Most Pro Black Men Are Single

Have you ever wondered why most pro black nationalist men are single? Defending black women to the hilt you would’ve believed that black women would be snapping them up by the dozens, however nothing could be further from the truth. Most pro black men instead are finding themselves with a tub of vaseline in one hand, a laptop/computer or a remote control ready to sequence a pornographic film to stroke one off in the other. What is going on, why aren’t these black men who so rigourously defend the sisterhood getting play from these same black women? Let me give you a short breakdown as to why this is the case.

Firstly, it should be noted that most black women despise constructive works and those who do good towards them, they don’t appreciate kind gestures or productive tasks which is why when black men carry out good deeds towards black women, they typically will go unrewarded. Do something evil to a black woman however and her face will light up as if she has seen a vision of Christ himself.

Black women as a collective are dysfunctional in that they gravitate towards behaviours that will cause others to want to distance themselves from them, yet at the same time they will equally shun paths in life that will lead to self-improvement and a better individual overall. Most black women today are destructive not constructive.

Black women in general hate black men, however they especially hold a deep loathing for black men who present themselves in a positive light. The intelligent, thinking black male is the nemesis of the black female as he cannot be manipulated and controlled. You have to remember that black women have been given the task of keeping black society broken aswell as ensuring that black men can never again build successfully. Black men however who engage in destructive, negative behaviour black women will give their undivided attention to all day everyday.

Black women do not respect black men at all nor do they appreciate us, they view black men as slaves to be used at will. Let it also be known that most so-called “conscious” black women are actually feminists in disguise who use the conscious community as a means to shield themselves from scrutiny and examination. They also use the conscious community as a sanctuary to hide their nefarious agendas aswell as to “rebrand” themselves. Feminism is the antithesis of a healthy relationship, the two cannot exist in the same space at the same time.

The above is a short and simple breakdown as to why most pro black men find themselves on the sofa beating off to porn all day instead of enjoying sexually intimate moments with the opposite sex. A lack of sex is not healthy, in light of the current state of black women, their backwards priorities aswell as their dysfunctional choices, this is one of the main reasons why I encourage thinking black men to cease wasting their time with Shakeisha and instead opt for Becky, Ling, Suzuki Gomez, Patel, Sadiq etc.

Black women in 2016 bring absolutely nothing to the table, they have a median net worth of $5 for a reason. Black men need to wake up and snap out of the trance that has them believing that they must remain loyal to a group of women who couldn’t give two monkeys about them. Generally when you treat people well they will reciprocate those kind works, however with black women this is not the case and hasn’t been for the longest while. #SYSBM.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

16 thoughts on “Most Pro Black Men Are Single

  1. Indeed, these men will either be ignored by these women or “at best” offered a piece of @$$ by the lowliest, ugliest, fattest forms of female life possible.

    These simps pretend to hate feminism but will defend these women at least once a month like an idiotic menstruation.

    Becky, Lucy, Kelly, Ming, Ling, and anything in between are far better choices for wives and mothers.

    And it is NOT healthy for dudes to be running around with borderline elephantitis with the bluest balls ever, nor for them to have to resort to rubbing one out to a Ghetto Gaggers special. Male sexuality, when targeted in healthy directions, is still held down by institutions such as the borderline feminist churches, despite those pastors banging their fair share of choir members (male or female). The prolonged engagements and the putting off of marriages don’t help. But think, forget the liberal media, the church doesn’t promote marriage!!!

    These simps will stay single because they keep dealing with an untamable tiger.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      As we both know black women as a collective don’t care about black men, its all about garnering attention and dead black men in the streets provide them with the ideal opportunity to pick up some signs and play the role of court jesters in public with cameras rolling.


  2. Most of the pro black women are single moms who have already been ran through and are now trying to rebrand themselves as “Queenz”.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      According to the current poor state of black women coupled with the stringent rules of being pro black, for the overwhelming majority of pro black men it can’t happen unless they decide as individuals to abandon the term “pro black” altogether.

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      • You certainly never see them with any women.

        This will also lead to the replacement of black women. The only men who back them will basically become eunuchs because the so called good ones are such rarities.

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  4. The problem with these we-are-kings-and-queens negroes is that not only do they have zero women, it also goes hand in hand with being broke. These hotep, fist pumping blacks will often use this unemployment as a sign of why we should leave “Babylon” and then (at least in the UK) collect their dole cheque and act like the world owes them a living.

    These wasters are in a perfect position to Simp online to those broke single mothers, smoking the reefer and telling her it’s the white man’s fault and how he is a victim after being sacked for coming to work stoned.

    Meanwhile they play the long game of being their friend and referring to a 3 children from different hood negroes as a “Queen”

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

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