave teaching another slave how to suck the white master’s dick. The older woman was doing the suckin’ while the younger one watched. It was very degrading, but this artist believed it to be a true depiction of what happened during those times, and according to her, the sex was not always involuntary, which I wholeheartedly believe.

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    • I am convinced the black woman got us into slavery in the first place working with white men to capture us and thwarting any revolts.

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  4. @Frilla77, @Afrofuturism1, @Reggie James, @Knutz, @Blackragecoming

    That is pretty much the problem right there, most black men still believe that this modern-day black woman belongs to them, black women keep the deception going by talking smooth words into the ears of black men in public(though they show no love for black men through actions), yet behind closed doors they are taking part in this shameful dehumanising, self hating, white supremacist garbage.

    Most black men really have no idea how far gone this black woman is, they hope and pray that one day they will find their “queen”, however looking at these pictures we can clearly see who their queens really have love for. I told black men in Negro Wars that black women are masters of deception, most black men are not tuned in to the witchcraft, dark wisdom and trickery that black women commonly practice against them, this is why the overwhelming majority of black men continue to get caught out.

    These black women literally are monsters, why any black men would still want to interact with, date and procreate with such individuals at this point is beyond me. Always remember that this form of feminism that black women practice today is a mutant form far deeper and more sinister than the feminism that was given to them by white women. It’s a wrap fellas, save yourselves if you haven’t done so already. #SYSBM.

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  5. Why do you think no one wants to hear half breeds complain about oppression? Cuz they aren’t treated like other blacks!!!!

    Thus, make more half breeds, and don’t have children with the women who raise black people to create the societies that cause them to be feared and hated by the world at large.

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    • nailed it . that was Hillary Clinton’s subliminal message when she called the children of single black women super predators and decent black people knew exactly to who she was referring . Only years later simps made the statement into something racial . I’m black and I carry a weapon specifically for those bitch made niggas male and female

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  6. These black American women dreams of being with white men is next to none possible. The marriage rate between the two is at an all-time low over here. If somehow they find themselves in the arms of a so-called average white man, it will be in the manner when they were with their black male counterpart, bottom of the barrel, pro-bonos, not in the elite class of white males who are CEOs of financial institutions owners of big businesses, top attorneys of the country, etc… Being with the average black American woman as we see in everyday life (menaces to society) is very high risking move to the elite white men and a threat to his image and wealth.

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  7. One subject that no one really talks about is how black women whore themselves to white men in the corporate setting. Throughout my career, I’ve known of many black women who were moving up the ladder in management roles, all while fucking and sucking their white male bosses. Now, of course, white women were doing it too. But the difference is, those white women were ending up with husbands (some even stole other women’s husbands), but all the black women got were titles and suspicion as to how those titles were acquired.

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    • White chicks, even a lot of the feminist ones, understand what has to be done for a husband. Say what you want about feminism, but when white men crack the whip, there women straighten up. We could crack the whip, unsheath the sword and shoot the gun, and no change will come in our women. It’s part of why I honestly think mgtow is actually spineless. Most of them refuse to correct their women and be men, but instead run to prostitutes and such.

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    • A black woman in a hiring position will pass up on your black ass every time , it’s a documented fact . I’m reminded of their hatred for me every time I’m being served by a black female cashier , she will speak to everyone except me and find some shitty way to convey her contempt

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      • @knutz FACTS
        I didn’t get a job once when the manager (a big greasy mammy negress with a white husband) saw that I was a black male! LMAO
        I also have an older brother who lost a job because of a she-ape.
        This is why I am becoming self-employed. I can’t stand working around a bunch of beta cucks, feminist slobs and worst of all she-apes. The only people I enjoyed working with were intelligent SYSBM black men.

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  8. Ok, so just walking through Walmart, which is supposed to be the domain of weird looking and ugly people, I’ve noticed that the plain Jane average white chicks looked like super models compared to the equivalent average black chicks. Just blows my mind why anyone would choose them, but we all know that the only ones who do are the boys raised by them.

    Heck, I saw this woman at Books a Million, Pakistani or something I think, and she was gorgeous. You wouldn’t have thought so from how she acted, because spoke to some other woman about how she felt that she looked 100 pounds too heavy. I can not stress how beautiful this woman is, any man who makes he think she’s ugly is an idiot and the man who marries and has children with her will have some sore loins indeed lol. There’s just no comparison.

    Start dating Pakistani princesses and stop dating Harambe!!

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    • recently I was served by a young and quite beautiful Ethiopian woman , her femininity blew me away . she wasn’t flirting with my old ass she was just being friendly , the only time I see american black women act that friendly is when they interact with non black men . Observe them from a distance and see how drastic their attitude changes towards you . and the sad part is the non black man don’t give a fuck about a black bitch why would he when he has a non black woman at home that wears her own hair

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    • @afrofuturism
      East Indian women are indeed fine. Their men have the smallest dicks on the planet though so there are a lot of unsatisfied brown women.

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  11. If you all really are black or brown, then you’re complete fools. Ignorant, miseducated, and backwards. Grow up.


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  25. OMG 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    That back and forth was the funniest stuff I ever read! LMAO these black women have no shame, no honour, no dignity, nothing! They are quite literally useless breathers/eaters! I say to those white men, do exactly what you want with them. You are doing black men and the community as a whole a HUGE favour. No other female of any species of any living organism terrestrial or extra-terrestrial is this pathetic! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    #SYSBM for life!
    So happy I was never attracted to sheboons!

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  26. I wonder what the feminist have to say about this. The black feminist already know what the white male feminist, and WW feminist have to say they are aligned. I’m not going to hold my breath waiting on black feminist to create a hashtag movement against this lol.


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