Black Women Still Hate Black Men – Yet More Evidence Laid Out!

Take a look at this:

Black Women

I have been telling you black men for the longest while that black women as a collective do not like you at all, in fact they hold an incessant hatred towards you that runs as deep as the hatred racist white men have for black folks on the whole. The problem is the fact that there are still large groups of black men who are choosing to remain in denial concerning this fact.

This is exactly what I wrote about in Negro Wars, black women as a collective genuinely have no love for their black male counterparts, the problem is no other race of men will accept black women en mass like we will, so instead black women reluctantly reside with us and try their best to keep their deep resentment for black men on the hush.

You black men who are still asleep need to wake up and smell a large cup of industrial strength coffee, most of you have no idea of the great power and incredible potential you hold concerning dating and marriage, you continue to put your neck and your face on the line for this $5 black female only to have her continually spit in your face with acts such as the one above, when are you going to get it black men?

Unlike black men most black women date outside their race as an act of spite against black males, I’ve told you and you have seen for yourselves time and time again that black women worship white men as gods aswell as the ground that they walk on. You’ve seen the countless interracial novels on Amazon and other leading bookstores black women are churning out day by day confessing their love for white men.

You’ve been on Tumblr and seen the various race play sites where black women advertise themselves as willing sex slaves for white men, voluntarily degrade themselves and allow white men to call them nigger bitches, nigger wenches, wogs, coons and all sorts. How much more despicable and low-grade can you get than that?

I’ve shown you various videos on YouTube where black men make support videos for black women which receive little to no support from them, yet White and Asian men who make similar videos confessing how “they love chocolate girls” will be inundated with support from black women from all walks of life, from the hoodrat to the professional black female.

At this point black men who are still holding out for black women are simply injuring themselves. I will continue to illustrate the hatred black women have for black men, black men need to understand that they are not required to tolerate the rubbish that black women bring to the table, additionally black men can achieve much better for themselves not dealing with black women altogether. These black women are not our friends black men, wake up.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

15 thoughts on “Black Women Still Hate Black Men – Yet More Evidence Laid Out!

  1. It’s honestly sad that this is where we are as a community, but at the same time everytime I feel sorry about how I feel I see how black men are treated in particular young black boys and I realize that this isn’t going to stop. If anything it will only get worse.

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    • At this point, eff the community. It’s toxic anyway, so let it die. Just as forests sometimes need to burn for new life to be brought forth, a new and better community can only be born when this one dies.

      If it was just in the Old Testament, it’s just now, since you claim God doesn’t change. Let them price themselves (un)just like Sodom and Gomorrah and let nature remove this plague from our midst. You can’t put new wine into old skins, so don’t waste your time trying to save anyone. Most of the ones born their are already corrupted anyway, and the good ones will find their own escape. Until then, judge all as guilty in creating that corrupt environment and let them suffer from the consequences of their actions. I was told as a child that’s what happened to adults, but it doesn’t seem so anymore, especially not blacks….

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  2. Black women have been ride or die for black men forever. Black women haven’t received that devotion in return.

    Black women have tired of the hate from men who have the same features, skin color and hair, but degrade black women for their complexion and hair and praise anyone woman that isn’t black. It’s old. And the author wonders why there are more likes for interracial dating possibly from black women. The thought that black women have no options is false. The black women that are with black men want to be there.

    Most black women are upstanding, contributing citizens, yet are all judged like they have five out of wedlock kids and are loud and obnoxious by black men. It’s old. Black men forget a black woman loved and raised them, many times on her own because their black fathers didn’t value women, marriage and family.

    Watch how you treat people. Don’t be so quick to accuse black women before looking at what black men do to their own women.


    • Breeze,

      All lies, all lies, all lies, black women have never had the backs of black men, never. As soon as the white man came along and offered them feminism and fatherless home welfare policies they disappeared from beside black men in an instant. Black women originated all of the derogatory terms in reference to skin complexion and hair(black as hell, tar baby, soot, nappy head, picky head etc), all of these came from black women.

      At this point I wish more black women would date out, then at least black men would be able to catch a well deserved rest from all of the evil black women have inflicted upon us. The problem is more non black men are beginning to turn up their noses to black women as well, not really surprising though, they see how dishonourable and disloyal black women are to black men and they don’t want any part of it either.

      Most black women are crooks, criminals, thieves and murderers, the only difference is today they no longer see anything wrong with this type of behaviour. Black women label good evil and evil good. Most black mothers raise their children with absolutely no love whatsoever, this is why neighbourhoods filled with single black mothers are so violent.

      Black women don’t want marriage, they wish to remain unmarried, single mother feminists, in 2017 that is the philosophy that most black women subscribe to. I don’t need to look at black men because they are merely an end product, the creators of defective black men are who need to be examined at this point, black women.


      • Recently when black men were killed by police more black women than any other group protested.

        You’re making some things up. You need a history lesson. Speaking of criminals, watch 13th and you’ll see the real enemy of black men. It’s ridiculous to maintain a gender war.

        My grand parents were married, my parents are married, I’m married, all the black mothers I know were married before having children, what black people are you around? Maybe you need to surround yourself with different people.

        Black women can’t be blamed for problems in poor black communities. It takes two to create another human. However, poverty in any community breeds problems.

        Your views are misguided and hateful.


      • Breeze,

        We now know that black women use the deaths of black men simply to get themselves seen in public via protests, its not about protesting for black men at all, its only about bringing attention towards themselves. If black women were truly concerned about black men then they wouldn’t be raising young black boys to be irresponsible, violent criminals to begin with.

        Black women initiated this so called ‘gender war’ when they sided with white men aka the state through their acceptance of feminism and government welfare reform. The real enemy of the black man is the black woman as she has now taken over enforcing white supremacy on the front lines against her own people.

        To be honest there is no gender war, we simply have a case where black men are waking up because they have had enough of the black woman’s garbage, they are calling black women out and because black women don’t like being responsible and accountable, rather than repent they have decided to label being called out by black men as a “gender war” in order to play the victim(which is no longer working by the way).

        So what, married blacks in 2017 are in the minority, the majority of black households are headed by single mothers, the exceptions you gave do not change anything because they are exactly that, exceptions. They are not the general rule nor do they override the general rule either. You need to step into reality instead of thinking everything around you is cosy and orderly because you are.

        Black women as a collective can be blamed for the woes in black society because despite the fact that most of them live in poor communities, they still make the decision to bring forth children into such hostile and dangerous environments, thus the cycle of poverty continues. Deliberately opening their legs to irresponsible black men while at the same time shunning and rejecting decent, upstanding black men doesn’t help the situation either.


  3. You’re a bit of a nut. By your accounts black men have no say, no power, they are just victims. Life happens to them, they have no control if you’re shifting entire blame on black women. Last I checked women of any race want to be with strong men, not wimpy guys who can’t accept responsibility and blame others for their problems. With your thinking you’ll run into problems with any woman you’re with. So I hope you date men. I’m glad a black woman won’t be dealing with you.

    Since there is so many out of wedlock black children, why are black men not marrying women before they get them pregnant? Why get a woman pregnant if you have no intention of marrying her? Why don’t black men value fatherhood? If they don’t want to take care of kids, why not get a vascetomy? Why do black men leave their families? Why do black men sleep with women they don’t respect? You see how it can be turned around with black men being the source of the problems. Sounds just as ignorant as the stuff you write. The problems are poverty and by men, yes men (their sperm creates children, if there weren’t men there’d be not out of wedlock children) and women.


    • Breeze,

      In the case of how many black men have turned out defective as a result of being raised by dysfunctional single black mothers, yes, black men are the victims here. Black men today were most certainly victims to their reprobate mothers as children, its not exactly like they could walk out of the house with their belongings and rent an apartment as a 4,5,6,7,8,9 or 10 year old.

      Black men have no problems with responsibility when dealing with non black women, unlike being in a relationship with black women whoever is to blame must take the blame and typically does. However commonly in black on black relationships the blame for anything will consistently be placed upon the shoulders of black men, I haven’t heard a black woman take responsibility for any wrong doings in a very long time, if you have any examples to the contrary at hand I would love to hear them.

      Most black women are the problem, they embrace feminism which manifests into them behaving like men, this is one of the main reasons why black male/black female relationships typically don’t last. You cannot have two men in the relationship, however black women in their desire to remain relevant to their white father cannot accept this, they must rule over black men at all costs.

      I haven’t dealt with black women in over 10 years, it has been plain sailing every since and I have no intentions of returning. In relation to black men again I answered this in the previous comment, most black women are attracted to the scum and the dregs of black male society, those unproductive black men who are not interested in marrying and fatherhood.

      You ought to be asking black women why most of them entertain and deliberately open their legs to scum bucket black males instead of choosing upstanding, hard working black men of good character in the first place. The fact that the thugs, gangsters, criminals and the unproductive men of black society get the most women and are never short on vagina to dive into speaks volumes.

      If black women were truly concerned about marriage and having children within wedlock then they wouldn’t be opening their legs and procreating with bums, however as I stated before black women as a feminist collective want to be single mothers, they are not interested in marriage and building strong black communities, therefore it profits them to sleep with unproductive black men as these will allow them to fully embrace the edicts and the philosophies of single motherhood.

      Labelling me as a nut and ignorant changes nothing, the facts remain as facts regardless of how you feel about them.


  4. Alternative facts is what you mean. You still can’t blame black men. It’s weak to blame women. Black men impregnated women and left the 4,5 ,6, etc year old black boys without fathers. We can go in circles.

    Black men have the highest interracial divorce rate. Black men also leave their biracial children fatherless. Claiming things are rosy with nonblack women is laughable. Black women cite the reason you do for being with nonblack men. They are say black men pick rough black women and then complain about all black women when it was a poor choice of partner on the black mans part. This can go in circles.

    Stop blaming, worry about yourself. If you’re not with black women, then black women should no longer be part of your vocabulary. Move all the way on. Black women that feel like you do about black men have. It looks like you’re still hanging on to bitterness and anger. There are bigger fish for black Americans to fry.


    • Breeze,

      Logic, common sense and facts that you cannot seem to comprehend, if you come to a supermarket that is closed you cannot enter and must go elsewhere, the same goes for the legs of a black woman, she allows these bums entry, that is from where the process commences. Conception which is where you wish to conveniently start from is merely the by product of her decision to allow Ray Ray and Pookie entry.

      Lets just put the “black men are deadbeat dads” myth to rest right now shall we:

      Black men are the most involved with their children out of all races of men, that would included biracial children. I notice you black women love to quote that bogus article from Clutch magazine that came out in 2015 about black men having 92% of biracial children out of wedlock. Please note that out of wedlock does not equate to abandonment.

      I don’t deal with non black women because they are not the ones destroying black society, black women are the ones bringing destruction, mayhem and evil upon their own people. Black women produced the same defective beyond repair black men that they are now complaining about, they have nobody else to blame but themselves. Most black women today are garbage(90% being a conservative estimate), this is why I advise black men to seek love and companionship elsewhere in order to avoid the unnecessary drama and aggravation associated with black women.

      Why are you so concerned about what I am doing here? I am speaking to free thinking black men who wish to know what is going on with black women, I don’t reach out to black women because they have made it abundantly clear that they are not going to change(except for white men of course). Not everybody is at the position I am plus black men need to be warned about what black women are doing.

      You stated that you are married yet you here you are having so much time on your hands to go back and forth with a grown man online. Shouldn’t you be cooking, cleaning or performing some other wifely duties? Does you husband know that you are talking to other men online?

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  5. Fight your imaginary battle, tilting at windmills. You have as much sense as a house fly. Hatred is bad for your heart, literally.

    Life is good, I worked out, my little ones are fed, I’m off today and talking to a man? pfft.

    I’m signing off, ramble on of you must.


    • Breeze,

      You just don’t like that fact that I am forewarning black men, you would much prefer to see them get ridden over and shafted by the sisterhood. I will continue to enlighten black men about the perils of dealing and interacting with modern day black women.


  6. Your blog, and this post especially, has made me depressed. But, facts don’t care about my feelings. I can’t act like I haven’t see this vein of “truth” for as long as I can remember, but it’s just messed up to force myself to confront this very concentrated form.


    • C.Philmoore,

      Not many black men have the testicular fortitude to come here and deal with the evidence presented, most prefer to remain in denial and continue believing that black women are their best friends. This information is not easy to accept at first, however those that do decide to meet the challenge are much better off once they come out at the other side.

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