Feminism Continues To Victimise Men!

Please take a look at the stupidity:

Yes, “manspreading” according to the feminist doctrine is now a sin. You’ll notice how these feminists are always looking for the most trivial of issues to persecute men on. Before it was men saying hello to women in the streets, now this rubbish. This is why these feminists cannot be taken seriously, manspreading really?

Have these numbskulls forgotten that a man has a penis and testicles that he is required to make room for whenever he is seated? Have these idiots forgotten that a man’s anatomy is very different to that of a woman? Of course they know all of this, however the end goal of the feminist is to have men’s rights whittled down to nothing. I honestly cannot see how men can every buy into the notion that feminism somehow benefits them, it doesn’t.

Of course where would any video be without the typically outspoken masculine looking black feminist following and participating in the buffoonery of her white counterparts. Always remember, there is no comradeship between white feminists and black feminists, white feminists simply use black women to bolster their numbers, nothing more nothing less. Feminism has done absolutely nothing for black women yet they will still brown nose and lick the boots of their white feminist superiors.

Feminism is failing, it is on life support and the feminists just like the rats they are, are desperate to prove the “relevance” of their religion. All the best with this rubbish, I have never come across such stupidity in my life. Manspreading, what a joke. If you have a problem with the amount of space a man is taking up then its simple, MOVE! Another epic fail for the feminist camp. Men and women are not the same and they never will be, get over it and move on.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

23 thoughts on “Feminism Continues To Victimise Men!

    • Hahaha, hilarious!!!!

      Feminism is dying and will continue to do so full throttle with the renewed conservatism of the right and the coming extremity of the left. The left of culture will shock people so much as to put them off entirely and showcase ideologies such as feminism for the dead end they are.

      Notice that white feminists are either Dykes who live in and die off in some liberal hellhole, or at least dig enough sand out of their disgusting crotch to settle down and get a man (probably a simp/cuck) and have kids?

      Black feminists and black women IN CHURCH go to the grave with no effing man, but a house full of children. Heck, just this week I ran into a family member that is as old as my mother, looks WAAAAY older due to a horrid lifestyle, and continues in her age to try running the damn streets! And this is one of the elders, in a small town, conservative community!

      Most African cultures prided themselves on being matriarchies. That ish ain’t flying in Europe, Asia, or the Middle East!!!!!!

      White Women who aren’t already liberal hipster glasses wearing battle axes are rejecting feminism, namely because of the ridiculous nature of things such as “manspreading”.

      At least ugly, manly white feminists are actually Dykes. Ours like ding a ling more than anything, but look like they have a spare themselves.

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  1. Just an observation:
    During the train “exercise “-
    The white women had on pants-
    The black woman was spreading her legs in a dress-
    Who looked nastier to you?

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  3. Typical ugly feminists complaining about nothing ’cause nobody wants to screw them. The one with the hat looks like a dude and the black one looks like she hasn’t showered in 3 years.

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    • That’s so true. Unfortunately, black boys/men are raised to worship pussy, and measure their manhood by how much pussy they get. So, even a fat, nasty, booger-wolf will do as long as he’s gettin’ some pussy. These black men are too weak-minded to hold out for a quality woman for fear of being called gay.

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      • >Lol. I hear you. I wouldn’t say I’ve been Becky-ized, since I prefer Asians and Latinas, but it wasn’t until my 3rd year of college that I swore off black women for good. And that was over 20 years ago.

        Well done, sir. For you have chosen the path to peace, happiness and prosperity as I have. Leave the conflicts to the SIMPanzees, hoteps and their ilk.


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