Dr Umar Johnson – Tell The Truth For Once In Your Life Bruh, Be Honest!

The prince of Pan Africanism puts his foot in the proverbial manure once again. Please check out this video below recently produced by Dr Umar Johnson on the subject of interracial dating and marriage:

Let’s deal with Umar Johnson’s main points as to why black men should not date and marry non black women, this won’t take long at all. Firstly, he stated that marriage is a financial institution and that if you marry a non black woman, upon your death your non black widow will not translate your money back into the black community.

This guy seems to have conveniently forgotten that black women do not funnel any money whatsoever into the black community. Black women have a greater spending power than black men and yet they are professionals at putting money into the coffers of other communities, here are some examples of what black women typically spend their money on:

Weave BundlesFalse Eye BrowsFalse NailsFalse Eye LashesGucci Bag

What does any of the above have to do with the black community eh Johnson? Stop lying bruh, black women as a collective are the most selfish individuals on the planet, especially when it boils down to finances. Black women care about themselves, they do not care about the black community nor black society as a whole, hence why both are rapidly sailing down the toilet.

Even with child support and other welfare benefits, black women will spend the cream of the money on themselves first whilst leaving the scraps and the remaining crumbs for their children. Yes, black women are gold diggers and leeches, your vain attempt to dismiss the obvious trying to salvage the non-existent reputation of your “queens” changes nothing.

If you wish to talk about financial betrayal and funding the enemy, you first ought to be talking to and dealing with your black witch, you know the same black woman who has been in bed with the state for the past 50 years.

For his second point Johnson talked about black men being with non black women psychologically damaging young black girls which is the biggest crock of nonsense I have heard in a long time. Children are supposed to get their confidence, self-esteem, reassurance, a stable and sound foundation etc from their parents, the child doesn’t give two monkeys about outsiders, the parents are the child’s focus.

When dealing with black females more often than not it is the black mothers who instil the insecurities, the self hate, the lack of confidence, the unstable temperament into young black girls, not the fact that a black men is walking down the street with a non black women, this is a ridiculous reach of epic proportions.

Then he talked about black men sleeping with the enemy’s daughters. What exactly is this modern-day black woman to us then? Committing on average 1800 abortions per day which as a result has caused the US black population to decrease from 13%-12.3%. Black women are committing open genocide/Eugenics upon their own people, yet according to Johnson we are still meant to view them as our friends? Is this supposed to be some kind of joke? Mind you this is just one of many examples clearly illustrating how black women are working against black men and black society on the daily.

For his third point Johnson talked about black men being involved in interracial relationships neutralising their participation in the Pan-African revolutionary struggle. No Johnson, your Pan-African movement isn’t moving simply because of the fact that they refuse to reprimand and put in place the individuals within your midst who are destroying, hindering and preventing the movement from going forward, black women.

Again, black women are the local enforcers of white supremacy within black society, this is evident and is not up for debate. The difference between non black women vs black women is at least non black women are not contractually obligated by the state to shaft black men over, nor do non black women hold a deep grudge/hatred towards black men like black women. Sorry, overall in the aggregate non black women are the much safer option for dating and marriage when compared with modern-day black women.

As per usual Johnson attempts to use the lame black woman tactic of shaming black men for their preferences in terms of the shade and particular look of black woman they go for, this Kansas City shuffle simply doesn’t work any longer, you cannot criticise a man for his personal preference in women. You’ll notice that this type of behaviour only takes place within black society and black women are the main instigators of such nonsense.

He further points to a wide variety of black women but then asks with such a variety why a black man would still choose a non black woman? The answer is obvious, a wide variety does not equate to good quality. The modern-day black woman’s value is currently in the toilet, good quality black women in 2016 are slim to none.

Johnson goes on to mention how the white woman when ready will switch on a black man when convenient and that her first devotion is to keeping the system of white supremacy afloat, however Johnson failed to mention the fact that black women are the primary individuals shafting black men and funneling them into the state’s judicial washing machine, not non black women.

In other words black men are to keep an eye out for outside enemies, yet the enemy within aka the black woman we are to allow her to shaft and ruin our lives just because we share the same skin colour. Do you see the madness on display here by Johnson? He dealt with a few other issues which I could easily deconstruct, however I simply wanted to deal with the main issues raised.

Again, as I stated in my previous post on Dr Umar Johnson, he is first going to have to lead be example. To my knowledge he currently has no black woman yet he continues to push the black love/black unity doctrine. The fact that bar the stripper Johnson has not established a stable relationship with a black woman in such a long time simply bolster what I have been stating on my blog time and time again, most black women in 2016 are defective beyond repair.

Of course Johnson will continue to deny this fact because a large base of his audience is black women. He talked about the hypocrisy in claiming to be Pan-African yet at the same time sleeping and having children with the enemy’s daughters, however Dr Umar Johnson has some blatant hypocrisy of his own that he needs to answer for.

Umar Johnson despite his ramblings is an evident feminist, he has no problems allowing the black woman to place her foot on his neck and he equally will not hold black women to account for the great volumes of death and destruction they have brought upon black society. Yet Pan Africanism is a culture that is rooted upon a patriarchal infrastructure and values of the same. Marcus Garvey was not a feminist, nor did he give black women a pass on their out-of-pocket behaviour.

Frederick Douglass wasn’t a feminist either, however somehow Johnson believes that he can merge the religion of Pan Africanism with feminism, thus providing black women with a smooth transition into a neo African movement without them having to repent and deal with their past transgressions. The biggest issue here is Johnson fails to call out black women for dating and marrying white men, neither does he address the black woman’s deep worship of the white man as a deity.

This is hypocrisy at its finest, so according to Johnson the stipulations for interracial dating and “betraying the race” only apply when black men are the ones dating out. This is one of many reasons why I cannot take Dr Umar Johnson seriously, where is the video of Johnson reprimanding black women for dating, marrying, having children with and worshipping “the enemy”, I’ll wait.

Johnson went as far as to participate in a single mother’s conference that was held earlier this year in May, don’t believe my words, here are the flyers for you all to see for yourselves:

Single Mother's ConferenceSingle Mother's Conference

Single motherhood within normal societies represents failure, therefore single mothers must be shunned and rejected. They should not be welcomed as an acceptable status/trend within black society, unfortunately fellows like Johnson feel very differently.

As I have stated before, Dr Umar Johnson is one in a long list of merchants who readily take advantage of the ignorant, the stupid and buffoonish nature of the modern-day black woman. Black women enjoy being fleeced, pimped and merchandised as long as you make them feel good and you don’t hold them to account for their transgressions.

Black men, date who you want to date, if Umar Johnson wishes to sit there and pretend that there aren’t serious problems with black women then more fool him. You’ll notice that those like him who religiously lick the boots of black females tend to remain single. I”ll just leave than one right there. Be sure to pick up my book Negro Wars where unlike Dr Umar Johnson I am not afraid to give the modern-day black woman a thorough examination and roasting whenever necessary.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continue

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

17 thoughts on “Dr Umar Johnson – Tell The Truth For Once In Your Life Bruh, Be Honest!

  1. I can feel the grip that people like him have fading over the black community. Black men are waking up, our community at large is in squalor changes need to be made and these men are not offering us any answers to escape this vicious cycle.

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    • Reggie James,

      The overwhelming majority of these pro blacks need black folks to remain in victim mode, this is how they make their money. This is one of the main reasons why folks like Johnson fail time and time again to bring real, viable solutions to the table.

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      • Umar SIMPson resembles a circus clown in a three-piece suit. Not to be taken seriously by any black man worth his salt.

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    • Notice he keeps using something called “race” and “color” which is made up from a elitist “super white” European during colonialism. So basically he, Umar (and pro-blacks/pan-Afro/Kemet), is the white man. Last thing is UMAR LAY OFF the pork chops, soda and ham and cheese dude got fluffy and fatter.

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  2. Also listening more to the video I’m just getting pissed off at the blatant disrespect to White, Asian and Latina women. Some of whom have been in enormous hours into helping out the black community. It’s ignorant of history and of culture.

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    • Reggie James,

      Exactly, black women don’t help their own communities, outsiders are responsible for more getting done within black society than black women themselves, smh.

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      • That’s because with the current black community they are on top of the pyramid. And not even the educated, successful black women all black women are put above basically all black men. Why would they want that changed?

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      • Look up the name Izola Curry and it will give you an idea of how much the queans support the now extinct black community even back in the day.


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  3. One must understand that this man’s core task is to stop Black men dating out, the Pan-Afrikan doctrine is merely the presentable wrapper for public consumption. Once you understand that, his dog-whistle demagoguery is easy to sidestep.
    Thankfully BM/WW critical mass has already been achieved, his occasional appearances is testament to that. It’s too late to stuff the genie in the bottle, now. The BM/WW express is now a big aircraft carrier.

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  5. BLACK WOMEN ARE NOT GOLD DIGGERS! If they were, they would date/marry/procreate with productive Black Men instead of miscreants, thugs, hoodlums, and other incorrigible non productive Black Men!


      • Simps are easy to control. There’s a reason the call a dude’s…….dude a “head”. You emasculate a man, he’s literally like a brainless zombie cuckold that will follow a woman’s command. And just like a zombie controlled by a voodoo priestess, these men will hunt and try to destroy the “brains” of other men as opposed to stopping the one controlling him.

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  6. Man that’s all black women want is to control you when they make stupid and irrational decisions and their husband or boyfriend question them on it what’s the first thing they do is get combative and argue. Why not listen to what your husband or boyfriend has to say work together no not black women if it does not benefit them they do not want to hear it. Like Verbs said they are beyond repair put them in the scrap yard.

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  7. While I really don’t disagree with most of the things he says related to the Black community, I can’t stand how this fool be simpin’ for Black women and always getting on Black men for interracial dating. ‘Black men need to commit to Black women’ …lol, why? Over 70% are single mothers (with over 40% of Black single mom households living in poverty). Over 80% are overweight or obese *cough* excuse me…thick. Many lack femininity. Many young Black women reject young Black men for bullshit reasons (lack of swag, too short, too nerdy, etc). Many have a ‘strong and independent’ attitude. Finding a feminine, in shape Black woman with no kids…is like looking for a fresh banana in a field of rotten bananas. What is there for a young, successful Black man to gain from only dating Black women…besides a struggle to keep his sanity? Until Umar starts getting on Black women for their lifestyles that leads to their downfall, Black men shouldn’t take any dating advice from this simp.

    Liked by 2 people

    • GW31979,

      Agreed, he’s going to have to lead by example and marry one of these Rottweilers he keeps trying to get other black men to hook up with. Constantly going in on black men dating interracially but he never reps black women for doing the same thing, smh.

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