The Unjustified Persecution Of Vurbyl Khent!

Its seems that my post What Black Women Really Think Of Black Men Part 1 hasn’t gone down too well with this woman here:


This is Miss Sheniq Watson, one of the biggest black man hating miscreants to ever hold a Facebook account. Having been alerted to the fact that one of her previous posts was featured in the above linked article, she decided to embark upon a mission of denigration, humiliation and insults against Vurbyl Khent, believing that he was the one responsible for the post. Vurbyl Khent is the gentleman responsible for the masterful Penny Claps Back memes, a few of which I will post here:


You may recognise the white woman in the photos, she is an actress by the name of Kaley Cuoco who has starred in many small screen television shows including The Big Bang Theory. Some time ago Cuoco came out and stated that she wasn’t a feminist and that she enjoyed cooking meals for her husband. Of course the feminists wasted no time in putting her through the matriarchal meat grinder, just like they did to another anti feminist by the name of Lauren Southern, a white female journalist who writes for Rebel Media.

Vurbyl Khent has been using Kaley Cuoco(or her stage name Penny) as the theme for his memes dealing with dysfunctional women(especially black women) and their simp/white knight/mangina advocates. Of course degenerates such as Sheniq Watson have no problems running their mouths off until their own words are used in memes against them. Watson over the last 24 hours has been relentless in her persecution of Khent, just look at what she has been posting about him:


Mind you, this is coming from the same black women who are always claiming that they have the backs of black men. However, when in disagreement with us do you notice how quickly they will not hesitate to bring forth the daggers? Please take a look at Watson’s latest post:


Do you see the Kansas City shuffle at play here? This woman denigrates black men 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and yet here she is attempting to present herself as some kind of upstanding advocate for blackness? Of course the play book black women run in the same across the board, I covered this in-depth in my book Negro Wars, attacking your physical features, your occupation and any hobbies you partake in, black women are predictable like a bus timetable.

Then Watson on top of this attempts to palm off her vile words against black men as “trolling”. Do you see how most black women are stupid from the start to the finish line? Black men are experiencing this form of hatred and more from black women on all levels, no, this is exactly how most black women feel about us and Watson believed that she could run her mouth freely without being held to account. Well guess what, new rules Watson, new rules.

Dysfunctional black queans such as yourself are now going to be checked at every turn, you have had the run of the yard unsupervised for long enough, its time to bring you and other reprobate black women like you to heel. Of course Watson and her sisterhood of degenerate savages wasted no time in further attacking Khent:


You have to laugh at black women like Watson, they honestly believe that insulting your physical features and putting your real name on the record somehow changes the facts. No Watson, you are a piece of trash and you have proven yourself to be a piece of trash through your own actions against Khent aswell as your previous crimes. This is one of many reasons why I do not hold out an olive branch to the majority of black women, most of them are irresponsible, unaccountable, dishonest, filthy scum who at this stage are only fit for the fire.

Note how Watson talked about “getting the show on the road”. Of course, Watson and other black women like her desire a Facebook showdown, that way they still retain the power to go running to their Facebook father false flagging and reporting. Remember, black women cannot handle and process facts so instead being the ultra liberals that they are, they will resort to censorship. However, unlike Facebook there is no censorship here at Slaying Evil, everybody that visits the site is free to express themselves without having to worry about being reported or being put on a ban.

Notice in true feminist fashion how Watson immediately assumed the role of a victim, sorry, no victimhood cards will be handed out over here, keep stepping with that nonsense. Do you notice how black women without fail will always place themselves in the position of a victim even when they are the blatant perpetrators? Watson honestly believes that black men are stupid, constantly denigrating us yet at the same time attempting to present herself as an innocent victim aswell as some sort of black advocate in her latest post. What, does she think that we have forgotten what she has posted about us in the past?


I am the author of the book Negro Wars and additionally I am responsible for all articles on this site, if you have a problem then you ought to be taking up your grievance with me instead of attacking somebody who has nothing to do with the situation. Besides, you have already been exposed for the reprehensible swine that you are, take the loss on the chin and move on, you cannot take back what you have written about black men Watson. That also goes for the rest of your corroding cohorts, we both know who they are.

As I have told you black men on numerous occasions, don’t believe this black woman at all when she claims to have your back, the same back that she claims to have is the same back that she will not hesitate to call the police on and get thrown in jail, the same back that she will put on child support, the same back that she will brasenly disrespect in public, the same back that she will not hesitate to throw under the bus for Dequan, Tyrone, Leroy and Delroy, Justin, Stanley, Simon etc.

Lastly, stop worrying about how I am making money Watson, you ought to be focused more upon redeeming your abysmal $5 median net worth status as a black woman. Typical black heifers, they are always concerned with and constantly want to dictate how a black man ought to be collecting and spending his money. Save yourselves black men, walk away from these colossal failures called black women, you deserve better and can achieve a lot better for yourselves. #SYSBM.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

17 thoughts on “The Unjustified Persecution Of Vurbyl Khent!

  1. Well stated, sir! Well stated!

    These queans keep taking the self-inflicted “L” with each emotional, irrational, devoid of logic and reason responses. They know this, but continue with the ratchetness and hood-rattery they are gaining increased notoriety for.

    The quean is like the cartoon character Wile E. Coyote. No matter how many times the coyote gets crushed by a boulder, hit by a train, blown up trying to light a shed full of explosives, etc. – Wile E. Coyote keeps returning to receive more punishment and indignities.

    SYSBM until the wheels fall off!!!

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    • TheBackHandOfReality,

      Straight talk. Black women simply cannot process facts which is why they so frequently resort to censorship. They love Facebook as the site is as ultra liberal as they are. This is why black men are now having to scheme secretly and operate in stealth mode as these queans are playing dirty and they know that Facebook will accommodate them.

      You’re right, exactly what I stated in Negro Wars, black women enjoy wallowing in their own filth, they love the ratchet, hood rat lifestyle and wouldn’t have things any other way.

      Liked by 2 people

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  3. I didn’t the quean was going to extremes like that. Penny is still in the ClapBack Business and I better things to do than troll these shores, like playing Assassin’s Creed II!

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  4. “this woman here”

    Woman…..coulda fooled me!!

    And once again, look at how illlgical they are. They can’t bring actual charges against him: he hasn’t killed, robbed, raped, or beaten anyone. Thus, their only attack is slander.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      These black women are fools. You’ll notice that typically it is the darker skinned black women who have the most to say. She tagged me into yet another denigrating post this morning, talking about “we’re not done yet”.

      Parts 2 and 3 of What Black Women Really Think Of Black Men are locked, loaded and ready to go. Part 2 comes out later today.

      She honestly believes that photo shopping Khent’s face onto different images somehow takes away from the disparaging remarks she posts about black men, hahahahaha.

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