What Black Women Really Think Of Black Men-Part 3

Enter Miss Sheniq Watson, she is one of the main black men hating culprits in a Facebook Group called Relationship 2.0 The Immortal Edition, she is constantly posting disparaging remarks against black men while at the same time claiming that the particular group concerned is a troll group, therefore as far as she is concerned her words/actions shouldn’t be taken seriously. However, this woman doesn’t seem to understand that it has already been clearly established that black women despise black men, her vile comments and the comments of her bitter sisterhood of disgruntled cohorts simply serve as spill over evidence already coming from the pots filled with proof.

In response to Watson being exposed in Part 1 she had this to say:


Of course Watson and her cohort Cloe Davis would love for these types of discussions to be kept within the gates of Facebook, that way they would always retain the right to go running to their Facebook father and play the victim everytime they ran across a post they didn’t like or didn’t agree with. In 2016 this is the black woman’s primary tactic, she is an ultra liberal who seeks to silence black men through heavy censorship and bullying and as a result black men have been forced to adapt to such a hostile, feminist environment.

Relationship 2.0 is full of degenerate Negro females and simpleton black men who pander for them, I found this out the hard way when I first joined the group at the beginning of the year. I rarely enter the group thesedays unless somebody tags me in a post. Anyway, we continue with part 3:


Definition of pegging according to urban dictionary:


Do you see how the hyper sexual mind of the modern-day black female is constantly in the gutter? We continue:


As I have stated numerous times before aswell as in my book Negro Wars, your average black woman in 2016 is a filthy, lazy, decadent slob who walks around with a self entitlement complex looking for free handouts and an easy ride through life. The black women who are quick to call black men “broke ass niggas” are the very same ones who conveniently forget the fact that they only have a median net worth of $5 when compared to the median net worth of black men which is well over $7000 the last time I checked. $7000 is pretty impressive when you take into consideration the many handicaps and obstacles that have been deliberately put in place against us as black males in a white feminist society. On the flip side just look at the smooth paths black women have been given by the state.

This modern-day black woman’s value has sunk into the negative, at this stage she is not even worth a bar of soap. Black men, you can do much better for yourselves rather than believing that you are obligated to tolerate daily insults, berating, humiliation, abuse, emasculation etc. These black witches have shown their true colours, they don’t want this type of wider public exposure because then more black men will be able to see that the so-called “friendship” they claim to have with us is nothing but an illusion of smoke and mirrors. #SYSBM.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

26 thoughts on “What Black Women Really Think Of Black Men-Part 3

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  2. These women make me sick!!!!!

    Any woman who thinks her friend should be treated like she is by her man is an idiot. They’ll play those games, but they won’t call it polygamy and at least make a house/family out of it. Sickening.

    Also, that “Swirling. Jealous?” Picture is one for the haunted houses. Who on God’s green earth would be jealous of that?!!!! Didn’t they shoot that dude during the summer for dragging that kid in the gorilla pen?!!!

    At the end of the day, we have a disgusting group of women. Now, killing just at random is amoral, but there is a just way to kill them off. Let them die alone!!!! Stop having sex with them and letting them worm their way back into the gene pool. Let them die alone and childless, and choose women of other groups. I’m sorry, but at this point, it’s a matter of survival. Rather we want to admit it or not, blacks are generally the losers of the universe. Well, what group of women have we had for as long as we were losers? And hasn’t that same group constantly betrayed us at every chance possible? Let their genes be terminated, and whenever violent simps do turn their anger towards them, feel no remorse and send no flowers.


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    • Afrofuturism1,

      It’s an open and shut case, a slam dunk, this modern day black woman is nothing but trash. It’s not as if I am talking for the sake of talking, I’m bringing hard evidence to the table each and every time. Black women at this stage are lower than the gutter, most of them are destined for hellfire, let their carcasses be food for the ravens, hawks and land beasts.

      Trick Daddy was right, these black women are useless, they believe that they vaginas are gold and thus will be sufficient to hold together a relationship. There is nothing of quality modern day black women bring to the table, black men need to walk away from black women now.

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      • As I said, it’s a matter of survival. I truly believe that the world at large is beginning to get sick of black people, and much of this stems from the women and the children they raise alone.

        If you believe blacks, namely the men, are being hunted, notice a few things. The boys being shot are almost always the products of single parent households, and for the most part, dark skinned and undeniably black.

        If we’re so hellbent on living with and near white people, who we also claim are killing our sons, then it is literally child abuse to create more of the “model” of black that seems to be the only object of their violence.

        Notice all the (mostly real life) and fictional stories such as Freedom Writers, Dangerous Minds, and especially the Blind Side, where non black, specifically white women swoop in any save black children, namely black boys. Then, compare that to the women you grew up with.

        You can not build with an individual who is literally insalubrious to your existence!!

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    • Afro, the problems are real, but you sound too much like the kkk for my tastes.

      Pray tell, what’s the difference between where you stand and the kkk? If black men ever get fed up and come together, people like your brethren (kkk) and any negress who even looks like they might’ve supported that side of the fence will be in grave danger.

      If you’re indeed a black man (and I doubt it) you need to come to your senses and curb your bullshit. Whatever women you get with, you might have a black son. Will he be the “loser of the universe”?

      Losers of the universe react to their problems (and their opportunities) with stupidity. How are you reacting to the problem of black female culture in the shadow of white paternalism? I hope you can do better than talking stupid shit like “blacks are the losers of the universe” and “it has something to do with IQ” (from your other posts), etc.

      …And to you other black dudes, I’m surprised you haven’t called this stupid motherfucker out. What the fuck is up with that? Something’s wrong with this picture.

      There is indeed a towering, tremendous problem in what black female culture has become. But this motherfucker wants your sons to be subjugated simply for being born black. Where are you guys?

      Verbs? Is this kind of shit what you’re all about?

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      • Are you retarded? Yeah I write that all black men suck and should be re enslaved. Oh….wait, I didn’t!

        You black witches and simps will try to destroy any unity amongst good black men and make them fight like the thugs you’re used to.

        My solution to the black Woman problem? Simple: stop even dealing with them, let alone forming relationships and procreating with them. Let everyone else know as to why they should do the same. Rinse, leather, repeat, and a good number will probably die alone, much like they are now, but without the opportunity to pass on their disgusting witch breed genes.

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      • Pacific-Specific,

        So we are now part of the KKK because we wish to separate ourselves from the dregs and the scum of black society? You beginning to sound like Dr Umar Johnson when he scolded a young guy on the radio for managing to get himself, his wife and his family out of the hood after being shot. This retarded notion that the non association and non support of the scum and the dregs within black communities is equivalent to affiliations with the KKK has me scratching my head profusely, who raised you?

        What is even more disappointing but not surprising is your failure to deal with the actual evidence above, instead you choose to focus upon trivial fluff and nonsense that you deem in your own mind to be of importance. Afrofuturism1 is not the problem, black women, their dysfunctional mentalities and their corrupt influence over black society, this is what folks ought to be focusing on. I don’t hide my hand, my position is clear, I don’t like scum bucket black folks whether they be male or female.

        In light of how far down into the gutter black women as a collective have fallen I advocate for black men to seek love and companionship elsewhere. Stop attempting to paint me in a light that clearly is not apparent, deal with the issues at hand. Afrofuturism1 is not wrong when is states that black men IN GENERAL are on a severe losing streak, we have been placed in this position by black women which is all the more reason why thinking black men must walk away from them. Stick to the points, side shuffling and attempting to transferring the conversation to something irrelevant won’t work here.


      • Afrofuturism talks stupid shit about “black women’s genes” and “IQ”.

        I’ll ask once again: how is that different from the stupid shit the KKK talks?

        I agree that what black female culture has become is a huge problem for the black ethnicity. …But it is not that black women are born inferior, with inferior genes and inferior “IQ”. That’s the shit the white supremacists talk. That’s also the shit Afro is parroting, and that’s why he’s suspect.

        It is not about genes, it’s about psychology, spirit, culture, history and to a certain extent diet. If you could fix these things in black women, they would be about as half-decent as any other kind of woman. Fixing those things in a population as egotistical as black women, while having very little authority among black women, is a very tall order, but those are the roots of the problem. My point is, they haven’t always been as fucked up as they are now.

        …And if you’re so inclined to say that black women are born genetically inferior, who’s to say that the “losing streak” of the “losers of the universe” (black men) isn’t because they’re simply born genetically inferior? You?? Black women are genetically inferior, but the “losers of the universe” aren’t, just because you say so?

        By suggesting that black women are just born bad, you give validity (in the idiot mind) to the idea that BLACK PEOPLE (including black men) are just born bad.

        How can you say that’s not counterproductive and self-defeating?

        Yes, you are angry, and you have reason to be angry, in my opinion. But how you respond to adversity and how you channel your passion counts. Otherwise your enemies can use your anger against you — enemies such as black women’s puppet-masters: people like the KKK and Hollywood. People like that are CERTAINLY using black women’s insecurities, egotism and anger against black men. Why let them use you too?

        Now, calm down and try to address the points I made, instead of slinging insults and casting aspersions that have nothing to do with what I’m saying. With your superior genes and high “IQ”, do you think you can handle that?

        By the way, I’m not a black woman. I’m a black man who sees the problem, and even agrees on your solution (dating out) to certain extent. But I also see that dating out is a trap. For every one black man who finds a nonblack woman to be a partner in life, there will be HUNDREDS who make the wrong choice (like Sotomayer with the Russian girl) and end up with another failure, maybe a broken family with children, etc. There will also be HUNDREDS who simply are unmarketable among nonblack women because black men (and black women) are TABOO in so many cultures. So simply finding greener pastures is NOT the best solution.

        Ultimately the solution will involve teaching young black men how to deal with black women in the shadow of white paternalism, instead of living with their heads in the sand. Stuff like:

        – Being firm, but fair,
        – Stop thinking with your little head and making kids like it’s nothing.
        – NEVER reward bad behavior;
        – Always favor the chick with HEALTHY DIETS AND HABITS and NATURAL, MINIMALLY ALTERED appearance. ARTIFICIALLY STRAIGHTENED HAIR is a SIGN. Women who heavily pursue a “nonblack” appearance should be shunned. That includes the biggest stupidity of all: hair straightening.
        – Avoid women with kids;
        – Work on YOURSELF, while not paying much regard to women’s tastes, opinions, etc.;
        – Make sure that any MALE who “cockblocks” you financially, career-wise etc., pays a price. Any other words, you’ll have to take on the anti-black-male racists among other males as creatively and VICIOUSLY as you can, because money is power and your women (nonblack or otherwise) are WATCHING.
        – SHUNNING THE WOMEN WHO WORSHIP VANITY, such as those covered in tattoos, and on an on.

        That’s for starters.

        Simply bashing black women as “devils” and “inferior is not a solution, and sounds just like the emotional stupid shit that black women are inclined to engage in.


  3. These women are so delusional. Nobody wants black women. Just look at the numbers. Only 4% of married black women married white men in 2014. They love being the white man’s whore, but most of them will never be his wife. And it’s funny to see them fawning over Cole Beasley. His girlfriend is barely black. She looks damn-near white. I don’t need any more convincing. Black American women are the worst. Black men all over the world must shun them and leave them to their own destruction.

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  4. Their echo chambers are filled with delusional ideas. As you stated Verbs, $5 of net worth and you are talking crappola about us BM w/ over $7000 net worth. What kind of Bizzaro world do these maniacs live? You once told me it’s relatively the same in the UK. No wonder the US and UK empires are in decline.

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    • It’s pretty much the same wherever they are. Just look at the state of black countries as a whole, look at the women the men usually align themselves with, and look at how much better they do if they can get women from other groups.


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  5. Oh damn I was laughing so hard . only black women claim to be getting so much dick but yet spend more time on social media than any other group and steady contradicting themselves . what sane person spends time talking to and talking about people they claim to hate ?

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    • Knutz,

      I agree 100%, that is a very good question. You already know that black women believe that they have the right to be walking contradictions. Their number is up and they know it, black men are walking away from them in droves, the small numbers of non black men who wouldn’t normally have a problem dating and marrying black women are now starting to skip over them for women of other races. Black women are really up the creek without a paddle.

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  6. Gentlemen. Look in your wallet. If you have $10.00 United States dollars, or the equal amount in another currency, do not associate with the majority of black women.

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