What Black Women Really Think Of Black Men-Part 2

It seems that my part 1 on this topic has caused quite a stir, even prompting one of the guilty culprits to tag me into her Facebook rant against me, please see for yourselves:


Of course I never responded to her comment because I learned long ago never to engage dysfunctional and degenerate black women in conversation, simply for the fact that you end up frustrating yourself attempting to reason with such blockheads. Her comment actually solidifies my point, black women as a collective do not like black men at all.

Note the typical black woman/feminist techniques at play here, insulting, humiliation, denigration, referring to historical down-points of our past, she even went as far as to label black men as “diseased sewer rats”. Remember what I stated before, how black women don’t like attention that exposes and condemns their reprobate behaviour.

Hopey Davison was lashed with the rod of correction, she got put on front street and she didn’t like it. My job is not to converse with mentally disjointed black females, my job is to expose black women for the dysfunctional, degenerate, disingenuous buzzards that they are and to show black men that the so-called comradeship black women claim to have with them is nothing but a joke.

We continue with part 2:


Remember what I stated in my book Negro Wars about black women despising black men warning other brethren due to the fact that their job of preying on them is made that much more difficult? Black women want easy victims that they can pick off at will, with black men such as myself standing in the gap and warning other brothers about the perils of this black witch, at least black men now have a chance to avoid being snagged.

This is the so-called “love” black women have for you black men. I warned you about this “love” in Negro Wars, I don’t trust black women as far as I can throw them. You’ll notice that any opportunity that comes up to humiliate and denigrate black men black women will immediately jump on. Haven’t you also noticed that black women have no problems shafting black men either?

I personally want nothing to do with such pestilent individuals, black women have proven themselves to be untrustworthy traitors many times over. At the end of the day all I can do for black men is simply supply you with the evidence, what you decide to do with it if anything at all is completely up to you. #SYSBM.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

27 thoughts on “What Black Women Really Think Of Black Men-Part 2

  1. Wake up, black men! Avoid these traitorous harpies like the plague! We can build strong communities with non-black women. Regardless of the color of the woman we lay with, the child will still be black. We don’t need black women! Foolin’ with these beasts will get you beat up, arrested or even killed. #SYSBM

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  3. Did you see the woman that said she only stays with her husband because he has money? Like, did you SEE her? She look like a n1gg@ I used to throw barrels at Italian plumbers with!

    First off, why are black men mating with these women that look worse then them?

    Secondly, why are they mating with women that harbor such contempt for them?

    Secondly, when your communities are filled and ruled by them, and you see and hear what they say and do, how can you argue that the white man has more direct effect on your life?

    Replace them, and let them die!

    Eugenics now! Eugenics for a better black society!


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  4. She’s fucking her husband’s brother and other men at motels while her husband is at work! And he’s kissing this nasty fuck all in the mouth! And this cretin finds this enjoyable! Don’t be brave men, when you see this beast coming your way…….Run!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Verbs this is absolutely terrible. How can You read what that ugly, wasted heifer said about hating black men and cheating on her husband at every chance even with his brother? This is the real attitude and mentality of the majority of black women in regards to black men. Whether in america or jamaica or brazil, it does not matter. Black women despise are envious and they hate black men period. I have sen it personally and have suffered from it and now it see it again. How pathetic and vile disgusting this is, as we as a people have degraded ourselves to such an extent that this is the end result. where are we going as a people in this mindset and deplorable condition that we are in? I personally will never ever trust any black women or black PERSON EVER AGAIN!!! we ARE WICKED AND VILE TO EACH OTHER. Always have and always will be. Women of colour and black women included have always preferred white men!!! nothing new. They white men as the winners and not taking into consideration that the reason why the white man is at the top is because he has raped, murdered stolen and pillaged their ancestors for hundreds of years until today. As a people we are finished and it is only a matter of time before we all burn out as a matches stick. We has black men have enemies from all sides including our own women. HOW DISGUSTING AND PATHETIC, but not surprising. TOO MUCH TRAITORS IN THE BLACK RACE!!!

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