What Black Women Really Think Of Black Men-Part 1

We keep getting told by the pro blacks aswell as black women themselves that this modern-day black woman has nothing but love for her black male counterpart, however as the saying goes, “actions speak louder than words”. Let’s see what kind of love black women really have for black men:


So much for the love, notice the many names these black women used to describe black men, “niggas, hood boogers, nigtrons, aggressive dogs” etc. Does this look like any form of “love” to you? Be sure to check out Negro Wars where I break down the mindset of this black witch. Black women hate black men with a passion, pro blacks and deceptive black women need to keep it moving with the “black women love black men” mantra as the evidence indisputably speaks to the contrary. Part 2 coming soon, stay tuned.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

64 thoughts on “What Black Women Really Think Of Black Men-Part 1

  1. Verbs,

    Black men need to understand black women’s hatred for us. In a way I have respect for Breukelen Bleu, BWGTOW, Swirlers, etc because at lease those entities tell how they truly feel about black men and not this veiled passive aggressive crap we get from black feminist where they claim to be disgruntled with black men because of our social and financial status, no, their disgust is for our very blackness and masculinity. Their hatred for us is in their literature, art, films, poems, plays, etc. Look at films like Waiting To Exhale and the Color Purple. Think of the endless smear campaign for well over 40 years now of black women recycling racist propaganda from the 18th and 19th centuries to pollute the likeness and reputation of black men.

    These women spent four decades on NBC, ABC, Dateline, Oprah, Phil Donahue, Sally Jessy Raphael, Ricki Lake, Jenny Jones, Geraldo Rivera, any and everywhere they could get airtime to trash black men. Were they looking for solutions? Did they think of their fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, and sons and how it would make them feel when they spewed their hatred? FUCK NO! It was all game! Let the black man be damned! Someone has to take responsibility for this failure and it might as well be the black man since he’s everyone’s favorite scapegoat anyway.

    I’ll keep it short, but check out this blogtalk radio show. This woman is a major follower of the girl who swirls. The show is a little over 20 minutes but it’s some of the most racist and white supremacist filled rhetoric you’ll hear against black men. I would go far as to say it’s even worse and I’ve listened to numerous white nationalists like Tom Metzger and David Duke. She even goes as far as to say, “Black men are a useless conquered man.” You can’t make this bullshit up dude.


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  2. Brothers we are on our own! With the white racists coming out of the woodwork with the election of trump, anything anti black heterosexual male is fair in the defense of our survival! Thanks queens for letting us know where we stand with you!

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  4. She actually said that Emmet Till deserved it cuz the woman was white…….

    These witches need to be eradicated!!!!
    Stop dating them, stop marrying them, and for the love of God, stop having sex with them!!!!!

    There is literally a virus in our midst, and our bodies can’t wait around to tell the difference between antibodies and germs. Stop dealing with them and let them die the frick off! If the good ones are in such abundance, they’ll find a way to propogate themselves.

    And I’d hate to beat a dead horse……ok, no I wouldn’t, but do not think for a second that these churches and institutions will defend you or have any real long time goal in mind for the advancement of the people. Let them die as well and start anew.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      This is the pestilence called the modern day black woman. Fortunately as black men we have other options and can take alternative paths.

      With so much evidence on the table, I honestly cannot understand why any black man with sense would still want to deal with such degenerate individuals.

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      • As I stated in a recent post about the movie Save the Last Dance, everyone knows that black Women are jealous as hell of other women, namely white.

        They put this on display and thus feed into black men’s heads that they must deal with this traitor as a way of being loyal, when they have been anything but.

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    • To be fair, she didn’t say “Emmet Till deserved it” but rather that some Black men worship white women despite what white women did to Emmet Till.

      Still, it was disturbing to show Emmet Till to make a small point.

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  5. @blackragecoming

    I’ve literally witnessed how children become over emotional, borderline retarded, and gay because of being raised by black chicks. A lot of that deals not only with what the black chicks teach them, but also the genetic and chemical imbalances of being related to inbreds from the hood.

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      • Think about it: black people never move, they never travel, they’re oversexualized from a young age and no one knows who the hell anyone’s daddy is. Hell, Terrell Owens dated his own cousin in high school!!

        Any low class neighborhood is typically filled with incest. The men especially are bored and will screw the fattest women, even ones with supposed conditions that keep them fat. Add the already geriatric ball sack sagging low iq in the hood, and drop it even lower with the numerous genetic deficiencies.

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  6. Bottom line: black women have no racial loyalty, and never have. This is true for women in general. Polish women were sleeping with Nazi soldiers when their country was occupied by Hitler’s army. That’s because women desire the men who are perceived to be in power. The sad reality is, though white men are viewed as top of the totem pole, only a small percentage of white men have any real power. So, black women who “swirl” end up with bottom-feeder white men, but think they got a come-up when they moved from the ‘hood to the trailer park.

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  7. After seeing more videos lately of how violent these women are, I believe a full on eradication program, by any means necessary, is more than required. Remove these scum from the streets and help clean the gene pool!

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  8. Vurbyl Khent who also ran the recently defunct Penny Claps Back Facebook page screenshot most of these comments from a troll group dedicated to hating and harassing Black women. The majority of these comments were in response to hateful comments/post towards Black women. I will privately give the name of the group for anyone who wants to know just post an email address.

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    • Penny is still in the ClapBack Business. Nice try. I see you are using my name as an internet hand. It seems someone needs a life!

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    • Exposing Vurbyl Khent,

      This comments have nothing to do with trolling, these are simply black women showing their true colours and there is more coming where this lot came from. Penny is still clapping back as per usual, she hasn’t gone anywhere. Facts and true statements pertaining to black women does not equate to trolling and hating on them. I am already very familiar with the women who posted these comments aswell as the groups on Facebook they frequent.

      It has already been established that black women as a collective despise black men, these comments are simply some spillover from the pot loads of evidence we already have.

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  19. Yeah I see the hate. With black women being armed here in the states I’m surprised black women haven’t been shooting US like the police. I guess they smart enough to wait til we try and defend ourselves then use it against us to shoot.

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  21. After when black women get ghetto gagged by these white beta males, then they wanna get back to the good black man. And the simps call them queens? Get real. Black relationships is going downhill because of these ghetto ratchet black women and the simps.

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  28. Ok for those ignorant as bitches said all negative bullshit about us black men. Lets get one thing straight, the only that is really useles are black men. We know evil you and we that black communitah is in ashes because of them.
    We also have our derogatory name toward. Like scraggle daggle, stragg, succubus, thundercunt, fefails, BAWs and latest one most of us are usinhg hyenas.
    These black women provrn to nothing but failures in society. All the care about is themselve. We already they care about black men and families. Black are the biggest race traitors and these idiot bitches don’t even.
    They rather be the whiteman’s than the blackman’s wife. As far as I’m concern the non blackmen can have because were done evil black cunts that don’t need a man. BAWs are done and they useless.
    BAWs have been taking L’s left and right this year. And continue to staying losing.
    SYSBM FOR LIFE!!!!!!


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